So, I know what you're thinking. Why would I start another Fanfic when I'm not even finished with another one that's in an entirely different category? Well, the answer to that is… I REALLY HATE MYSELF…. Okay, not really, but I had a dream about this story line after browsing DeviantArt for god knows how long and I just couldn't get it out of my head. I tried my hardest to settle into working on the next chapter of Good Dog, but it was like there was a lock on the door for that one. I just couldn't come up with anything because my brain wouldn't stop thinking about this. I totally get it if any of my usual readers are confused by this and don't want to read it, or just aren't into this show or pairing. I just had to get this out there so my thoughts could go back to GD. I'm already writing chapter 2 of this so that just shows how much this has been on my mind O_O Wish me luck you guys. See you on the other side, and I can promise more Good Dog very soon! -MercyVale


Chapter One: Caught off Guard

Time ticked by slowly as Kim Possible flipped through her textbook and took notes while her professor gave his lesson. She had exams coming up and she'd been preparing and studying almost non-stop, even in between missions. She was confident she'd do fine, but she knew better than anyone that it's better to be over prepared. Kim was always prepared. No matter what it was that she was doing, she always made sure she had everything she could possibly need. Especially when it came to her missions. Wade always kept her fully stocked in gadgets and always made sure her power suit was ready to go at a moment's notice. She'd been saving the world for years so she knew that anything could happen at a moment's notice.

Right now, however, she was facing her most annoying enemy ever. Boredom. She almost wished something would happen, so she would have something to do. There was 15 minutes left in class when suddenly a familiar beep-beep-be-beep came from her bag. Kim thanked whatever god it was that granted her this chance at something to do. She pulled out her Kimmunicator and answered quickly, ducking down so the professor didn't notice her.

"Hey Wade, what's the sitch?" Kim greeted the young man with the classic catchphrase as he pulled up images of Duff Killigan and Monkey Fist.

"Hey Kim. Duff and Monkey Fist are at it again. They're planning to steal the world's largest magnifying glass to burn their likeness' into Mount Rushmore. According to these emails I received, it's happening tonight." Kim packed up everything and quietly slipped out of the room to head to her dorm. There was a reason she always sat in the back in all her classes. She usually went unnoticed when she snuck out. Her grades were perfect, so her professors didn't always complain, when they did, she just did extra work for them and that usually made them happy.

"Burning their faces into Mount Rushmore? Seriously? I feel like they've tried that one already."

"No, you're thinking of last year when DNAmy wanted to immortalize the rarest cuddle buddy on the moon with a laser." She shook her head and grabbed an apple from the kitchen while no one was looking, sneaking out quickly.

"Oh yeah, you're right. I gotta admit though, that Slothisaur was pretty cool."

"Don't let her hear you say that. She might try it again." Wade shot her a grin and sent all the info she needed right to her Kimmunicator. "Okay, your ride will be there in 1 hour, so make sure you're ready. It just Duff and Monkey Fist so I think it's safe to say this is a solo mission. I know you haven't been wanting to bother Ron while he studies for his exams."

"You know me well. I'd feel terrible if dragging him on a mission messed with his grades. Plus, Yori would kill me." She chuckled and shook her head, thinking about her best friend and his girlfriend. "Okay, I have everything I need so keep me updated if anything changes. Okay wade?"

"You got it Kim. See ya!" Kim tucked the device away after the call ended and ran to her dorm to get ready. Sitting on her bed, reading her new Club Banana magazine was her insufferable pain in the ass roommate, Bonnie Rockwaller.

"Oh, hi Kim. Your magazine was delivered. Thought you wouldn't mind if I looked through it." She barely even looked up to acknowledge the redhead. Kim just shook her head and went straight for her desk, pulling out a small bottle of rum.

"You know what Bonnie, go ahead."

This caused Bonnie to look up in shock as Kim never gave in so easily before and she began to wonder if this was a trap. She watched as the other girl grabbed a glass and some ice from their mutual mini fridge and poured herself a drink. The now 22-year-old didn't drink very often, but she liked a strong drink before a mission to help her focus.

"Another mission, Possible?" Kim just nodded and went over to the closet and pulling out a small safe. She punched in a 24-digit code, and after confirming the numbers, the safe beeped and popped open, revealing her power suit. "Kim, you do realize we have exams starting tomorrow, right? Or are you just that confident that you'll pass so you're risking it?"

"I'm pretty confident since I've taken consistent notes and actually studied, unlike you Bon-Bon."

