In the scorching heat of this wasteland, Ainz Ooal Gown, standing tall with a black sword in his right hand awaited his new enemy's attack. His skeletal visage showed no fear, only a hint of curiosity. He had never heard of any information about the existence of such a hydra monster.

Kulshedra's face bore a confident grin as she advanced with unwavering determination. To her, the idea of a mere bag of bones putting up a fight was utterly preposterous.

"Let the battle commence..." she declared, her words dripping with self-assuredness.

With calculated steps, the humanoid dragon closed in on Ainz. Her previously human hands underwent a startling transformation, dark scales enveloping them while razor-sharp claws erupted from her fingertips.

In the blink of an eye, Kulshedra vanished from Ainz's line of sight, her movements a blur. However, the Sorcerer King's keen instincts allowed him to anticipate her imminent strike.

The assault came from above, a relentless dive towards Ainz. Reacting with lightning speed, Ainz raised his sword, meeting the dragon's claws with unparalleled force. The resulting collision was nothing short of cataclysmic, reducing the cityscape to naught but a vast, gaping crater.

Kulshedra's immense power set her apart as an unparalleled force among the denizens of this world. In comparison to the native inhabitants, she stood head and shoulders above the rest, a true juggernaut of strength and might.

Taking in the devastation that unfurled around him, Ainz couldn't help but feel a sense of relief. His decision to teleport the others out of this perilous battleground had been a wise one. The cataclysmic clash between these formidable adversaries had the potential to lay waste to everything in its path, leaving no room for bystanders or allies.

"Still alive, are you?"

Ainz's sword sliced through the air, aiming for Kulshedra's arm, but the enigmatic creature moved with astonishing speed, vanishing into thin air just in the nick of time.

A sinister, almost gleeful laughter escaped Kulshedra's lips, her eyes glittering with sadistic delight as if she had discovered a newfound source of amusement.

"Kukuku~ This promises to be quite the entertaining bout!" Kulshedra's excitement bubbled forth, much like a child who had stumbled upon a captivating new plaything.

"Her fighting is similar to that of Clementine."

Kulshedra conjured six ominous, dark orbs in her palm, her malevolent intent burning brightly as she hurled them toward the Sorcerer King. The moment these sinister projectiles made contact with the ground, an earth-shattering explosion rippled through the air, forcing Ainz to dance nimbly between the deadly bursts.

The final orb bore down on him with harrowing proximity, leaving him no other option but to slice it in half with a deft swing of his blade. It detonated behind him, shrouding the battlefield in a dense veil of inky smoke.

From within the obsidian cloud that obscured vision and perception, Kulshedra emerged with an astounding burst of speed. Her movements were swift and fluid as she landed a devastating punch squarely in Ainz's chest, the force behind it propelling him through the desert terrain, carving a path of destruction in his wake.

Ainz was brutally propelled across the landscape, finding himself unceremoniously deposited amidst the meadows of the Slane Theocracy. The sheer force of Kulshedra's punch took him aback, leaving him both surprised and impressed by her formidable might.

"You're still standing in one piece after that punch?!" she mused incredulously.

Kulshedra wasted no time, her movements becoming even more astonishingly swift. Her form now adorned with massive, menacing demonic wings, she launched herself toward Ainz with the intent of delivering another bone-shattering blow. She had every reason to believe she was far too quick for him to react.

However, Ainz countered with a maneuver of his own. Raising his sword with expert precision, he thrust it directly at her face. Kulshedra narrowly avoided the deadly strike, and in that moment of evasion, she glimpsed a reflection of herself in the polished surface of the blade, like a fleeting snapshot in slow motion.


A pained gasp escaped Kulshedra's lips as she was met with a sudden, sharp kick to her stomach. The force of the blow sent her staggering backward, her previously confident demeanor giving way to momentary vulnerability.

As she raised her head, anger burning in her eyes, Kulshedra found herself astonished by the unexpected sensation of pain inflicted by the Sorcerer King. It was a sensation she had never experienced before, a humbling reminder of her opponent's formidable strength.

