When Reade opened his eyes and realized that he was out of the house, as had been happening frequently in the months of escape. He missed waking up in his apartment, in his bed, he missed the NY mornings where he went for a run and came back with his breakfast to get ready for work. But this morning he had an air of special. He turned to the side where there was a female figure perfectly wrapped in the sheets and dressed in his shirt, her brown hair spread across the bed and what could be seen on her face was peace and serenity, that was what he also felt, his heart was filled with love for her. The night was perfect, the way they loved each other and gave themselves to each other can translate all the feeling and desire that they had kept for so long. Tasha had a passion and a sweetness in her eyes that were accentuated when they made love, not that they had done it many times, just two nights, that's what they had until today, and when they loved each other Reade liked to look in her eyes, that excited you even more, and brought the certainty that she was really the woman he loved and wanted to spend all his days with.

Tasha woke up and wanted to smile when she realized Reade was looking at her. He must have been awake for some time watching her sleep. Reade also smiled with his own tranquility. Flashes of last night came into her mind, the way they made love, he made her feel full, in love, the intensity of the feeling she had only accentuated since the first night they gave themselves up. She was sure he was the right guy and wanted to be his, only his forever.

The morning seemed beautiful and rays of light penetrated through the window bringing a little light to the environment and what she could smell was the smell of Reade's perfume that mixed with hers in the tangle of sheets in which they were wrapped. The genuine smile with which he returned her filled her heart with joy and love. Love that was only his, she had kept for so long and knew that she had done right not to give herself to anyone while she was in love with Reade. At first Tasha was afraid to mix things up, but everything got out of control and she could no longer hide what she felt and knew that if she let him take the step she was about to take, she would regret it forever and experience her loneliness and bitterness. It wouldn't have been fair to her or him, because she knew that even if it was a trace of what he said he felt in the past it was still there, she could see it in his eyes, until she told him she was in love and everything turned upside down head, but it was worth it, it was, because with the end of their relationship they had a chance to be together, even if she messed up afterwards. When Tasha left she was sure that she had experienced love fully and even if she died on the mission it would have been worth it. Now they were there and they had their chance again, but this time she wouldn't leave, they would only be apart long enough to return home.

"Good Morning!" Reade greeted her with a kiss on her pink lips and still a little swollen from the actions of the previous night.

"Have you been awake for a long time watching me sleep?" The way she spoke was calm and peaceful.

"No. I woke up a little while ago wishing I could have a morning like this every day." Reade approached and hugged her with affection, feeling her fall apart in his arms.

"And I wish this morning would never end." Tasha murmured wistfully.

"Hey! We will have other nights and mornings like this. In a few days we will be at home and we will be able to enjoy a normal life like any American citizen."

"Ah Reade! I want to trust as you do."

They were facing each other and Reade looked at her sweet eyes and stroked her face and hair.

"By my calculations we still have time and I want to love you again."

The boy kissed her sweetly, expressing affection and love in his actions and Tasha was just passion and surrender. The feelings they had were too strong and the desire consumed them left no doubt about where and who they wanted to be with.

Tasha felt special in knowing that Reade had never forgotten her and did everything to bring her back, it was because of the greatness of what she felt for him that she found the strength to fight and did everything to get out of the dark side. She knew it would be difficult, that trust had been lost, but love helped her regain it, the intense days that had spent an escape risking their lives, struggling to get home made them close enough to bring back the love and trust lost.

They were in the hotel lobby preparing to leave. Reade and Weller would go ahead, as they would board first, the girls would go later. The farewell atmosphere intensified and Tasha felt dejected again at the expectation of separating. Reade came to say goodbye and she hugged him as tightly as anyone who didn't want to part. He snuggled her into his arms and realized that she was crying.

"My love, don't cry." Reade looked at her fondly trying to dry the tears that were streaming down her face. "It's gonna be okay. Soon we will be together."

"Yes, it will." She gave him a weak smile and he kissed her softly and tenderly, not caring who he was looking at, since the rest of the team had not realized that they were together.

"I gotta go. Take care, okay?" He kissed her on the forehead and left.

The girls stood at the hotel door watching the two of them walk away. When they were halfway down the block, Reade turned.

"Hey!" He called Tasha in a not too loud voice.

"Yes!" She replied tearfully.

"When all this is over and we're home. Will you marry me?" Reade didn't care that anyone around could hear.

"Yes! I marry you." Now the tears fell freely in the girl's eyes.

"I love you!" Reade shouted.

" Ilove you too..."

The most genuine feeling between a woman and a man is a love that makes them miss when they are apart and brings that chill in the belly when they meet, is to make it look like every day is the first and to always kiss like it's the last or the first time.

"Love is a more formidable force than any other. It is invisible - it cannot be seen or measured, and yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material good could." Barbara De Angelis

Here is my affection for each person who accompanied this fic, making me feel like updating, the certainty that someone is reading is what makes us want to keep writing. Kisses of light!