Underdark Empire, Darkarth

The day was a bit chilling in the capital of the Empire and as always it was noisy because of the merchants. Darkarth was a very huge city with a population of twelve million which ranks it in second place after the Supreme City of the Nazarick Kingdom.

This huge city was really dangerous because some parts of it are like mazes where newcomers might lose their way and get murdered by thugs. There are more than 20 deaths a day and most of them happen inside the mazes or taverns and also the rivalry between clans of dark elves leads to brutal street fights.

Even when the generals conscripted so many dark elves for the war, the city stood the same because of such a high population. The evil gangs hide in the darkest holes of the city to avoid conscription and only join when there was a village or town to raid or they simply passed the border as mercenaries to attack faraway villages and capture elves.

Slaves of various races are sent to the capital to be sold to different nobles or rich dark elves. The dark elf females dominated the entire Empire, that's why the males were put into slavery or foot soldiers. The males were unlucky because the female birth rate was way higher compared to the males.

There were also dark elf females that married males but this mostly happened in villages far away from the discrimination that's why many of these females end up getting raped by soldiers, enslaved, or dead. The Underdark Empire is not some female paradise because even they can have the same fate as males if they don't behave as they should.

Since the fall of the Greed Kings, this Empire was never threatened but instead, it bullied the neighboring countries and the humanoid tribes, which were minorities and were easy to get crushed under the immense imperial forces.

The people in the city were doing their normal everyday jobs. A building with three floors was positioned one hundred and fifty meters away from the gates. The owner of the building was a dark elf female with long black hair that wore a luxurious black dress.

Usually, the dark elves wear clothes that cover their chest leaving their belly exposed. Also, they wear long and short thin pants, and literally, all of them have weapons and keep their armor on especially at night when the city gets more dangerous like a jungle.

The dark elf lady preferred the high elf culture and the way they dressed so she had made her own dresses to look more wealthy and elegant.

But liking the high elf culture does not mean being friendly to the high elves. This lady was a slave owner and she had come outside with her guard to see her slaves. Most of them belonged to different races like high elves, dark elves, blood elves, moon elves, cat people, warrior bunnies, and raaphs that were a type of raccoon humanoid.

The female slaves were in perfect form even if they were abused daily but the dark elf females were very lustful that's why her business was so great. All the slave owners that had good-looking female slaves became rich fast.

But these days, the business was getting slower because most of those that frequented her brothel daily had gone to war.

The lady noticed two guards passing by and decided to talk to them.

"Hey you two, do you have any information from the front? I heard from a client that this was the largest army that we have sent to war. "

"All we know is that our armies are inside the territories of the Elvenor."

"I see, our soldiers will bring plenty spoils of war this time. The last war with those bunny warriors gave just slaves."

"Well, they were a tribe while the Elvenor is a whole nation inside that weird kingdom that comes from the west."

Now it came up to her mind again that this war was not like the other wars. It was much more important for the empire and the whole continent to defeat it. She had forgotten about it because of the many wars that have become a daily routine for the dark elves.

Suddenly, she noticed one of the slaves acting very strange. The slave was a short white kitsune that had her hands locked but it did not stop her ears and tail from moving in a disordered way.

"What are you doing slave? Stop it now or you won't eat a meal today."

But even her ears twitch from a strange feeling that came from the gate. She even noticed the sky getting enveloped by dark clouds and her skin was feeling a strong wind running through the city streets.

"I don't think this is normal." said one of the city guards.

All of the sudden, the city's giant gates exploded and fell in different parts of the city causing damages. All the dark elves in this area had their attention at the gates that were now covered in black smoke.

"Let's go! To the gates now!"

An army of dark elf guards ran toward the destroyed gate. They did not pass through the dark smoke but they formed a wall and had spears up to confront any enemy that might come out of that smoke.

"Why aren't there guards up on the wall to tell us what's going on?"


They stopped talking because they noticed something approaching and had their spears ready. This was a very strange situation that has never happened in the past.

The one that emerged from the smoke was a tall female with long light blue hair and dressed in a strange white apparel and high-heeled boots.

All of the guards were surprised to see a woman like her in this country but she was not a visitor…

"Who the hell are you?! Do you even know who this empire belongs to?!"

