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Willowfeather looked around anxiously. The clan was doing awfully- ShadowClan had attacked at the beginning of Leaf-Fall, and killed many of the warriors, followed by a terrible attack by a badger that had taken Brightcloud, one of their finest warriors and Willowfeather's only littermate, as well as Littlepaw, Brightcloud's young apprentice. They had been hunting together when a badger had decided to stroll in and by the time Brightcloud and Littlepaw were finally heard and found, it was far too late. They had lost three warriors to ShadowClan, Brightcloud and Littlepaw to the badger and finally, a bout of greencough took two apprentices and an elder.

They had seven warriors left, and there were two queens. Wildwind would be back to hunting in three moons, while Dawnflower, a terrible injury to her front leg meant she would stay in the nursery for the rest of her life unless she wanted to retire to the Elders' den. Dawnflower had never liked fighting and hadn't participated in the fight with ShadowClan, instead helping protect the weaker cats. Dawnflower wasn't a great fighter, but she had been a great hunter and was so calm and controlled she was usually chosen to be the leader of Border Patrols- until Sweetpaw, her apprentice, had nearly rolled off a cliff and to save her, Dawnflower had slipped and thorns had cut into her leg. Sweetpaw had been saved, but Dawnflower was never quite the same. Eventually, she had had kits and made the tough decision to stay in the nursery. Sweetpaw had become Willowfeather's apprentice.

"Gather, warriors, and receive your duties!" Goldberry, the beautiful deputy of the clan, yowled, and immediately, warriors began to gather around the she-cat. It was early morning, a good time for both hunting and border patrol, though since it was so cold, they never caught enough food.

"Snowcloud," Goldberry said, giving her mate a loving look. "I want you to lead a Hunting patrol. Let's see… we want one more hunting party and we need the Morning Border Patrol so I'm afraid we can only spare Darkshadow and Graypaw. Sunheart, Kestrelwing needs help gathering herbs because it's so cold, we could easily get sick, and Dawnflower isn't providing enough milk for her three kits, either. Kestrelwing needs protection because if the badger comes back, since Spottedpaw was a warrior apprentice first, she will probably be of some help but they need warrior protection. Mousetail and Dustfoot, you are going to come with me and Shadestar on border patrol, leaving Ambereye, Willowfeather and Sweetpaw to make up the final hunting party. Snowcloud, you need to go to the Human Home and Ambereye… try near the WindClan border. Not only can you keep an eye on the border with them until we arrive, there should be some rabbits down there… I hope." Goldberry looked uncertain for a moment.

"Are you sure, Goldberry?" Mousetail asked, eyes clouded with worry. "That leaves no warriors in the camp. No one in the camp apart from the queens. ShadowClan could come in and steal herbs, a fox could steal our fresh-kill, there are countless disasters."

Goldberry suddenly looked worried. "Well," She said uncertainly. "There are herbs near the Human Home, isn't there, Kestrelwing? Well, why doesn't Sunheart stay behind and Kestrelwing goes with Snowcloud's patrol? I'm sorry, Sunheart, I promise you'll get out of the camp today. How about once Ambereye's patrol comes back, Ambereye can take your place and you can go training with Willowfeather and Sweetpaw, stretch your paws a little. If you're okay with it, you'll be on the Night Territory Patrol as well. That way, you'll get out and about on our territory as much as anyone."

Sunheart nodded, face taut with worry. Willowfeather knew that her mate was worried he wouldn't be able to protect Kestrelwing's precious herbs and the queens. She headed over to him and brushed her pelt with his.

"You're a great warrior, Sunheart," She said encouragingly. "You'll be okay. Besides, we'll be back soon. I'll try to bring back something for us to eat together. Of course, the queens will have to eat first, but really, I will try."

Sunheart brightened and rubbed his head against his mate's jawline. "Good luck, Willowfeather," He said softly.

Unfortunately, hunting was not very good. Ambereye and Sweetpaw together had chased down a scrawny rabbit right at the edge of ThunderClan territory, a few metres into the moor. The ThunderClan territory was mostly forest, but there was a slight stretch of moor. Willowfeather had volunteered to try the edge of the forest, while Ambereye and Sweetpaw tried to the small edge of the moor. So far, the only catch was the rabbit- none of them had even caught a whiff of other prey.

