Tasha was watching TV waiting for sleep to arrive, she had already gone to bed, but she got up and went into the living room. She was in the safe house, couldn't go to her apartment, it wasn't safe, she never knew what Madeline would be able to do to get her. After the confrontation at the airport they went to the FBI and Reade drove her along with two agents to a location where Madeline had no way to find her, gave her an irratable phone and left hers at the FBI. Patterson went with an agent to Tasha's house and brought her clothes and personal belongings. The place was very impersonal, cold and colorless, but at least she was safe.
Tasha picked up the phone, she knew what she wanted to do, but she didn't know if she should. Without thinking much, she called one of the few numbers that were registered on the phone.
"Hello!" Reade woke up startled by the ringing of the phone.
"Hi, it's me." Tasha on the other side of the line kinda embarrassed for waking him up.
"It's all right? Are the agents there? What happened?" He got up quickly and was getting ready to leave.
"It's all right, yes. It's nothing, sorry if I woke you up."
"You scared me. No problem, I thought something had "Do "I'm going, now I've woken up, I don't even know if I can sleep after this fright." you want me to go there?" He asked on impulse. "I mean, I can have a drink." happened." He sat down with relief.
"Good to know you care about me." She said with a small smile.
"Ever. What happened to you calling me?"
"Nothing, I was just not sleepy and I'm stuck here, I can't go out and take a walk." She spoke in dismay.
"Don't even think. Be still there, we don't know if Madeline is looking for you."
"Be calm, I'm not going anywhere."
"Do you want me to go there?" He asked on impulse. "I mean, I can have a drink."
"No need, you can go back to sleep."
"I'm going, now I've woken up, I don't even know if I can sleep after this fright."
"I'm sorry." She said without much regret.
"Never mind, I do not care. I'm going."

Tasha was nervous waiting for Reade. They hadn't talked for a long time, and they weren't very close. There was a knock on the door and was the agent responsible for his safety.

"Miss Zapata, Mr. Reade is here and wants to talk to you." The agent said.
"All right, you can let him in." She consented.
"They almost won't let me in." Reade laughed as he entered.
"It was your orders." She laughed too.
"Yeah, they were. I brought you a drink, so maybe you can sleep." He said showing the bottle of whiskey with more than half the drink.
Tasha took the glasses and he served them. They toasted and Tasha drank much of the contents in one gulp, closing her eyes and letting the alcohol penetrate her veins.
"Hey, take it easy! You're going to get drunk." He warned.
"What, I just need to relax a bit to sleep, remember?" She said.
"I'd like to apologize for everything." She said looking at him.
"It's all right. I should have understood that you were doing your job, but instead I blew up and told you horrible things." He said regretfully.
"I deserved it, after all, that I left without any satisfaction, without answering your phone calls."

They sat on the couch and continued drinking and talking, some times they flirted and bumping into each other for wanting. The bottle was almost over and Tasha felt the alcohol in her body.

"I think I'd better stop." She said putting the glass on the coffee table.
"I also have to work in the morning." He put his glass on the table, too.
Reade got up and Tasha got up too.
"I'm leaving. I'll let you sleep."
"Don't go yet." Tasha glared at him.
"Do you want me to stay?" He glared at her.
"Yeah, you can sleep on the couch. Or you sleep in bed and I sleep on the couch." She released his arm and ran a hand through her hair, half awkward.
Reade lifted her chin and said looking at her.
"I want to stay." He pulled her to him and kissed her. Tasha hugged him and let him take the kiss.
A long time ago they wanted it, but her sudden departure made them move away, so many things happened in this interval that they didn't even know if they could get over it and have another chance to try again. The proximity they were now could have been spurred by the amount of alcohol they ingested that only made the inevitable happen.
"I'm not sleeping on the couch." He said as he broke off the kiss.
"I'm not going either." She said smiling.
They went to the bedroom and loved each other until they were exhausted. They slept. It couldn't tell if it was the alcohol or the company of each other that made them sleep so quickly, but the truth is that along with Reade, Tasha felt safe and at home.

She was still asleep when Reade woke up. He made up without making a noise, but he didn't want to leave and leave her like that. He moved closer and touched her cheek, calling softly so as not to frighten her.
"Hey, Tasha. Wake up."
"Um. Hi." She replied sleepily.
"I have to go, I need to go home."
"It's all right." She said as she sat on the bed. "I have a private driver." She laughed at the agents outside.
"We meet at the FBI." He came over and pulled her to him and kissed her.

They didn't know when they would be able to arrest Madeline so that Tasha could walk the streets safely, but they would try to do it together and she swore to herself that she would never again hide anything from Reade or the FBI team, since she already knew the consequences for all the times she had hidden something from them.