"That's your Shredder's ultimate weapon? A giant golf ball on wheels?" asked Raph.

"It's not a golf ball, meathead," said Raphael. "It's a mobile fortress and a weapon of mass destruction. This thing tore up half of New York twice!"

"Eight turtles?" Shredder remarked to himself, watching on a screen. "I don't know how this came to be, but, soon, there will be none." he then pushed a button.

A group of teenagers were shown with one holding her pointer finger as she had trapped the rest of Cherry and Lionel's friends in a bubble and they seemed to be asleep.

"Ha-ha! We got these dweebs, but good!" said a pudgy boy with red hair. "Now all we need is to get the giant freak and the anime doofus!"

"I believe I have found who you're looking for." Shredder replied.

"Oh, do tell~" The brunette girl smirked as she kept the bubble in tow.

"Yes, this sounds very promising." The black-haired girl added as she pet her dog who grinned darkly with them.

"Get a load of THIS!" said Krang, pointing to Wayne and Kyle, on-screen.

The gang of bullies soon went to take a look.

"Oh, look, Ruby, it's those loser freaks," The black-haired girl told her dog. "What do we think of them?"

The dog soon barked and growled aggressively with a smirk.

"Good dog!" The girl beamed to her dog. "We'll get them next while Mr. Shredder can get his Ninja Turtles."

Shredder opened the drawbridge of the Technodrome, revealing Bebop and Rocksteady at the head of a platoon of Foot Soldiers. "Destroy them ALL!" he exclaimed.

"With great pleasure, Master Shredder!" Rocksteady grinned.

"Bebop and Rocksteady..." Cherry muttered to herself.

"Say your prayers, turtles!" Rocksteady called out on the way.

A shot of magic nearly hit her until Thor grabbed her and pulled her out of the way.

"Thor! What did I say about grabbing me?!" Cherry glared.

"Sorry, Cherry, but that magic blast almost hit you." Thor said as she didn't seem to notice it.

"So, how do you guys normally handle these situations?" asked Leo.

"How ELSE?" replied Leonardo.

"Let's kick some shell!" The turtles shouted as they lunged into battle with Lionel and Wayne.

"Don'tcha just love these guys?" Mikey beamed. "Cowabunga!"

"All right then," Cherry said, wriggling in Thor's grip a bit before looking at him. "You can put me down now, Thor."

"Huh? Oh, sorry." Thor said sheepishly before dropping her on the ground.

Cherry grunted from that before getting back up. "All right... I guess I can try to use my own karate skills." she then said, trying to stay strong and focused.

"A string bean like you knows karate?" Ronnie asked.

"I'm not feeble!" Cherry ranted a bit. "Especially when my best friends are in trouble!"

"Huh...guess I can relate," Ronnie replied. "Apart from the friends part. Other than Lionel and Atticus, I'm not sure if they really count."

"Hm..." Cherry said before getting into a defensive fighting stance. "Uh... Thor?"

"Hm?" Thor glanced over.

"Blue 42! Blue 42! Hut! Hut!" Cherry soon told him, remembering Atticus doing that for him some of the times.

Thor soon acted like he was in a football game and came charging in, using a football tackle on some Foot Soldiers that came toward him. The Foot Soldiers were knocked to pieces, revealing that they were...

"Robots!" Leo exclaimed.

"Exploding robots!" Raph added, stabbing a few.

Bebop and Rocksteady continued to shoot at them.

"Just watch out for the lasers!" Stephanie warned the others, using her own vines as a shield.

"Prepare to get plasmarized!" Rocksteady laughed as he aimed at Rachael and Ronnie.

"I don't think so!" replied Wayne as he bounced like a pogo stick into the air and knocked down some stalagmites, as they fell around Rocksteady, surrounding him.

"Nice!" Ronnie approved.

"Way to go!" Rachael added.

"Hey, no problem," Wayne grinned sheepishly. "Just as soon as this jerk gets out on parole!"