Kim didn't miss a beat and Bonnie's face flushed red. She was right. She hadn't taken very many notes, and the ones she had taken weren't the best. Kim on the other hand always took perfect notes and aced every class. It pissed her off to no end and she knew she'd have to ask Kim to borrow her notes if she had any chance of passing.

"Do you think-" It was like Kim was psychic. She cut Bonnie off, as if she'd already knew what she was going to ask.

"Yes, you can borrow my notes. I have copies on my laptop anyway. Here." She grabbed a folder from her backpack and handed it to Bonnie. "Just worry about the stuff for the classes we have together. Go make copies of it if it's easier and leave the originals on my desk."

"Thanks..." Bonnie accepted the folder, unable to hide her appreciation. "You know Kim, you should drink more often if it makes you like this. You're never this nice to me."

"You just caught me in a good mood, that's all. You know I don't like to drink like that. This is just to relax me before I leave, and I'll probably have a little more when I'm done. If I had any more than that, I wouldn't be able to concentrate, and it would probably get me killed." Kim leaned back on her desk and swirled the drink, letting it get nice and cold before taking a sip.

"I don't know, you go around fighting all kinds of crazy people. I think that'll get you killed quicker than some alcohol would."

"Well, if that ever happens, I'll just come back and haunt you personally, okay?"

"Not funny Kim! You know I hate ghosts!" Bonnie threw the magazine at her and leaving the room in a huff. Kim just shrugged, taking a sip of her drink, and stripped off her clothes, slipping the power suit on.

When she finished, she then poured herself another half glass of rum to drink and turned her attention to her mission bag. She packed everything she used consistently, as well as some new toys Wade sent her, and soon enough, she received a call from her ride.

"Thanks for the ride, Mr. Edwards!" Kim had to shout to be heard over the sound of the jet and the pilot gave her a polite nod in return.

"After you saved my daughter from that crazy electric lady in Italy. I owe you so much more!" Kim smirked, remembering her fight with Shego that day. She sent the older woman flying into a vat of tomato sauce. Red looked better on her than she thought and Shego was ready to kill her over it.

"Well, a ride back home afterwards would sure be appreciated!" Kim settled in beside the pilot for the flight and made sure she had her goggles and helmet nearby for jumping.

"Girly, I'd fly you to the moon and back if I could." She chuckled and closed her eyes, deciding to take a short nap so she's sharp when she gets there. She set her watch to go off in 90 minutes and it left her with about 45 minutes to wake up and get ready to go.

The next couple of hours fly by, a perk to taking a nap, and soon enough it was time to get ready to jump. Kim had her helmet on, and the visor pulled down as she held onto the designated handles by the door. After giving him the signal, Mr. Edwards flipped a switch and the side hatch opened.

"I'll call you when I'm ready for you to get me! Thanks again!" Kim threw herself forward and let go of the handles, starting the freefall towards the lab that held the world's largest magnifying glass. This was one of her favorite parts of the job, falling through the sky and feeling the adrenaline pump through her as she drew closer to the ground with nothing to stop her but the parachute on her back. When she was on solo missions, she liked to push herself, seeing how far she could go before pulling the cord. She never went any lower than about 200 feet, however. She was an adrenaline addict, but even she knew when enough was enough.

Once on the ground, Kim started heading in the direction of the lab. It was hidden in such a tight, dense forest but thanks to her Kimmunicator, she knew which direction to go in. The emails Wade received said the lab was going to be hit tonight, so she got here early to get a jump on them. Kim slipped into the building and found an empty air duct that lead right to the magnifying glass. Crawling through, she got to the room and peered down into it to see what the fuss was all about. When she did, she was left feeling a bit lost. The room was dark, save for a small light near the back. Was this the right room? She double checked the Kimmunicator and nodded to herself. It had to be, the schematics for the building said she was right above the correct room and the magnifying glass was in the back. Once she confirmed her position, Kim settled herself in the duct and looked at her Kimmunicator to go over every bit of information.

So, Wade got the emails forwarded to him by the owners of the building when they themselves received an email explaining that the magnifying glass was at risk of being stolen. The person who sent the emails was unknown, but it wouldn't be the first time a baddie ratted on another, if it benefited them. Worst case scenario, it was someone else who wanted to steal the magnifying glass, but unfortunately for them, Kim was going to make sure the place was properly monitored after dealing with Duff and Monty.

