The day came when Madeline tried to take down the plane.

It was dawn and Reade was asleep. It had been two weeks since Tasha had come to his apartment to get information about the flight Madeline wanted to bring down. Reade had handed over everything to Patterson that she had verified and really were true. He had no way of getting in touch with Tasha, so he was always waiting for her to give him some news. He got scared with his cell phone ringing.
"Hello." Reade answered the sleepy cell phone.
"It's me. I don't have much time." It was Tasha on the other end. He can hear her affliction.
"Yeah. Is everything okay?" Reade was relieved to hear her voice.
"I'm going to give the place number so the objects are left today. Can you write it down?" She passed the numbers and he wrote down quickly.
"We left there today without fail. He assured her.
"It's ok. I need to hang up."
"Wait!" He wanted her to know, because he couldn't stand the distance between them. Every day was a torture away from him, Reade could not wait to meet her again. He wanted to apologize and tell her how important she was, how much he wanted to be by her side. "I miss you." He missed hearing her laugh, her complaints, her unsteady mood, feeling her presence fill the environment wherever she was.
Tasha on the other end of the line felt her heart pound at the words. Reade was one of the reasons she continued this work. She wanted it to end, but she wanted to return with dignity, with the sense of accomplishment, did not want to return without being able to solve anything.
"I miss you to." She spoke with emotion in her voice. "I need to hang up."

Reade couldn't sleep any more, five days before the flight Madeline intended to overthrow, he spent the rest of the night going over the whole plan in his head, he needed to make sure everything would work out.
The day had come. Reade arrived at SIOC and went straight up his room. Patterson noticed his affliction and went there.

"Hey, what's going on?"
"It's today, Patterso! What if something goes wrong?" Reade, who was sitting, stood up.
"I know you're all over Tasha. We have everything under control. Let's do everything we can to make sure nothing's wrong. Weller and Jane will be there with you and will have reinforcements, if need be."
"What if Madeline suspects. I can not even imagine what she would do with Tasha! I shouldn't have sent her back."
"Look, I know how you must be feeling, but you have to trust Tasha!" She knows what she's doing, she knows what she's up to, and today more than ever she needs us with her head in place to do whatever it takes to make it work." Patterson was trying to comfort Reade, but she was also in distress, she knew her friend was in trouble and the danger she was running.
"Has the device already been activated?"
"Not yet, so far we had received no signal. Rich is watching and as soon as we identify, we'll let you know."
"Get the team together and we'll be ready to leave as soon as we get the signal."

Reade had left the device for Tasha in a Mailbox in Brooklyn according to the coordinates she'd been through. Patterson had sent her an encrypted message about the device. It was hard to be sure she'd gotten it so they were more distressed, for Tasha could not leave Madeline if the device was not deployed, that would be the key to overthrowing the whole company.
Tasha hadn't even slept that night, she'd practically rolled up on the bed the night before and barely closed her eyes. She did not even feel so tired, so anxious for it to end soon. She needed an opportunity to enter the company's control room and place the device sent by the FBI. This device would allow all information exchanged between computers and mobile devices from HCI Global, including tablets and cell phones from Madeline.
She managed to get into the room and put the device in and was running out of time, because she needed to go to the airport soon. Along with the device they also sent her a point so they could communicate that they would only be activated when they arrived at the airport.

"Reade, it's time! Tasha activated the device!" Patterson came into Reade's room almost screaming.
The team was assembled and a helicopter with two officers would be stationed in a strategic location if they needed to leave in a hurry. The intention was to stop the plane from falling and bring Tasha back. Reade had promised himself he would not leave her on this mission even a minute after that. He shouldn't have let her go back, it was getting too risky. He did not know how she was getting between these people.
Patterson and Rich accompanied everything through a van parked outside the airport equipped with trackers and wiretaps. Reade, Kurt and Jane were disguised as passengers on the plane. The passengers were already on board and the commander gave the last instructions to the crew.
Everything that happened next passed very fast, like a blur. At Patterson's signal, Kurt and Jane entered the control center of the plane to find a bomb that would have been dropped by Madeline's staff. Reade headed toward the cabin to warn the commander not to take off.

The bomb was disarmed at the last minute as instructed by Patterson. Rich warned that he had lost touch with Tasha. Reade had already intercepted the commander who had stopped the plane in the middle of the runway. There was no sign of Tasha's listening.
Tasha had managed to pass some information on the location of the bomb to the team and by the time scheduled she realized that it had been disarmed. She was in a compartment of the airport control room and was already leaving to find the staff when she felt a hand cover her mouth. It was immobilized and taken from there by force. Dominic withdrew the weapon that was with her and placed his weapon on her back and ordered her to silence or shoot. He found the listening and destroyed it. She had no choice but to obey.
The hearing had been discovered by Madeline's people who had instructed Dominic to take Tasha and take her to her, since she wanted to take her life personally. Tasha's salvation would be to hope that the team would miss her and try to find her, but perhaps they thought that she had really betrayed them and would return to Madeline.

Reade had called Weller and Jane to find Tasha, for they didn't want to believe she had brought them. They followed Patterson and Rich's instructions from where it was the last place they could contact her. They followed the trail and managed to see a man with Tasha at his side. Reade moved slowly so he would not notice.
Reade wanted to shoot the man, but they had to use their heads to make anything happen to Tasha.
"Tasha!," Reade called.
They both stopped and Dominic turned and made her turn as well.
"If you do not follow my orders I'll kill you and then I'll kill him." Dominic told her to listen.
"Tell him who you're going to!" Doninic ordered.
"I'm going with him, Reade, I'm going to continue my work with Madeline. It is not enough for both of us and you know it. With Madeline I found my place." She tried to pass judgment on what she was talking about.
"You heard. Go away! She is going where her place is, where she is welcomed." Reade couldn't see the gun, for Dominic had hidden it.
Everyone was startled when a shot echoed in the air and Dominic fell to the ground pulling Tasha with him. Reade rushed over to them and saw that the shot hit Dominic in the head. The shot had come from Jane who was hiding waiting for an opportunity to shoot. Weller and Jane rushed to meet them.
Tasha was very frightened by the shot and Dominic ended up knocking him down, when he realized he had been hit she got up quickly and saw Reade in front of her. She couldn't not to do nothing but run to and hug him. She was grateful that they did not give up on her, for a moment she thought they would have left and thought she had brought them.
Reade hugged Tasha who began to tremble in his arms, he squeezed her tightly and spoke comforting words to calm her down. When Reade thought that he could lose her, he had a movie in his head about the two of them so far, he didn't want to waste any more time in his life, because they had already run too far from each other.
Tasha felt his arms wrap around her, she was panicking, for the possibility of having to go back to Madeline terrified her. With Reade hugging her everything would be all right. She knew she would never have to go back to her disguise, she could live like a normal person without pretense and without the terror that plagued her every day for fear of being discovered.