Meanwhile, Ch'rell and Della were still fighting the others.

"Today is the end of days for you, Turtles," said Della. "You...and all those who stand with you!"

Ch'rell turned his blades into laser fingers and opened fire as Karai, Shredder, Splinter, Hilda and Drell each attacked parts of him. Della clawed at Krang's suit, leaving it greatly damaged.

"Sabrina may not be my biological niece, but she's family to me now, so I say back away from her before I make your worst nightmares come true, you Giant Tin Can!" Drell glared as he fought with both karate and magic as he felt very angry.

"No use...he's just too strong!" remarked Raph.

"Anybody seen the Turtles Classics?" asked Mikey.

The 1987 Turtles were shown to be throwing trash cans which had no effect.

"Seriously?" Dan deadpanned.

"It's all we got!" Raphael defended. "I don't see you coming up with bright ideas, Big Head!"

"Oh, don't YOU start with that Big Head nonsense!" Dan remarked. "I already get enough of that from Ronnie!"

Meanwhile, the 1984 Turtles and Adventure Team were on Ch'rell's helmet, banging on the eyepieces to break in and get him. Ch'rell yelped and lurched, accidentally pushing a lever forward, making his body lurch off balance and topple onto the Technodrome.

"I sure hope this works!" Cherry begged hopefully.

As the 1984 group slipped off, Ch'rell and Della rose and accidentally brushed against the energy spasms, briefly injuring them.

Don's eyes widened. "Looks like we just found something they're vulnerable to!" he exclaimed.

"Yeah. Turtle Power." Bat-Mite added.

"The Technodrome!" Dan exclaimed.

"Of course..." replied Saiyaman. "Strong enough to destroy our world...and strong enough to destroy your Shredder and Della!"

"Better him than everything else in the Multiverse!" remarked Shredder.

"I agree... Father." Karai nodded.

"...Sorry, I... Just have something in my eyes..." Shredder replied as he tried to stifle his tears of joy.

Cleo, Angel, Patch, Furrball, Salem, and Tyke all seemed to smile from that.

"Okay, guys," Leo said. "Get them both into that beam!"

And with that, our heroes unleashed some major hell against Ch'rell and Della, with a furious barrage of ninja attacks.

"You're doing great, Cherry!" Atticus approved.

"I'm doing what I can!" Cherry replied, straining a bit from the energy. "Take this, 'Aunt' Della!"

Della grunted as she was knocked back as well, and Krang caught both Ch'rell and Della in a full-nelson, holding them in the path of the beam.

"Take this! And that! And some of this! And some of that!" Thor glared while helping out.

"The bigger they are..." said Lionel.

"The harder they fall!" added Mo.

"COWABUNGA!" cheered Michelangelo as Krang pulled Ch'rell and Della further into the path of the Technodrome's energy beam.

"Yeah!" Thor cheered.

"Wow, someone's happy to be here." Cherry smirked.

"Sure am!" Thor beamed to her. "This is amazing!"

"You said it, pal!" Lionel replied...until the beam shut off. "Uh-oh..."

Turns out Bebop and Rocksteady had tripped over the cord and gotten it unplugged. As soon as they seized their chance, Ch'rell and Della broke free of Krang's grip and grabbed the adventure group and the Mirage Turtles.

"You had your chance..." Ch'rell grinned. "And now we have OURS!"

"Whoa, boy..." Patch muttered as the other pets winced. "This is gonna cost 'em."

"Without these guys, you cannot exist..." Della added. "BEHOLD!" As she squeezed the group in her paws, the other versions of the group began to flicker in and out of reality.

"Oh... No!" The group cried out.

The area around them was starting to get erased with them being next.

"Only in the end, do you now truly understand!" Ch'rell laughed darkly.

"Take a look, stupids..." Wayne pointed out, showing that Della and Ch'rell were also being affected.

"What... What's happening to us...?!" Della yowled.

"Don't you get it?!" Ronnie called out. "If you erase us, you're coming with us!"

"...Then so be it!" Ch'rell exclaimed. "I shall extinguish a trillion lives, so long as yours are included!"

"Guys... If we're gonna die here..." said Wayne. "We have to unleash our attacks and combine them."

