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Fantaji Sentai Questinger

Roll 3: True Blue Courage

Tsukishima High School during lunch time …..

Valanthe Kurosaki was walking the walls having just finished lunch when she heard a cry for help. She really wanted to just keep walking and ignore it, but she knew Remlin would be disappointed if she did so she turned and began walking towards the scream. Getting the end of a hallway where most students couldn't go she found a taller student holding a shorter one against the lockers.

Valanthe rolled her eyes and sighed upon seeing who it was, almost like when she had first met him Valanthe had found her fellow Questinger, Yuto being threatened by the same kids she told to leave him alone. Valanthe walked up to them waiting for them to realize she was there and finally after waiting a moment cleared her throat, "Ahem, didn't I threaten to break your arm last time I saw you touching him?" The leader turned to face her and his face turned white seeing her, "Ah crap not you again"

Valanthe stared at him with a face of half boredom and half death stare, "Drop and get out of my sight before I tell his idiot best friend what's going on." The leader, not liking the sound of either her or Yukishi coming after him, dropped Yuto immediately. One of his goons looked at him, "Dude are you really gonna listen to this psycho?"

The leader nodded, "She nearly broke my arm and Souji broke my nose so I don't want to deal with him." He turned to Valanthe trying to act tough, "You can keep the nerd, it's no fun if he's got his bodyguards to help save him all the time." The group ran away not looking back as Yuto picked himself up and dusted himself off. He smiled at Valanthe, "Uh thanks Valanthe, they jumped me since they saw I wasn't with Yukishi."

Valanthe ignored his thanks and kept walking as he followed her, "Where is the idiot anyway?" Yuto shrugged, "He mentioned something about Remlin helping us study since Remlin wants us all to have good grades and we all know Yukishi is…" Valanthe interrupted him, "An idiot?" Yuto shook his head, "I was gonna say skilled in other things but I guess that works too."

Valanthe sighed, "I thought I told you to learn to stand up for yourself." Yuto nodded, "I know you did but I'm afraid of what they'll do if I fight back." Valanthe stared at him, "Yukishi won't always be around to save you and I certainly don't plan on doing it all the time, you need to grow some courage."

Yuto frowned, "I know but it's hard, I'm not strong like you or Yukishi." Valanthe scowled at him attempting to give him tough love, "Well if you can't get stronger than how will you be a Questinger then?" The bell rang suddenly and Valanthe walked towards her class, leaving Yuto to ponder her question.


Later in DND Club after school …

It was after school and a loud bang could be heard coming from Remlin's classroom. Inside the classroom Yuto was sitting quietly in the corner while Yukishi and Valanthe were fighting as usual. Yukishi had caused the noise as he had slammed his hand down on the desk, "Why the hell didn't you teach those guys a lesson." Valanthe rolled her eyes, "Because going to beat up those stooges won't fix his problems."

Yukishi scoffed at her, "What are you talking about, I do it all the time and it works out fine." Valanthe glared at him, "If you always run in like a bull in a China shop and solve his problems then nothing changes, he has to solve his own problems whether it means solving it with violence or other methods." Before Yukishi could respond and Yuto could sink lower into his chair as he could hear anything they were saying Remlin entered into the room.

He stared at the three of them, "Ah I see Yukishi and Valanthe were having a lovers quarrel." Yuto snickered silently at the comment as seeing the two's reactions of disgust made him forget about the issue at hand. Remlin cleared his throat, "Right well the reason I was late is because I was speaking to a new member." Valanthe looked at her father questioningly, "Remlin what new member?"

Remlin stepped aside to reveal a blonde haired student with fair skin and almost snake-like blue eyes. He wore a hoodie under uniform and carried a book in his hands. He smiled at them, "Greetings, my name is Will Masters, but you can call me Grant. I'll be joining your club." Yukishi looked at him funny, "You really want to join a DND club?" Grant nodded, "Yes I find the game exciting."

Yuto seeing this as an opportunity got up and went to shake Grant's hand, "Well I for one think it's lovely to have another DND lover like myself, say you have an accent do you mind me asking where you're from?" Grant smiled and shook his hand, "Oh no not at all, I'm from America actually, Florida to be precise." Yukishi nodded and went to shake his hand too, "Well I suppose you seem cool." Grant nodded, "and I look forward to playing with a hot head that Mr. Remlin said you are."