"We know and we don't care… vermin. "

The black smoke faded away reviling a bunch of huge dark skeletal monsters behind the mysterious woman.

"What the…"

The dark elves that were standing in this area were shocked seeing those tall nightmare monsters showing up as ghosts on a bright day. More dark elves arrived at the scene but no one dared to attack the enemy.

"Drop those weapons and surrender!"

The dark elves stared at each other to see if any of them would follow her order but none of them dropped their weapons. They were not sure what kind of power was standing in front of them and they believed that their Empress was the most powerful being of this land.

"No!" shouted one of them.

Even if they were terrible with twisted personalities, they still had that nationalistic mind and heart for the Underdark Empire. The enemy received the answer and now the dark elves were ready to attack the monsters out of the city.

The mysterious woman smirked at the dark elves. It was funny looking at those faces with so confidence like they had secrete weapons to destroy her.

"That was not a pleasant response. Guess I should teach you pests the hard way."

The area around them turned absolutely white from the ice and the dark elves were not able to move their legs because they were frozen and also their whole body got cold from this sudden attack.

"Too cold!"

"I am freezing!"

"I can't feel my legs!"

All of them were trying to escape from that cold area but their struggles were in vain because the ice under their feet was too strong to let these low-level warriors escape freely.

"You should have listened to me."


Hundreds of ice pillars rose up penetration and impaling all the dark elf warriors that were stuck. Their death was fast but brutal and the other few warriors that were not caught fell on their backs in shock by the sudden massacre.

Their mind was not able to resist the horror so they dropped their weapons and ran in different paths to save themselves but more of them were coughed by other ice pillars that pierced their body to death.


The dark elf lady had the same expression as the other dark elves that saw this slaughter. The ice pillars had fallen near her property with dark elf warriors impaled on them.

"Go and kill anyone that resist!"

Thousands of Death Knight began to march into the city. Those who resisted were cut down immediately without mercy. The citizens that saw those creatures for the first time got scared and run inside their houses.

While all this was happening, the dark elf lady was fighting with herself if she should leave or stay to protect her property. The number of those creatures was increasing rapidly and other commanders like that female warrior entered the city.

She was not able to react fast and even her guard had run for her life leaving her mistress behind while those beings were approaching.

The high elf queen Alea entered the city with her husband Ainz Ooal Gown for the first time in history. For a high elf, this was a city of nightmare where they are treated as slaves.

Alea looked around and saw that the city was so much different from the other elf countries. Their architecture was good but villainous, every nation or ethnic group has a tradition and culture.

The ice forest disappeared from this area to let the victorious Ainz Ooal Gown walk in the main street of the city that leads to the castle where the dark empress resides and Alea followed her husband but as they passed some meters, she saw some people on chains.

It was obvious that those poor humanoids were slaves and Alea rushed to save them. Of course, the first one she grabbed was the high elf females because they were her race, and the dark elf lady did not want to intervene with all those powerful creatures approaching.

The slaves that knew who Alea was started to cry and kiss their queen's hands. They never even thought that they will see the day that would free them from this hellhole.

"You are safe now, don't worry!"

The Death Warriors destroyed their chains and entered the building to look for other slaves. One of the slaves pointed her finger at the dark elf telling Alea who the slave owner was.

"W-Well… se- seems that I have to find a new job."

"Oh, but I do have a job for you."


A skeletal monster was next to her, she got scared by his voice and backed off. The Death Warriors grabbed both her arms to stop her from escaping.

"Wait, this is just normal in this country, I swear that I will bow before the new rules."

"No, I don't think so, but worry not because many of your friends that do this business will join you soon to suffer together. Take her to Katze Plains!"

"Katze… Suffer… Wain no, I can explain…"

The Death Warriors took her away not caring about her explanation. She will be put into a wagon with other slave owners and be sent to the chambers of the Katze Plains where she will be punished.

"Your Majesty, we never thought that you would come to save us." said one of the slaves while crying.

"All of you will return home to your people and no one will use or hurt you anymore."

Alea was very glad that she can save her lost citizens that were abducted by the dark elves over the years of skirmish and wars. Without Ainz, there would have been a huge war between Elvenor and Underdark or maybe she would have married the dark empress just to save her people. Truly the fate was always on the side of Alea and her husband.

