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Starring: Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk and Tim Blake Nelson as Samuel Sterns/Leader

Extended Summary

Bruce Banner, a scientist with unmatched strength that emerges whenever he loses his temper, takes on an enemy with an IQ of 1005 and it's going to take more than brute strength to take him down, but with his sidekick dog and best friend, Kate, anything is possible. Set in an alternate universe on Earth-192322, acts as a parallel universe to the actual Incredible Hulk movie.

It wasn't that he wasn't remembering correctly, it's just that his mind was recollecting it completely out of order. But he didn't really need much of a timeline to figure out which piece went where. He knew all the basics. He remembered that fateful day when his life changed forever and just thinking about it made him feel like he was reliving that day over and over again like he was stuck in some kind of a loop. He may have been a lot of things, but deep down, he was no monster. He looked like a monster, but he was no monster. What happened that fateful day was a pure accident and something that probably would've happened to someone else but he was at least glad that it happened to him because he trusted no one but himself with this power.

May 1, 2012, five years ago, Bruce Banner volunteered as a test subject for new experimental gamma radiation that was supposed to help improve the normal human being's immune system. Their goal was not to create super soldiers as the military had firmly told them to, they wanted to reduce the possibilities of cancer. When they were so sure they had a breakthrough, Bruce volunteered himself to have the gamma tested on. His associate, Betty Ross, had turned on the machine that he was strapped to, and bombarded him with the gamma radiation. The very last thing that Bruce Banner ever saw before his eyes turned a dark green color was Betty's face behind a bulletproof glass window. After that, everything was of something that seemed right out of an illusion.

He was mostly confused, enraged over the pain that tore through his body, but the raw power of having the ability to smash the wall made him smirk a little. He smashed the wall with his right hand, which turned green somehow and broke through the bulletproof window. He smashed the rest of the way in and destroyed the gamma lab all around him, leaving everybody injured in the lab, but no one died. He ripped through the wall, destroyed a table, removed the gamma machine that doused him, and kicked a large desk right out of a window and it went flying several hundred yards into the air before it disappeared from sight. He roared in anger because his body was still in agony but he was also roaring over the brawns in his body. He felt like he was the king of the world and even though he could only see flashes across his vision, he saw one sight that horrified the life out of him.

Betty's unconscious body laying on the floor with her head right on top of her father's body. Fearing the worst, the green creature gasped and crouched down to put a hand over her head as some way to comfort her. Even after sensing that she was still alive, he looked down at the palms of his green hands and made a fist after sneering. Fury washed over Bruce and he punched a ten square foot hole in the wall and smashed his body through.

After twenty minutes of leaping three to four miles in the air, he settled into a suburban neighborhood and all his rage slowly disappeared from within him as he sat down near a tall building and laid his head back. He sighed deeply and watched as his own hands shrink to normal human hands and his green skin pigmentation slowly turn pale and fade back to a caucasian color. His heart slowed to one hundred beats per minute and the muscles on his arms caved in. He closed his eyes for three seconds and when he opened them with an exhale of breath, he found his vision cleared up and that he was sitting on the ground, shirtless, shoeless, and his purple pants with rips in the knee areas. He could only remember a small bit of what happened but once he put the pieces together of what happened, he picked himself up and walked back to the lab, keeping his left hand on his belt to keep he stretched out purple pants from falling.

Days after that incident, Bruce went to go visit Betty in the hospital while she slept. Her face was covered in cuts and bruises but the doctors reassured him that there were no fatal injuries, only superficial ones. The last thing he would ever want to do is hurt the coworker that has been his friend since Empire State University in New York. He put a hand and rubbed her silky brown hair with it, making sure to be soft and gentle and whispered that he was sorry for everything that has happened to her.

Just seconds later, a hand was put on his shoulder and he turned to see Betty's father, Thaddeus Ross in an arm sling, forcing him to leave the building before he could see Betty conscious. He made it to the doors and turned back to see several MP soldiers moving towards him and he quickly hightailed it out of there.

The next few years of his life involved him being on the run, never staying in one place for no more than a few months. Ever since he left New York, he headed East. He settled in England for three months before the military came kicking down his door, hunting him down like a dog before he escaped. On the run, he was able to deduce that Betty's father was behind the hunt that was on him, deducing that the general's intent was to weaponize whatever happened to him and use it as a weapon. Feeling the power at first hand, he knew it was far too dangerous to be used as a weapon and spent his life running to make sure that he was never found and doing everything in his power to eliminate whatever 'disease' that he was infected with.

