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Fantaji Sentai Questinger

Roll 1: The Quest Begins

A Dark Room

Inside of a dark room stood a single table and nothing else. No windows, no decorations and not even a door. However on the table sat a book, an ordinary looking book. Brown in cover and not exactly big but not exactly small either. The book looked ancient and some dust could be seen forming on the cover. The title shows that the book is called The Legend of Kataryuko. Almost as out of nowhere a voice could be heard.

"Welcome, friends, to a story of magic and mysticism. A story of good and evil and, of course, of heroes and villains." The book began to open up as the pages flashed and began to form pictures.

"You see, this is the legend of the Fantaji Sentai Questinger and their quest to save the world of Kataryuko." The pages displayed the world filled with vast forests and towns, mountains and oceans.

"Before we can tell that story however we must learn about the legend of the 5 heroes. You see..." The book displayed a picture of 5 silhouettes. "...Long ago an evil army called Sebion appeared in the land disrupting the peace that adventurers had long protected."

The pages turned to display the dark army of goblin like creatures "The world seemed like it would fall until the emergence of the 5 legendary heroes." The pages once again displayed the silhouettes except this time in the middle of the army

"The heroes fought valiantly against the army but sadly not even they would be enough to defeat them, so in a last desperate act they combined their powers and split the world into two."

The pages got to the middle showcasing the world splitting "One world became known as what you would call the human world and the other became sealed into this very book and became known at Kataryuko." The book began to close finishing the images

"4 of the heroes perished in this act, however 1 survived into the human world and passed on the book to me it's guardian before fading into obscurity the world unknowing what he had done."

The book stopped moving and was once again set down "I had the book copied and eventually it was passed around the world becoming known as the roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons where people could live out fantasies of being heroes or villains while I could protect the real book."

A man in robes appeared, he looked to be in his late 30's with short black hair and a small black goatee. The man smiled "And who am I? Well I am just a humble wizard who happens to be telling this tale." With that he cast a spell disappearing in a bright light along with the book signaling the beginning of the story.



The scent of ash filled the air as two figures in cloaks ran through a forest towards a burning town. The smaller figure who looked feminine called to the larger male looking figure "Remlin are you sure we need to go back here?"

The man slowed down and nodded "Yes my child I need to retrieve something from my home before we leave this cursed world." The girl sighed and continued to run after the man identified as Remlin.

As they entered into town they found villagers escaping and fleeing for their lives, homes were burning and anyone not free from them were most likely dead already.

The girl adjusted her hood allowing her blonde hair to be seen as she scanned the area.

Suddenly the things that caused the fires appeared and were shown to be goblins except black instead of green. The girl removed two daggers from under her cloak and glanced at Remlin "Looks like we'll have to fight to whatever you're looking for."

Remlin nodded "I was hoping it wouldn't come to that but I'm still young enough that I can fight." His hands glowed as he shot a fireball from them and hit some of the goblins. He continued his run, going past the burning houses and the people fleeing.

Meanwhile his young companion ran behind him stabbing a few goblins as she passed and not showing much mercy in general. As they arrived at house that was remotely untouched the two stopped as Remlin's hands glowed again "It may be a minute as I have to undo the protection spell."

The goblins were no converging on them as the girl struggled to keep them back as Remlin undid the protection spell and simply blasted the door down not caring what happened to the house.

The girl followed him in as the goblins attempted to enter as she continued to try and keep them back. She felt herself beginning to tire as Remlin shifted through the home "Remlin whatever you're going to do it please do it now."

Remlin finally found the hidden stone on the wall which when activated revealed a hidden bag that was within the wall. Taking it he went to join his companion "Ok now we can go." He muttered a spell under his breath and just as they were about to be over run by the goblins the two teleported away leaving no trace of them behind.


*The Opening theme begins, Silhouette by Kana-Boon*

Instrumentals are heard as a guitar begins as several characters flash on the screen starting with Yukishi before going through several characters before the screen breaks revealing a book called The Legend of Kataryuko. The book opens showing several scenes like the armies of Sebion, the 6 heroes and finally the worlds splitting before the book gets halfway through and it reveals the logo Fantaji Sentai Questinger.