Mikey cackled in laughter. "Cut it out, I'm trying to fight here!" he wheezed.

Meanwhile, Raph was leaping around, smashing robots. "YEAH! WHO ELSE WANTS SOME?!" he exclaimed.

Donatello used his staff as a lever to send down a boulder, with Lionel balancing on top, to knock down several approaching Foot Soldiers.

"STEE-RIKE!" Lionel whooped.

Master Splinter began to help out the turtles in his own way.

"I'LL GIVE YA STRIKE!" Raph sounded quite pissed.

"Wow, what a hard case." Michelangelo said about Raph's behavior.

"Bro, I could tell ya stories." Mikey replied.

"Get ready to feel the thunder!" Thor smirked as he used his own thunderbolts from his magic, zapping at most of the Foot Soldiers.

"Geez!" Lionel snorted. "Never heard of saying thanks?"

Shredder was watching this on his monitor. "AUGH! BLASTED TURTLES!" he then snapped.

"Watch it," The brunette girl soon told him. "You got a call."

"Shredder! You bungling idiot." A voice scolded.

"I'm in the middle of something here, Krang!" Shredder retorted as Lionel and Wayne were seen sneaking into the Technodrome.

"First you get us stuck in this infernal dimension, and now you struggle to defeat these primitive creatures! If my troops from Dimension X were here-"

"Will you quit nagging about Dimension X?" Shredder complained. "We're having enough trouble in this dimension. Can't you see there are eight turtles now?" his eyes then widened as that gave him an idea. "Wait... That's it. Of course."

"What's he goin' on about?" The redheaded boy asked, a bit dimly.

"Isn't it obvious?" The brunette girl rolled her seafoam green eyes. "If this dimension has its own version of the turtles, perhaps it has its own Shredder, as well!"

"Yeah? How do you know that, Cassandra?" The redheaded boy glared.

"Why else would be interested about the other turtles in this world and back home? Duh!" The girl scoffed.

As they talked, Wayne got to work on setting the others free from their prison. The other group began to wake up, a bit bleary-eyed. Lionel shushed them, reminding them to be quiet as he and Wayne helped out.

"Maybe that world has its own Krang too." The black-haired girl commented.

"Now you're using that brain of yours." Cassandra smirked.

"Of course I am, it's ALL I've got!" Krang replied.

"Emergency power, now online." said a computer voice

"Excellent. Now, let's buy ourselves a little time." said Shredder as he pulled a lever, which made the Foot Soldiers stop what they were doing and self-destruct.

"Well, that wasn't so bad." Cherry commented.

Bebop soon got himself free of his stalagmite prison. Rocksteady then came to go after him. The others ran and spread apart from the self-destruction.

"That just got real hectic real fast." Thor commented.

"And it looks like Lionel and Wayne are in the Technodrome with the others!" Dan exclaimed. "We have to follow!"

"You sure that's a good idea if we go after that thing?" Thor asked. "I mean, I wanna help them, but would it be safe?"

"Hey, we gotta help them," Kyle replied. "They would do the same for us!"

"All right... Let's just hope no one gets hurt." Thor said.

"I think someone will though if we don't act fast," Cherry replied. "I'm with the others on this one."

"All right then, let's do it," Thor soon nodded. "Let's hope our little buddies aren't hurt too terribly from whatever they're going through as we speak."

Meanwhile, aboard the Technodrome, Wayne and Lionel had almost finished freeing their friends from the energy bubble.

"You guys alright?" asked Wayne.

"Ugh... What happened...?" Atticus asked sluggishly. "I feel like I got the wind knocked out of me."

"Hello, you in there?" asked Wayne.

"...Lionel? You look...different..." Mo replied.

"Actually, I'm right here," said Lionel. "Guys, this is my counterpart. I call him Wayne."

The group soon looked back and forth to Wayne and Lionel.

"It's a long story." Wayne said.

"This is weird..." Mo said, walking up to her counterpart, looking to her clothes which was a capped hat with a backpack and hiking boots. "You look like you're about to go for a hike."

