"And that's the way it was." Cherry said mysteriously as she then closed her book in front of LJ and Zofia.

The two were amazed by how the story had played out.

"That was... AWESOME!" LJ exclaimed. "But two questions: did you ever get to meet the Prouds a second time, and did you ever see those other yous again?"

"Hmm... I'd probably have to look into both those things in my archives, but I remember when the Proud Family came over to Hawaii and ended up meeting Lilo and Stitch when that experiment that caused arguments with people was activated." Cherry replied.

"I guess dad was pretty glad about getting to do that one." Zofia smiled.

"I suppose you could say that, yes." Cherry replied.

"Nice," replied LJ. "Maybe we'll go invite our friends over. Watch a movie or something..."

"You do that, oh, and kids?" Cherry then said.

"Yes?" LJ and Zofia replied.

"If I want you to wait until I get home to tell a story, I expect you to follow those rules, okay?" Cherry smirked a bit warningly.

"Uh... Yes, of course..." Zofia said, shaking a chill down her spine.

"Yes, Mom. Sorry, Mom." LJ added.

"Very good..." Cherry then said, giving the book back. "Put this back on the shelf now."

"Of course, Mother." Zofia replied as she went to go right that way.

LJ went to pick out a video from the cabinet and then went to call the other kids.

"I guess we could check out those other Land Before Time movies?" Zofia suggested as she put the book back.

LJ smiled. "Sis, you took the words right outta my mouth!" he replied.

"I am awesome." Zofia smirked to herself playfully.

Cherry looked quite proud to hear that the kids enjoyed the Land Before Time series after their movie theater experience being a disaster with The Good Dinosaur.

"And SO humble, too." LJ smirked as he went to call the others.

Zofia soon took out the movies. "Uh... Mother?" she then called. "Which one is the second Land Before Time movie again?"

"The Great Valley Adventure." Cherry replied.

"Ah, right," Zofia said before taking it out before looking at the cover. "Aww... That little baby dinosaur~"

"Yeah... He is kinda adorable," LJ replied. "But I can hardly wait to see the others again. It's been so long since our last journey."

"You think we'll see Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm again?" Zofia wondered since they met the cave kids in that Land Before Time adventure.

"Most likely!" LJ replied.

"That would be nice," Zofia gave a small smile. "They were pretty interesting."

"Well, the sooner the others arrive, the sooner we can visit!" LJ replied.

"Yeah!" Zofia beamed from the excitement of a new adventure.

And one was practically on the horizon at that very moment. Just when and where it would start would be the question, until next time that is.

The End