Two hours passed and Kim grew bored after playing a game on her Kimmunicator, so she took this time to examine the magnifying glass, from a distance, to see what the fuss was about. She made her way through the duct, following the path on the Kimmunicator, until she was right above the spot where the magnifying glass should be. Turns out, the single light was used to illuminate the area where the magnifying glass was. There was just one problem, there was nothing there. The light was shining down on a table, but it was empty…

There was no way someone took it, not while she was there. It was dead quiet, save for her own breathing. No, no one had been in here… Deciding to take the risk, she removed the vent cover off the duct and dropped to the floor, approaching the table while keeping an eye on the door in front of her. There was no magnifying glass but, in the center of the table, there was a single piece of paper. Maybe it had been stolen before she got here… Kim grabbed the paper and read it. 'Turn me over.' She did as it said and looked on the back, finding another message. 'Look behind you.' She felt goosebumps rise suddenly over her body and turned around only to be met with a hand shoving her down, a very hairy hand. Her head slammed down on the table and she was knocked unconscious by the force of it.

"I really must give credit where credit is due, Lipsky," Monty Fiske stepped out of the shadow, dusting off his hands. "For a plan that you came up with, it actually worked." Drakken followed behind him, a menacing grin on his face as he examined the unconscious young woman on the floor.

"Why thank you, Monty. You know I-" He stops suddenly and glares at Monty. "Wait a minute. That sounded like an insult."

"Oh, no. You only misunderstood me." Monty lifted Kim and set her on the table, turning to the doctor.

"Ahh, I see. Well, thank you." Drakken produced shackles of some sort and began to attach them to Kim's hands and feet as Monty muttered to himself, referring to the doctor as an idiot. The second insult went unnoticed as Drakken pulled out a syringe, injecting it straight into Kim's neck. "That should keep her out for the next few hours while we move her."

"And you're certain no one will track her? You know as well as I what that Tech boy can do."

"That's what this is for." Drakken pulled a remote out, pressing a series of buttons. Suddenly, it started beeping when placed near the thigh pocket on her power suit. "Ah ha!" He dug into the pocket and pulled out the Kimmunicator. "He can't trace her if this isn't with her, and the shackles sent out a small electromagnetic wave that disables her flashy little suit, so he can't trace her using that and it will prevent her from using that suit to break free." Drakken set the Kimmunicator down and raised his foot, preparing to smash it.

"Wait, you fool!" Monkey Fist grabbed Drakken's leg, stopping him from lowering it. "That thing most likely has a fail-safe in it. If you destroy it, the boy will know, and this place will be surrounded in no time." He let go of Drakken's foot and picked up the Kimmunicator, setting it in the middle of the room. If he sticks to the emails that were sent, he will continue to believe that this place will be robbed in a few hours. He won't contact her just yet since he wouldn't want to compromise her position." Drakken scowled to himself but had to agree with the monkey. It did make more sense.

"Fine. Let's just get out of here before he does try to contact her and prove you wrong. Or worse, that bumbling buffoon might actually show up."

"Okay, but I do with that buffoon had come with her. It would have been perfect, taking them out together."

"In due time, Fiske, in due time." Drakken pressed another button on the remote and after a few minutes there was a rumbling all around them as the roof suddenly started opening, revealing a helicopter waiting just above them. A hook is lowered and attached to Kim's shackles, raising her up into it to be put aside by two henchmen. The hook gets swapped for a ladder and Drakken and Monkeyfist climb it, getting into the helicopter as well. Once the door is shut, it flies off, leaving no trace behind of where it could be going.

Kim slowly began to wake up, feeling the pounding ache in her head, and reached up to massage it away. Something stopped her though, and she opened her eyes to look at the cuff latched onto her wrist. There was a similar one on her other wrist, and a matching set on her ankles, not to mention the much larger one around her neck. What the hell was going on? She couldn't remember anything except seeing a hairy hand outstretched towards her face… Monkey Fist! During her realization, she pushed herself to her feet, forgetting about the chains, and started to run, only to be yanked back down to the ground. She clutched at her throat, gasping for air after she nearly choked herself.

"Well, well, well. Looks like Ms. Possible is finally awake." Kim looked up and met the eyes of Drakken, but that wasn't what gave her chills and a deep sense of dread. No, what did that was the fact that he wasn't alone. Duff Killigan, Monkey Fist, DNAmy, Electronique, Motor Ed, Adrena Lynn, and Camille Leon. "I thought a few friends of mine would like to join us. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity." Kim pushed herself to her feet, still winded after practically clotheslining herself, and took a defensive stance.

"What, are you guys going to actually try killing me this time?" She clenched her fists, trying to activate the power suit, but nothing happened. That's impossible…

"I think you'll find that your suit won't work. That's all thanks to Electronique here. She managed to shut it off, permanently. Don't want it getting in the way of our fun. She even went through the trouble of making these lovely chains for you. I'll show you how they work." With that, he flipped a switch on a control pad and within seconds, Kim was writhing on the ground as waves of electricity coursed through her. He let her suffer for a few seconds before shutting it off. "Shocking, isn't it?" Every villain in the room groans and complains out loud.

