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Chapter Four: Fighting Love

"I'm so sorry, Kim…" Shego was ready to kill someone over this. She really had hoped that maybe Kim's eye would be alright in time, but deep down she knew that it was impossible. She'd seen just how bad the damage was when Erin was treating her wounds. Kim didn't say anything, but she let Shego carry her back to bed and didn't move while fresh bandages and gauze was placed around her eye. Shego then handed her a small cup of pills and she swallowed them with water before she grabbed the covers and laid back down.

"I'm tired… Let me go back to sleep…" Shego was surprised to see her going to sleep willingly after struggling with her for the past day and a half.

"Kimmie…" Shego started to protest, knowing that Kim was not in the best mindset. "Come on, Pumpkin. You slept for a long time already, get up." Shego grabbed Kim's arm and put her other hand on her shoulder as she tried to make her sit up.

"Just go and leave me alone, Shego." Kim tried to push Shego's hands away, but she was very persistent. Shego made her sit up and put shoes on her feet, which caught Kim's attention. "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like? I'm taking your ass outside for some fresh air before I get the urge to knock some sense into you. If you think you're just going to lay there and feel sorry for yourself, you are sorely mistaken. Now, let's go." Shego pulled her up and made her walk, carefully, to the door before opening it. Kim wanted to argue but she didn't have the energy for it. Shego would get tired of dealing with her eventually anyway. After making sure the coast was clear, Shego slipped out and came back a few minutes later with coats and hats. She also wanted to know where Erin was when they left so she pulled her aside and pretended to just give her an update on Kim, saying she's really feeling down about losing half her vision and that she was going to find something to help her feel better. Erin accepted that a lot easier than Shego thought she would and headed back in the direction of Kim's room, sneaking upstairs when Erin couldn't see her. Didn't take her long to find a couple of coats and hats. She grabbed a pair of gloves for Kim but none for herself since she didn't really need them. Shego crept back downstairs, unnoticed, and slipped into Kim's room where the redhead was startled by her return. Kim thought Shego was joking about going outside but she was proved wrong by the jackets in her hands.

"You're really going to make me do this, aren't you?" Kim asked as Shego helped her into a coat. She only nodded and made sure it was zipped before putting the hat on her and pulling the hood up.

"There, no one will know it's you." Kim sighed and fixed the hat, pulling it back so she could see better before realizing it's just the bandages.

"Aren't we out in the middle of nowhere? What does it matter if I wear the hat?" Shego put her own jacket on and donned the hat before opening the door.

"1. This is Montana, Cupcake. We're near the mountains, there's snow everywhere and it's damn cold out there for you. 2. Even though Erin lives in a low population area, she gets people out here all the time. Remember, this is a doctor's office, so she always has someone here, sometimes more than one. The last thing I want is someone spotting you."

"I guess… You're still trying to convince me to not tell everyone I'm alive, aren't you?" Shego remembered the look on Kim's face when she said she wasn't going to let anyone know she was alive. Maybe the way she said it was a little harsh, but she had only been thinking about Kim's wellbeing. Still, she couldn't just force her to stay in hiding. That was something she would have to decide for herself. Shego shrugged and lead Kim out of the room while making sure she took her time and didn't strain herself.

"If you want to tell everyone you're alive, I can't really stop you, but it's safer if you stay hiding and you know it. I already told you, you're in no shape to try and take any of those assholes if they try and come for you and they might just finish the job. Drakken could probably pull one over on you and that's far from good." Shego lead her to the back door and opened it before walking outside with Kim carefully.

Kim was thinking over what Shego said as walked with Shego and the snow crunched under their feet. She didn't want to admit it, but she was right. With how hurt she was, she wouldn't be able to defend herself against anyone… But to let the world think she's dead? That was so messed up… And her family? Ron? It just felt wrong. She at least wanted them to know, but Ron never was the best at keeping secrets...

"If I were to stay in hiding, hypothetically of course, how would I take care of myself? I wouldn't be able to stay in your friend's house forever." Shego scoffed, waving her off as they walked carefully through the snow.

"Easy. You'd stay with me I have a place out here, just as private and nearly as big as Erin's." Kim stopped walking and looked at Shego, confused. Shego has been uncharacteristically kind to her, almost like she was hit with that old Attitudinator, but she wasn't, and Kim had already been becoming suspicious about her actions. What was in it for her?

