Percy and The Seven stood in front of the Olympian Council Waiting to see what rewards they recieve for their part in the Giant War.

Zeus (Who was The King Of the Gods and The God Of The Sky and Law) cleared his throat, Annabeth Chase, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, Piper Mclean, Frank Zhang and Hazel Leveseque, due to your service in this war the council have decided to make you immortal if you accept.

Annabeth Caught Percy's Eyes and Grinned before she stepped forward I accept, Percy Stared at her in shock not even paying attention when the others agreed as well and they were turned immortal until his Father Poseidon's Voice boomed Perseus Jackson, Percy Snapped from his daze and stepped forward.

Zeus Cleared his throat again, Now Perseus we are aware you turned down the offer to be immortal last time for Annabeth Chase, but it is the belief of this Council, that after being one of the main forces to help save us against Gaia and the Giants, that we once again Offer you this choice if you want it you shall be made a god.

for the second time that day Percy Was Shocked speechless at least until a voice was heard screeching WHAT!, Percy Turned around and watched as Annabeth spoke, But Lord Zeus why does he get to be a god.

Everyone turned to her looks of shock plastered on their faces before Zeus spoke anger in his tone, Know your place girl the reason Jackson is being offered the choice is because he saved Olympus and Defeated Kronos In the Last War and now he has helped defeat Gaia and saved us again in this war. Now Jackson do you accept.

Percy Looked from the rage on Annabeths face to the Hopeful Looks on his Fathers and his friends faces before he made the choice that would forever change his life, he looked up at Zeus and said two words i accept.