Isse no se de fumikomu gōrain bokura wa, Nanimo nanimo mada shiranu

Yukishi is shown walking the halls of school before transferring into a village dressed in fighter gear.

Issen koete furikaeruto mō nai bokura wa Nanimo nanimo mada shiranu

Yuto is shown being laughed at in the halls before going over to a village where people are shown to be asking him questions appreciating him, now flashing to Valanthe who is shown to be overlooking a village.

Udatte udatte udatteku Kirameku ase ga koboreru no sa

Remnil is shown giving the teens their Questinchangers behind them appearing Will Masters staring at them giving them a cold look as they prepare to morph.

Oboetenai koto mo takusan attadarou

The Questingers appear fully morphed leaping from a book into the world of Kataryuko going head first into some monsters fighting them off.

Daremo kare mo shiruetto

The three stop to look at each other before going to fight a tougher looking monster as a team.

Daiji ni shitai mono motte otona ni naru nda

The humanoid zords appear with each of them charging into battle before flashing to the mecha

Don'na toki mo hanasazu ni

A scene of Will Masters laughing creating monsters as a silhouette of the Questingers fight them

Mamori tsudzukeyou soshitara itsu no hi ni ka

A brief flash of Remlin casting a spell before the Questingers all begin to charge up attacks

Nanimo kamo o waraeru-sa

The attacks merge striking the screen leaving a bright light

Hirari to hirari to matteru Konoha ga tonde yuku

Finally Valanthe is shown standing alone as Yukishi and Yuto arrive and offer their hands to her as brief scenes play brief flashes of her amongst a dark army, the three walking away as a 20 sided dice rolls on the ground ending the scene cutting out before the dice finishes rolling


Tsukishima General High School

It was a bit of a cloud day as students could be seen in uniform walking into the high school. As it grew closer for class to start one lone student could be seen walking into the school.

She was a girl was on the shorter side probably about 5'3 with blonde hair and ears that seemed to out the side almost as if they were pointed. Her eyes were a piercing green-blue and the look on her face said "Look at me funny and you die" Her body was slender and large in the right places that had most guys looking at her as she walked through the halls.

In a place like Japan she looked out of place and usually got looks from people for that if it wasn't guys drooling over her. She usually ignored the people and stuck her head down and today was no different as she walked at a brisk place in an effort to make it to school on time. As she walked near the entrance she all of a sudden heard heard running and a voice yelling "Look out!" She didn't have time to register as something hit her from behind resulting in her being knocked down and something landing on her.

She opened her eyes the wind slightly knocked out of her to see another student who had knocked her down. He had fallen with her and now he had landed on top of her with his face accidentally fallen right between her chest. She saw red as he looked up at her face and realized it wasn't pillows his face had fallen on "Oh I'm so sorry about that."

The girl growled at him "You have 5 seconds to get off of me before I cut your arm off"

The boy blushed slightly and quickly got up dusting himself off. She observed that he had medium length raven black hair, red eyes and a scar on the lower part of his face and was tall probably about 6'1. He looked like a mix between a punk and a pretty boy and his smile was one of confidence that she hated. He offered his hand to help her up but she hit it away "I can stand on my own you pervert." He blushed as she got up "Right well I gotta go but take care" With that he gave a half wave/half salute and ran off leaving her confused.

She muttered to herself as she began to walk on "Ugh are all humans perverts and annoying?" With that she walked to her classroom not worried about being late and hoping the rest of her day wouldn't be as troublesome.


A few hours later it was lunchtime and the girl was walking to the roof in order to eat her lunch not wanting to socialize with any of the teens in the lunchroom. As she entered into the roof she could hear the sounds of screaming and laughter. Deciding she had nothing better to do she turned the corner and found some tall guys holding a shorter boy by the shirt.

The boy was probably about an inch taller than her and had long gray hair and freckles covered by glasses. He wore the full school uniform complete with a bowtie. He was struggling to get out the other guys hold but was too weak to do anything.

