Chapter 11-Dash Gets The Blues

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Lucius was coming upstairs to see Dash when he heard crying from his room. When he opened the door he saw Dash crying with his hands on his face while Bob was patting his back.

"What's wrong Dash?"

"He has a case of the blues."

"The blues huh?"

"Mhm." Dash said in tears.

"I don't know what's wrong with him. But you know him better."

"Don't worry Bob i'll take care of him."

"Thanks Lucius. You a real one. I'm gonna check up on Violet."

"Is she okay?"

"Yeah. She pulled her back out in fighting crime."

"Ouch. Tell her I said feel better."

"Will do." Bob said and left the room.

"Hey Speedo. What's the matter?" Lucius said and sat on the bed with Dash.

"I'm fine Lucius." Dash said and sniffled.

"No your not. You got a case of the blues and I know it." Lucius said as Dash looked up at him. "Do you want to tell me?"

"It's a secret. Only Violet knows."

"Do you want me to get her?"


"Okay." Lucius got up and went into Violet's room.

"Hey Vi." Lucius said coming in.

"Hey Lucius." Violet said and pushed herself up and hissed in pain.

"How's your back?"


"Well feel better."


"Do you know why Dash is crying?"

She sighed and said "Yep."

"What happened?"

"Well it started after school at Dash's school. I was picking him up with our bikes."

Flashback Transition

The bell just rung for the school day is over and Dash was happy when he saw Violet with their bikes and in his basket he saw a present in there.

"Violet!" Dash said and hugged her.

"Dash!" Violet said and hugged him back.

"What's the present for?"

"It's for you."



"Oh look. A present for me." A boy said.

"No. Sam. It's not for you." Dash said and rolled his eyes.

"Obviously it's a gift for me." Sam said.

"Who's that's boy?"

"Samuel Galbaki. The richest boy in the fifth grade. No. The richest boy in the school. No the richest boy in elementary."

"He doesn't have a sister name Brittany right?"

"Brittany Galbaki."

"Huh. Rich sister rich brother. Spoiled at its finest." Violet said as Dash snickered. "Why don't you open your gift?"

"Thanks Vi!" When he opened his gift it was a brand new Nintendo Switch.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank You Violet Parr! I love you." Dash said and hugged her again.

"You are very welcome. And I love you too Dash."

"Yeah. Yeah. But give me my gift." Sam said.

"No. It's not your." Dash said.

"Give it to me Parr. And we won't have a problem."

"Listen here little boy. You didn't pay for it. He's not your father. We can both go home and won't have a problem." Violet said.

"Oh really? I guess you don't want to meet my sister."

"Oh I would." Sam whistled loudly and a limo came from the street. And out from the limo was Brittany Galbaki.

"You called little brother?"

"Yeah. The Parrs are bothering me."

"Ugh! Violet! What are you doing here?"

"Obviously defending my brother. Unlike you spoiling your brother."


"Oh shut up!" Dash yelled out. "Your nothing but a prick Sam!"

"Oh i'm a prick!?" He took the switch out of Dash's hand and threw it to the street only for a car to hit it.

"Way to go little brother." Brittany said as she and Sam left into the limo."

"Dash are you okay?" Violet said as Dash started crying. "I'm so sorry."

"It's not you. It's the Galbakis. They are brats."

"Let's just go home." Violet said as she and Dash rode home on their bikes.

Flashback Transition

"And that's what happened. He's been crying nonstop ever since." Violet said and sighed.

"Oh wow. Yep. Those Galbakis are brats."

"Well how do I make him feel better?"

"In my opinion I think that you could get him a new switch. And to make him really happy take him out for ice cream."

"That's a good idea. Thanks Vi." Lucius said and hugged her.

"You are very welcome." Violet said and hugged him back as Lucius left her room to see Dash.

"Hey, Speedo." Lucius said.

"Hey, Uncle Lucius." Dash said.

"Hey, listen, Dash, Violet told me what happened. I know you feel bad about that Nintendo Switch. But, how about we go out for ice cream? Would that help you feel better?" Lucius asked.

Dash perked up a bit at hearing that, "Okay, it might just!" he said, smiling again.

Later, at an ice cream shop, Dash had a mint chocolate chip cone while Lucius had cookies and cream.

"Hey, you know what, I feel a lot better!" Dash said.

"Well, that's a good thing! But, I know something that might make you feel even better." Lucius said.

"What's that?" Dash asked.

Lucius took Dash to a nearby GameStop, and in order to surprise him, told him to check out some Pokemon and Animal Crossing stuff while he took care of something.

A few minutes later, while Dash was examining a figure of a Villager, Lucius called, "Hey, Dash, time to go!"

"Okay." Dash said before he followed him to the car.

"All right, Dash. Prepare yourself for a SURPRISE!" Lucius said as he showed him a brand new yellow Nintendo Switch. Dash just about jumped out of his seat.

"Woah! You rock, Uncle Lucius! You're totally cool! No pun intended." Dash said as he took the Switch and high-fived Lucius.

"Hey, that's just how I roll." Lucius said.

When they got home Violet was on the couch with Bob when the door opened.

"Hey. How are feeling now Dash?" Bob said.

"Better! Thanks to Lucius!" Dash says with a smile.

"Well he is the best." Violet says.

"By the way. Violet how did you pull your back out?"

"That's a story for another time."

"Okay. How are you going to be treated?"

"Dad's taking me to see Doctor Peters tomorrow. Just in case I didn't break anything."

"Alright. Just looking out for you."

"I'm okay. Really. Ow." Violet said in pain.

Dash hugged Lucius and said "Thanks for today Lucius. You are incredible."

"Well maybe I should change my name to Lucius Incredible." Violet, Dash, and Bob looked at him weird before they all started laughing.

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