Final chapter: happily ever afters.

In the Dark kingdom castle throne room Prince Henry and Princess Tiana were kneeling in front of Regina and Emma who stood before them crowns in their hands held high above the heads of the kneeling Henry and Tiana as former King James cited the declaration of crowning. He was proud of his grandson who alongside his now wife was about to take his rightful place as the new King and Queen of the light and dark kingdoms.

While the current reigning Queens were stepping down from the throne to enjoy their retirement. As well as enjoy their lives and grandchildren. Both Regina and Emma had earned their freedom from having to rule the joined kingdoms as the final battle had been won. Peace reigns supreme in the Enchanted Forest.

Maleficent and Cruella were defeated and living happily in Maleficent's castle with Lily and the twins that Cruella De Vil gave birth to. The twins turned out to be dragon shifters much to Mal's delight.

Regina and Emma's two daughters were standing to the side with their cousins and rest of their family. Cordelia was holding her niece Rosalie, who was snuggled against her hip. The toddler was getting sleepy. While her younger sister Caroline was practically bouncing on the balls of her feet as she eagerly watched her older brother and sister-in-law receive their crowns. The five year old had been excitedly waiting for this day to arrive as it meant that she got to attend her first ball. Something her older siblings and cousins had all races and ranted about to her whenever they got the chance.

Once the crowns were firmly placed on top of Henry and Tiana's heads they stood up, then walked over to the two throne chairs where once his mother's used to sit when they held court and when they were first crowned after their wedding. Henry felt the weight of ruling the two kingdoms fall heavily on to his shoulders. He took one of Tiana's hands in his lacing their fingers together. He admired the contrast in their skin tones, it made him think of the natural balance of light and dark magic. Something of which both of them could wield. They truly did complete each other. Their kiss of true love on the day of their own wedding proved what he already knew in his heart to be true. It was fitting that the one with the heart of the truest believer was the true love of the one that had the heart of fate and wonder.

Regina and Emma joined their daughters and grandaughter with pride and love in their hearts and faces. Emma's heart was back to being in balance like it was before she became the dark one. The magic of the dark ones no longer residing inside her. Ever since the dark one dagger and Excalibur were once more united with only one Dark one existing now. Arthur the son of the creators of the dark one had finally fulfilled his destiny of uniting the blades bringing balance to the hearts of his parents Merlin and Nimue once more.

James declared "I give you King Henry and Queen Tiana the new rulers of the Light and Dark kingdoms. May their reign bring peace and balance to the entire Enchanted Forest." The room erupted into a loud applause and raucous whistles. The loudest of them all being his family members. James then walked over to join the entire royal family. Clapping along with them.

When the crowd had calmed down Henry and Tiana held their joined hands up ready to announce the start of the inaugural Ball. "Let the ball begin!" from their joined hands sparks of magic shot out to engulf the thrown room and the open doors that lead to the largest ball room with the colours of their crest and decorations erupted all around the he walls and ceiling. The band began to play in the ball room encouraging the attendees to dance together. Joy and laughter could be heard throughout the entire castle.

Regina and Emma danced close together their bodies were as close as humanly possible. As they swayed to the music. Bright smiles on their faces as they basked in the moment and knowledge that this is the happy ending they had hoped for all those many years ago when this all began the day the met for the first official time on Emma's seventeenth birthday. But most of all it was the happy ending that Regina had longed for when she cast the dark curse that she could happily say now that when it backfired was the best thing to ever have happened to her. In that happiness she pressed her lips to Emma's in a loving kiss that Emma eagerly returned. As the kiss deepened the bright lights of true love burst out from the two of them. It engulfed not only the Dark castle but out into the entire Enchanted Forest, then further on out to encase all the magical and non magical realms. Combining them all as one large realm. As the previously invisible magical barriers that separated all the realms from each other collapsed. Finally allowing everything and everyone in it feel love and balance within their hearts that Regina and Emma enjoyed the benefits of.

One thing that could be absolutely certain is that trust in those we love can help us find the love and happiness that all people want to find in their hearts, minds, bodies and souls. That the citizens of not only the Enchanted Forest get to live their happy endings but those of us from the other realms get to experience it as well.

Meanwhile in the archive room inside the fallen log at the far edge of the dark forest. Sitting in one of the lounges holding the book of the authors. Was none other than the sorcerer of light who had stopped reading for a brief moment. Looked at her wife the sorcerer of dark a bright smile upon her face. A look of mischief could be seen in her green eyes. " I told you that the prophesy was an excellent idea didn't I?" Said the sorcerer of light, in net most teasing tone of voice.

"Yes dear you did. What do you want a medal? I can picture it now. First ever good idea!" replied the sorcerer of dark one n her most playful though mocking tone of voice. Her own smile was wide, mischief and mirth glinting in her chocolate brown eyes. She always loved it when her wife would get like this all smug with love in her big beautiful heart. She was so proud of their descendants. They all played their parts well. Being the creators of all magic was a thankless job but a rewarding one. Especially when the predictions go as planned.

"You bet your sweet arse it was." Retorted the sorcerer of light. Right before she leant in and kissed her wife for all she was worth. When they both needed air they broke apart from the kiss. Then held each other close in a warm and loving embrace. Light and dark magic sparked and intermingled with a long held balance.

"I am glad that the prophesy we wrote turned out like we wanted. That magic is in perfect balance once more like it should be. I hated having to pretend that I hated you. Let's not fight ever again. Going a millennia without you in my arms was the hardest thing I ever had to do." Declared the sorcerer of dark placing her hand over the book that laid open on the coffee table in front of them.

"I whole heartedly agree. Here's hoping this peace in a the realms last. I don't think I can handle it if our offspring get into another feud like that one. It is far too hard on our marriage and combined magic." Returned the sorcerer of light. As she placed her own hands on the book. Their magic sparked once again making the book glow. The book closed so that the gold embossed writing on the soft leather cover of the book. It then floated of the desk to take its place on the pedestal that was waiting for it to appear. Both women were glad that the prophesy was finally fulfilled.

"I wonder what the magical adventure will be?" questioned the apprentice who had just entered the archive room with purple entering behind him. They took a seat opposite the two most powerful people in all of the entire realms combined.

"To tell you the absolute truth I have no idea. All I can say I hope that it will be good one with a happy ending." Replied the sorcerers of light and dark together at the same time. They all leant back in their seats in quiet contemplation. All four of them were now able to rest and just enjoy the company they each provided the other.

The only thing that could be heard in the room was the soft rustling of the pages of the many books that lined the shelves. A soft melody of music drifted all around them. Played by the musical instruments by themselves. The feeling that they all felt was bliss. Getting to live happily ever after.

The end.