"Everything is going smoothly, now let's go and meet the empress."

Ainz and his wives with many soldiers walked toward the castle while the army was turning this city upside down.

Dragomira was in the throne room sitting on her throne. Around her were Olga and two high elf slaves that were holding plates with fruits. She was enjoying her food not knowing about the havoc that was happening outside her palace.

Olga had asked her empress if she wanted to go to the battlefield but as always Dragomira was unpredicted. Sometimes she is fired up for some action and sometimes she gets too lazy and only wants to have sex and enjoy herself.

"These are some delicious fruits, you should eat some Olga."

"How generous of you, my empress but my body don't any fruit for now."

"Oh my, are you on a diet or something? Your body is perfectly fine." Dragomira touched her dark skin with lust.

"Thank you, but my mind right now is on the war, your majesty."

Dragomira rolled her eyes in boredom. "Oh please, it will be perfectly fine. Many people will die, even their kings and queens, and all the countries around us will get weak from the war."

"Don't you think that the Sorcerer Kingdom might take over all these nations… including us."

"Hard to believe that Olga, when the armies have millions of soldiers. The Sorcerer Kingdom will have great losses too and it will take a long time to recover."

"Forgive me your majesty, but I don't get where you going with this risky plan. This is a very… very dangerous war and we should be serious about it and not stay idly here doing nothing."

Dragomira got angry and smacked the plate of the slave's hands. The slaves were scared to death and walked backward while bowing their heads. "Get out!" the high elves turned ran fast so this would not turn into a murder.

Olga regretted saying those words and she will have to face her wrath. This also might be the last moment of her life in this world.

"You… you are you saying that I am incompetent at leading my armies."

"I never said that your majesty, I just want our army to emerge victoriously in a war where the entire continent is fighting."

"You worry too much Olga, but Esma had shown to me great leadership and I won't be surprised if she's on par with those little royals from the other nations."

Olga bowed her head and Dragomira calmed her anger and sat again on her throne.

"Ah, my delicious fruits got dirty." the empress stared at Olga in an arrogant way.

"I will order the slaves to bring you more, your majesty."

Olga just wanted to leave the throne room for the moment but she stopped when the gates of the throne room opened without the force of the knights. They both got confused when strangers got inside the room. Olga turned to the empress to see if she was the one who has brought them here but that expression told her the answer that these stranges were uninvited.

"Who… who are you?"

Olga asked in the place of the empress. She was astonished by these female figures that were beautiful like her empress. She did not receive any answer but two other figures arrived. One of them was a terrifying skeletal monster, he was not wearing armor but just pants and boots.

"Godness what is that thing?! Who are they?! How did they get inside the palace?!"

They sure did not look friendly at all and the surprising thing was that she noticed the high elf queen there standing near the monster.

"How dare you storm inside my palace?!" Dragomira furiously raised from her throne to confront the invaders but she stopped immediately when she saw that female.

"No way… is that you Alea?!" she looked surprised and happy at the same time to see right in front of her the female that she wanted. She started to walk towards her but a lance blocked her path.

"You should keep some distance, dark elf!" spoke the woman with golden hair.

"Telling me what to do in my own house?!"

"Dragomira Eidrith Azamus."

A really deep voice was heard in the throne room. Dragomira was shocked that it came from the skeleton monster. She thought that it was some puppet monster but now she started to remember something.

"Hold on… could this skeleton be Alea's husband? Does that mean that the war is…"

The dark empress did not want to believe that. It was a fantasy to win the war so fast that even had powerful dragons.

"And who are you?" she continued with her strong stance.

"I am the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown. The reason why I am here is to take you down from the throne of the Underdark Empire."

"Are you actually stupid or are you acting stupid?!"

The Sorcerer King walked past her and sat upon her throne. This angered Dragomira to the point she wanted to jump and attack but with these warriors around she won't have it easy to take him down.

"What the hell are doing Sorcerer King?! Disrespecting me in the heart of the Underdark Empire. Such an act will not go away without punishment."

