"I can't wait any longer! I gotta see this story!" Zofia cried out in home as she ran out of her bedroom and grabbed the wheely ladder, going into her mother's study which was where she wrote her novels in, going to the bookshelf which had book versions of her adventures from youth. She then placed it by the bookcase and wheeled herself to the section to take out the book that was labeled as "The Magic Within Turtles Forever".

"Your mother said to wait until she came back home." Two-Tone told her.

"I can't wait any longer!" Zofia told her. "Besides, one little peek can't hurt. Mother's friend Sabrina Spellman is one of my role models."

"Well, this oughta be interesting." LJ smirked as he poked his head inside.

Zofia soon grabbed the green and purple book, sliding down from the ladder.

"You know you shouldn't be looking through your mother's things without her around," Two-Tone reminded. "She said it might be dangerous if you don't know what you're getting yourself into."

"It's just one book," Zofia told the Dalmatian. "What could happen?"

"Try not to jinx it," LJ replied. "Mom will probably come back and ground us."

Zofia stuck her tongue out, leaving the room with him while carrying the book.

Two-Tone sighed and shook her head. "And I thought the Puppy-Cats were a handful..."

Tim and Richard were soon chasing each other right then.

"See what I mean?" Two-Tone mumbled to herself.

"Yep..." Furrball replied as he walked with her.

Zofia grunted and struggled, carrying the heavy book before landing it onto the kitchen table. "Phew! Who knew this book was so heavy?" she then said. "It looked so light when Mother carried it."

"I think that's the unholy strength," LJ replied. "She can lift up Drell by his shirt these days."

"Yeah, that's true." Zofia said as she came to open the book.

"Alrighty...it's time to read this crazy tale for ourselves and see what went down!" LJ exclaimed as they both opened the book.

"This is not gonna be good..." Two-Tone face-pawed.

Furball shook his head, agreeing with her.

"It was a normal day, sometime after the Halloween after the defeat of the Sanderson sisters," Zofia began to read her mother's written word aloud. "I recalled the events from my then-boyfriend before getting married after Atticus and Mo's wedding in Equestria, studying the notes that Lionel gave to me from his visions from another universe that was far different than the one we lived in. I had to ponder what they could have meant."

We are then shown teenage Cherry as she was alone in her bedroom, staring at the notebook she had taken a look at after hearing from Lionel's visions of another reality, especially that concerned a good friend of hers, known as Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Lionel then came inside with a suitcase. "Hey, Cherry! The others and I are about to head to New York to investigate those visions I had. You wanna come with?" he asked.

"I guess it's better than trying to study from the notes you gave me." Cherry replied tiredly.

"Sorry you're all tuckered out," Lionel patted her. "I'll zap us to Manhattan to meet up with the others."

"Mind packing my stuff?" Cherry asked, going away from her desk. "I'll be right back. Just give me about five minutes."

"Can do!" Lionel winked before he snapped his fingers, and Cherry's clothes came to life and packed themselves into a suitcase.

Cherry came into the bathroom to freshen up and get ready since she was going on a trip.

"Yes, Mom, I'm going out with the others," Thor said, using his Spell Phone. "No, I don't think the others will give me Wiccan Pox. I haven't even had Wiccan Pox since I was Bebe's age!"

"You ready to go?" Lionel asked him.

"Yeah, I'm good, just gotta remind Mom what's going on," Thor said, putting his hand over the phone. "I swear, she still treats me like I'm six or something."

"My condolences, dude." Lionel replied.

Thor rolled his eyes as his mother kept babbling on the phone before he smirked. "GOODBYE, MOM!" he then said before hanging up and groaned, collapsing into Cherry's father's chair. "Ugh... No wonder Uncle Drell complained about his childhood a lot."

"I think he was mostly talking about when he was taught by Madam Mim." Atticus replied.

"Totato Pomato." Thor replied.

"Aaaaanyways, is everyone ready to go?" asked Lionel.

"Well, where's Cherry?" Thor asked.

"Hmm... Probably still in the bathroom." Lionel said.

"Oh, we can wait," Thor replied. "My uncle's a patient man."

There was then a beat of silence before Atticus and Lionel laughed, thinking that was supposed to be a joke.

Lionel sighed, wiping his eyes. "Good one, dude!" he sighed.

"Oh..." Thor said before laughing with them.

Atticus and Lionel glanced over and came to check on Cherry.

"Hey, Cherry? You ready?" Atticus asked, knocking on the bathroom door.

There was no answer.

"Cherry!" Atticus called, a bit louder, but still no answer.

Lionel sighed. "She better not have ditched us..." he groused as he teleported inside.

Cherry was shown to had fallen asleep in the bathtub due to the hard work she had been doing since they came home after their Halloween in Salem.

Lionel sighed. "What am I gonna do with you?" he shrugged as he hoisted her over his shoulder, got her dressed and teleported out of the restroom.

"Oh, Cherry..." Atticus frowned as his best friend looked wore out. "I think we should just let her sleep on the way to New York. Maybe we can take the long way so she can get enough sleep."

