The nine Immortal beings appeared in the middle of the Throne room, Zeus let of a blast from his bolt, flashes lit up the Hall as the gods appeared on their thrones.

"My fellow Olympians we have a very big problem", spoke Zeus, in two days time the Veil seperating the Mortal and Divine world's shall fall and we will be exposed to the Mortal realm".

Apollo spoke up "is there a plan on how to deal with this situation", Perseus stepped forward, "There is indeed we must inform the Mortal's of our existence before the mist fails and they are left at the Monsters mercy".

Aphrodite looked thoughtful , "No I believe it best to wait for them to attack the Mortal's".

Artemis stared at the love goddess, "are you insane Aphrodite, why would we want to do that".

"Because", Ares intervened, "we get to bash in some monster heads and then save the Mortal's, let them attack i say and when we save them it will probably go down with them better".

Perseus shook his head, "No matter how we do it, it most likely won't go over well, but no I believe we should stick to the original plan and tell them about our existence".

Athena nodded in agreement, "Hermes do you have any idea when the next big broadcast is happening".

The Messenger god nodded, "Yes actually the American President is giving a speech soon about something".

"Then that's when we will do it", said Athena, "it's less time to prepare but it's also our best shot at getting it across that they might be in danger".

Zeus shrugged, "As good a plan as we are ever going to get, Very well Perseus and I shall go down to this president's speech and inform them".

"Hermes, when exactly is this speech", Perseus asked.

Hermes took out his Cadacus, which turned into a phone, "It's in ten minutes actually, right outside the white house".

Perseus eyes widened, "Ten minutes, by the gods".

A flash of light encased Zeus and when it vanished the king of the gods stood there dressed in a traditional toga.

Perseus snorted, "I'm sorry but I'm not wearing that", a flash of light encased the newest Olympian and when it vanished, Perseus was standing their wearing a business suit.

Two flashes of light later and both Zeus and Perseus were standing on top of the white house.

"Alright let's do this", Perseus snapped his fingers and the winds picked up, Zeus snapped his and as Lightning flashed across the sky both gods jumped down right behind President Obama.

Pandamoium ensured as they landed, Zeus rolled his eyes "SILENCE", He yelled, the yelling stopped, "Good now, Mortal's, my name is Zeus I am the god of the sky and King of Olympus".

Perseus stepped up, "My name is Perseus and I am the god of storms and time". I was until recently a mortal demigod by the name of Perseus Jackson".

(Miles away every person that went to school with Percy, and was watching this had there mouths open in shock)

Someone in the crowd laughed, "The gods are fake they aren't real".

Anger flashed in Zeus's eyes as his bolt appeared in his hand, every mortal stepped back in shock as the crackling weapon seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

Zeus held it above his head a bolts of electricity flew out of it, "do you believe I am fake now", every mortal turned to Perseus, who just sighed and held out his hand a mini tornando started circling the palm of his hand.

The President stepped forward, "What do you want", Zeus stared at this mortal in astonishment, "Some respect for starters, I am a god".

"Zeus", Perseus hissed, "that's not helping", Perseus stepped forward, "Look we aren't here to harm you we are here to warn you, in two days time the Veil that has kept our world's seperated for Millennia, will fail and the Mortal world will once again be plunged into the Divine".

Obama spoke up, "why now, why is this veil failing now after all this time".

Perseus sighed, "there is a war coming, one that could possibly prove destructive to this earth", and the first thing the Enemy has done is to take down veil".

"And who is this enemy you speak of", Obama asked.

There was a flash of light and Chronos stood before them, "The Enemy is my Brother Tartarus and the other Primordial gods, the only ones that have joined Olympus to help this world are myself, Pontus, Aither and Hemera".

Obama waved his hands, "and who might I ask are you".

"I am Chronos the Primordial god of Time".

"I'm sorry President", Obama said this is a lot to take in we thought you were all myths".

Zeus sniffed disdainfully, "yes well a century after the Trojon war, we gods thought it best to seperate ourselves from the mortal world and create the mist, but we didn't expect ourselves to be fallen into the myth catagory".

Obama laughed, "well what did you expect, I suppose after awhile of non communication between the gods and Humans, the generation of that time must have thought you died, or never existed in the first place".

"Regardless of that fact, the gods have returned to help you survive this war", said Zeus.

"Help us", Obama snorted in disbelief, "This isn't our war it's yours".

"Its everyone's war now", Chronos said, "Tartarus will not be content with just destroying western civilization, which I might add is what has kept you humans from returning to the stone ages, The Olympians existence is the only thing keeping it around, if we lose and the Olympians are destroyed, it will mark the end of your technological era, but as I was saying he won't stop there he will either enslave you or kill you all".

Perseus stepped forward, "at any rate the Olympians while still powerful are not as they were thousands of years ago".

Obama looked at him confused, "what's that supposed to mean".

Zeus looked as if he'd swallowed a fly, "It means that without the sacrifices that the mortals used to give us a lot of our power has left us, "we are not as powerful as we should be, and so I ask that you once again sacrifice to us again, so that we may stop the threat to this world".

Obama looked at the king of the gods, "and what exactly does these sacrifice's entail".

Zeus looked at the leader of America, "nothing like human sacrifice of course, just a small portion of your food each meal into the fire and any catches you might get while hunting".

Obama nodded, "okay that doesn't seem extreme I'm sure we can do that, when would we need to start doing it".

Perseus stepped forward, "immediately", he said, "the war has already begun".

"Very well", Obama said, "as this has all just been showed to every human watching this across the world, "I'm sure they will realise the importance of doing so, but understand that not everyone will".