"Why would I stay with you?" Kim paused and sighed. "That came out wrong. I don't mean to sound like-"

"An asshole?" Shego smirked at her and Kim just rolled her eyes, walking again.

"I was going to say jerk." She grumbled and stuffed her hands in her pockets. "You swear a lot, Shego."

"And you don't swear enough. How old are you now? 19? I bet you've never even said the word Fuck, have you?"

"I'm 22!" Kim tried to shove Shego, but the taller woman easily dodged it, still laughing. "And no, I haven't. I wasn't aware that once I became an adult, I had to swear every other sentence."

"Well, you should try it. It's good for the soul. Let's you get all that negative energy out." Shego chuckled and nudged Kim's arm. Kim just shook her head, trying not to smile.

"I say damn sometimes, but it's usually just when something bothers me. I feel bad when I try to say anything else."

"That's because you're a goodie-goodie." Kim scowled and shot a glare in her direction.

"I hate it when you call me that."

"And that's why I love it. Now come on, I want you to walk some more. You'll feel a lot less sore once you get active again. You're lucky they didn't break anything, but you do have a couple of bruised ribs. That'll take a while to heal but you'll barely feel them with all the pain meds you've been on."

"I've broken a few ribs before, so I'll take bruised any day." Kim was trying to be brave about it, but honestly, she was just tired of Shego seeing her cry so much. She'd done too much of that.

They walked in silence for a bit and looked at the scenery around them. Occasionally, if they were lucky, they would come across a deer or a ram. They only changed directions once when Shego spotted a big grizzly bear. The last thing she wanted was her and Kimmie getting chased down by a bear. She'd make it, but Kim wouldn't be able to outrun a full Shego helped Kim stepped over a fallen log as they continued their walk and Kim was finding it a lot easier to move around now, despite how tired she had become. She felt as if she could walk for another 30 minutes. Shego, sick of how quiet it became, started to think of a conversation starter.

"So, you're 22, huh? Let me guess, no alcohol either for you?"

"I never said that. I like a good drink just as much as anyone else, preferably rum." This surprised Shego. It just wasn't something she'd ever pictured Kim doing. She was about to say just that, but Kim stopped and grabbed Shego's arm to steady herself when she felt dizzy. "Sorry… I think I'm just getting tired…" She was ready to suggest they head back, but Shego was already ahead of her and she was a bit startled when she was lifted off the ground. "H-hey! What are you doing?!"

"Relax Princess. I'm just carrying you, so you don't fall and hurt yourself. Erin would kill me if she had to patch you up all over again."

"But I was fine walking by myself before." Kim crossed her arms and tried not to pout as Shego carried her.

"You were, but I can feel you shivering, and I can walk faster than you." Kim tried to argue but had to admit that Shego was right. Shego carried her back to the house easily and in half the time it took them to get where they had been. Erin was waiting out on the deck and Shego could tell she wasn't happy.

"I want her back in bed, right now. You can't just take off with one of my patients like that, Sara." Shego just walked past her and opened the door with her foot. She brought Kim back to her room and sat her on the bed before she helped Kim out of her jacket and hat.

"She's fine. Besides, she was with me. It's not like I would have let anything happen to her." Kim took off her shoes and laid back in the bed, pulling the blankets up.

"Look at her, she's freezing. It's too cold outside for her." Erin went to the little closet to grab another blanket for her but when she turned around, Shego was already climbing into the bed with her. Erin looked at her for a moment, confused, but put the blanket at the foot of the bed. She watched as Shego let Kim lean against her and rubbed her back, using her glow to try and warm her up more.

"That any better, Cupcake?" Shego asked, worried because she was still shivering.

"Yeah...way better. It just takes me a while to warm up, that's all." Kim moved closer to her, liking how warm Shego is and surprised by how considerate she's being. She never would have thought she'd be cuddled up to Shego for warmth, but here she was. She took Shego's other hand and without having to be asked, Shego lit it just like she had done earlier. Kim smiled and pressed Shego's hand to her cold cheek and sighed at the warmth. "Much better…" Shego felt her heart almost skip a beat and she couldn't help but smile. This girl was just too cute for her own good sometimes...