"Hmm...alright," Lionel replied. "I'll teleport us onto a bus for New York."

And so, after gathering everything they'd need, he teleported them onto a bus heading for Manhattan. Cherry was still asleep. Atticus soon magicked up Cherry's phone and headphones, putting them on her ears and put on one of her favorite playlists so that she could catch up on her sleep.

"So, Uncle Drell texted," Thor said. "He said he'll meet us in town."

"Alrighty then," Lionel replied. "We got eight hours to get there, so we might as well get some rest too."

The others agreed and decided to get some rest while they had the chance as they had a long ride to New York.

Eight hours later, the bus finally arrived in Manhattan outside a hotel, where Drell and Hilda were snoring outside. Cherry soon woke up and looked more active now.

The others smiled to her since she had enough sleep to last her during this trip. Cherry waved her hand in Drell's face as he kept sleeping, then took out a pillow and went to press it against his face to smother him.

"Don't even think about it." Drell soon said which made Cherry flinch and drop the pillow, looking sheepish.

"Lemme guess..." Hilda yawned. "Tried to smother you with a pillow?"

"Yeeeep," Drell replied. "For shame, Cherry."

"It was a joke, I'm joking!" Cherry said sheepishly.

"Mm-hmm..." Drell replied, tossing the pillow out of the way. "You sneak up on someone you're not that into, find them sleeping, and almost non-responsive, and try to smother them in their sleep? I've seen it a million times."

"Déjà vu." Cherry muttered from what he just said.

"Geez, Cherry, what the fuck?" asked Thor. "You try to suffocate my uncle right in front of me? That's messed up."

"Thornton!" Cherry gasped from his swearing.

"I'm sorry, Cherry, but that was just sick," Thor replied. "Even for you."

"Augh..." Cherry groaned then. "I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking."

"Shame on you," Hilda replied. "You let your hate override your common sense."

"But I'm sorry!" Cherry cried out.

"Maybe I should use this." Drell said, bringing out a bug in a jar.

"Augh! No! Not that!" Cherry yelped. "I won't do it again, I promise! Please don't make me live a boring normal life!"

"Hm...fine," Drell replied. "But I'm watching you, ya little stinker. Don't think I won't do it!"

"What're you getting worked up over a jar bug for?" asked Lionel.

"That's not an ordinary bug, Lionel," Atticus said. "Sometime after Drell recruited us to become his students, he said we could stay or that bug could bite us and erase all of our memories of ever meeting him and we'd have to live like normal kids with no knowledge or memory of our special abilities."

"Sounds kinda like the Matrix," Lionel replied. "Alright then, Morpheus; everything should begin happening in a few hours."

"Yes, it should," Drell said, putting the jar away. "Come inside. We'll be staying in this hotel."

They soon came inside as Drell and Hilda came to the front desk as the adults in this situation.

"Hello~" The concierge greeted.

"Ugh... I'm getting Home Alone 2 flashbacks." Sabrina muttered.

"Didn't this guy escape to space?" asked Lionel.

"We booked a suite big enough for... Our children... To visit." Drell said, gesturing to the group behind him.

"Ah, yes..." The concierge replied, typing into the computer. "Let me get that for you, sir."

"Sure, why not?" replied Hilda with a shrug.

"Boys in one room, girls in the other." Drell said.

"Aww! Uncle Drell!" Thor spoke up.

"Sorry, Tiny, but those are our rules." Drell told his nephew.

"Whatever, dude, I can live with that," Lionel shrugged. "As long as we don't pull one of those lame fart jokes."

Eventually, they were given their room keys and were now in the elevator.

"Oh, I hope Zelda will be okay back home." Hilda said.

"Ah, she'll be fine," Cherry replied. "Zelda's a strong woman."

"True," replied Lionel. "But she can only take so much."

"Don't worry, Hil," Drell told his wife. "If anything happens, she knows how to reach us."

"Let's hope so." replied Hilda as they went inside.

The groups then split up with Drell and Hilda as adults for the boys and girls in their separate rooms.

"Do you pack anything besides weights and books?" Thor teased Atticus.

"Do you pack anything besides stuff to make sandwiches with?" Atticus retorted with a smirk.

"That's not an answer." Thor remarked.

"Well, Mr. Smart Guy, I've got clothes of course." Atticus said before taking out his weight clothes that Goku got for him.

"Whatever," Lionel shrugged. "I'm gonna go do some searching."

"You sure you should go off on your own?" Thor asked. "Uncle Drell wants us to stick together until the time is right."

"Hey, I may as well keep an eye out for our other selves," Lionel shrugged. "Maybe I can give them a hand or two!"

"Hmm... All right," Thor replied. "Just promise me you'll keep your Spell Phone handy."

"It's right here," Lionel said, showing his emergency contact that they had for adventures. "Don't wait up."

"Bye, Lionel." Atticus and Thor said before they smirked to each other before Atticus tackled down Thor as they decided to wrestle with each other to pass the time.

"I wonder what that other world is doing right now?" Thor commented.

"Hard to say, buddy... Hard to say..." Atticus replied mysteriously.