Valanthe cracked a little smile at the new member's jab at Yukishi, "America is a long way from Japan, what are you doing here?" Grant frowned slightly, "My family passed away and my only living relatives were here in Japan so here I am, apologies if my Japanese is a little weird." Yukishi whispered to Yuto, "I heard a lot of people die in Florida." Valanthe hearing him jabbed her elbow into his stomach, "So what character do you play?" Grant smiled and shook his head, "Oh I'm more of a DM actually, Remlin has actually allowed me to DM." Yuto looked at his teacher, "Really, he was the new DM you were talking about?"

Remlin smiled and shook his head, "I'm more here as the advisor, if someone else wanted to DM then I have to let them do it." Grant nodded, "and I really like creating challenging situations to test my players, so I hope you can use your brains." Valanthe pointed to Yukishi, "Well I guess this idiot is doomed." Yukishi instead of responding simply scoffed at her, "Let's just play the game" The others nodded and soon they began their campaign.


Several hours later they were deep into a quest and it seemed like hope was nearly lost. Grant had thrown a living armor at them knowing it was resistant to physical damage and Yukishi and Valanthe did most of the fighting. With those two defeated and nearly dead it was up to Yuto to save the day. Yukishi looked at his best friend, "C'mon Yuto use a spell, there's gotta be a spell its weak against."

Yuto was panicking he had nothing and didn't know any spells to counter the creature, "I don't have anything, I guess I could try a fireball." Grant rolled a dexterity saving throw on the monster. He smiled seeing that the monster succeeded the save. "The monster succeeded on it's saving throw. Your fireball does hit, but it isn't effective against him, he attacks and knocks you into a body of water essentially killing you."

Yuto looked dumb founded at the result as Grant shrugged at him, "Sorry Yuto but sometimes even if a monster fails it's saving throw, it can't save you, you gotta learn to use your spells in a more creative way or you'll end up losing." had been trying to be encouraging but sadly Yuto's shoulders slumped and he frowned, "I was useless." Remlin seeing that it was time to call it a night interrupted them, "Alright guys club time over, go home and we'll reconvene another day." The four students nodded and packed their belongings.

Soon the only two people left in the classroom were Valanthe and Remlin. Valanthe turned to her adoptive father, "You sure it's a good idea to let him into the club, could make things more difficult for us." Remlin frowned, "Unfortunately I can't tell someone no if they want to join since this is an official, but don't worry this won't affect the real purpose of the club." Valanthe nodded and the two left the classroom unsure how this new member would affect things.


*The Opening theme begins, Silhouette by Kana-Boon*

Instrumentals are heard as a guitar begins as several characters flash on the screen starting with Yukishi before going through several characters before the screen breaks revealing a book called The Legend of Kataryuko. The book opens showing several scenes like the armies of Sebion, the 6 heroes and finally the worlds splitting before the book gets halfway through and it reveals the logo Fantaji Sentai Questinger.

Isse no se de fumikomu gōrain bokura wa, Nanimo nanimo mada shiranu

Yukishi is shown walking the halls of school before transferring into a village dressed in fighter gear.

Issen koete furikaeruto mō nai bokura wa Nanimo nanimo mada shiranu

Yuto is shown being laughed at in the halls before going over to a village where people are shown to be asking him questions appreciating him, now flashing to Valanthe who is shown to be overlooking a village.

Udatte udatte udatteku Kirameku ase ga koboreru no sa

Remnil is shown giving the teens their Questinchangers behind them appearing Will Masters staring at them giving them a cold look as they prepare to morph.

Oboetenai koto mo takusan attadarou

The Questingers appear fully morphed leaping from a book into the world of Kataryuko going head first into some monsters fighting them off.

Daremo kare mo shiruetto

The three stop to look at each other before going to fight a tougher looking monster as a team.