"What's with those eyes? I thought you were excited about this fight," Ainz remarked, his tone laced with a hint of curiosity.

"Kukuku~ That's right, I'm actually having fun right now, Ainz Ooal Gown!"

Kulshedra, her gaze brimming with newfound determination, adjusted her posture and returned to her previous altitude with a sinister grin.

"Let's not fight here," Ainz calmly proposed.

"Huh, why?" Kulshedra responded, her curiosity piqued.

"I have an army here invading a city. I don't want them to be caught in the crossfire," Ainz explained.

Kulshedra couldn't help but grin sadistically at this revelation. "Hah, it's your fault for giving me that information."

With a sinister glee, Kulshedra ascended into the sky, raising her finger toward the heavens. Atop her fingertip, a colossal sphere began to manifest, resembling a second sun. The sphere grew in size, casting an ominous shadow over the surrounding landscape, even eclipsing its surroundings.

"Well, that is going to be troublesome," Ainz mused, realizing the cataclysmic power that would soon be unleashed.

Kulshedra wasted no time and launched her devastating attack at full power. As the miniature sun hurtled toward the land below, it seared everything in its path, incinerating objects and structures for kilometers around. Ainz, fully aware of the impending catastrophe, knew he had to intervene immediately.

"[Stellar Black Hole]," Ainz intoned, invoking a dark and ominous spell that plunged the entire sky into utter darkness, save for the impending cataclysmic sun. Kulshedra, transfixed by the horrifying sight, looked up to see a massive void in the sky, which began to exert a powerful gravitational pull. Alarmed, she hastily teleported away from her previous position, as the malevolent force of the void threatened to consume her.

Helplessly, she watched as her own devastating attack became twisted and distorted, succumbing to the relentless pull of the infinite darkness. When the black hole had absorbed the miniature sun, Ainz clenched his hand, causing the ominous abyss to vanish.

This spell had been a last resort, for it was highly perilous to let it linger. Ainz had been cautious, as the "[Stellar Black Hole]" had the potential to expand to cataclysmic proportions, even capable of annihilating entire planets.

Without warning, Kulshedra materialized behind Ainz with startling swiftness, her voice laced with a mixture of curiosity and frustration. "What the hell was that?" she demanded to know.

Before Ainz could react, Kulshedra's powerful fist connected with him, launching the Sorcerer King with such ferocity that he was sent hurtling across the landscape to the eastern side of the continent. Ainz soared through the sky at an astonishing speed. In his chaotic flight, Ainz collided with numerous towering mountains, each collision causing earth-shattering explosions and leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

Ainz's body collided with the last imposing mountain of the continent, sending a shockwave of devastation through the landscape. He had inadvertently landed on Kraskudard Island, though he remained unaware of this fact, as this particular territory was not under his dominion. Behind him stretched the vast, mysterious expanse of the ocean.

As Ainz grappled with the consequences of Kulshedra's relentless blows, he couldn't help but be in awe of her sheer strength. His thoughts echoed in his mind, "Wow, she might even punch me around the world. This woman is extremely strong."

In her own twisted way, Kulshedra seemed to appreciate the challenge that Ainz presented. She continued to praise him with an eerie sense of admiration, her words laced with a sadistic delight. "Well, that's very nice of you, Ainz Ooal Gown," she remarked, acknowledging his incredible feat of stopping her devastating attack with his formidable magic and the resilience of his undead body. "You were also amazing there, stopping my attack with that sick spell, and demonstrating the strength of your body. I have punched you too hard, and yet, none of your bones even cracked."

Ainz had dared to hope that their battle was drawing to a close. "Hoo, does that mean that this is the end of our battle?"

However, Kulshedra shattered that hope with a sadistic grin. "I didn't say anything about ending the fight!" With blinding speed, she attacked once more, her razor-sharp claws slashing through the air. Ainz reacted swiftly, raising his blade to block her assault. The resulting clash was so cataclysmic that it sent shockwaves coursing through the mountain, causing the very ocean nearby to churn violently from the sheer force of their confrontation.