"Oh...well, I do like gardening," replied Stephanie. "Do...YOU?"

"Sure... Most of the time..." Mo gave a small smile.

Atticus then walked up to his counterpart. "Man, do you look intense..." he then said. "You remind me of Vegeta."

"Yeah, except not as annoyingly arrogant." Sabrina replied.

Rachael and Sabrina soon looked to each other.

"Is my hair really that pale?" Sabrina asked.

"Heh, you should see how we look in another universe where we all live in the 1970's." Rachael replied.

"It goes into the 80's, too." Wayne replied.

"It's the 80's!~" he and Lionel sang. "Do a lotta Coke and vote for Ronald Reagan!~"

"That was weird." Cherry commented.

"Hey, now, is that any way to talk?" Ronnie asked.

"I always think Lionel is weird," Cherry replied. "It's a compliment since my parents think normal is overrated."

"Not to mention you sharing Math Class with a dog." Atticus teased.

"Yes, thanks SO much, Atticus." Cherry grumbled sarcastically.

"You're welcome." Atticus smirked.

"I think she was being sarcastic." Thor spoke up.

"Oh, I know," Atticus replied. "I'm just teasing her."

"Oh... Okay..." Thor smiled bashfully. "I'm learning... Sometimes I have a hard time to tell when someone's being sarcastic or not..." he then pouted slightly. "I'm stupid."

"Aw, Thor, you're not stupid..." Cherry said softly.

"Agreed, you just process things a little differently, that's all!" Lionel nodded.

"There's one thing I don't get though." Thor then said.

"What?" The others asked.

"Where's Uncle Drell and Aunt Hilda?" Thor asked, looking around a bit.

"Oh... Uh... I wouldn't worry about them." Mo replied.

"They're busy getting...in touch with one another." Lionel replied to Thor, making knowing gestures at him.

"I was just wondering if we should check in with them about this whole... Mangaverse thing..." Thor replied.

"I think they already know," Wayne replied. "This whole thing is even crazier than when Sabrina and I dated for two weeks..."

"Wait, WHAT?!" The others who didn't know asked.

"That's an interesting image..." Atticus said to Cherry, nudging her a bit.

"Cut it out, Nancy," Cherry told him. "You dated your Sabrina? Shouldn't you... Oh... I don't know... Be dating the other me?"

"It was two weeks, and yeah, it was just as awkward for her as it was for me," Wayne replied. "I only did it to console her after she and Harvey had a falling-out, but then we mutually decided to just be friends, while I would help her get back with Harvey."

"I had a falling out with Harvey?" Sabrina asked.

"Not you, the other you!" Wayne replied. "Rachael of course."

"Ow, my head." Sabrina then groaned slightly.

"Yeah, that'll clear up," Wayne replied. "Anyways, now Rachael is with Harvey, and I'm still trying to get Ronnie to like me...romantically speaking."

"It was crazy about Sab-I mean Rachael with Harvey or Shinji." Kyle said.

"Shinji?" Cherry asked. "Isn't that Enchantra's kid?"

"In our reality anyway." Mo replied.

"We don't exactly have an Enchantra in our universe," Wayne replied. "Our Shinji is an orphan who lives with his brother."

"Hmm... Fascinating... I think I might have to write this down for later." Atticus said.

"Nerd." Cherry teased.

"Jealous." Atticus teased back.

"What are you meddlesome brats doing in my Technodrome?!" Shredder exclaimed.

"Busted!" Cherry said before teleporting away.

"Cherry!" The others cried out.

"Uh... Hi, we were just leaving." Sabrina smiled nervously to Shredder.

"That's what YOU think!" Shredder exclaimed before turning to Gem, Cassandra, Slugloaf, and Ruby. "Well? What are you waiting for? Get those brats!" he shouted.

"No way." Sabrina whispered in shock once she saw who was there with him.

"Gladly, sir," Cassandra smirked. "We'll take it from here."