"Look, I don't have time to deal with a woman like you. The armies that you sent were defeated… no I wouldn't say defeated but surrendered and submitted to my authority. You have no one to protect you but yourself so what is your answer?"

"Absolutely not, I have been ruling this empire for centuries since my father was slain by the greed kings. I will not allow a damn skeleton to take my lands without shedding blood."

"Empire and kingdoms are destined to fall one day. Imperial and royal families fade away from history. So your time has come to…"

"I will crush your skull!"

Dragomira was outraged because she was losing her post as an empress. Putting down the lieder of a nation would be one hell of a hard achievement but this monster was making it look like he was not afraid of her at all, that's why she was so angry.

"The tables have turned Dragomira!" spoke Alea for the first time. "Before you were able to invade lands and turn the people into slaves without a problem. Look at yourself now acting like a child, as if someone stole your toy.."

"You… piece of meat, I will fuck up your body after I finish with your undead husband."

"Do you really think that you can approach him, dark elf?"

Albedo, Artoria, and Esdeath were fired up when they saw Dragomira who was getting ready to attack their beloved husbands. Dragomira did not know how powerful these women were but she did not care for now because she wanted her throne back.

"Get out of my way!"

Dragomira reacted with a powerful punch to blast them away from her path but her punch was immediately blocked by the ax of the armored woman with horns. A kick from Esdeath went and hit the stomach of Dragomira.


She was in a critical moment as the pain spread in her entire body and was feeling the food that she ate today rising about to come out of her mouth. The three powerful females stood before her like the pillars of judgment.

"Your-Your Majesty?" The other dark elf in the room spoke to Ainz. He completely forgot that there was another person here.

"Oh, I didn't notice you… oh!"

Ainz's red eyes glowed a lot when he saw the body of this beauty. Sure he had seen many beautiful dark elves and had to admit, even the empress was beautiful but this one was so gorgeous, on the same level as his wives.

"Forgive me, my lord, my name is Olga Discordia. On behalf of the dark elves, we are, we are very sorry that things have gone in such a horrible way. Since the rules will change, we will gladly accept the new emperor."

"Olga, you traitor!"

"So what is she supposed to do miss Dragomira, when even her dark empress has fallen?"

"Do not underestimate me, Sorcerer King!"

"Oh really…"

Another person entered the throne room, She was clad in a crimson armor holding a strange weapon on her right arm. On the other hand, she was pulling someone with a rope. Although this person was beaten up very badly, Dragomira was still able to tell who he was.

"Huh… You?!"

Shalltear pulled the rope hard and he fell on his knees near the dark elf. She was disgusted to see him in such a dirty state.

"What the hell happened to you and everyone? You were so confident that we would win the war, so what now?!"

Ajax did not give her any answer and kept his head low in shame. He hated it so much to be in this position but he was a loser so that is what losers get when they are defeated.

But his suffering did not end when Dragomira herself grabbed him by the rope. Face to face she shouted at him…

"Oi you, brat! How did you lose the war with over six million soldiers by our side!"

"If-if you are so confused, just try to fight him!" Ajax pointed at the Sorcerer King.

This monster was able to kick her out of her throne not breaking a sweat and his subordinates were also powerful. This made her feel very anxious because since they have entered the throne room everything has been going downgrade badly for her.

"Not a bad idea Ajax. That will teach the empress what she's dealing with. So, what do you think Dragomira?"

The dark empress would jump at fighting him immediately but this time she was not sure if this is a good decision or not. Seeing what they have done to someone like Ajax, she might have the same fate as him and maybe they will take her to another kingdom as an example of what happens to those who oppose the Sorcerer Kingdom of Nazarick.

"Will you leave me alone if I win…"

But when she finished, the Sorcerer King vanished and appeared right in front of her terrifying the empress.

"I have conquered all the corners of your empire and I don't have plans to even give you a vassal title. You have lost the war and the right to rule over the dark elves so get over it.

"But this is unfair, why should I fight when in the end I'm not going to receive anything?!"

She was so angry and desperate to save her own life and keep the royal role but in this situation, she will end up dead or worse… a slave. Thinking about this made her blood run fast and her body was shivering.


The dark empress grabbed Ajax again by the rope with fury.

"It's all your fault! It's all your fault for starting this war and thinking about it as an easy win!"