Daiji ni shitai mono motte otona ni naru nda

The humanoid zords appear with each of them charging into battle before flashing to the mecha

Don'na toki mo hanasazu ni

A scene of Will Masters laughing creating monsters as a silhouette of the Questingers fight them

Mamori tsudzukeyou soshitara itsu no hi ni ka

A brief flash of Remlin casting a spell before the Questingers all begin to charge up attacks

Nanimo kamo o waraeru-sa

The attacks merge striking the screen leaving a bright light

Hirari to hirari to matteru Konoha ga tonde yuku

Finally Valanthe is shown standing alone as Yukishi and Yuto arrive and offer their hands to her as brief scenes play brief flashes of her amongst a dark army, the three walking away as a 20 sided dice rolls on the ground ending the scene cutting out before the dice finishes rolling


A Dark Castle deep within Kataryuko

The castle and base of the generals of Sebion was quite safe for two who were amongst it's walls. Hereth and Igritorn could be seen sitting in chairs, the silence was apparent and the tension could be felt by all in the room. Igritorn being the big brute he was slammed his hand down on the table, "Dammit why was I summoned here?" Hereth smiled as his long hair blocked one of his eyes, "I haven't the foggiest idea, I'm just here in hopes you're in trouble."

Igritorn narrowed his eyes at the other general, "Don't make me kill you Hereth." Hereth smiled at him indifferent, "Must it always be violence with you, slaughtering enemies this and destroying villages that, honestly, savagery isn't always the answer." Before the Igritorn could respond a cloaked figure appeared from the shadows causing both generals to turn towards them. Hereth raised an eyebrow, "Oh well if it isn't the one Vrefaris recruited to deal with the Questingers, to what do we owe the pleasure."

The figure ignored him, "I summoned the dragonborn not you half elf." Igritorn got up and approached the figure, "And what is so important that you interrupt my work." The figure stared him down, not intimidated, "You have someone in your army called Animor correct?" Igritorn snarled at him, "And what if I do?" The figure pushed past him and sat down in one of the chairs, "Send him to a town called Tarrin and have him take it over."

Hereth intrigued commented, "Do you know something we don't boy?" The figure turned around not liking being called boy, "Vrefaris told you not to question me, so I suggest you stop and just do as I say." Hereth shrugged, "Feisty aren't we? Oh well guess I'll just watch to see how this turns out."

Igritorn snarled again, "Fine I'll do as you say, but if this harms me then don't be surprised if I come for your head." The figure nodded, "Good, then get it done." Hereth smiled at his fellow general, "Don't worry Igritorn, I'll be near Tarrin and I'll make sure everything kicks off right." Igritorn narrowed his eyes at him, "And why should I trust you to help me succeed?"

Hereth shrugged, "I'm a team player what can I say, your success is my success" Igritorn sighed, "Fine, I don't have time to kill you anyway, do what you want." As he walked away Hereth smiled, "I do also enjoy you failing." He smiled as his fellow general was out of sight, not knowing he planned to undermine him.


The Next day in Tarrin

The Questingers had arrived in the town of Tarrin to help villagers out as they had yet to be attacked by Sebion and they wanted to make as many towns ready as possible. The townspeople were thankful and didn't say no to their help. Yukishi helped the men build defenses, Valanthe made sure all able men had a weapon and knew how to use it and Yuto well he found himself unable to do much, he wasn't strong and he sure didn't know how to fight.

While they were resting Yukishi noticed Valanthe had her hood up and a scarf around her the whole time, "Hey Valanthe why are you trying to hide yourself?" Valanthe narrowed her eyes at him, "It's none of your business now stop lazing about and go back to work." Yukishi, being smart enough to not press it, walked off as Yuto followed him. Yukishi sighed, "That girl is weird" Yuto shrugged, "I think you just like pissing her off."

Yukishi shrugged, "Maybe just a little bit." Suddenly the two heard screaming and ran towards the screams to find a group of Yamblins attacking some villagers. The two took out their QuestinDice as Yukishi turned to his friend, "Ready?" Yuto nodded as they both inserted their dice.



The changer announced, "D20" as the two ran forward and shouted, "QUESTINCHANGE"

Dive in! Fight for glory! (Questinranger!) Fighter Classssss!

Dive in! Knowledge is power! (Questinranger!) Wizard Classssss!

The two emerged weapons drawn as QuestinRed and QuestinBlue and began to fight off the Yamblins and try to get villagers to safety. Soon they were joined by Valanthe already changed into QuestinBlack who certainly had a few questions, "What the hell is going on and where did they come from?" QuestinRed slashed one and kicked it into the river that ran through town, "Are you really complaining about a fight?"

