Inside the ancient flying castle, the Platinum Dragon Lord was witnessing the outcomes of the plans he had worked hard to form for many years.


Rigrit was also here watching how the plans of her old friend failed miserably from the start or worse, it was not even the start. Everything was going fine and everyone was going to their positions. Yet, all of that fell apart in a matter of hours.


She noticed the dragon lord scratching the floor with his claws. She did not blame him at this point because when the events turn out for the worse, anger will surely rise at no time.

The Sorcerer Kingdom has totaly destroyed every last line in the northeast and far east that could have been used as a shelter for the surviving dragon lords. But who would have thought that in this world such an evil mastermind would come and take over the world with such brutality? The Greed Kings did not even come close to this barbarism.

"It was not supposed to go this way…

The first attack simply left him speechless. To think the Sorcerer King would have that enormous monster as a subordinate. Something of that caliber would definitely go toe to toe with someone like Kulshedra.

The war will indeed arrive here soon when the Sorcerer King packs everything on his way to Eryuentiu and Tsa has to do something as quickly as possible.

"Rigrit, what went wrong? How did our plan end up like this?"

"It seems our plans got leaked."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, there was probably a spy in that meeting. He or she sold us out by giving all our plans to the Sorcerer Kingdom."

"It could be possible... no this is actually the truth. Whoever that person was, they snitched on us at the last moment."

"Don't make it sound dramatic, Tsa. The work of the culprit led to the demise of many nations.

"But from which nation was the culprit, I wonder? Do you have any clue Rigrit?"

"From what I've seen, I believe the culprit is from the Et'hem Republic."

Tsa thought for a moment. What was the Republic even doing when the alliance's army got crushed? They were supposed to use sneak attacks on the undead army but the humanoids did not even lift a finger against Nazarick, that's why it made the situation suspicious.

If luck was on his side and manages to deal with this calamity, Tsa will make sure to visit the Republic and ask some questions.

"The Et'hem Republic hmm… If what you say is true, the Republic shall be punished for working with the enemy.

By punishment, he means that he will devour the souls of the citizens of the Republic to be used for his wild magic.

"But now we have to deal with an angry undead that probably try to hunt us down again like those from the past did.

"What's your plan, Tsa? Do you actually plan to use the items of the Greed Kings?"

"I will use my full power against him but I am not sure if he will be sending his henchmen first. The Greed Kings had many of those devils and they were as strong as their masters. The Sorcerer King also has them, like that colossal monster that destroyed my country or those other beings on the battlefield."

Trying to fight the Sorcerer King would be extremely difficult. He will have to confront him and his servants because he can't stay hidden in this place forever. The Sorcerer Kingdom knows who the creator of the alliance is and will do everything to crush the Dragon Lord.

There is no more information coming from the outside because all the allies were defeated and subjugated. The Mirror of Remote Viewing was the only item that allowed him to spy in distant lands but even that was not strong enough to counter the defensive systems of the Sorcerous Kingdom.

"Haah~" Rigrit let out a soft sigh. "I'll help you."

Confused Tsa turned to the old human. "Help… No Rigrit, you saw how dangerous they are. This kind of battle would be way above your league. So you better back of and escape while you have time. You should go deep into the south where the Sultanate of Akheagratopia lies then take a ship and sail to the Azaria Empire but since that country is hostile towards its neighbors and might start another war out of nowhere, you should head to the Republic of Xara. That island nation is peaceful so you can spend the rest of your life there."

"Bullcrap!" she shouted with anger.


"I will not run this time, Tsa. Whatever happens, happens. I'm ready to meet my end at your side because friends must never get abandoned at the worst time."

"I thank you very much Rigrit but you are."

"Old and weak? Is that what you wanted to say? I don't care Tsa, I have gone beyond what humans are capable of, I've lived more than a normal human can, and I've witnessed amazing events and tragic events. I've seen it all Tsa, I have nothing to lose…"

The dragon was not able to convince his friend to escape. "Thank you Rigrit." His face did not show emotions like that of a human but in his heart, he was really thankful.

But all this emotional scene came to an end when Tsa felt alarmed when he raised his head toward the massive hole in the ceiling.

In the flick of a second, Tsa grabbed his old friend and moved away from his throne. Like a falling star, something entered from the massive hole and hit the floor extremely hard. The impact caused shockwaves and Tsa had to protect Rigrit with his wings.

"Who dares enter my home without approval?!" Tsa growled.

"To think that they would e be this fast…"

It was shocking how they won't even give him the time to plan a counterattack. They went to eliminate enemy after enemy until they reached the leader.

Tsa sensed a powerful entity that was about to emerge from the thick dust.


The voice of a female was heard. The thick dust faded away from the room and she appeared. She was an extraordinarily beautiful female in armor with blonde hair holding a banner spear.

"You call this sacred palace, your home? You filthy lizard!"