The peaceful inhabitants of Kraskudar Island, including the native cat people and the reclusive valley elves, were thrust into a state of frenzied exodus. The idyllic forest that had cradled their homes and nurtured their lives for generations was now a treacherous realm, shaken by a cataclysmic earthquake. This devastating upheaval was an unintended consequence of the titanic battle that raged between two god-like beings, compelling the island's residents to abandon their ancestral abodes and flee for safer ground.

The cataclysmic clash of these god-like beings left a trail of destruction, gradually whittling down the once-mighty mountain each time the colossal sword clashed with razor-sharp claws.

"Haha~ I'm not finished with you!"

[ Grasp Heart ]

A moment of excruciating pain coursed through Kulshdra, her vigorous movements coming to an abrupt halt, leaving her in momentary confusion.

"What was that now?"

"One of my favorite spells, but it appears it doesn't work on you. How does my [ Grasp Heart ] feel, Kulshedra?"


Without warning, she surged forward with incredible speed, manifesting in front of Ainz. Her clenched fist radiated with an eerie brightness as it smashed into the Sorcerer King's face. The impact was cataclysmic, unleashing shockwaves that obliterated the entire mountain, sending colossal rocks hurtling hundreds of kilometers in all directions, some even reaching the distant Holy Empire.

Once more, Ainz was propelled across the ocean, landing on what seemed to be another island.

"Huh… where am I?"

Ainz stood on a rocky island above the billowing clouds, with a vast ocean stretching below.

"What the hell is this place?"

"Oh, don't worry, I know this place, or should I say, this dragon lord." Kulshedra materialized behind Ainz, her presence ghostly.

"Dragon Lord?" Ainz was taken aback. "This floating island is a dragon lord?"

"Yes, it's called the Heavenly Dragon Lord. This old bum is always flying. I can't tell if he is dead or alive at this point. His heart might be like the core of this island."

"Amazing, I want him in my collection."

"That's so greedy!" said Kulshedra.

"Ironic, coming from a dragon." She understood the irony in his words.

Kulshedra's attempt to strike Ainz's skull fell short as he expertly lowered his body, evading her attack. With incredible agility, Ainz repositioned himself and, in a blink, appeared behind her.

[ Negative Burst ]


A sphere of negative energy erupted upon Kulshedra's back, causing her to cry out in pain. She spun around, ready to deliver another earth-shattering punch, but Ainz had different plans this time. He had no intention of being launched to another island.

In an impressive display of strength, the Sorcerer King effortlessly caught her colossal fist with just one hand. Kulshedra was taken aback, shock filling her as she realized the magnitude of power behind that seemingly frail hand. She couldn't help but acknowledge her initial underestimation of her adversary. From the outset, Ainz had been far more formidable than she had given him credit for. It seemed the tide of battle was about to shift.

The Sorcerer King's blade sliced through the air, aiming to sever Kulshedra's arm, but the cunning dragon evaded his attack, her resplendent hair falling like a cascade in the wake of the razor-sharp edge.

Ainz's mocking tone echoed through the tension-laden air as he taunted, "So, what other tricks do you have up your sleeve? Another devastating punch? Perhaps a grand fireball? Hmm?"

With a nonchalant demeanor, Ainz stretched his arms wide, a provocative gesture that seemed to say, "Show me what you've got." He had effortlessly deflected her every onslaught thus far, and there seemed to be no justifiable reason for this fierce battle. She had inexplicably inserted herself between the Platinum Dragon Lord and the Sorcerer King.

Kulshedra, her eyes glinting with determination, retorted, "You hunger for more, do you? Very well, Ainz Ooal Gown, this shall be our ultimate clash."

In a breathtaking spectacle, Kulshedra was enveloped in an all-consuming shroud of absolute darkness, a last-ditch effort to gain the upper hand.

Ainz, with a hint of intrigue, commented, "So, you've decided to unleash your formidable dragon form, have you? I distinctly recall your aversion to squabbling with a mere mosquito."

