Tasha was impatient and couldn't keep quiet. Reade and Kurt had left in the morning and had long since gone dark and they hadn't yet returned. Jane was quiet in one corner but didn't express herself much. She had already left outside waiting for a while, but there was no sign of them.

"Patterson, we need to do something! How can you stand there?"

"Calm Tasha, we need to trust them. We'll wait until morning and if they don't show up we see what to do." Patterson, who was fiddling with her cell phone searching for something for their next step, was trying to show a calm that wasn't very convincing, but she didn't want to make Tasha even worse.

"Jane, let's go after them, please!" She turned to Jane who was quietly standing in the corner, she was nervous too, but she didn't want to pass this on to the others, especially Tasha who had been very anxious all day since Reade left with Kurt.
"Patterson is right, there's nothing we can do out there at this time. We'll wait until morning and we'll go look for them. "

"Girl, calm down that your ebony should be coming soon." Rich came from one of the bedrooms and tried to play, but he was also looking forward to their return.

"There's nothing from my ebony, Rich! Please, this is no time for jokes."

"If you say!" Rich raised both hands in surrender and sat down on the couch next to Patterson.

Tasha was upset to show her feelings that way. She sat in a chair, too anxious, but preferred not to say anything else.

After a while they heard a noise at the door. Seeing them come in the door Tasha got up on impulse and went to where Reade was very quickly, but stopped immediately when she got close to him. Just looked at him.

"Are you alright? " She asked in a low voice from the thrill of seeing him.
"Yes, I am. Did you think you would get rid of me?" Reade smiled at her saying those words. "Come give me a hug."

Reade spread her arms and she nestled her body in his, unable to hold back the tears that fell freely on her face. It felt so good to be around him, but she was hated to let her feelings show like that in front of him.

"Sorry. I…" Tasha broke free of his embrace and lowered her face so he wouldn't stare at her with tears streaming down. "I'm glad you're fine." She forced a smile, turned away wiping her tears and they joined the others.

They talked for a while and the boys explained everything that had happened, how they had difficulty returning without anyone suspecting them. Everyone had dinner talking warmly, eventually Reade looked at Tasha who seemed to be avoiding staring at him, but he didn't worry, at least she was there, they all were. Jane and Kurt retired and Rich was dozing on the couch when Patterson called him and sent him to the bedroom. Rich and Reade were sharing a room and Tasha and Patterson were sharing another.

"I'm going to bed too."Tasha said watching Patterson head for the bedroom.

"Wait. I mean if you want to split one more beer." Reade said awkwardly.

"Okay. Let's share this one more." She gave him a weak smile and sat next to him.

They were silent for a while just enjoying each other's company. With each passing day the tension increased, the urge to return home was enormous, that is, Tasha didn't even have a home and knew she would need to find a place to stay when they returned, but she didn't even think about it, because she wasn't sure if she really would come back. She felt more and more dependent on Reade and it scared her too much, often with her guard down near him.
"I got worried today. If you didn't come back…" She was the first to break the silence that had settled between them.

"I'd be worried too if it was you." He looked at her with a genuine smile and they held their gaze for a moment. "Come here."

He pulled her into him, cradling her in his arms. She fit into his hug and they stayed together for a long time. Reade stroked her hair innocently, thanking them just for being together there, no matter where their feelings would take them someday, but for each other's company just enough.