"Cassandra!" Sabrina then glared at her school rival.

Cassandra soon ran up to Sabrina and judo kicked her out of the way.

"Well, then...let's show them what we can do!" Wayne exclaimed as he grew two extra arms from his back and took out four katana blades.

Ruby growled as he came out to attack.

"Bad dog." Mo and Stephanie both glared before grabbing Ruby with their vines together to tie him up.

"Right on!" Atticus and Dan exclaimed to their respective girlfriends.

"I call this one...the blender!" Wayne exclaimed before he began spinning around, turning into a razor-sharp tornado of blades.

"Ruby! Oh, settle, Mumsy will get you out~" Gem cooed to her poor dog.

"I think you should watch your back first." Kyle smirked.

Gem looked over before yelping and ducking down, though the sharpness soon sped by her, cutting her hair, making it look quite spiky and unattractive. In her eyes anyway. She then checked her reflection in her compact mirror before flipping out. "I'LL GET YOU FOR THAT!" she then whined. "You... You... Freakish mutant!"

"MUTANT?!" Wayne exclaimed in anger. "Just for that...BURNING BLENDER OF DOOM!" he shouted, and the katanas caught on fire as he started spinning again, turning into a fiery cyclone.

Gem soon yelled out in horror.

"Now you're in for it!" Wayne glared.

"DESTROY THEM!" Shredder told his new helpers.

"Hey, buddy, remember me?" Kyle glared to Slugloaf before judo flipping the redheaded bully out of his way.

"Oh, major Booyakasha moment, dude!" Lionel exclaimed.

"When did you get so big?" Slugloaf glared to Kyle.

"Middle School graduation." Thor smirked.

"Now see how YOU like getting crammed into a ball!" Lionel remarked as he trapped them inside a ball of magical energy.

"Ooh! Ooh! Lionel, can we play with the magic ball?" Thor smirked a bit.

"I don't see why not!" Lionel shrugged.

"Come on, buddy, I'll teach ya how to play basketball." Thor told Kyle.

"Oh, we have basketball in Japan." Kyle told him.

"Oh... Then maybe we could just play one-on-one?" Thor suggested.

"Solid!" Kyle approved, taking the ball like a sports ball and ran off with Thor.

"Those two are probably the most annoying." Shredder groused about them.

"Says YOU, Tin Grin!" Wayne and Lionel replied, kicking Shredder across the room.

Shredder grunted and hit the wall before glaring. "How dare you?!"

"Whatcha gonna do 'bout it?" Ronnie smirked.

"Oh, Ronnie, you're still here." Atticus smiled to her.

"My counterpart might be gone, but I'm still here," Ronnie said. "...Wherever she ran away to."

"Hey!" Lionel exclaimed. "Where'd she go?! Dammit, I thought she promised to cut that shit out!"

"We'll worry about her later," Ronnie said before narrowing her eyes. "I guess now I should put my own fighting lessons into good use from whenever my aunt visits."

"Now THAT I'd like to see!" Wayne exclaimed.

"All right then..." Ronnie said before she put her hands together as her eyes seemed to glow.

"What can I mere Straight-A, shut-in, feeble student do?" Cassandra smirked.

"I wouldn't talk that way about me..." Ronnie said dramatically. "You don't know what I do when I'm alone and thought I'd be better off without making friends."

"And while you do that, I'll go look for The Deserter." Lionel replied before teleporting away.

It took him a while to find Cherry before he soon teleported into the water with her in her mermaid form.

"Did you really try to ditch us for a swim?" Lionel narrowed his eyes.

"I didn't mean to, I swear!" Cherry replied. "Shredder startled me, I was gonna help you guys, but somehow I ended up all over the place! I didn't mean to abandon you guys, I promise."

Lionel sighed, annoyed. "...Shit. What the fuck am I gonna do with you...?" he muttered. "Come on, let's go."

"But I didn't mean to ditch you guys!" Cherry defended. "Something's affecting my magic!"