Ainz just stood quiet on the throne like a villain letting these two fools blaming at each other.

"How is that my fault?! He would have invaded your empire sooner or later!"

"You are not a damn oracle, you brat! Why did I have to listen to that old hag and you?! Why?"

"I was trying to save all of us! Your father and many other rulers were murdered by the greed kings and now it is happening again but by this monster! We did not want history to repeat itself!"

He had a point. Now that she thought about it, this scene somehow resembles the way her siblings were thrown away and tortured by the subordinates of the greed kings. And now, the nightmare of the past has returned again but it was much worse. But still, the empress did not want to be on the side of this fool anymore.

"I might have managed to protect my empire in a different way!"

"How?! He would have brainwashed you just like he did with queen Alea!"


"Oh goddess, he still believes that fairytale."

Spoke Alea as she slammed her hand on her face in disappointment. She was growing very annoyed by such a stupid assumption.

"Why are you so fixated with me? We have never met each other in person. You sound more like a creep!"

"I loved you Alea! Since the time I saw your portraits, I madly fell in love with you, please you must understand me!"


Alea and even the dark empress were simply out of words. Portraits… arts… they sure are beautiful if they are painted with great devotion but to take it this far was ridiculous even for a fairytale. Alea's skin was shivering from this unimaginable amount of cringe.

"Ajax… you are out of your mind."

"No, I'm really serious about this, Alea!"

"Ara, ara, the human is such a stubborn even at a moment like this fufufu~" said Albedo. "I wonder how he would react if he saw his beloved high elf in bed with Lord Ainz."

Alea looked at Albedo like she had a good idea right now. She wanted to do something that will shock Ajax really bad. The high elf queen approached Ainz like a spoiled girl and touched his shoulder. Ainz somehow was able to understand where this was going but he believe that Alea would do such a thing in front of two enemies.

"Dear~ it's been a few days since we haven't had sex."

"Huh?!" as expected, Ajax's face was in shock when he heard her.

"Umu, yes what about it."

"Can we do it right now?~"

"Is this really the right moment?"


Ainz thought that she was doing it only to piss off Ajax but the other reason was she has gotten very horny like never before. "Is she awakening some new fetish? What was that one called… uhhh, voyeurism?"

Alea helped herself and took out her husband's dick. Ajax, Dragomira, and even Olga were left speechless while seeing the high elf queen sucking that large thing.

"What the hell?! Alea… She really is doing it with him!"

Dragomira has always imagined the high elf to be on her bed, begging to be more loved, but to be facing such a different reality was disappointed and angered her so much. She believed that it was unfair to be in this position.

"Alea please stop this?" shouted the emperor desperated from witnessing this.

He tried to rise but was pushed down by Albedo. "Or what? What're gonna do about it, human?"

That's right. He was completely powerless in front of these otherworldly monsters. Alea has just become like one of them.

"You understand now, don't you, Ajax? I'm a really bad elf that loves sex."

Alea removed her dress revealing her pale body to Ajax and Dragomira as hoped on her husband's lap and spreading her legs.

"Oh my, you should be grateful to be seeing her naked body because all her female figure belongs to Lord Ainz, fufufu~" said Albedo.

For Ajax, this was the worst moment of his life. His hopes to be with Alea have shattered long ago. His pain got worse when she joyfully bounced on Sorcerer King's this while moaning.

"Ah~ dear I'm so happy to be again in your arms~!"

"Alea stop!"

Her happiness was his pain. Alea let out loud moans when the undead grouped her soft boobs. The body he thought that he would have was now being defiled by the monster Sorcerer King.

"What's wrong, Ajax? Ah~ mmmh~ Do you still love me even if I am such a bad elf."

That voice sent shivers down his spine. Even after all this humiliation, his love for the high elf queen was still strong. At this point, he simply should ask them to end his miserable life because even if they free him, the memories will torture him for the rest of his life.

"Well, who-who would have thought that Alea would turn out to be such a slut. The Sorcerer King has trained you well." said Dragomira. Even at this moment, she was feeling very horny while watching her rival getting penetrated.

"What's wrong bitch? Feeling hot down there?"

Shalltear was enjoying her suffering but she and others also wanted to do with Ainz.