"Huh… sacred palace? No one has ever called Eryuentiu like that in five hundred years, unless…"

Tsa was taken aback for a moment. "No way, I don't want to believe this!" To think one of them was still alive and strong was shocking news.

Rigrit on the other hand was amazed by the beauty that looked like an angel but calling her friend like that told her that she was just another monster sent by the dark lord of the Nazarick Kingdom.

"So let me guess, you are someone who was supposed to be dead alongside your masters aren't you?"

"My master made sure to let someone behind and finish the job of disposing you damn filth from this world!

"I really find it hard to understand this… Ajax was a descendant of one of your masters. I guess all these centuries, you were hiding in the Celestial Empire and protecting the lineage of your master. Now Ajax is dead and the one who killed him was the Sorcerer King… Shouldn't you have been there to protect him?"

"Shut your mouth dragon!"

The holy maiden shouted in anger when the dragon mentioned Ajax. The sacred aura around her was going wild.

"Rigrit, leave now?"


"Leave my friend and remember what I told you."

It was hard for the old woman to accept this but she had to understand that she will only get in his way and he won't be able to protect her.

"Fine Tsa… See you again…"

Rigrit disappeared into the dark hallway of the castle. Tsa was relieved and now all his attention was on the holy maiden. The energy that came from her was pure crystal compared to the ones like the monsters of the Nazarick Kingdom. Also, her sense of justice was high, which means she was a good being.

"I am the Platinum Dragon Lord Tsaindorcus Vaision. Who are you?"

I, Jeanne d'Arc have come to reclaim our holy land! Prepare for retribution filth!"

In the blink of an eye, Jeanne teleported on top of the dragon lord and prepared for a killing move.

[ Maximize Magic - Spike of Eternity ]

That was a killer move and she was extremely fast. To protect himself as quickly as possible, Tsa used his tail to block the attack. The impact was powerful, Tsa was feeling so much pressure on his thick tail and he can feel that two of his scales were breaking.


[ Cloak of Light ]

The whole room was shining as if the sun showed up right there. The pressure was no more and Jeanne backed off. Tsa looked at his tail and saw the damage. If she managed to hit the head, that would have been brutal for the dragon lord.

"Hm… looks like she is fine."

Tsa looked around the room and saw that there was not much room for him to fight at full power. The enemy was small and fast, one quick attack and she might go for his heart in seconds.

Tsa used his natural magic to control every weapon inside the room. All the types of weapons began to fly as the dragon lord commanded them and they started to surround the female warrior.

"You dare use those weapons against me?!"

Those weapons were collections of the eight kings and Jeanne hated to see them being used by the dragon lord.

[ Dimensional Leap ]

The angry warrior female took one step forward and disappeared like a white flash and appeared behind the dragon lord.


Tsa again used his tail as a weapon to hit her but again disappeared. She started to do this again and again, showing up in different parts of the room but what shocked the dragon lord was that she was getting faster and faster. She was literally everywhere and nowhere.

At this point, he was unable to even predict when she will attack him. So to save himself from this unpredictable attack, Tsa flew off the hole into the sky.


Tsa opened his mouth and unleashed a white beam. This attack blew up the entire room. Thousands of pieces flew up as a result of the explosion and Jeanne was nowhere to be seen.

The Dragon Lord knew she was not dead because there was no way for such a powerful being to die for such an attack. But at least her dangerous attack failed to hit him.

Tsa did not want to go inside again but he has to finish her or he will lose all the artifacts of the Greed Kings. Tsa opened his mouth to blast the place once again but his skill was stopped by a massive punch that came out of nowhere.

Because of this occasion, his attack exploded inside his mouth and he got sent flying hundreds of meters away from the flying castle. His body fell upon the abandoned city of The Greed Kings.


It did not take long for the dragon lord to rise again fully angered with black smoke coming out of his mouth.

"That was a dragon?! Where?!"

Come to think of it, the female warrior would have no way to reach the flying castle on foot so it was clear that a dragon helped her to get into the castle by flying far above the clouds so Tsa was not able to detect her presence anywhere near.

But his thoughts were cut off as the dragon responsible for punching him landed on top of the buildings crushing them beneath his feet.

This dragon was massive and bigger than Tsa, but he was not the only dragon there because two others joined and surrounded the Platinum Dragon Lord.

"No way…"

These dragons were ancient faces that have almost disappeared from history and become only legends and fairy tales.

"Mortis… Broz… and you… Zigur…"

These were the infamous Vampiric Dragon Lord, the Catastrophe Dragon Lord, and the Deep Darkness Dragon Lord. Tsa was not ready to face someone like Zigur and worse, the three of them at the same time. He could not believe that the top dragons of this world were on the enemy side.

"Tsaindorcus hahahaha, this really is the moment I have been waiting for hahaha!"

