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Willowfeather took a secret look at Cloud, hoping she would recognize her from somewhere.

"Don't you… feel like you've seen Cloud and Dapple before?" Willowfeather asked to Redpaw- after all, the stranger had tried to kill him.

"Not Cloud," Redpaw replied, flicking his ears. "But Dapple, he… he tried to…"

He gave her a terrified glance, as if it was illegal to say what Dapple did aloud.

"I thought they looked familiar," Willowfeather whispered, but she didn't push the topic any further. I don't want to risk the lives of anyone else anymore, she thought. But at least now I know Dapple is most likely in league with the traitors.

The Traitors. That had a nice ring to it and fit the group of cats well. A perfect name for a less than perfect group of cats, Willowfeather scowled. Well, I might as well go and talk to Cloud. She clearly doesn't want the kits.

"Hello, Cloud," Willowfeather said nervously. "Sorry I ran off- I just remembered I needed to do something."

"It's fine," Cloud said cheerily, but darkness still smouldered in her eyes- she was clearly hiding something.

"Why are you so upset?" Willowfeather asked carefully- she needed to play her cards right. "Don't you want kits?"

"When I was younger, I used to love kits," Cloud said just as carefully, as if making sure she didn't reveal too much. "I still like them but I don't want this litter. It's my second litter, you see, and my first litter didn't do too well."

"What happened to them?" Willowfeather asked gently, suddenly forgetting her whole mission in her sympathy.

"I had two kits," Cloud whispered. "I loved them so much but they were born in leaf-bare. One froze to death only a moon after birth. My other kit died of starvation a moon after that. Well, uh, bye."

Willowfeather blinked in surprise. She's being forced to do something, she thought. As Cloud had nervously gone into the nursery with Dapple, Willowfeather hid herself behind the nursery.

A while later, she was certain Cloud wasn't doing anything of interest. Such a waste of time, she thought as she heard the nursery queen bullying Frostkit and Dapplekit while Sweetbreeze bullied Cloud for bullying the kits. Whoa, such word play.

Willowfeather contemplated the length of the sentence while she listened carefully.

"Frostkit, where I come from, kits as weak as you would be thrown out in the trash," Cloud bullied. What's trash, Willowfeather thought as she listened. No wonder Waterwish didn't want the kits go to Cloud.

"Stop teasing Frostkit!" Dapplekit protested. Good on you, Willowfeather thought. That kind of attitude against injustice is what will get you the respect of your clanmates.

"Why not? StarClan willing, you two will become my kits sometime," Cloud purred, her voice hideously sweet and threatening at the same time.

"StarClan willing? More like Dark Forest willing!" Frostkit piped up bravely.

"Kits! Out!" Cloud said sharply. "You too, Sweetbreeze! Let me talk to Dapple, please!"

Willowfeather stiffened, her ears pricked.

She heard the sounds of the kits and Sweetbreeze stumbling out of the den. When she peeked around, she noticed the queen was heading toward the fresh-kill pile, but where were the kits? Willowfeather ducked back only to find that Frostkit and Dapplekit had taken her place.

"Frostkit, Dapplekit! What are you doing?" Willowfeather hissed, so that no one would hear apart from the kits. "You aren't listening in on Cloud and Dapple, are you?"

"Why not?" Dapplekit asked peevishly. "Cloud is ignorant and weird and Dapple is a mouse-brain who shares my name."

"Respect your elders," Willowfeather scolded while silently agreeing with the young cat. The she-kit did make a pretty good point. "Or else I will talk to Sweetbreeze and Shadestar about this and I might be able to delay your apprentice ceremony!"

"Sorry!" Frostkit and Dapplekit spouted out at the same time. "We're both sorry! Stop copying me!"

"Both of you, be quiet. We'll listen in together," Willowfeather said, deciding that she would become a bad influence sometime so now was a pretty good time to start.

"Whoa, you're the best warrior ever!" Frostkit said, wide-eyed-

"Cloud! You nearly got us caught!" Dapple's voice flew out of the nursery, barely loud enough for them to hear through the thick walls of the nursery.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Cloud gasped. "I accidentally hinted to Willowfeather that I'm part of the breeding program!"

"You better have strong kits," Dapple said darkly. "Breeding program she-cats are in the program because you aren't good for anything else, but your kits have some potential sometimes. Rarely. But we need to raise our numbers if we hope to raise our numbers-"

Suddenly, Willowfeather noticed there was a huge hole at the bottom of the nursery wall. It was pretty easy to see the kits' big eyes and her paws.


She was pretty sure Dapple had paused because he had just spotted the hole too.

Her warrior experience kicking in, she picked up the kits in her jaws expertly and ran back into the middle of the camp, dropping the kits under the protection of Sweetbreeze's watchful eye and darted into the warrior den.

Act casual, Willowfeather screamed to herself, as Dapple came in.

"Willowfeather, why were you listening in on us?"

"Listening in on what?" Willowfeather cocked her head innocently.

"Don't even try to lie. We saw your paws," Dapple growled. "And now we have to kill you to keep our secrets."

"One, you were yelling, not even trying to keep it a secret. Two, you are in my clan, easily outnumbered, so I'd like to see you try to kill me. Three, the nursery is close to the dirtplace exit. I was on my way there when I heard you two," Willowfeather lied.

Dapple suddenly looked ashamed of himself.


"You betrayed The Traitors. I suppose the seed doesn't fall far from the tree."

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