"Want to have a better view?"

The vampire pulled the dark empress by the hair and brought her near the throne. She saw how Alea's pussy was getting penetrated way better. As a lesbian, she had never seen sex like this.

"I'm gonna cum~ I'm gonna cum!"

White sticky fluid began to leak out of her pussy. Alea's face was lost in pleasure and that made the dark elf even hornier and she was touching herself nonstop.

"This… really is different!"

"Hah~ That felt so good~! Ajax and you Dragomira, do you understand who owns this body of mine?"

Ajax did not have the guts to see Alea as an amazing female anymore so his entire body has fallen flat against the cold floor. He did not care anymore, whatever comes next, he will accept the punishment because it was all his fault.

"Well, I guess the human can't take it anymore. What should we do with him, my Lord? I don't mind if I kill him right here."

"No Albedo, if I remember correctly, he belongs to the bloodline of one of the eight greed kings. Killing such a rare person would be a waste. Shalltear please open a gate and send him to Demiurge, he knows what to do with him."

"Yes, my lord!"

After giving the holy emperor to Demiurge, now it was the time for Dragomira. She was now afraid as the only enemy in the room, who knows what kind of punishments they have in mind.

As a female computer by a monster that happens to be a male, the first thing to come to her mind was rape. She was a beautiful dark elf with an amazing body so, of course, every victorious male would use her body as they want.

Also, Alea might play a big role. She will use the authority to punish her as revenge for what she did to her citizens.

"I dug my own grave, didn't I? Goddess, please have mercy!"

"So, Lord Ainz would you like to defile her body?"

Shallter had grabbed the dark empress by her cheeks. Dragomira was terrified by this monsters' long tongue that licked her face as if it was her that wanted to rape the empress.

"No, there should be other punishments for her crimes."

"Wait, please don't punish me! I give up everything! I will work hard and do everything for you, Sorcerer King!"

"That does not sound convincing to me."

"Please, please I would have rise armies against you! I even sent you a letter as thanks for saving my citizens from the orcs and even offering a visit but you never responded. We could have great allies and friends or and even more! Please don't punish me!"


Ainz was not able to respond to that one. Surprisingly, he was able to remember that letter. But he married Alea and wanted to show her his kingdom. Also, the other event was the arrival of Nazarick and there was no way to remember about Dragomira.

"Damn, I can just tell her that I don't care but this would leave a bad feeling in me. What should I do tho?"

It was time for him to speak but he still was not sure. Then he saw that Alea was still on his lap. She was the only one that has a long history of rivalry against Dragomira.

"Well you could have just sent another letter or better yet you would have been welcomed to visit me first, but with just one letter, and you went straight against me. But anyway, If you think I'm am at fault for not coming to visit you at that time, alright I accept my mistake"

The dark empress was starting to see hope again.


"Huh?!' It was not over.

Know that Alea is my wife and she still has the title of the queen of the high elves. You have terrorized her lands and enslaved her citizens so I would leave this to Alea.

"Fufufu~ you heard that Dragomira? You are at my mercy now."

"No, no, no, no, no, Sorcerer King you know that she will kill, please don't leave at her mercy, please!"


The dark elf was beyond terrified for her own life. Alone and surrounded by monsters waiting to be punished was like the worst nightmare ever.

"Killing you right now would be great but as my husbands say, death is mercy. Now, for a start, I will do this…"

Alea got up and grabbed the head of the dark elf and her hair. "Come on, eat my pussy you damn lesbian whore!"

There was still cum inside her pussy she was making the dark elf swallow it all. For Dragomira, this tasted very weird but she did not hate it because she feared what might come next.

"Mmhh~ you are using that tongue well, are you enjoying the cum of my husband, huh?"

"MmhH, yEsH, Is TeShTy~!"

"I will make you my personal toy, do you understand that?!"

"Weird punishment, but ok…" thought Ainz.

"Hehehe nice, nice, Alea I will give you many of my sex toys to play with her, fufu~!"

"Now I'm worried!"

Her creator has left behind a lot of kinky toys. Alea and Shalltear will break Dragomira really, really bad.

"Oh well, we are done here, so it's time to move to the next enemy."