After she left her friend, Rigrit was still running through the hallways of the flying castle. She tried to teleport herself outside far away from this place but her magic was getting blocked constantly every time she tried it.

This was a well-planned invasion, distraction, and trapping of anyone who was inside. All her hard work these years to bring all nations together got shattered in a matter of hours by Nazarick.

But it does not matter now. She had to reach the gate and fly away from the castle.

"Damn it Tsa!" she shouted. "If I meet my end at your side, at least I would have died with honor but now I will be considered a fugitive criminal."

She was so disappointed by all this mess. Her friend still did not understand that she was extremely old by human standards and a hero from the old era dying on the battlefield would be a great honor.

[ Teleportation ] !

"Gods, it's still not working!"

Again she continued to run as fast as she could to reach the exit. Only once she had felt fear in this place and it was when she entered the castle for the first time with her comrades to meet The Platinum Dragon Lord for the weapons that would help them to defeat the Demon Gods.

Now this time was different. It was a new different level of fear. The more she ran, the more her legs tremble. And because of that, she tried to look behind if someone was hunting her.

She stopped for a moment to control her breath. She was strong, but her age was the biggest problem.

"I'm not hearing any noise like before. Did Tsa kill that woman?"

She was hoping for that to happen so she could meet him again or at least escape together. Still, she was not sure so had to continue her escape. In front of her was a giant gate covered with scars.

"This is one of those sealed rooms where Tsa can't get in… Ugh there is no time for this."

There were two paths and Rigrit chose the left one. That path led to another great corridor and there will be the exit.


Out of a sudden, a spear flashed before her eyes blocking her path. Rigrit quickly turned only to see that woman again. Rigrit was grasped by terrible fear again. "No way…" She was fighting the dragon lord, and there was no way that she could defeat him in such a short time.

This woman was coming closer with a sword in her hand. Rigrit wanted to pass under the spear but that would be another fatal mistake because that woman was unimaginable faster.

"You scum, entering this house with those dirty boots… How dare you?!"

The appearance of this woman looked like that of a saint that people would see in a temple as a statue. But the way she saw humans was totally different. Instead of saving, she would crush them.

Rigrit had no time to escape so the only thing she had to do was fight until her end comes.

[ Maximize Magic - Lightning ]

The spell was fast but she deflected it lit it was nothing. Rigrit threw those spells one after another and yet she was unharmed.

"This magic was bestowed to the people of this world by the Great Kings."

"What are you talking about?"

"Centuries ago, you humans were weak and got enslaved by nonhumans. The lords purged your masters, the lords helped the human race to spread, and the lords gave you the magic that you needed to protect humanity! And what did humans give in return? What did they give?! All of that sacrifice only to be called the Eight Greed Kings! They believed in you… Even the lord of the undead Ainz Ooal Gown believes in you and yet all of you turn out to be ungrateful scum."

"Your masters were hungry for power, that's why they turned against each other, and Ainz Ooal Gown is not different. Millions of Innocent people will die because of his thirst for conquest.

"Shut your tongue, filth!"

Jeanne slapped the old woman sending her flying against the gate. That hit was horrible for someone at her age. For a moment she was not feeling her face at all.

"All those human wars in the past that caused thousands of deaths? Why did you not stop them, huh? What about your lizard friend?"

"H- Humans should be left alone. They should follow their own laws."

"Pathetic, all of you humans are pathetic. When there is a threat, all of you unite as brothers fighting side by side. But when the threat is gone, you go back to the old habits, back at each other's throat. Truly pathetic."

"So just like your lords, huh?"


"When they destroyed the dragon lords, there were no threats anymore. So what did they do after that? They turned against each other, haha! Truly pathetic, I guess we are not that different aren't we?"

Jeanne got extremely angry by these stinging words.

"I think I have given you enough time to breathe. YOU WILL DIE HERE!"

The holy maiden raised her sword so she could put an end to this worthless granny. But all of a sudden, there was a noise that sounded like heavy stones pressuring against another stone.

The sound came from the gate behind the granny. Slowly the gate started to open in two. After such a long time, Jeanne had forgotten about some rooms like this one or what it was used for.

"One thing for sure… Only the one inside that room can open the gate… WAIT WHAT?! That's my…"

A female knight came out of that room. She looked similar to the holy maiden but the darker version. She had very pale skin and yellow eyes, also her hair were short and white.

"Ah, what a headache… hm..."

She looked around, not surprised but confused. The environment around her felt more… unclean. And then, there were the two figure in front of her…

"Who in the world are you… Wait… Jeanne?!"


Even though they were very similar, the voice of Alter sounded in a more tomboyish way. "Hey, it's really you sister." Alter walked to her sister ignoring the presence of Rigrit.

"Where have been Jeanne? The last battle was wild as hell. I think I got wounded very bad, damn that dragon."