QuestinBlack nodded, "I prefer to do my fighting without people in the crossfire." QuestinBlue sighed at their bickering, "Let's just find the leader and destroy him that should get the grunts to retreat." The other two nodded and soon they had finished fighting the Yamblins to find a black suit of armor approaching them. It wasn't bulky armor and didn't seem very powerful but smoke appeared out of it and it almost glowed blue.

It hissed at them, "Questingersssss sssssssoon you will die by my hand" Red brought up his sword, "Sorry I don't think so" He went and slashed the enemy a couple of times but it seemingly didn't do anything. Pressing in his dice his GearSword began to ignite, "D1, fine have some of this." He raced forward, "FIGHTER: BLAZING CRITICAL BLOW"

He hit the leader directly but it seemed to have no effect as it hissed at him again, "That ticklesssssss" With one swing of his sword he hit Red knocking him back and out of his transformation. Black sighed, "I have to do everything around here don't I." She pushed in her dice, "D1" She charged forward as her daggers flowed with wind, "ROGUE: HURRICANE CRITICAL BLOW" She hit the enemy twice and caused a large explosion seemingly destroying the leader.

She turned to Yukishi feeling cocky at having defeated something that easily beat him, "That's how you do it idiot." Blue however realized something, "Black get out of there, IT'S A LIVING ARMOR!" Before she knew what happened she felt two burning attacks of darkness hit her, causing her to get knocked forward and out of both transformation and consciousness.

Yukishi ran up to her unresponsive body, "Valanthe! Please be ok" He raced up and checked for a pulse and nodded, "Yuto she's badly hurt but alive, take this guy down." Yuto nodded as he clicked in his dice, "D5" He nodded, "Time to prove I'm strong" Frigid energy begins to form on his hands as he shoots it at the living armor, "WIZARD: RAY OF FROST MAGIC STRIKE"

The attack hit the living armor but just like the last two attacks it seemingly had no effect. Yuto looked at it stunned, "What? I knew a fireball wouldn't work but ice doesn't either?" The monster laughed, "Foolish wizard you won't live to find my weakness." Charging another attack he hit a stunned Blue causing an explosion and sending him into the river. Yukishi looked on as his best friend had seemingly just been killed, "YUTO!"

Yamblins soon closed in around him as he cradled the injured Valanthe in his arms. The living armor approached him, "One is dead and soon you two will follow" It began to laugh as Yukishi could do nothing as a Yamblin knocked him out, Tarrin had been taken, him and Valanthe had been captured and Yuto was dead. All hope had seemed lost.


Back in the human world

Remlin who had been observing the events as they unfolded slammed the book shut and cursed under his breath. He wanted to have faith that they would get out of this on their own, but with Yuto seemingly dead and Yukishi and Valanthe most likely to be executed then there was nothing he could do.

He knew he would have to go in and help and sadly end up having to explain to Yuto's family what had happened to him. As he began to cast the spell to enter into the book he heard a voice from behind him, "Mr. Kurosaki?" Remlin turned to find Grant standing in the doorway, stopping the spell Remlin turned to the teen, "Hello Grant, what is it?" Grant stepped inside the classroom, "Well you said we would be having a test next week and well I haven't been here long so I was hoping I could ask you some questions."

Remlin frowned, "Grant this really isn't a good time." Grant blocked the entrance, "Please I need to do well on it next and this is the only time I'll have to ask you." Remlin sighed, "Very well, sit down and we'll go over the material." Remlin cursed under his breath as Grant sat down at a desk, the teen wasn't going to give up on getting Remlin to help him and Remlin could only apologize in his mind for whatever was happening to his students in the other world.


Back in Kataryuko

Dripping, all he could hear was dripping as he warmth around him. Yuto hesitated to open his eyes fearing that if he did he would be in the next world and that he was dead. Moving slightly he felt pain which seemed to tell him he was alive causing him to open his eyes seeing himself placed next to a fire. Looking around he found he was in a dark cave and was closer to the entrance of it.