Erin watched it all play out and she wasn't sure how to process it all. Shego seemed much different compared to how she was last night. She was more protective when it came to Kim and she called her little pet names constantly. Did she finally realize how she felt towards the other girl? That was good, right? She still had feelings for her, obviously, but she knew she didn't feel the same way towards her anymore. Sara obviously had feelings for the girl and Erin wanted to be happy for her. She had to be happy for her...but something about it felt not right... She cleared her throat and stepped closer to the bed after grabbing her tools.

"You both slept through lunch so I know you must be hungry. I'm gonna start dinner in a little bit. Most of my patients are gone the same day so I haven't had company in a long time. It's be nice to cook a big dinner." She tried to force a smile but found it easier to avoid looking at either of them, something that didn't go unnoticed by Shego as she watched Erin move around Kim, checking her vitals. "I'll bring it to you when it's done, though it'll probably take a while." Kim did everything Erin asked her to do while being examined and she had a smile the whole time. "You seem to be in a good mood." She frowned some and Kim nodded, smiling more as she hadn't noticed Erin's expression.

"Yeah, Shego took me for a walk. Even though I didn't want to at the time, it really helped. It was nice and it took my mind off things…" She motioned to her face, her smile fading just slightly. Erin sighed and only nodded. Sara did tell her Kim was upset about her eye. Apparently, that walk really was good for her... Erin inspected Kim's bandages and founds that Sara had wrapped them well. They wouldn't have to be changed for at least a few more hours.

"How are you feeling, Kim? Any pain or dizziness? Nausea?" Kim thought about it for a moment and shrugged.

"Nothing hurts too much but my face hurts more than anything else." Erin stopped and looked around Kim's face, tilting her head from side to side. She applied some pressure to her cheek and that caused Kim to flinch in pain. Erin sighed but did it again to see if it would draw the same reaction, which it did, then she removed her gloves and threw them away.

"Hmm… Your left cheek is still really swollen...though to be fair, it's gone down quite a bit since I checked it this morning. I'll get you an ice pack and some pain meds." Erin started to walk away but stopped when Kim spoke up.

"No pain meds. It's not that bad and I already took the ones that Shego gave me earlier."

"Those were only antibiotics. You don't need those for at least a few more hours, but you may want the pain med now to give it time to kick in." Kim sat up and rested her head in her hand while she thought about it.

"Oh… That would explain why I felt fine before… No, I'll wait. Pain meds make me feel weird or tired, depending on what kind they are, and I hate it." Erin just nodded and put her tools away.

"Alright, just let me know right away if you change your mind or have Sara come get me. The last thing we want is for you to be in pain, right? I'm going to start dinner so just holler if you need anything." She walked out and started taking everything she needed to cook.

Shego turned on the tv for Kim and watched it with her for a few minutes until the smaller girl was nice and warm and distracted. She carefully got up but stopped when she saw Kim's questioning expression.

"I'm going to give Erin a hand with dinner and stretch my legs. I'm sure you'd like to have your bed to yourself." She chuckled and stretched her arms some. Kim was kind of bothered that Shego was leaving when she thought they were having a good time, but it wasn't like she was going to force her to stay.

"I didn't mind sharing it." She mumbled and pulled her blanket up, feeling a chill. Shego missed the mumbling but caught the shiver so she grabbed the spare blanket that was on the bed and warmed it up with her glow, taking great care not to burn it since Erin would probably try to skin her alive if she did.

"Here." She gently draped it over Kim's shoulder and saw her face flush red. That must have helped a lot because she looked super warm now. "That'll help while I'm gone, okay?" Kim nodded and leaned back, holding the blanket. It was nice and warm, but it wasn't why her face was all red. Watching Shego do something so sweet and caring like warming a blanket for her made her feel strange. It was almost like the feeling she used to get when Ron baked her something special when she was feeling down. Love… Her eyes widened as she sank deeper into the bed and gripped the blanket tight. There was no way in hell Shego would do any of this for that reason. She probably just felt bad for her, that's all.

"Thanks…" Shego noticed Kim's change in mood almost immediately but she didn't ask her what's wrong because she didn't want Kim to feel pressured to talk about everything.

"No problem, Kimmie." Kim adjusted the bed, so she was sitting up more than before and then looked at Shego.

"Hey… Later, we can um...talk about me staying with you, okay?" Shego was caught off guard by that. Was Kim considering staying with her? Not that she was complaining, far from it, but she never thought she might take her up on her offer.

