Chapter 1-The Shivers

It was a cold and windy autumn day and Lucius was playing with Jack-Jack until Violet and Dash came home shivering with red noses and faces.

"Hey. You don't two looks so good." Lucius said as he got up and put Jack-Jack in his playpen.

"Were Just c-cold Uncle L-Lucius." Violet said shivering.

"This is a case of the shivers."

"The s-shivers?" Dash says shivering. "What are they?"

"The shivers are something that happens when you get really cold. Trust me I 've got them a lot."

"W-well? H-how do you get rid of t-them?" Violet says.

"Well first off. Get into some warm clothes like your pajamas."

Violet and Dash were in their pajamas and still shivering when Lucius says "Next. You need some blankets to keep you warm." He wraps the two with some warm soft blankets.

"The last thing I do is drink something warm. Something like hot apple cider."

Then got them some hot apple cider. When they drunk some cider, they felt more warmed. Their face and noses turned back to normal and they stopped shivering and smiled.

"Well, how do you two feel?"

"We feel so much better!" Violet says.

"Thanks, Uncle Lucius!" Dash says.

"Glad I could help. And try to stay warm the next time you go out."

Violet and Dash looked at each other, smiled and said "Okay!"