"I dunno if that's gonna do any good..." replied Stephanie.

"Would you prefer to die running, or die while facing it with dignity?" replied Mangaverse Drell.

"I don't know, sir..." Ronnie replied.

"Grr..." Mangaverse Drell growled a bit. "COME ON! At least give it one shot! It's your last chance to do ANYTHING, might as well make it count!"

"Well... All right," Dan replied. "We'll go with your plan, Wayne, even if it might not make any difference."

"Hey, better to go out with a bang than a whimper." Wayne replied.

"Ka...Me...Ha...Me...HA!" shouted Dan, launching his attack.

Stephanie soon raised her hand a bit to make some vines ride over in a tangling fashion. Rachael, Kyle, and Ronnie grunted as they both let out their magic to join in.

Wayne charged up an orange energy beam and fired it at Della and Ch'rell. "MAKANKOSAPPO!" he shouted as the blast fired out in the shape of a drill, and Krang caught the duo in one last full-nelson.

The Mangaverse group soon seemed to fall asleep after using what was left of their power.

"This should be good." Hilda whispered to herself.

Suddenly, Ch'rell saw something explode at his foot, blowing it apart. "What the...?!" he asked in shock.

"Exploding shurikens..." said Donatello. "Told you they'd come in handy..." and then he passed out.

"Truly you are fearless fools..." Ch'rell smirked. "I shall treasure your demise greatly."

Eventually, a plug was put back into its outlet which shot a laser out at Ch'rell.

"I will-AAAAAUUGGHHH!" Ch'rell soon yelled out as he got hit.

"Let go, you fool!" Della yelled at Krang. "Don't you know it'll destroy you too?"

"Maybe so..." replied Krang as the beam began to tear his suit apart, atom by atom. "But I am Krang, the all-powerful...and!"

Back aboard the Technodrome...

"Dat wuz an easy fix!" grinned Bebop, having plugged the machine back in.

"Da boss is gonna be pleased!" added Rocksteady.

Ch'rell yelled out as everything and everyone was soon being restored back to normal, except for maybe him as everyone soon watched as he appeared to be wasting away himself. And Della and Krang were being erased with him as well.

"AAAAAARGGGH! NO...NO...NOOOOO!" howled the villainous duo as Krang laughed to himself, and with a flash of spectacular energy, Della, Krang and Ch'rell were gone...wiped clean, as if they were never there.

The remaining groups beamed and laughed together from the happy victory.

"The Shredder has been shredded." Saiyaman concluded.

"And it looks like Della Plotsworth has as well." Atticus replied.

"I guess Krang wasn't so bad after all." Wayne remarked as the world began to repair itself.

"Who new?" Stephanie commented.

Later, the Technodrome had been shut off and the gangplank was lowered, and Bebop, Rocksteady, Gem, Libby, Cassandra, Ruby, Olivia, and Slugloaf were all on the curb, in shackles.

"I'd say Adventure Prime is healing up rather nicely!" Donatello noted.

"It seems the dimensional damage was only temporary, so long as Adventure Prime survived-" Don added.

"Our world is healing too?" Leo smiled hopefully.

"I know a fun way to find out." Donatello smiled back, taking out his invention. He pressed a button and a window into 2003 New York opened up, showing the erased buildings redrawing themselves, along with a certain couple kissing.

"Yes!" The 2003 Turtles cheered.

"Casey... April..." Raph smiled. "They're okay!"

"And I'm just glad I survived long enough to tell this tale..." 1987 April sighed as she hugged Michelangelo.

Michelangelo beamed to her.

"Cherry, in all seriousness for your adventures, you should probably lay off the dimension-hopping for a while," Lady Gothika suggested to her counterpart. "It's dangerous."

"Heh, fair enough." Cherry replied.

The others then smiled to each other before looking back as the 84 Turtles and adventure group were mysteriously gone when they looked back.

"Now that's what I call a ninja vanish." Raphael commented.

Shredder sighed. "Well, I'm out a partner, and I have nothing left." he remarked.

"Aw, gee, boss, you still got us!" replied Rocksteady.