"Yeah...later…" Shego walked out of the room, still thinking about it, and bumped into Erin was she was prepping the kitchen. "Son of a… Sorry about that." She opened a drawer and grabbed the vegetable peeler before she started peeling potatoes. Erin watched her, really confused by the action.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm peeling potatoes. What does it look like I'm doing?" Shego kept peeling, putting the good ones in a bowl of water. "I always help you cook when I'm here."

"Yeah, but I thought you'd be with Kim, keeping her warm." Erin couldn't help but roll her eyes as she said it, a bit of bite in her tone. Shego slammed down the peeler and turned towards her, glaring.

"Okay, what's your deal Erin? You've had such a shitty attitude since Kimmie, and I came back from our walk."

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it, Sara." Erin scowled and went to the fridge to grab something. When she turned around, she nearly jumped out of her skin when Shego was in front of her. "What the hell?! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!"

"You're going to tell me what your problem is. You were fine earlier. Did I do something to piss you off? I highly doubt us going for a walk pissed you off this much and Kim hasn't done anything."

"I told you, it's nothing. Go back to your little girlfriend and let me deal with dinner." Erin tried to wave her off but Shego grabbed her arm.

"That's it, isn't it? You're jealous... Why the hell would you be jealous? About Kim and me? There's nothing going on between us. And even if there was, you were the one who told me I probably had feelings for her. Now that I'm trying to figure out these feelings, it's pissing you off?" Erin pulled away and glared at Shego.

"You know what? Yeah, it is. The way you act with her is nothing like the way you were with me. You're nicer to her, you know?" Shego didn't expect the outburst. She started to say something but was cut off. "God, you even used your powers to take care of her. You never did any of that for me, ever. What makes her so special?"

"Erin… Look, it's not really something I can explain because I don't fully understand it myself. The way I feel about Kim and the way I felt towards you...those are two different things." Despite wanting an answer Erin didn't really want to hear one. She wanted to stay mad at her. She just pushed her aside and returned to cooking.

"You don't understand it because you don't want to. You just feel guilty about her getting her and you're misinterpreting those feelings." She stopped, glanced over her shoulder, and turned back to the food. "Just go back to her. Who knows maybe she'll give you something that I couldn't." Shego took a step back and just stared at Erin in shock.

"Erin... You. Are. Insane. Why would you push me so hard to understand how I feel towards her if it was going to make you so upset?" Erin clenched the knife in her hand tight and struggled with herself to not fling it in anger.

"Because I'm not an asshole, Sara! I care about how other people feel. I wanted to be happy for you, for moving on, but I can't. I still have feelings for you and seeing you treat her better that you treated me really fucking hurts."

"What are you going on about? That is the same way I treated you, you just never noticed how hard I was trying to make things work. You were always so busy with getting the clinic up and running that I didn't want to get mad at you for that. I cooked dinner all the time, I took care of the house, I played the part of a good girlfriend when I wasn't out working for Drakken. I'm sorry, but you need to understand that I really did try." Erin just scoffed.

"You never gave me a cute nickname and you gave her several." Shego crossed her arms and looked at Erin.

"Angel, Precious, Bunny, Sugar, Dove." Erin froze when she heard the names and felt her whole face heat up as she recognized all the names. "Any of those ringing a bell?" How had she never noticed that?... She had been fully involved in their relationship, hadn't she? She would have remembered Sara calling her any of those. "You're starting to see how crazy you were, aren't you?" Shego uncrossed her arms and rubbed her face, not wanting Erin to see any tears from her. Erin felt horrible. She'd blamed Sara for everything. She thought she didn't love her.

"Sara… I'm sor-"

"No, don't bother apologizing." Shego huffed and stomped over to the fridge to grab a beer. "All this time I felt so awful for calling off the wedding, like I was the horrible one. Turns out, you didn't even focus on us enough to see everything I was doing to try and save our relationship. You're a real piece of work, you know that?" Shego popped the beer open and walked out of the kitchen, grabbing a jacket off the coat rack and going outside. Erin could only stand there as she beat herself up mentally. How did she never notice that? She thought she loved Sara more than anything... They were going to get married for God's sake...


Erin spun around and saw Kim trying to kneel on the ground to pick up the broom that she knocked over. Erin dried her eyes and came up to the redhead, picking up the broom for her.

"Here, let me get that for you." Kim stood back up, holding her side, and took a step back while avoiding Erin's eyes.