"You said you weren't going to say it if I made it for you!" Electronique shouted at him, snatching the control panel from him. "My turn." Kim only just managed to sit up before the device was activated again, sending her back to the floor and grabbing at the collar in a futile attempt to take it off.

"Hey! You know, if we kill her now, the plan won't work."

"Hush up. It won't kill her. There's not enough power to do that, but there is just enough to cause her so much pain…" And Electronique was right. The pain was excruciating, but because of the shock collar around her throat, she couldn't make a single sound to vocalize what she felt.

Each villain took a turn shocking her and when the last of the shocks ended and Kim just laid there, fighting the lingering convulsions and struggling to even move.

"I think we're going to have a lot of fun, Ms. Possible. Don't worry, we have more than just electricity planned for you. I'd say rest up, but I don't see that happening anything soon." Drakken signals to the villains and one by one, they take turns punching, slapping, or kicking Kim while the whole terrible scene is recorded by one of the henchmen. Kim doesn't know how much time had passed. All she could think of was the pain. There was more than she'd ever experienced at one time… They did more than use their hands and feet. Adrena Lynn was using a chair and hitting her repeatedly with it while DNAmy was slashing at her with her newly developed claws.

"Having fun, Ms. Possible?" Kim looked up just as Drakken brought his foot down on her face. She whimpered in pain and tried to roll away, but the chains only let her move so far. There was no where she could go and nothing she could do to get away…

"Please…" This brought smiles to their faces when she said this. "P-please...let me go…" Kim was surrounded by laughter at her request and she laid there, unable to hide her tears, which only spurred them on even more and caused them to attack her more.

"Unfortunately for you, Kim Possible, we're tired of dealing with you. No more Mr. Nice Bad Guy." More groans. "We're going to give back every punch and every kick you gave to us." Nearly an hour had passed when they finally decided that they'd done enough for now. Drakken called over the henchman that was recording and took the camcorder from him before handing him the control panel. He sat him in a booth just outside Kim's cell. "Jerry, you have a very important job. If you see her falling asleep, I want you to give her a healthy little shock."

"You're gonna keep her from sleepin'? Aye man, tis nothin' fancy there." Duff looked the panel over, curious.

"Oh, but it is. She'll go mad from sleep deprivation. It's just a little icing on the cake. Now, let's take care of this little movie." They all left, a few of them giving Kim a parting kick to the ribs before leaving, and they followed Drakken. Kim laid on the floor in immense pain and didn't plan on moving anytime soon. Nothing felt broken but nothing felt not broken either. She'd never been in this much pain before… She tried to sit up, but her body was so weak. There was nothing she could do but wait. Wade was bound to find her and send for help. She just had to be patient… She decided to stay on the floor instead of hurting herself by moving too much and just as the pain and exhaustion was becoming too much, she was suddenly jolted awake. Kim sat up and leaned back against the wall, clutching at her chest as the shock started to wear off. Things continued like that for an unknown amount of time.

Any time she started to fall asleep from exhaustion or fall unconscious from pain, she was jolted awake. She didn't want to admit it, but it was starting to get to her. She'd gotten to the point that she was punching the ground or floor to stay awake. Anything to keep herself from falling asleep, just to stop the shocks. They still came. They didn't stop and Kim was a frazzled mess on the floor, sitting in the fetal position and clutching her head. She'd cried, and begged for it to stop, but all she'd managed to do was give the others a good show when they came back to continue their assault. This time, they'd brought some new things with them to hurt her with, and by the end of the next session, Kim was a bloody heap on the floor, still begging to be let go and begging for the shocks to stop.

When everyone left again, Drakken announced to them that they have enough footage and that it was time to execute phase 2 of the plan.

"Computer! Call Dr. James Possible." He grinned at the screen, rubbing his hands together and an image of Dr. Possible came up. "Hello Doctor."

"Drew? Give me one reason why I shouldn't hang up right now."

"Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you. Not unless you want anything to happen to your previous daughter." James froze and his eyes darkened.

"What have you done to Kim?"

"Oh, I'll show you exactly what we did to her, but you might want to fetch your wife. I'd hate for her to miss the show. And don't bother trying to trace this. It's impossible." James leapt out of his seat, yelling for his wife, as every person in the room only laughed at him. They were finally getting their perfect revenge on the Possible girl of all the countless humiliations and now they would get paid for it as well. Little did they know, a certain green-skinned woman had been in the same building and she was in a pissed off mood...