Sitting by the fire was a man with long dirty blonde hair, he didn't look too old and was wearing robes similar to the ones he wore. The man smiled at him, "Awake I see?" Yuto sat up and nodded, "Where am I?" The man laughed, "Funny thing, I was fishing hoping to catch me some lunch when I found an unconscious kid floating down the river." Yuto frowned, "Thank you for saving me, my name is Yuto Ryuga."

The man nodded, "Name's Hereth, now tell me Yuto what were you doing floating in a river." Yuto grimaced remembering what had happened, "The village I was in got attacked and I was thrown into the river." Hereth nodded, "So those Sebion creeps attacked another village." Yuto nodded, "I tried to stop them but sadly none of my spells worked."

Hereth raised an eyebrow, "You a wizard?" Yuto nodded slightly, "A pretty bad one." Hereth waved him off, "We're all bad at some point kid, when I first trained to be a warlock I wasn't great either." Yuto looked at the man astonished, "You're a warlock?" Hereth, "Sure am, I've been one for about 30 years, I suppose since we both specialize in magic that makes us friends." Yuto nodded and smiled at him, "I could use a friend right now." Hereth raised another eyebrow, "Why what's wrong?"

Yuto began to cry slightly, "Because I'm useless, I couldn't help the town and now my friends are probably going to die all because I couldn't use a spell to kill the living armor." Hereth hearing his response pondered for a second before his eyes went wide and he nodded, "Living armor, hmmm I could teach a spell that it's weak too." Yuto looked at the man happily, "Really?" Hereth nodded, "Yeah, can't promise your friends will still be alive but you can at least save the town." Yuto sadly nodded, "Even if I can't save them, I still want to save the town."

Hereth nodded and his finger glowed as he touched Yuto's forehead, "There I transferred the knowledge of the spell to you, but there's one thing you gotta have to make it work?" Yuto looked at his new friend like he had two heads, "What's that?" Hereth smiled, "Courage, magic won't work if your heart has fear in it." Yuto nodded, "So that's really the key to getting strong with magic? I thought it was knowledge."

Hereth shook his head, "Nope knowing spells is useless if you don't have the courage to cast them, now go save that town I'm sure we'll meet again." Yuto nodded as he stood up, "Right thank you Hereth I owe you one." With that he turned and ran out the cave ready to go save his friends. As he left Hereth smiled, "No I should thank you, QuestinBlue for doing my job of undermining that brute for me.." He laughed slightly and teleported out of sight content with his work.


In Tarrin

Back in Tarrin, Yukishi and an injured Valanthe sat in a house that had been converted into a makeshift prison. Yukishi looked at the girl who had only woken up a few minutes ago, "How are you feeling?" Valanthe started to stand, "I'm fine now let's figure out how to get out of here." Suddenly she began to fall, causing Yukishi to rush to catch her. He laid her back against the wall once again, "How are you really feeling?"

Valanthe winced from the pain, "Like I took an attack that I usually shouldn't" Yukishi smiled, "I guess even the more experienced of us get cocky sometimes." Valanthe frowned and punched his arm, "I'm still strong enough to do that so watch the tone." Yukishi sat back and the two sat in silence for awhile before he spoke again, "So why were you really being all stealthy?"

Valanthe rolled her eyes, "This again really?" Yukishi nodded, "If we're about to die you can at least stop being secretive." Valanthe frowned, "Fine, if you must know I wasn't always a good person." Yukishi raised an eyebrow, "You're a good person?" Valanthe scowled at him, "Don't make me kick you, anyway I was once a worse person than I am now and I got a reputation for it." Yukishi nodded slowly, "So you want your actions to be how everyone sees you now not who you are."

Valanthe looked at him funny, "Did you just say something slightly smart?" Yukishi shrugged, "Had to happen at some point I suppose." Valanthe laughed at his comment causing Yukishi to smile, "Did you just laugh?" Valanthe stopped and shook her head, "No must've been my injuries getting to me." Yukishi smiled, "Man even when we're about to die you keep hating me." Valanthe shook her head, "I don't hate you, I just… I'm not looking for friends."

Yukishi looked at the elf, "What are you looking for?" Valanthe sighed, "Redemption, to sleep better at night." Yukishi was going to respond but the door swung open as Yamblins came in and forced them to stand up. They began to march them out of the house and through the streets, stopping at the town center that was full of the captured townsfolk. The two were forced to kneel as the living armor arrived in front of them, "Thessssssssssse two will be executed and we want everyone to sssssssee that thissssssssssss issssssssss what happensssssssssss to thossssssssse who fight back."