"Thank you… Did Shego leave?" She blushed and sighed, looking down in embarrassment. "I'm sorry… I didn't mean to overhear… I just wanted something to drink..."

"No… It's fine, don't worry about it." Erin guided her over to the table and helped her sit down. "Juice, water, or milk?"

"No soda?" Erin looked over her shoulder at Kim and grabbed the bottle of cola.

"I don't normally give patients sugary drinks like this, but I guess it wouldn't hurt just this once." She poured Kim a small glass of soda, giving it to her before she poured herself a glass of wine.

"Are you...okay?" Kim didn't want to upset Erin, but she'd heard almost their whole argument and she wasn't sure how to feel, knowing that Shego apparently had feelings for her, but she didn't want to make this all about her. From what she heard, Erin and Shego were a couple, engaged even…

"I don't even know… I'm sorry if you heard any of that…" Erin took a heavy drink of her wine and tried to go back to cooking dinner.

"No, it's fine… I didn't want to interrupt you two." Kim tried not to look at her while she sipped her soda.

"So, you definitely heard us then. Great… For what it's worth, she really does care about you…" Erin frowned, shook her head, and focused on the stove. "What about you? How do you feel towards her?"

"I… I'm not sure, to be honest. It's weird… We've been fighting each other for years and it wasn't until all this that I felt any different towards her. Maybe it's just because she's been so nice…"

"Well, I've been nice too, mostly. Do you feel that way about me?" Kim thought it over and slowly shook her head.

"No... I don't."

"Hate to break it to you kid, but it sounds you like her too." Kim felt her face heat up again and she rubbed her neck, not sure what to say because she felt bad for liking her if Erin still loved her.

"I'm sorry…" Erin turned around, noticing how sad Kim looked, and sighed. She set down her glass and walked over to her, stooping down to force Kim to look at her.

"Hey… Don't apologize. You can't help the way you feel, right?"

"I guess… But don't you still love her?"

"I do, maybe not as much as I thought I did, if I'm being honest… But unfortunately, she's right. I was a really shitty girlfriend and I was too focused on myself to see how much she was doing for me, for both of us."

"I've never…"

"You've never had feelings for a woman, have you?" Kim nodded and Erin couldn't help but chuckle as she stood back up and walked back to the counter. "I'll give you a tip. Contrary to popular belief, it's no different than being attracted to a man."

"I have so many questions…"

"I think I can answer them, but I'm going to need some help with dinner, if you don't mind." She didn't need the help, but she thought it would be good for Kim to start trying to function with her 50% vision and it was a good distraction for her. Besides, Sara wouldn't try to kill her with Kim so close by, right?

Two hours went by before Shego finally came back to the house. She'd taken the jet to her home, taking a shower and grabbing some things before coming back. She was still really pissed at Erin. How could she have thought that she didn't care about her? Up until the end, she'd loved her and had done everything she could to make her happy, but it just wasn't enough for her. She had felt bad for just leaving Kim alone like that, but she needed some time to think and she really wanted shower and fresh clothes. After parking the jet behind the house, Shego trekked through the fresh snow from the nearing blizzard and kicked off her boots before going back into the house. She expected silence but from the kitchen, she could hear two different voices and she caught a whiff of food cooking. She rounded the corner leading to the kitchen and what she saw surprised her. Erin and Kim were cooking, talking, and laughing like old friends. Erin didn't seem upset and Kim seemed in good spirits as well. Shego cleared her throat as she walked into the kitchen, setting her backpack on a chair.

"You two seem to be getting along." Shego watched Erin tense up but her attention moved to Kim right after. Kim turned around quickly at the sound of Shego's voice and couldn't help but smile when she saw her.

"You're back!" Shego wanted to keep glaring at Erin, but it was hard to do when Kim was smiling at her the way she was.

"Hey, Cupcake. Having fun?" She smiled back at Kim as she checked out what they were cooking. Erin was finishing off the pork chops while Kim was mixing the mashed potatoes.

"Yeah, Erin's been teaching me how to cook a few things, or trying at least. I'm still not very good…but I made mashed potatoes!"

"I can see. I bet they taste great. I can teach you a few things as well, if you want." Shego patter her shoulder before looking at Erin. Erin was beginning to plate everything up and she started to carry it to the table when Shego took the platter of chops from her and carried it for her.

"Thank you…" Shego only nodded and helped them both set the table before they all sat down, Erin at the head of the table with Kim and Shego seated across from each other. They ate in awkward silence for the first 15 minutes until Shego spoke up.