"Double of nothing is still nothing," retorted Shredder, before glancing at Karai. "...Although today wasn't a complete loss."

"That, it wasn't... I have a lot of emotions I'm going through right now." Karai replied softly, though her father was harsh, he was gone and still her father, so that was a downer, but she wasn't terribly upset.

"You and me both..." Shredder replied. "...If you want, there's still room aboard the Technodrome for one more. I could use somebody competent to spend time with now that Krang is... Well, you know."

"Hmm... I guess I could do that..." Karai replied. "It would be nice to maybe get along with someone for a change."

"I say you go for it," Atticus smiled to her. "I always knew you had potential for greatness."

Shredder smiled as he took off his helmet. "I figure I'll get out of the villain game; it's getting pretty dull, to be honest." he replied.

"...Face-wise, he kinda looks like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson..." Lionel noted. "Like before he shaved his head."

"Do ya smell what the Shredder is cookin'?!" Thor soon called out.

"Oh, brother." Cherry rolled her eyes from that.

Shredder chuckled as he and Karai climbed aboard the Technodrome...with the mutants and kids running behind.

"Come on, Patch! Come here, boy!" Atticus smiled.

"You too, Tyke!" Thor added.

The pets/familiars soon ran up to their owners to get going after another adventure was completed.

"Alright! Was that awesome or WHAT?" asked Lionel.

"Heck yeah, it was!" Wayne replied. "Also, I might just have a girlfriend now!"

"I suppose I could use my spare time doing things other than just studying until bedtime," Ronnie then said. "I guess I could allow myself to become more social."

"And I'll be glad to help whenever I can!" Wayne beamed in response.

Kyle shuffled his foot a little as he turned away.

"Hey, don't worry," Ronnie said as she looked to him. "You'll find somebody."

"Yeah, man!" Lionel replied. "Just give it time. And there's lots of characters to have awesome adventures with: Sonic the Hedgehog, Goku, The Proud Family..."

"I guess so," Kyle said softly before smiling. "This was a lot of fun though. I had a really great time. Uncle always knows how to bring us to cool places whenever something's eating at us at times."

"Well, that's our cue," said Leonardo. "You have your adventures, and we have ours."

"Take care of yourselves... Brothers." smiled Leo.

"See ya 'round the Multiverse... Bros!" replied Michelangelo.

"This sure was something..." Cherry commented.

Everyone soon shook hands with each other in adieu with their counterparts.

"It's Ninja Time!" The 1987 Turtles smiled.

"Turtle Power!" The 2003 Turtles smiled back.

They all then waved goodbye to each other as it was time for goodbye. The Mangaverse team waved goodbye to their counterparts as they got aboard the Technodrome and it closed shut.

"As goofy as they were... I'm actually gonna miss those wackos." Raph remarked. "More than I'll miss it here."

Don fired up the Portal Rod, and the Turtles and the Adventure Team were soon on their way back to their own dimension. The 84 Turtles and Adventure Group soon went to do their own things.

"It sure was interesting see a bit of a darker and edgier Bat-Mite, eh? Huh?" Bat-Mite smirked.

"You would enjoy this cameo." Lady Gothika teased him.

"As much as I enjoy your company," Bat-Mite replied. "But those doppelgangers taught me somethin' tonight. There's already enough grim and gritty junk in the world as it is. I say we kick evil butts and have fun while we're at it!"

"Yeah, they did look like they had some fun," Lady Gothika replied. "The world's depressing enough in reality. People check out stories, shows, video games, or movies to escape reality, so we might as well have fun to remind them how fun life can be even when it looks bad at times."

"Then I say we get some of our own pizza and chill out with some video games." Thunder Boy proposed.

"Here, here!" Nature Girl and Saiyaman agreed.

"I'm game." Mystica nodded to them.

"Then let's do it!" Bat-Mite grinned. "Race you to the Pizzeria on Bleeker Street! Scooby-Dooby-Doo!"

The group soon ran off together with a laugh to go and have some fun to take a break from the cold, dark drama.

"We are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with our friends, the Adventure Prime..." A voice narrated dramatically. "We strike crime and fade away into the night."

And they leapt from the shadows as the camera froze on the group shot.