Two Yamblins appeared carrying large battle axes and began to walk towards them as Yukishi frowned, "Never thought getting my head cut off by an axe was how I'd go." Valanthe shrugged, "Honestly this is exactly how I pictured I'd die." Suddenly two large balls of water hit the Yamblins knocking them away as a cry could be heard, "No ones dying today."

The two looked to see Yuto arrive holding their QuestinChangers, "I made sure to go get these from the guards before I showed up." Yukishi and Valanthe stood up to meet him as Yukishi smiled like an idiot, "YUTO I am so glad you're alive." Yuto smiled and arrived to free them from their restraints, "I'm glad you are too, I was worried I wouldn't make it in time."

Valanthe smiled slightly at him, "Well you did and that's all that matters." The two placed their changers on their arms as the three brought out their dice, "QUESTINCHANGER" The three put the dice into the Changer.




The standby music began to play as all three brought the changer up and they announced together, "QUESTINCHANGE" Blue, Red and Black lights bathed the area as the townsfolk watched on in awe


Dive in! Knowledge is power! (Questinranger!) Wizard Classssss!

Dive in! Fight for glory! (Questinranger!) Fighter Classssss!

Dive in! Lurking in the shadows! (Questinranger!) Rogue Classssss!

The three fully emerged as the Questingers and began their role calls with QuestinBlue leading the call, "The Intelligent Wizard, QuestinBlue" Red posed next to him, "The Brave Fighter, QuestinRed" Black posed as well moving slower due to her injuries, "The Sly Rogue, QuestinBlack" The three posed together with Blue in the middle, "The legendary heroes who'll save the world one roll at a time, FANTAJI SENTAI QUESTINGER." Blue instead of Red finished the call, "Now let's begin the quest."

The three quickly summoned their weapons, "GearSword, GearStaff, GearDaggers" The living armor and the Yamblins got ready to charge them, "ATTACK" The Yamblins began to run at them as Blue nodded to Red and Black, "Take care of these guys and protect the people, I'll deal with this guy." Black looked at him, "You sure?" Blue nodded, "Yeah, I've found my courage." Red nodded, "You got it, let us know if you need help."

The two began to fight the foot soldiers as Blue ran towards the living armor who glared at him, "You sssssssseem different but it matterssssss not for you won't defeat the mighty Animor!" He charged at QuestinBlue who clashed his sword with his staff and the two began to fight with Blue getting some hits in confusing Animor, "How do you seem so much stronger." Blue hit him with the point of his staff knocking him back, "Because I'm not afraid of you anymore." He pushed in his dice causing it to announce, "D5, Magic"

The GearStaff began to glow blue as he called out "Witch Bolt" An arc of blue energy came out of the staff and hit Animor, crackling as it hit him and caused an explosion that knocked him back further, the energy still arcing from Blue's hand as it would appear the spell has created a sustained arc of lightning between him and Animor. Soon Red and Black joined Blue who nodded at them, "He should be weak enough so let's finish him together." The three pushed in their dice twice and their weapons began to glow, "Critical Team Strike!"

Red created two energy slashes at Animor as Black created two her daggers, the four attacks hit Animor leaving Blue to deal the final blow with the same spell he had used earlier. Animor fell and exploded as the team turned away from it and posed. Blue proclaimed confidently, "Monster vanquished!"

The townsfolk who were watching began to cheer for them causing them to become distracted. None noticed the general Malin appearing behind them next to Animor's remains, "Time to rise again little soldier." She dripped a potion onto him causing him to spring back to life and grow larger causing the Questingers to be startled by it. Red sighed, "Guess we aren't done yet" The three tapped their dice, "D15, Summon Figures"

The three Figures appeared summoned from nowhere and the Questingers entered into them. QuestinRed was ready to begin the combining sequence but QuestinBlue stopped him, "Wait Yukishi let me try it, maybe if I start it we'll get a magic focused formation." QuestinBlack nodded in agreement, "Remlin did tell me once there were different formations." Blue taking initiative pressed the dice down as the other two followed, "D16, Figures Combine"