The one holding him laughed "Your pal Souji isn't here to save you Ryuga so you better do as we say or else we'll have to get violent."

As much as she wanted to keep her head down and not be noticed anymore than she already was in the school she knew her dad wouldn't be happy with her if she let this go. She called out to them stepping forward

"Hey what's going on here." The leader turned around to her and dropped the other boy "Well, well looks like a cute girl has come to cheer us on boys."

The leader came up and put his arm around her "Tell ya what I'll take care of this nerd real quick then you and I can go get to know each other better."

She remained emotionless and didn't react to the leaders comments causing his flunkies to move back a bit feeling weirded out. Finally she spoke "Take that arm off me or I'll break it." The leader looked at her like she was crazy and did not move.

She sighed "Alright fine" Quickly as if no one saw her do it she grabbed his arm and threw him to the ground twisting his arm. She looked down at the leader in pain

"Now you're gonna leave this kid alone or else." The leader clearly afraid nodded to the demand and she let his arm go, the leader got up and quickly ran away followed by his lackeys.

The boy stood up and dusted himself off and looked at his hero "Uh thanks for that people don't usually help me."

She nodded to him and went down to eat her lunch ignoring that he was there. He went and sat down beside her "So uh I'm Yuto Ryugo by the way, are you new here."

She looked at him and frowned "I'm Valanthe Kurosaki and I was just doing what my dad says is right." He nodded "Right well today I guess you're my hero so thanks Valanthe."

She shook her head "Don't call me a hero I'm really not." He looked at her "Right well you're new so that means you don't have any friends right?"

She looked up from her lunch "I'm new here but I'm not looking for friends." He scratched the back of his head

"Right well I don't have many friends either except my best friend Yukishi, he usually protects me but he was busy today."

She scoffed "You shouldn't need him to protect you, you need to protect yourself."

He stood up "Well it was nice meeting you Valanthe I gotta go ask the teacher a question about a new club after school but I hope we meet again." He waved to her as she didn't react, she didn't want friends, she didn't deserve them.


The school day was now finished and students were filling the halls going to either a club or going home. Yuto was still in the classroom however talking to the guy who had run into Valanthe at the beginning of the day. Yuto was trying to convince him of something "C'mon Yukishi just come with me it'll be fun."

Yukishi frowned as he gathered his books "I don't know Yuto I've never played Dungeons and Dragons I'd make a fool out of myself."

Yuto smiled at him "You wouldn't make a fool of yourself DND is super friendly to beginners and besides it's not like you have Kendo to go to."

Yukishi gave his friend a cold stare "Fine whatever I'll go but I'm leaving it's not fun, agreed?"

Yuto nodded his head as Yukishi swung his backpack over his shoulder "Besides Mr. Kurosaki is cool so I doubt it'll be that bad." The two walked out of the classroom to go to the new DND club that had been set up.


Yukishi and Yuto walked into the room as the teacher smiled at them upon seeing them "Ah Yuto it's nice to see that you've come and you brought a friend I see."

Yukishi scratched the back of his head "Uh yeah the names Yukishi Souji, Yuto really wanted me to come." The teacher nodded "Well greetings Lord Souji"

He did a little bow as Yukishi went to take a seat chopping the greeting up to it being DND stuff. The teacher smiled "Well you two know me as Mr. Kurosaki but during our meetings you can call me Remlin."

The two nodded as Yukishi looked at him "So what do we do first." Yuto answered before Remlin could "We have to make our characters and pick a class." Yukishi looked at his friend "Right but I don't know what class to be."

Remlin looked at him and handed him a red 20 sided dice that seemed to be made of crystal "You, Yukishi seem like you'd make a good fighter they're brave and good with swords."

Yukishi picked up the dice and though he did not notice it glowed a bit at his touch which caused Remlin to smiled.

He then handed a similar dice to Yuto except his was blue "And you Yuto look like you'd a smart Wizard, intelligent and able to cast amazing spells."

The dice similarly glowed at Yuto's touch who noticed it and smiled at Remlin "Wow these are really fancy dice the glowing is so cool." Remlin nodded "Well I take DND very seriously so nothing but the best for it."

