"Listen kid, you will have to kill me." Okami said to the young demon slayer.

"What are you saying?" Tanjiro replied in a confusing tone.

"The demon inside me is eating me slowly, I don't know if I can still hold it or not" Okami said in calm tone.

"I cannot do that Okami-san! you are not one of those demons!" Tanjiro said, about to cry.

"Listen! I am much worse than those demons out there. If you don't kill me, I will become more worse than the demons that you ever encountered." Okami said.

"And besides, you are the only person capable of killing me, kid." Okami said.

"Promise me, kid" Okami said.

"I will…Okami-san" Tanjiro now crying, replied.

"Don't cry kid, I am just a man who just wanted to end his misery. No need to waste your tears." Okami said patting the Tanjiro's head.

"But still..Okami-san I don't want to end things this way." Tanjiro said.

"I'm sorry kid, this is the only way."

Fires are spreading and slowly eating the trees in a big forest. A big gray wolf with a burning left arm, attacking every demon slayer that it sees in its path. Zenitsu and the other demon slayers are trying holding the wolf back but it was too strong to handle.

"Damn it, it's so strong" Zenitsu said while panting.

"Stand back, Zenitsu" Tanjiro said.

"Tanjiro.." Zenitsu said in awe.

"This battle is something I would finish on my own" Tanjiro said in a determined tone.

'Okami-san…' Tanjiro said in sad tone while preparing.

The huge wolf growled at him and about to prepare to attack Tanjiro.

"Watch out, Tanjiro!" Zenitsu warned as the wolf attacks.

The wolf pounced at Tanjiro, but he successfully deflected the wolf's advances.

The battle consisted of both Tanjiro and the wolf wound each other in every exchange of hits. Until the wolf became tired of attacking.

Tanjiro remembered the last moments he saw Okami-san.

'I entrust you my sword kid' Okami gave the Mortal Blade.

'Why?' Tanjiro asked.

'I feel reassured If you were the one to keep the sword, I think you are worthy of taking this sword. You are a good person after all' Okami said.

'Take it kid.' Okami said.

'Okami-san..' Tanjiro thought.

The wolf prepares to attack the wolf once again. Tanjiro sheathes his ancestral nichirin sword and grabs the mortal blade.

"Dance of the Fire God: Waltz!" As the wolf about to hit him, Tanjiro releases a burning slash to the attacking wolf. The wolf was slashed on its torso and fell on the ground.

"Tanjiro…..." The wolf muttered.

"Thank you…."

The wolf faded into ashes, as Tanjiro sheathes the mortal blade back in its scabbard.

"Okami-san…" Tanjiro fell down to his knees and fell unconscious.