Chapter 1

'STOP they screamed lowering the voice trembled ' i will tell you anything and everything you want to know.' as the investigator came forward he made a fatal mistake. He understand mate the shrivelled shell of a child that sat before him as he got closer he realised his mistake as the child gave an unusual smile as they slammed their knee into the instigators face ripped their arms from the duct tape that tied them down as their arms of the chair ripped up with child with a terrifying unforgiving smile. The interrogator had unearthed nova.

Nova grabbed the interrogator lifeless body and shoved him up against the metal door that had a small glass slit for outsiders to see in but for nova to see out unlocked they door seeing the place they had lived for the past 3 months of their life but had never been able to see they had imagined a corridor filled with people bustling around but really it was bleak dark and depressing they shoved the interrogator back into the integration room they grabbed there hair in awe with what they had done they walked down the corridor like a zombie nova looked down at their hands covered in dark red blood and whipped her wrist were the number 636865727562 was tattooed it was the only thing that was really novas but they had no clue what it meant.

Nova walked past the room in which they had been forced to call home nova sat down and remembered the living hell in which they had been insared in these memories had been forced into novas brain these were like scars they would never fade the terrible bag which they would put novas head in and take them to the interrogation room every day without fault how they malnourished nova. Nova jumped and ran past the receptionist and the guard and ran out to the street they didn't dare look behind it was too stupid it would waist time