Just when he was able to get it all under control, a bomb is dropped on his house with Betty and General Ross inside and both perished in front of his eyes.

Ever since then, instead of trying to suppress the hulk within him, he spent nine months learning to control him and even attempted at a subconscious conversation with the hulk so he could learn more about what goes on inside his mind.

His current location was in the country of Madagascar, where he was working as a freelance doctor helping whoever he could help. He was in the village in the middle of the jungle, administering vaccines to children with a small group of American doctors helping him. The four American doctors were already in Madagascar by the time Bruce arrived there and they agreed to work with Dr. 'Bannister' to help these children.

Once Bruce finished giving a small and frail boy a shot for the Measles, he puts the cap back on and speaks to the boy in his native language: "There, that wasn't so bad, was it? Now you won't get sick from the Measles, I promise." He pats the smiling boy on the shoulder before he turns to one of the American doctors that were named Kate Waynesboro. "That's another boy vaccinated."

Kate nodded in confirmation, "We're running low on vials. I'll have Wilson and Chandler bring in more." She turns away vaccinate a girl who had been waiting in line. "Once we finish up with these group of kids, we got another vaccination point to get to."

Bruce put his glasses away before answering, "I have just enough medicine for all these kids before I have to refill the bottle." He vaccinates another kid before saying something in their native language. Once they finished up with vaccinating all the kids and feeding them food and hydrating them with water, the two packed up their medicine in a cooler and took it back to their jeep and waited on the two other scientists who were finishing up with their vaccinations.

Bruce loaded the red cooler into the back of the jeep while Kate climbed into the driver's seat. He climbed in the passenger seat beside her. "Don't forget, we have another shipment of vaccines coming in. The government was generous enough to donate vaccines to us as long as we asked for no fee." The government had the vaccines, they just chose not to administer them to doctors if it cost a price. "It really upsets me that while America does have the resources to produce vaccines, they do nothing to hand them out."

"I know how that feels," Kate agreed, "Back at my old job, we had so many resources for so many things but due to strict budget cuts and whatnot, most of those resources went to waste."

"You always mention the last job you worked at but you never said what you worked as. You just keep it as a mystery."

"You always keep your past a mystery, Dr. 'Banner'," she made sure he didn't miss the smirk on her face and she made sure that she didn't miss the shocked look on his face. She started the car and shifted gears. "Everyone thought you died when General Ross and his daughter died. How'd you survive?"

Obviously, nobody knows that he has a secret life where every time he gets mad, he turns green.

"Complicated." He blocked Betty and General Ross out of his mind as much as he could. "Trust me, my life would be a bore to you. It's just dull and boring." He could hear growling in his head, indicating that he was upsetting Hulk by calling him dull and boring. Bruce mentally reassured him that it was nothing and to not be offended. "Your life is a walk in the park compared to mine."

"I took notes on your life," Kate continued, "I know that you aced in med school, worked in gamma, took three years of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, and you are a nomad. You travel from country to country."

"Call it a personal hobby." Bruce looked in the side view mirror to see the other two doctors coming up. "Here comes Wilson and Chandler, we should get going."

"You know, Bruce, you can talk to me about anything," she reassured, "I've had my fair share of secrets before so I'm a good person to talk to."

He was inwardly laughing nervously over that, doubting every word she said for a single second. "Thank you, but I prefer to be alone. I just want to help whoever I can and just try to get by."

"Well, I'm also trying to get by with this one thing that wouldn't possibly understand." Now she had piqued his interest but he refused to step down...to a degree and she already spoke before he could say anything. "My boyfriend put this one goal he has in mind first before he puts me. I was always the most second important thing to him and that is why I broke up with him. He wasn't surprised at all, he anticipated the breakup somehow. You got a girlfriend?"

He shook his head. "I'm not interested in a relationship at this point. I'm sorry about your boyfriend."

"He was a know-it-all anyway. Do you have any plans after today? Any country you plan on traveling to next?"

He always premeditated what country he would travel to next and his next country in mind would be to South Africa. He really was a nomad, traveling from country to country for the purpose of just staying one step ahead because there is somebody out there hunting him. Somebody in a location unknown to him was hunting him down because he was the Hulk and whoever it was, was not the military or the government. He was constantly on the move, leaving nothing behind but the one thing that he always took along with him whenever he left was his pet dog, Ricky, whom he saved when the poor dog was trapped in a garbage truck about to be crushed to death in Brazil. Aside from that, he is a true loner and he doesn't even go by his last name.