Yukishi looked at Yuto's dice "Wait yours glows let me see." He took Yuto's dice and rolled it around looking for the glow

"It doesn't glow man what are you talking about." Yukishi gave the dice back to his friend disappointed but then perked up when he saw his dice glow

"Oh wait mine glows too that is cool." Yuto looked around though "Uhh are we just playing with two of us?"

Remlin shook his head "No my daughter will be playing as well she's on her way." On cue a girl walked in who Yuto recognized "No way Valanthe you're here."

Valanthe ignored him and looked at Yukishi "You, you idiot why are you here." Yukishi looked at her slightly uninterested "Oh you're that girl from this morning I apologized to you didn't I?"

Valanthe looked at him annoyed "Oh yea you seem real sorry for knocking me down and shoving your face in my chest."

Yukishi looked at her and smiled "It was an accident now let's put it behind us and be friends." The look Valanthe gave Yukishi was one that would kill him if looks could kill "Not a chance you're an idiot." Yukishi sighed "Fine whatever, Yuto how do you know this crazy girl?"

Yuto looked at his best friend "Oh uh she saved me from some bullies at lunch." Before Yukishi could comment Remlin interrupted them "Ah I see our Rogue has arrived so we can play."

Remlin handed her a dice which lit up black as she took it. Remlin shut the door and smiled "Now this game we're going to play is very special and unfortunately you have to play."

Yukishi raised an eyebrow "Ok that's weird but sounds fun so whatever." Remlin sighed "You see long ago an evil empire named Sebion appeared led by an evil Wizard."

Yuto looked at the teacher who had brought out a book "Man, this is serious."

Remlin nodded "All hope seemed lost until 5 heroes appeared and fought them off."

He opened the book "However they couldn't win so in the end they split the world resulting in this world and the world of Kataryuko that's contained within this book."

Yukishi looked shocked "So you're saying an entire world is in that book." Remlin smiled "Yes and it's actually the basis for Dungeons and Dragons, but I digress Sebion is still causing terror in Kataryuko and now the heroes are needed again."

Remlin breathed deeply before continuing "Because the dice you're holding chose you that means you're the ones who'll be the next heroes." Yukishi looked at him "So we're destined to become legendary heroes?"

Remlin nodded "Yes I need you three to use those dice and become the Fantaji Sentai Questinger in order to stop Sebion."

Yuto looked at the teacher scared "But why us?" Remlin shook his head "I do not control the dice, if they choose you than it is because it sees something in you even if you don't."

Yukishi smiled and slammed his hand down on a desk "I'm in!" Yuto looked at his friend in alarm "Yukishi what if it's dangerous and how do we even know if any of this is true." Yukishi smiled "I got a feeling that it is and I'm not gonna say no when I'm needed."

Yuto sighed "Fine if you're willing than I guess I'll try." Valanthe however yelled at her father "Father I don't agree with choosing this idiot."

She pointed to Yukishi as Remlin sighed "As I said Valanthe I don't decide who the dice chooses so you're going to have to accept it."

Valanthe crossed her arms "Well I refuse to fight with him." Remlin opened the book again "Well I guess I'll have to teach you how to work as a team."

The book began to glow as the three teens began to glow as well causing Yukishi to look at their mentor "Hey what the hell is happening."

Remlin smiled "I'm transporting you to Kataryuko good luck." With that they three vanished and were transported into the book closing it as they went inside.



Awakening on some grass the trio got up and looked around what appeared to be a grassy hill located on the edge of a town. Yukishi was the first to comment "Whoa this is so cool and our clothes changed."

He looked down to see that he was now dressed as a fighter along with a device on his wrist.

Yuto looked at his wizard robes and than to the device "This must be the changer to become a Questinger."

Valanthe sighed "I still don't agree with my father's decision but sadly we're stuck here till we can work together." Yukishi looked at the girl who now had a cloak on "Well like it or not I was chosen to be a Questinger."

Valanthe scoffed as she began to walk "Whatever follow my lead and try not to get yourself killed."

As Yuto walked after her, he noticed something "You're an elf?" Valanthe nodded "And?"