"You demanded more," Kulshedra replied with unwavering resolve. "Now, you shall face the consequences."

With a thunderous roar, Kulshedra's colossal form lunged forward, her gargantuan hand descending upon Ainz with titanic force. The impact was cataclysmic, akin to a nuclear explosion. The shockwave rippled across the entire floating island, reaching its very core—the heart of the dragon. While the Heavenly Dragon Lord may have endured, he lay dormant, reduced to nothing more than a massive rocky island suspended high above the cloud-kissed skies.

The ominous heads of Kulshedra simultaneously unleashed their potent elemental energy, causing widespread destruction. Eerie, otherworldly sounds reverberated across the island, blending with the Heavenly Dragon Lord's anguished cries.

"LEAVE THIS DRAGON OUT OF THIS HASSLE!" Ainz demanded, his voice resonating with authority.

With the swiftness of light itself, the Sorcerer King emerged from the colossal breach in the landscape, his arrival unnoticed by the beleaguered dragon. However, a chilling sensation coursed through her, a palpable dread, as if something essential had been wrenched from her very being. In the midst of the chaos, the central head of Kulshedra's serpentine form bore witness to the gruesome sight of two of her left heads tumbling to the ground, torrents of crimson gushing from their severed necks.

"Two heads gone…" she lamented, her numerous heads pivoting to face the source of the voice. The Sorcerer King stood imperiously upon the decapitated head, a sinister smile gracing his undead visage.

"Now, I wonder which one is next?" the enigmatic figure pondered aloud, his gaze fixed intently on the central head.

Kulshedra, in that moment, experienced an emotion long-forgotten—fear. She was forced to reckon with the terrible folly of challenging the Sorcerer King in her towering draconic form.

"It will be yours next!" she declared, desperation tainting her voice.

With a sudden transformation, Kulshedra reverted to her previous petite dragon-humanoid form, motivated by a desperate hope to evade further devastation.

"Scared, Kulshedra?" the Sorcerer King taunted.

"Silence!" she retorted, her voice commanding authority.

Kulshedra summoned a tempest of celestial bodies, unleashing a barrage of starry projectiles that rained down upon the island. Yet, it became evident that the Sorcerer King remained untouched, his formidable shield repelling her cosmic assault with ease.

"This is not the end!" Kulshedra cried out, endeavoring to create another sun, this one ten times more massive than its predecessor, intended to obliterate the entire island.

"How about I give you a taste of your own medicine!" the Sorcerer King retorted with unwavering confidence.

[Death Star of the North]

Behind Ainz, a colossal galaxy reminiscent of the Milky Way came into existence, and from its very core emerged a searing laser beam hurtling at breakneck speed. There was no opportunity for Kulshedra to muster a counterattack.


The scorching beam struck Kulshedra with unrelenting force, swiftly engulfing her miniature sun. The ensuing explosion was cataclysmic, yet somehow, Kulshedra remained unincinerated. Nevertheless, the [Death Star of the North] propelled her from the island's surface to the moon's in an astonishing second, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

Kulshedra's eyes fluttered open, and for a fleeting moment, she believed herself to be in the afterlife. But no, miraculously, she had not succumbed to death despite her perilous journey to the moon. The alien landscape of this celestial body was a stark contrast to her home world, and she realized with a shiver that this was a dire place to meet her end. The frigid vacuum of space made every breath an impossible task.

"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ " ("Damn that skeleton!)

She cursed vehemently in a tongue unrecognizable, a language untranslatable in the mysterious magic that bound her world. It was a testament to her isolation in this desolate, far-flung realm.

Summoning every iota of her waning strength, Kulshedra embarked on a harrowing journey back to her world. Her ascent from the moon's surface was a herculean effort, leaving behind an imposing crater, a permanent testament to her incredible leap. As she neared the surface of her home world, she could feel herself losing consciousness, her form transforming into a blazing fireball as she reentered the planet's atmosphere.

Ainz, an observer to her descent from the heavens, marveled at her unwavering determination to survive. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, he took to the skies, soaring toward her impending impact point on a different continent...

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