"Alter… what were you doing in that chamber?"

"I just woke up, opened the gate and here I am."

"Oh goodness, I'm so happy that you're still alive…"

Jeanne jumped to hug her sister. After all those years, she found a survivor, Her own sister.

"Alive? What are you talking about? There is no way that I would lose against those lizards, huh!"

Alter was an extremely evil knight and hated the dragon lords. Back then, she was one of the bloodthirsty servants and was always ready for a fight or to massacre an entire city.

"Where's our master, I need to tell him that I am ready to fight again."

Jeanne grabbed her sister's hand, stopping her from going to look for her master. "She doesn't know…"

"Alter… you have been in that chamber for a very long time."

"Eh, how long?"

"500 years…"

Alter was looking at Jeanne confused or surprised, she could not tell the difference. There was no emotional breakdown, but just staring at her own sister silently. She also tried to say something, yet her mind couldn't beat the big confusion.

"This… hmmm… this is just… ridiculous… 500 years? This is a joke, right? It has to be jo-"


Jeanne's dead sierious face was not telling any lie or joke.

"And there is more, sister."


"Our masters are no longer with us…"

"WHAT?! You are taking this to far, Jeanne!"

"Come on Alter, half of our masters were dead before you got put into that room."

"But, it feels like I just my master yesterday… how?" Alter was trying to recover her memory from the last moment she saw her master, ordering her to get into a deep slumber. That day was really heavy as the flying castle was under attack by hordes of dragons led by the son of the Dragon Emperor.

"All of them are… dead."

"You remember now, do you?"

"Yeah… where were you again? Because I don't remember you being in the castle when the attack happened."

"Our master ordered me to protect his empire and new family in the far east of the continent."

"So, does that mean the descendants of our master are still around?"


"What?! Jeanne, don't you know just how shameful that is? I feel like- like you never cared."

If their creator has given them an order, they had to obey with no questions. But Jeanne had that face of hopelessness. Jeanne went and grabbed her spear that was stuck on the wall.

"500 years does that to you Alter. Maybe you won't believe me but I did my best to protect his bloodline, to train them into warriors, to teach them about the greatness of our masters but this time it was not enough."

"You must have had a hard time, sister."

Jeanne told her sister how much hope she had that the descendant of King Byzant would reconquer the holy land from the dragon lord. Later Alter couldn't believe her ears the moment she heard that Emperor Ajax formed an alliance with the killer of her master.

That was the moment when Jeanne lost faith and respect towards the bloodline, bringing shame upon the name of her master. But Alter would be even more troubled when she heard about him…

"Ainz Ooal Gown…"

"Yes, he is my new lord. He's also a player just like them."

Jeanne saying this was totally insane. If the other were still alive, she would have gotten the ultimate punishment. Even if she was her sister, she won't question such an order.

"Wait… Jeanne, you know that's treason!" said Alter with a heavy tone.

"Look Alter, It's because of him that I'm standing here in front of you. I waited for 500 years Alter to return home. Nobody wanted to help me but he actually did… an enemy."

"But Jeanne, he's a player, and you know well what they do to other guilds. All the treasures of the creators will be looted."

"I promised him the most powerful artifacts, in return for Eryuentiu."

Jeanne will still be a servant of the Sorcerer King and rule over Eryuentiu as a vassal of the Nazarick Kingdom. Even if it felt like shaking hands with the devil, this was the best deal. The holy maiden wanted to return the glory of this holy land and spend her immortality here.

Alter on the other hand was lost for a moment. She was definitely on her sister's side, yet her loyalty to the Eight Kings was still high even if she now know about their death.

"Haah, alright Jeanne, this is ridiculous but I have no other choice but to follow you."

"Thank you for understanding me, sister."

"Anyway, what is going on, and was that little thing."

"Little thing… Oh…"

Jeanne had completely forgotten about that old woman whom she was about to kill.

"Ugh, that scum."

"So it was an enemy, huh? Since I'm the reason that it ran away, I can hit it down."

"No, she might have escaped by now using [Flight]

[ Greater Teleportation ]

The two sisters teleported to the highest tower of the castle.

"Woah, this place isn't lively anymore like the old day."

After looking at the ruins of the city, Alter's eyes notice some large creatures fighting and remembered one of them.

"That's… that's the dragon that invaded Eryuentiu!"

"Yes sister, that's the Platinum Dragon Lord, and we must go down to kill that lizard before they do."

"What do you mean by "before they do"?

"Those dragons are the servants of the Sorcerer King. That bastard must not die by their claws but this spear."

"And my spear, haha, I'm getting fired up sister! I want to unleash some rage."

"Well then, let's go!"

Away from that horror, Rigrit finally was safe for now. She put on a scarf to hide her face and looked at the castle for the last time.

"Tsa… goodbye…"

Rigrit ran to an unknown path.