Zeus went to speak, but Perseus stopped him, "that's fine, if they don't want to we can't force them, but the fate of their lives do depend on it so we urge everyone watching this to spread the word and understand how important it is that you do this".

Just as he finished speaking, All the gods heads snapped up in surprise as a wave of power washed over them and then there was a tremendous crack, Perseus spun to Chronos, "what the hell it isn't supposed to fall yet".

A sullen look flashed over the Primordials face, "Tartarus must of caught wind of what was going on and found a way to speed up the process".

"Uh, whats wrong", Obama asked, Perseus turned to the President of the United States, it would seem that the Veil has fallen earlier then expected, you Mortals are about to see an ugly side of our world".

Obama went to speak before a scream ripped through the air, Armour flashed onto Perseus as riptide appeared in his hands, "All Mortals are to find a safe place to retreat now", a Roar echoed through the field as the Minatour smashed through the gates, Lightning came down from the Heavens as Zeus stood in full battle regalia, lightning crackling off his for, his eyes swimming with power. (Think of Thor's eyes from Ragnarok, when he taps into his true power)

Perseus snapped his fingers and a Tornado formed behind the Monster army, smashing through the there forces.

There was a flash of light and Ares appeared on the battlefield, a grin on his face as he hefted a massive sword, "COME ON", he roared, "TIME TO SMASH SOME MONSTER'S", Ares rushed in the thick of it, swinging his broadsword and demolishing six monsters in one swipe, Zeus shook his head at his son's antics, "Calm down Ares",

Yeah, Perseus grinned, "save some for the rest of us".

Ares turned back to look at Perseus, and grinned well come on Jackson or I might not.

Perseus didn't need to be told twice and jumped into the fray slicing through the hellhound that tried sneaking up behind Ares, just as Ares swung his sword slicing through a Cyclops.

Zeus frowned, Eyes glowing with power as Lightning streaked through the sky and multiple bolts struck down on the earth blasting the monsters to smithereens.

Ares looked back, "Come on", he wined, "that's not fair".

Zeus just raised his eyebrows, "Ares this is not a playground, this is a serious situation, The mortals are scared enough as it is, they don't need your bloodlusting nature to scare them even more".

Ares scowled, "well it's not my fault that they are a bunch a pussies".

Perseus snorted, "Ares your father has a point, they're only plain Mortals after all they don't have the means to protect themselves from the monsters".

Ares snorted at Perseus, "And so you believe that if they had the means then they would help fight dear cousin".

Perseus scowled at the war god, "You forget Ares that I was once a Mortal myself I know how Humans think, Yes some would run away but most would stay and fight, surely you haven't forgotten that Humans are capable of much destruction and bloodshed, hell most of your power comes from the mortals constant War".

Ares tilted his head in consent, "You make a valid point, so what we just arm as many of the as we can and teach them to fight".

"No one is asking them to do that", said Zeus, "but it would be best that that they do learn to fight".

Ares just nodded "But who will teach them".

Chronos, Zeus and Ares all stared at Perseus, "Ha don't look at me I don't have the time to teach them".

"What about the demigods then", Ares asked.

Perseus shook his head, "No we can't afford to spread our forces out to teach the Mortals, when we don't have as many demigods as would like, the last two wars did a lot of damage".

"Then how do we train them", asked Ares.

Perseus rubbed his chin in thought before he snapped his fingers, "of course the dead demigods, we could have Hades bring the best fighters from Elysium to teach the Mortals how to fight".

Zeus shook his head, "No do you know how many ancient laws that would be breaking".

Perseus frowned, "but you made the laws and as King you should be able to temporarily remove them".

Chronos coughed, "Actually it was my mother, Chaos who created that law".

Perseus groaned, "But she's not here to void the law and allow it".

Chronos smirked, "indeed but as the Current Ruler of the cosmos, Zeus can temporarily remove the law".

Zeus shook his head paling, "No thanks I would rather not have the Creator kill me".

A dark presence rolled through the area they where standing as a woman's voice spoke up, "A wise decision Zeus".

Chronos stared upwards in shock, "Mother you've awakened".

The was a flash of light and the dark, powerful presence increased tenfold as the creator appeared, "I have indeed my child, it is good to be back".

Zeus, Ares and Perseus all dropped into a bow, "you may stand".

"Might I ask what prompted you to return mother".

The Dark swirling eyes turned to chronos, "This pitiful war your brother is waging in my name, it disgusts me, I have come to stop him, if he does not do as I ask then I will have no choice but to help you in the war".

Chronos smiled, "I am sure that even my brother is not stupid enough to defy you mother".

Chaos snorted, "surely you have not forgotten that Tartarus is a particularly stubborn bastard, he has defied me plenty of times, each time he learned why it wasn't wise to do so, but this time he goes to far".

Chronos looked at Chaos confused, "how so mother".

Chaos just scowled, "if he defies me this time and goes ahead with the war, well when he loses the war he will lose his domain, I will make him fade for his defiance and treason and appoint someone to rule over the pit".

"I take it you will be leaving now to inform him".

The Creator nodded, "I will see you soon my children", and with that she flashed away.

Perseus shuddered, "Well let us hope that your brother see's sense and ends this war".

Chronos nodded in agreement, "Indeed, but something tells me it won't be that easy".

"Let us return to Olympus to await Lady Chaos".

Zeus turned to President Obama, "Once the Olympian council has convened and Lady Chaos returns and informs us if the war is still going on or not, we shall discuss how to train you to defend yourselves".

Not giving time for Obama to even nod his head, the three Olympians and Primordial flashed away back to Olympus.

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