Finally, Willowfeather spotted a thrush in the trees. She had never been talented at tree hunting, but she couldn't alert Ambereye without alerting the bird, and the clan just couldn't afford Willowfeather passing on a piece of prey. A thrush, no matter how scrawny and thin, could be what stopped a whole clan from starving to death. Hunger crawled at her belly as she looked at the thrush. She had completely passed on the little food available the day before, because she had felt the stronger cats, such as herself, needed to starve to keep others from starving, such as the queens, who had to eat to produce milk for their kits, and Darkshadow, who had received an injury as an apprentice and lost energy quite quickly.

At just the right moment, she leaped and snagged a claw into a branch and immediately jumped to the thrush. The brought it down but couldn't keep it.

"Mouse-dung!" She cursed herself, before leaping once more while the bird was still struggling and finally managed to bite down. It wasn't a clean catch, but it was still a catch. Still food.

Eventually, she hunted down a blackbird, delicious looking and rather well-sized, unlike the thrush, and carried the birds to Ambereye and Sweetpaw, who was staring gloomily at their dismal catch.

They brightened at the sight of the fat, juicy blackbird and slightly more disappointing thrush.

"That rabbit will feed Kestrelwing, Spottedpaw and the queens. The kits too, now that I think about it, Finchkit eats meat, now, doesn't he." Ambereye babbled excitedly. Spottedpaw was the medicine cat apprentice.

Shadestar was already back without the rest of the patrol- she had gotten too worried about the camp and turned back. Shadestar granted Willowfeather permission to take slightly more than usual (for Leaf-bare) to share with Sunheart, considering her weighty catch.

Still, Willowfeather knew her duties and took the blackbird to the nursery before tearing the wings off the thrush and taking them carefully. Neither Sunheart or herself had ever liked the bony, feathery wings, but she wanted to allow more hardworking warriors to take the nicer parts of the thrush. Afterall, all she would do that day was train Sweetpaw, later. One patrol and a bit of training simply wasn't enough work, in her opinion, since the clan was struggling so much. Every cat needed to pull their weight, and Willowfeather felt she wasn't doing enough.

She put one bloody wing down in front of Sunheart and kept the more feathered wing for herself. She sidled up to Sunheart and he moved away sadly.

They had only been mates since the start of Leaf-bare, but they were young. Willowfeather had had an affair with Stoneshade, a tom who had died fighting ShadowClan when they were apprentices and the first few days of being warriors before he had died. Willowfeather had only been a warrior for a season, Leaf-fall and the beginning of Leaf-bare, but she had never considered loving toms to be a crime, but perhaps it was.

"What is it, Sunheart?" Willowfeather asked, reaching her nose towards his pelt, but he stood up abruptly.

"Why are you even doing this to me?" He cried, voice wild and angry but eyes glittering with misery. "You never loved me! I'm second best to Stoneshade and you only became mates with me because you wanted someone to be with! Stoneshade visited me today, and he said he was glad I was mates with you because you didn't seem to miss him! So clearly, you like me for how useful I am, not who I am! I'm not even that useful! Goldberry knows, that's why she didn't send me on patrol, because I won't be any use on them!" His voice was wracked with sobs.

Willowfeather hadn't realized he was so upset with her loving Stoneshade first. She absolutely was devoted to Sunheart, and would never have used such a sweet, loyal cat as a tool. It was cruel to deceive any cat, but especially to lie to such an honest, trustworthy one.

"That's not true," Willowfeather choked. She was filled with anger to Sunheart for being so silly, absolute fury at Stoneshade for being so tactless, sadness that Sunheart didn't like her and a range of other emotions. "Don't be so silly, I would never do that." Despite always trying to be fair and kind, Willowfeather had always noticed how Darkshadow was always trying to get Sunheart's attention and now, images of the two being together filled her mind.

"Don't lie to me!" Sunheart yowled miserably. "You know, Darkshadow actually likes me, not just how useful I can be!" With that, he turned tail and stormed off.

With a whoosh, all feeling, every emotion and sense was sucked out of Willowfeather. She felt no pain, no anger, no anything. She just felt empty, and her mind failed her.

Willowfeather, wheezing and in shock, stumbled back to her nest, returning the thrush wings on the way. She couldn't believe Sunheart had said all those horrible things to her.

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