After the sunset, Bruce raced back home because he was having this feeling that something bad was going to happen and his instincts were usually never wrong. Never, ever, wrong.

He charged through the front door of his apartment and quickly went over to his backpack where his computer was. His pet dog was hungry and he quickly fed him while he talks to him, "Ricky, we might someone trailing us so we have to be ready for anything." He sets his computer down on a table and turns on these homemade jammers on his cellphone that he made. Basically, if he uses his computer while the jammer on his phone was turned on, then no one can track him from the outside as any kind of technology with a Level 4 and up system would be disabled and these people hunting him were extremely intelligent and packed with advanced tech.

He switched to a secure and encrypted browser before he searched the web on his computer for his current location. He hacked into TV cameras at all the airports to see if he could spot somebody that looked shady. He was looking for caucasian individuals because he knew the people that were after him were not native to the continent of Africa.

There were several airplanes from the United States coming in and he plugged in a flash drive with custom made drives and he searched through the backgrounds of every single individual that came off that plane, including the staff members. Not a single individual fit any known profile on his case but he knew that there was something up with this one man who pulled over to the side and checked his phone. When Bruce paused the footage, he zoomed the camera in to see static on the man's screen. Such a small device the homemade jammers were but they were long-ranged and powerful enough to disable a person with a Level 4 system phone at the international airport two miles away.

"He might be trouble," he says quietly to Ricky, "Thing is, he is not added to my profile list of suspects. Maybe he's just rich." But nothing could be overlooked. "Then again, those shady guys in glasses that were chasing me since Germany were also rich so I can't overlook a single detail."

He pulled up the image of the man with the phone and pulled out an image on his computer on a man in black sunglasses that were after him. He placed the two images on the screen and compared them. The man had the same jawline, tanned skin, and oval-shaped head. The only difference was his eyes were obscured by black sunglasses. That was still enough justification to get him ready to pack up and leave. He pushes the computer screen down but leaves it slightly open and he looks over at Ricky with a deep sigh, "Looks like we're packing our bags again."

Hulk, who was currently talking to Burce in his mind, was telling Banner that he was being a coward for running and from there, Bruce was talking to Bruce while Hulk talked back in his mind. Of course, if anyone was listening in, then it would look like Bruce was talking aloud to his imaginary friend.

"Hulk, you just don't understand. I can't risk you being release, not yet at least. If I hulk-out, then it could be the end for both of us." He opened up his computer all the way and searches up places for him to go next.

Bruce Banner a coward.

"I am not a coward, Hulk." He searched for the next flights to the country of Australia. There was one plane taking off for Australia in seven hours at eight pm. "Just because I'm choosing not to fight does not make me a coward."


"Stop behaving like a five-year-old!" Bruce scolded before he quickly closed up the computer and stuffed it in his green bag. Ricky, being a well-trained and intelligent dog, moved over to his empty food bowl, picked it up and brought it to Bruce, who packed it in his bag. "Good boy, Ricky."

Hulk wants to fight.

"I don't want to fight."

Baby arms. They have baby arms, Hulk beat them.

"It's not about winning or losing, it's about principle."


"Yes, principle." He moves over to the kitchen area and packs up food that he is going to take with him along the way. Once he got out his leather suitcase, he folded up the clothes that he was able to carry and then the rest, he made a small and contained the fire in a makeshift fireplace and he burned everything that he left DNA on. He may have been a genius scientist and one of the smartest people in the world (having seven ), the earliest science class that he placed out of in high school was forensics and he knew that if he left even a strand of hair behind, these super-smart people after him would be able to study the 'uniqueness' of his blood. He disposed of the bedsheets, clothing that he wasn't going to take with him, and all the food that he didn't have the stomach to finish. he felt like Dexter as he cleaned up after himself, making sure he leaves no DNA evidence behind.

Still coward.

London, England

In a lab, sat a man in a leather brown hair tapping his green finger on the arm. He rubs the sweat off his forehead and shouts out in the distance behind him, "Gargoyle, get in here!" He rests his chin in the palm of his hand as he talks to himself and looks at the screen in front of him. "I can't believe that it all worked out perfectly. I never doubted myself. If I only had this intelligence back in high school, I would be attending seven different colleges all at once. I would've made it to ESU."

The door behind him opened and a man of average height in a pair of blue overalls with gray skin and an elongated skull came walking into the room with his fists clenched. "What would the great Leader want today, Mr. Sterns?" a voice with a Russian accent asked.