Instead of what happened last time, the three figures combined with Blue now becoming the center and Red becoming the legs and Black as usual becoming the arms. The three Questingers appeared in the cockpit with Blue now in the center and announced, "Gattai Complete! Awaken QuestinOh! Blue Initiative!" QuestinOh stood ready to stop Animor once again as it summoned it's weapon now a giant staff, "QuestinStaff"

Animor sent some attacks at them but using a shield spell they were deflected off of the robot. QuestinOh charged forward and hit Animor a few times knocking him back causing him to scream at them, "No I will not be defeated like thisssssssss" Blue yelled back at him, "Sorry but you will!" The three had their weapons in hand as they announced, "QuestinOh: Final Magic Strike"

The Staff shot out more of the same blue energy that had been used to defeat Animor previously causing him to explode and destroying him once and for all. QuestinOh turned around and powered down, "Quest Complete" The townsfolk once again cheered for their heroes.


It had been a few hours since the fight and the group was now helping the townsfolk rebuild what had been damaged in the attack. Yukishi and Valanthe watched as Yuto was helping coordinate the clean up and answering questions as he could as the townsfolk regarded him as a hero and saw him as intelligent. Yukishi smiled, "Guess you were right, he didn't need me to solve his problems."

Valanthe glared at him, "I'm always right, and now he's become stronger without you." Yukishi nodded and paused for a moment, "You know that monster attack was awfully similar to what we played in the club." Valanthe looked at Yukishi, "I'm surprised you noticed it too." Yukishi shrugged, "I don't like losing so I usually remember when I lose in a game."

Valanthe rolled her eyes at the comment, "Well according to Remlin, Grant seems human so It must've been a coincidence." Yukishi nodded, "I guess it was, now come on let's go help Yuto." Valanthe nodded as the two walked over to help the new hero help the townsfolk.


Back at the Dark Castle

Igritorn screamed as he threw a chair at Hereth, "Damn you Hereth you set me up for failure!" Hereth blocked the chair with a spell and looked at his fellow general, "Honestly Igritorn how do you suppose I did that?" Igritorn roared again, "I have no idea but I know you did something."

Before Hereth could respond the hooded figure appeared again followed by Malin, "Honestly will you two stop bickering." Igritorn turned his anger at the figure, "You! You set me up for failure." The figure laughed and removed his hood, "Honestly I had no idea the plan would fail, but worry not I have plenty more plans to destroy those heroes" Will Masters smiled, oh he had plenty more plans and he would not stop until the Questingers were defeated.


The Next Day

Valanthe walked down the hallway once again and was met with a familiar sight, the bullies confronting Yuto. As she approached however she heard him yell at them, "I will not be taking your bullying anymore so leave me alone before I make you." The leader shrugged, "Ugh fine, it's no fun if you have a backbone."

The bullies walked away as Valanthe walked up to Yuto, "Not bad, but I'm pretty sure you couldn't make them leave you alone." Yuto turned to her and shook his head, "No I couldn't, but they don't need to know that." Valanthe smiled, "Not bad, nice to see you found your strength."

Yuto nodded, "So want to come have lunch with Yukishi and I?" Valanthe wanted to say no but she decided to nod, after all they did just nearly die, "Sure why not, eating alone gets boring sometimes." Valanthe began to follow him to have lunch, she may not have wanted friends but there was no harm in having a little company.



In Kataryuko a hooded man stood upon a cliff looking down on Tarrin, he smiled as he had been in the town listening to the tales of the Questingers. Besides him Vrefaris appeared, "So what do you think Uvubras?"

Uvubras smiled as his eyes glowed with intrigue, "Those Questingers have been very busy." Vrefaris nodded, "Indeed especially the one you're familiar with." Uvubras nodded, "Perhaps it's time I pay a visit to my old apprentice Valanthe."

He began to laugh as Vrefaris left him, the dark elf getting carried away with the evil plan that was beginning to unfold in his head.


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Valanthe is seen confronting a child

"Better think twice about stealing from me"

Remlin is talking to Valanthe

"You're going to have to tell them eventually before this situation becomes worse"

Uvubras is in front of the Questingers

"Hello Valanthe, how's my favorite underling"


Mythos and the Questingers are seen in a white room overlooking both a temple and a forrest posing