Yuto looked at her as Yukishi caught up with them "That means you come from this world."

Valanthe nodded "And that's why I'm telling you to follow me so you don't get yourself killed." Yukishi looked at her "So you aren't actually Remlin's daughter what's your story then?"

Valanthe continued to walk "All you need to know is that Remlin is a powerful wizard who helped me stay alive that's it."

The two nodded opting not to ask any more questions as they entered town. The town had an old and rustic feel to it with some of the houses degrading and some having been collapsed completely.

Valanthe sighed "This town has been hit already there's no one left, let's look for some supplies and go."

The two nodded and the three split up looking for supplies unsure on how long they'd be in the world. Yukishi as he walked heard a noise coming from one of the houses. As he entered the house expecting trouble he instead found 3 children who couldn't have been over the age of 6. One of them looked at him while the other two cowered behind her "Are you a monster?"

Yukishi dropped to his knees and smiled at them "Nope I'm a hero here to save you." The little girl frowned "My daddy tried to be a hero and he's gone now."

Yukishi continued to smile at her "Well don't worry I'll save you guys I promise." The little girl nodded at him as he took her two friends by the hands and she climbed on top of his back

"C'mon let's get you three somewhere safe." He took them back to the center of town where he found Valanthe and Yuto waiting for him.

Valanthe raised an eyebrow at him "I see you found survivors." He nodded, "Yea so let's get them somewhere safe."

Valanthe sighed "There really isn't anywhere safe but there should be a town near here."

As the three were ready to take the children to safety they heard some noises coming and before they even had a chance to run black colored goblins appeared led by an orc in armor.

Valanthe cursed under her breath "Yamiblins and an orc we can't outrun them." Yukishi smiled and punched his fist "So we fight them."

The orc looked at the 6 of them and smiled "Hmmmm 5 humans and an elf, this shouldn't be much trouble."

Yuto took the one girl off of Yukishi's back and set her down "You three go hide now we'll deal with this."

The orc laughed "My name is Sergeant Ranzul and I'll give you one chance to run."

Yukishi smiled "Sorry heroes don't run." Valanthe sighed as she walked next to him "As much as I hate to agree with this idiot I agree I don't plan to run." Ranzul sighed "So be it, Yamiblins kill them."

The Yamiblins charged them as the three made an effort to fight them. Yukishi and Valanthe managed to hold them and fight back the best they could but Yuto struggled and had to be saved several times by one of his teammates.

The Yamiblins retreated as Ranzul's hand began to glow "Fine you want to be stubborn I guess I'll do this myself." He shot out a dark ball of energy that hit the three resulting in them being knocked and beaten to the ground all three bruised and bloodied.

Yukishi in a daze saw from their hiding place the three kids looking at them dread filling their eyes. He began to get up "Dammit not yet, I made a promise that'll I'll save them and I don't plan to break it."

Yuto began to get up with him "All my life I've been knocked down by people and others have had to help me get up, well I'm done I'm going to help others get up."

Valanthe began to get up and laughed "I don't have some big speech or resolve planned I just really want to beat you now." Yukishi nodded to the two and took out his dice "Ready?"

The two nodded to him as they all revealed their changers "QuestinChanger" The three put the dice in the changer as it announced


The three moved the changers up ready to push the button as it continued to announce

"D20!" it began to play some music that sounded like a lute and other older instruments

The three pushed the buttons together and yelled "QUESTINCHANGE"

The changer cried out as the three were bathed in red, blue and black light

Dive in! Fight for glory! (Questinranger!) Fighter Classssss!

Dive in! Knowledge is power! (Questinranger!) Wizard Classssss!

Dive in! Lurking in the shadows! (Questinranger!) Rogue Classssss!

The Questingers burst out of the light now clad in their armored forms.

The three looked at each other for a moment admiring their change before QuestinRed posed "The Brave Fighter, QuestinRed"

Blue followed suit posing as well "The Intelligent Wizard, QuestinBlue"

Finally Black though reluctant joined them "The Sly Rogue, QuestinBlack"

The three changed poses as they posed together "The Legendary Heroes who'll save the world one roll at a time, FANTAJI SENTAI QUESTINGER"

Red pointed at the monster and laughed "Time for the quest to begin" Ranzul let out a growl "I don't care who you are, you'll die."