"Well, then I guess we'll have to find out what it is." Lionel replied.


They were then teleported into a medieval forest.

"I didn't do that." Lionel said.

"I told you!" Cherry replied. "Someone's screwing with me!"

"Alrighty... Time to find out who it is!" Lionel replied. "Maybe... I could trace your renegade teleporting to a source of its tampering?"

"Maybe..." Cherry said. "Let's get back to the others first and deal with that Shred-Face before we can rest and see what we can do."

"Sounds good to me." Lionel replied before they vanished and returned to the Technodrome.

The others began to beat down the Shredder's lackeys which were bullies from school, which was a bit tougher than usual, but they were still able to take them down. And Lionel and Cherry arrived just as the group finished up their battles.

"Way to go, guys." Lionel smiled.

"Cherry, there you are!" Atticus said. "Where did you go this time?"

"I don't know what happened," Cherry replied. "Shredder startled me, and I just teleported with no hold of my own."

"She's telling the truth," Lionel replied. "It happened twice."

"Really?" The others asked.

"Yeah, I don't know what happened!" Cherry replied.

"Maybe it could explain why Dan's magic wasn't working earlier." suggested Stephanie.

"We should probably leave first to discuss this." Lionel added.

"All right, let's get outta here," Atticus said. "Later, Shreddinator!"

"Wow, that sounded weird to hear Atticus say." Cherry commented to herself.

They soon left the Technodrome to get to the bottom of the magical mystery.

Shredder got to his feet and brushed himself off. "Now that those little pests are gone... Time to find this world's Shredder!" he grunted as he got to his computer keyboard.

Cassandra, Gem, Ruby, and Slugloaf soon groaned as they got up next to the Shredder after getting their butts handed to them. Shredder began typing to do a search through the dimensional database for a 'Shredder'...and what he found greatly interested him. On the screen, it showed the Utrom Shredder doing battle with this universe's Turtles.

"What strength! What power!" Shredder exclaimed in awe. "Oh, how I've longed for an ally such as this! So unlike the sniveling, idiots that I've been forced to suffer."

"We're right here," said Krang. "WE CAN HEAR YOU!"

"Now... To find him!" Shredder replied, ignoring Krang and the others as he typed into the computer.

"So, after this, you wanna see a movie?" Slugloaf smirked to Cassandra.

"Get real." Cassandra rolled her eyes.

Ruby chuckled at that.

"Strange...he's off-world," remarked Shredder after finding his counterpart trapped on an icy asteroid. "No matter: I'll program the matter transporter and beam him right to us."

"Well, it'll surely be interesting." Cassandra smirked a bit.

Shredder soon used his computer to send his counterpart over, looking quite eager. "This is a turning point, my friends," he then beamed to them as his counterpart was soon sent over, but it was far from he expected. "The world will tremble before the combined power of Mighty Shredder and his-Huh?"

They soon saw an ice block with a form inside of it.

"Pink slug?" Shredder asked before knocking his hand against the ice. "Aww! I wanted a super sinister ally." he then groaned in dismay.

"Oh, I dunno," remarked Krang. "He looks alright to me!"

"He's a giant ice block," Slugloaf huffed. "What a rip-off!"

"Maybe it's some sort of mistake." Gem suggested.

"Clearly he once had an exo-suit like mine..." Krang replied. "And he was frozen here after his suit was taken."

Eventually, they removed the pink slug and began to hook it up to let it defrost.

"This should be good," Slugloaf muttered cockily. "Uh, but what does that stuff do?"

"He's gonna unfreeze that thing of course," Cassandra said like it was obvious. "We'll see if this is really that other dimension's Shredder."

"Someone's trying to be a know-it-all." Slugloaf rolled his eyes.

"QUIET!" Shredder told them sharply.

The kids then shut up as Shredder and Krang activated the device.

"Commencing cryo-regeneration." The computer soon said as it was about ready.

The machine seemed to overload a bit, worrying both Shredder and Krang, but luckily, nothing terrible happened as the glass cracked with the pink slug inside and it seemed to be heating up.

