The street was deserted and dark, she wore a hooded overcoat and looked unrecognizable. She couldn't risk being seen, for she had left everything for this mission and wouldn't ruin everything now, but she needed to take those papers to him, she couldn't send them by email or any other means of communication. It was too risky. Tasha kept scurrying through the dark alleys of New York City until she reached her destination. She hadn't seen him for more than two months, they had exchanged half a dozen words about it three times in that time, but only on the mission.
After Reade had rescued her from the CIA prison and taken her to the hospital they hadn't talked, she knew he was angry, because it was very clear the day he arrested her in Mexico. The distance he set was very painful, but she didn't take his reason, because the betrayal was too great and even wanting to tell him everything from the beginning she knew she couldn't. She only revealed why she was pressured and also because she needed help since Keaton was in a coma.

Reade was lying down, but couldn't sleep, it was past midnight, he was worried about Tasha. Several days ago she didn't car and didn't give any news about the mission. He was really upset when she told him that he was working for Madeline, she was his best friend and he always considered her too much, he trusted her more than he trusted the people of his own family and she couldn't tell him what he was doing. Deep down he knew how the CIA worked, that they wanted to be secretive about this sort of thing, but with him her secret would be safe and he could have helped whatever she needed.

They had nothing else, for he had made it clear during the interrogation, he knew he had hesitated and told things that hurt her and now it was very difficult to turn back. Although he revealed his emotions a little when she was in the hospital he knew that the barrier he created was still erected and it would be very difficult to overcome it, it would take a lot of time to recover what they once had and he didn't know if it would be possible.
Immersed in his thoughts he heard a knock at the door. He got up and went to open it. Reade barely recognized her in her overcoat and hood.
"Reade, it's me." She spoke softly, but he could feel the emotion in her voice.
"Come in." He opened the door fully and let her inside.
She took off her hood and he could catch a glimpse of her face. She was as beautiful as ever and memories came in her mind, sweet and nostalgic memories of everything that lived.
"I came to bring these papers. Here are all the clues about the time and place of the plane crash." She said taking a large envelope out of her pocket and handing it to him.
"Are you alright? You haven't made contact for days." He asked struggling not to let the thrill of seeing her betray his words.
"Yes. I'm just being more careful, because there are too many people around Madeline and I'm too scared to be discovered."
"Do you want to abort the mission? We already have the flight information, we can continue from here."
"I can't, Madeline would instantly mistrust and change the plans."
"You're taking too much risk. I'm afraid …" He was interrupted by her.
" I have to go. No one can distrust where I am or ruin everything." She said sadly, because she didn't want to go so fast. She turned her back and went through the door.
"Tasha!" He called her.
"Yes." She turned and faced him.
"Take care!" He gave her a faint smile of encouragement.
Tasha just nodded her head and walked out of the building and into the darkness of the back alleys of New York.

After she left, Reade returned to her room, but couldn't sleep because her presence was too strong. How foolish he had been! Her willingness to hold her and comfort her and show her how much he missed her and also to confirm if she felt the same lack of him. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her and how much he wanted her to be well, but after everything he said to her she was afraid of being rejected. He didn't want to lose her. She was what mattered most to him, but he saw no way to rescue everything they had.

For her part, Tasha was in her dark room, but she couldn't sleep. Seeing Reade made her relive everything they spent together. Going to his apartment was very painful, the memories of the night spent together came into her mind and she was afraid she wouldn't hold back, but the words he told her at the interrogation resounded inside her and kept her from talking or doing anything exceeded the limits established by him.