He ordered the Yamiblins to attack as the Questingers charged at them. QuestinRed tapped his dice as it announced "GearSword"

A sword came out the dice into his hands as he nodded in approval "Alright" He quickly got into a Kendo pose and began to slash at the Yamiblins taking them down one by one.

To finish them off he inserted the dice into the sword causing it to announce "Fighter: Critical Blow" The sword glowed red and he slashed them all first horizontally and then vertically causing them all to fall and explode.

Meanwhile QuestinBlue wasn't having much luck fighting them physically so he pushed the dice in as well summoning his weapon "GearWand"

He hit a few enemies with the wand now in his hands before casting a few spells causing a fireball to hit some of them, a lightning strike and the ground to knock them down. He inserted the dice into the top of the wand "Wizard: Critical Blow"

He initiated a spell to freeze the monsters before he shot a lightning spell shattering the frozen Yamiblins. QuestinBlack meanwhile wasn't having a hard at all, flipping over some of the Yamiblins and kicking some in weak points being silent as she did so.

She pressed the dice summoning her weapons "GearDaggers" Going to work she stabbed a few of the Yamiblins and seemingly teleported behind others to finish them off.

She inserted her dice into one of the daggers "Rogue: Critical Blow" She created two strikes with her daggers and sent it at a group before charging and slashing through them causing all of them to explode.

The three regrouped as Red celebrated "Alright that's the small fries out of the way, let's take care of the orc."

Ranzul growled once again "Can't get good help these days." He charged the three and using his strength blasted back Blue causing Red to get distracted and getting hit in the stomach by the orc.

Black being the most experienced in fighting was able to hold him back slightly but was too knocked back. She sighed "This isn't working" Red thought for a moment before snapping "I got it let's combine our powers."

Blue nodded to the suggestion and Red turned to Black "Think you can play nice?"

Black nodded "I suppose you've proven yourself" The three stood up and pressed their dice in twice as their weapons glowed "Critical Team Strike"

Blue created a ball of energy before Red created two energy slashes with his sword and Black created two with her daggers. All three shot out to the Orc merging together as he tried to hold it back and he was consumed in the blast.

As he stood there heavily damaged he cried out "Long live Sebion." as he fell and exploded.

The three rangers turned away from the explosion and posed happy with their victory. The three children came and ran to them as the unmorphed.

Yukishi put his hand on the girls head "See I told you we'd save you, now let's get you somewhere safe."

The three kids nodded as they left for the next town unaware that someone was watching them. The figure simply smiled and left seeing all that was needed to be seen.


Tsukishima General High School

It had been about two hours and Remlin using a located spell sensed they were safe so he brought them back out of the book. As they landed back in the classroom Remlin smiled at them "So how'd it go?"

Valanthe smiled slightly "They have some work to do but it wasn't terrible." Yukishi looked over at her "Uh excuse me did you just smile?" Valanthe frowned once again "Don't push it you idiot."

The two began to argue as Yuto looked confused at what to do. Remlin sighed "Well I guess the teamwork will take some time but at least they made progress."

With that he laughed to himself confident that the new young heroes would come into their own one day.

To be Continued!

Next time on Fantaji Sentai Questinger

Several others are confronting Yukishi

"Where you been Souji, have you quit on us?"

Valanthe is predictably yelling at Yukishi

"You need to decide what's more important"

Finally a humanoid robot is seen with the Questingers inside

"QuestinOh Ready to Roll"

Mythos is seen standing victorious as scenes from the episode play"

QuestinRed: Looks like Mythos managed to beat his first bad guy but his friend already found out who he is. I wonder what'll happen?

The Questingers pose after defeating their first monster as scenes from the episode are shown

Mythos: Looks the Questingers quest has begun but they still need to work on their teamwork. I hope they can all get along

Mythos and the Questingers are seen in a white room overlooking both a temple and a forrest posing