"The potatoes are good, Princess. Good job." Kim smiled proudly and thanked her before she tried to draw her attention to the chops.

"Erin did a real good job on these chops, don't you think?" Shego wanted to stay mad but Kim's smile made it hard. Plus, she had to admit that the food was delicious, and she didn't want to seem petty.

"Yeah, it's good too…" Erin smiled a bit until she noticed that Sara wasn't looking at her. She was still upset with her...

"Thank you... It's a recipe that you taught me a few years back. I still use it."

"I thought it tasted familiar." Shego shook her head, smiling just slightly, and went back to eating. They returned to their silence again until the end of the meal neared, and Kim broke the silence.

"So, about what we were talking about earlier, I'll do it."

"Do what?" Shego was trying to remember what they'd talked about, but she could only think of the argument she'd had with Erin.

"I'll stay with you. Until I'm healed up of course, then I want to get back into crime fighting." Shego didn't expect that and she stopped eating, staring at her.

"Really? You'll stay with me?" Kim nodded and handed Erin her plate when she reached for it.

"Yeah. You're right. As much as I don't want to admit it, I'm in no condition to go back out there right now and I wouldn't be safe anywhere else." Shego smirked a bit, taking the last bite of her food.

"Please, my place is probably the safest house you'll ever live in. Even the best of the worst wouldn't dare try to break into my place, if they value their life, that is." Erin took her plate as well and Shego stood up, opening her bag and grabbing a six pack of beer from it. She stuck it in the fridge before grabbing another one of Erin's. "Relax. I brought some more, okay?" Erin just nodded and washed the dishes.

"Yeah, it's fine…" Shego sat back down and watch Kim as she sipped a cup of juice. Once glance over her shoulder told her Erin wasn't looking so, she quietly slid the bottle to Kim, giving her a smirk and a nod. Kim, not the biggest fan of beer, was hesitant but picked up the bottle and took a sip. It wasn't as bad as she'd thought. It was just more bitter than she'd preferred, but she took a few more sips before giving it back to Shego with a smile. Since she came back, she'd been looking at Shego in a different light. Shego was acting differently towards her. Not just nicer, but gentler than she ever was before. It was nice, even if it did feel weird.

Shego finished her beer and tossed out the bottle before grabbing another one and helping Erin put the leftovers away. Kim watched, happy that they weren't yelling again, and yawned, stretching and rubbing her good eye. She'd had a rough bout with pain while they were cooking so Erin made her take her pain meds. Now, she was starting to feel them and was getting more and more tired. Shego put the last of the bowls in the fridge and looked over at Kim. She saw her yawning and rubbing her eye, so she walked over and helped her stand.

"Come on, Princess. You should lie down. It's getting pretty late anyway" Shego guided her to the room and helped her into the bed. Kim turned the tv back on and slid to one side of the bed, looking back at Shego. The green-toned woman watched her for a moment and chuckled, knowing exactly what she wanted. She carefully climbed into the bed with her and wrapped an arm around Kim's shoulder, turning on the glow to warm her up. "Better?" Kim smiled and nodded, moving closer to Shego and resting her head on her shoulder.

"Much better…" Erin had given her some tips on how to flirt but she still felt weird about trying it, so she just stuck to what felt comfortable, like cuddling. She loved how warm Shego was, it was nice, and it left her feeling safe. Erin came in while they were watching tv and made sure that Kim took her meds before saying goodnight to them and hitting the lights. Kim was close to falling asleep when she felt something around her shoulders. She opened her eye and found that Shego had put her arm around her. Kim blushed and tried not to stare at her and make it obvious but Shego had looked down at her at just the right moment.

"You okay Kimmie?" Kim nodded again, rubbing her cheeks to try and hide the blush.

"Yeah…" She stopped, sighing, and sat up. She just couldn't pretend like things are normal… She would probably die of embarrassment if she said anything outright, but she couldn't pretend things were normal between them. Before she let her nerves get the best of her, Kim reached up and pulled Shego's face closer, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. Shego didn't move but stared at her with wide eyes as Kim made herself comfortable again and pulled the blanket up more to hide part of her face. "Goodnight Shego…"

"G-goodnight, Cupcake…" Shego touched her cheek where Kim had kissed her and felt herself blush. Neither of them slept much that night.

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