"I think that's a bad sign though!" Gem yelped.

Shredder soon rushed over to turn it off.

"Fool!" Krang snarled. "You overcooked him, didn't you?"

"I did everything exactly right...it should've worked. He should be alive." said Shredder after rushing from the console to the alien's body.

"You botched it! YOU BOTCHED IT!" Krang yelled at him, making Shredder seriously pissed off.

"Run for it!" Gem yelped, grabbing a hold of Ruby before running with him while Cassandra and Slugloaf ran the other ways.

Shredder soon tackled Krang onto the floor with a dark growl. "You forget who you talk to, you whimpering worm," he then glared, getting smacked in the face a couple of times, but didn't mean. "I AM THE SHREDDER!"

"I know who you are!" Krang wheezed. "Let go!"

Suddenly a terrifying, sinister voice was heard. "What fools are these...so weary of life...that they would take the name of the Shredder...MY NAME...in vain?!" it growled.

Shredder and Krang felt confused and startled as the source of the voice snarled in front of them, showing to be the pink slug from the ice stature.

"So, you're the Shredder?" Slugloaf asked the being.

"Indeed I am," remarked the creature. "I am Ch'rell (pronounced Cha-rell), or Oroku Saki: the destroyer of civilizations, slayer of millions, and embodiment of absolute terror!"

"Aw, but you don't look like you could hurt anyone." Slugloaf said, coming closer.

"Freakin' idiot." Cassandra muttered.

"You don't scare me!" Slugloaf smirked. "I bet I could just stomp on ya!"

Ch'rell launched himself like a bullet, slamming Slugloaf in his stomach and sending him flying across the room. Cassandra, Gem, and Ruby winced from the impact a bit.

"ANYONE ELSE HAVE ANYTHING SMART TO SAY?!" Ch'rell glared at the others.

The remaining three then quickly shook their heads.

"Good..." said Ch'rell. "Then you shall begin work on reconstructing my battle suit. I'll draw out the schematics for your puny brains to process."

"Well, Cass, you always say you're so smart... Maybe you'd like to help out." Gem smiled nervously.

"I'll do what I can." Cassandra sighed a bit.

Ch'rell began to draw out the schematics as Shredder made his way towards a lever and pulled it. The lever unleashed a spray of knockout gas, which quickly made Ch'rell foam at the mouth and fall unconscious. Shredder soon removed him with a bit of a weak laugh though as that took a lot of personal strength.

"So much for that plan." Gem commented as they met back up in the main room.

"I thought he would help destroy the Turtles, but he's... He's insane!" Shredder cried out as Ch'rell was placed inside of a jar.

"Perhaps we could still something useful by dissecting him?" Krang replied, wheeling over a cart full of dissection tools.

They soon heard an alarm system blaring with an intruder alert.

"Those freaks must be back!" Gem narrowed her eyes.

"Not those blasted turtles AGAIN!" Shredder growled as he watched the door in anticipation.

The smoke soon cleared to show a ninja-like woman who soon appeared with three others beside her, and one of them appeared to be a cat.

"Isn't that the Shredder's daughter?" Gem asked Cassandra.

Cassandra nodded a bit.

"Ew, you have your own kid?" Slugloaf asked Shredder.

"I am Oroku Karai," The young woman growled. "And this is Olivia and Libby."

"Libby!" Gem beamed the older girl, running up to hug her.

"Don't. Touch me." The older girl warned.

"Olivia... I haven't seen you in quite some time." Cassandra then said to the redheaded girl who was her old best friend from when she lived in the Netherworld.

"You're a father?" Krang asked Shredder.

"I've been a LOT of things in conjunction with being a supervillain," said Shredder. "You expect me to remember all of them?"

"Not much of a family resemblance..." Cassandra remarked.

"And who is this feline?" Krang then asked.

"My name is Della Plotsworth, and I've come to get my own revenge." The cat grinned darkly.