Samuel Sterns turned his elongated green head in Gargoyle's direction and ground his teeth at him. "Don't call me Sterns, only Leader." He turned all the way to face Gargoyle. "Just like I predicted, Banner is in Madagascar. How would I know this?" He grabs the computer in front of him and shows him live screen footage of static, the same static from the sunglasses man's phone in Madagascar. "Banner is using a homemade jammer on Level 4 systems and the phone that Igor is using has a Level 4 Data System.

"Maybe it was a coincidence," Gargoyle suggested, not wanting to buy that his 'Leader' was right once again and it was starting to piss him off. They both had high IQs but Leader somehow knew so much more than him. Must've been that gamma radiation that transformed him into that green-skinned, big cranium head monster that he is while he transformed due to radiation from a missile site in Russia. "I mean, maybe it was an American government there, or perhaps the CIA."

"Shut it you miserable troll," Leader scolded. "The CIA has no reason to set up a jammer for random passengers with Level 4 Data Systems. Based on the intensity of the static, the jammer that is setting this phone off is two miles away and I just searched, based on my knowledge in geography, that there are three different apartment buildings just south and southwest of the international airport in Madagascar." He gets up from his seat as he makes his point, "If my calculations are correct, then that means Banner would've already have seen that Igor has been caught and will be trying to get the hell out of dodge." He turns back to his computer and opens up a new file. "We need to act fast. Igor, being the competent assassin that he is, will either succeed or fail and I already have a recipe on how to capture Banner alive."

Gargoyle rolled his eyes, "Oh goodie, another plan. What has your almost precognition told you about, Leader?" he asks with a deep tone of sarcasm.

Leader ignored him and he closed his eyes to work out all possible outcomes of his plan. So far, there was Igor and four other agents in Madagascar and Banner was somewhere in a short distance. He was well aware of the fact that American scientists were vaccinating children and there was no doubt that Banner was one of them due to his moral code in helping people. He predicted three outcomes and the percentages of these outcomes. "Banner would not book a flight, he would find another means of transportation. If he did buy a ticket, then it's a ruse to try and throw us off of his scent. He made it five years without getting captured using ruses and red herrings."

"He's that smart," Gargoyle praised the scientist.

He rubbed the side of his temples to relax, "If he is trying to find a boat, then the nearest harbor from the airport is right in the crosshairs of an ongoing civil war. If Banner is trying to escape via harbor, we can capture him there and from what I predicted," he said to Gargoyle but didn't bother regarding him or even opening his eyes, "There are three outcomes. The first outcome: Banner gets caught in the crosshairs of the battle and the assassins capture him. Percentage of this happening: Twenty-five percent. The second outcome: Banner escapes both our agents and the rebels and does all this without hulking out. Percentage of this happening: Twenty-five percent."

"And the last outcome?"

"Banner gets caught in the crosshairs of the rebels and our agents and he hulks-out. Percentage of this happening: Fifty." He finally turns and regards Gargoyle with disdain, "If anything happens to this operation, it will be all your fault you miserable troll."

"What?!" Gargoyle was shocked and offended. "Why me? I didn't do anything?"

Leader pointed a finger at the large-headed dwarf and barked, "You were the one who suggested Igor and those others work for us. If anything happens then it is because you chose the most incompetent agents."

"You just said-"

"Shut it!"

Gargoyle covered his face with his hands, fearful that his 'Leader' would lunge and attack him and he flinched when Leader smashed down on the table out of anger. "Banner does not deserve the power which he wields, I should've been the one volunteering for that gamma testing. That power belongs to nobody but me!" He turns back to his right-hand man and snaps off more orders, "Gargoyle, tell Igor and his men to arm their weapons up with Etorphine and to use it on Banner before and if he becomes the Hulk. Get a Hulkbuster Robot prepped and fully loaded as well. Make sure it is switched the stealth mode, I want Banner alive at all costs."

Gargoyle runs off to the back of the lab to unleash a Hulkbuster Android from its cell. He types in a code and its arms up.

Leader turns back to the screen and makes a fist and ground his teeth again before whispering to himself, "Soon, that power will be all mine."

Hello again, The Alpha Gray Wolf is back. Yes, this is the first prequel to Homecoming and Lethal Protector, takes place in May of 2017. The second prequel will probably be uploaded either before this year is over or next year. I tried my best to be original with this concept and use a material that has never been used before. If you like it, then favorite it, leave a review, and constructive criticism is always acceptible. Thank you and I hope you enjoy it.