Another Dool fanfic, no.. another Stabi fanfic. This will probably only be a one shot. Enjoy!

Gabi listened to the sound of the heart moniter. "How can I let you go?" She asked, then laid her head down on his chest. "How can I say goodbye?" Tears slid down her cheek in which she didnt even attempt to wipe away.

Most of Julie's family had come in, begging for Stefan's heart so they could save Julie. Why would she want to save that woman who was always mean to her after Nick died? Nick terroized her which was why Gabi felt she had to kill him, but Julie didnt see it that way.

She decided to focus her attention on the man laying on the hospital bed. Kayla, or Dr. Johnson as patients called her, had said that he didnt have any activity in his brain or the term that she knew of this was 'brain dead'. Her husband, the love of her life, and her best friend was gone and would not be coming back.

Her happy ending was over, while Lani was getting hers. What would she even tell Ari? Her daughter had taken a liking to Stefan just to lose him. She wanted to tell the doctors to take him off life support, but she had needed a few more moments with him. But she must have dozed off because the next thing she knew, somebody was brushing a strand of hair out of her face. She glanced at him.

Stefan had his eyes open, smiling at her. "Hey, Gabi."

She felt excitement, but wasnt able to express it in words. "Stefan! Your okay! Your going to be okay!"

He smiled sadly at her which felt like a stone crashing into her stomach, knocking the breath out of her. "Stefan? You are okay, right?"

He pushed another strand of hair out of her face, then slid his hand down the side of her face. "You're a strong woman, Gabi." He said, ignoring her question. "You can get threw anything." She frantically started shaking her head.

"I.. I can't.."

He went on as if she didnt say anything. "Your a sweet, kindhearted person and I know you will do the right thing."

She opened her mouth to say something, then closed it again. "The right thing? You mean sacrificing you so that Julie Williams can live? No! I can't.. shes been nothing but mean to me..!"

"Its the right thing to do. I will love you Gabi, always and forever. Please think about this."

Before Gabi could say anything else she woke up, her head still laying on his chest and he was still hooked up to a machine that was breathing for him. Tears slid down her face as she got up and walked slowly out of the room.

She saw Julie's family looking sad and wondered briefly if she was too late, but shrug it off. Eli and Lani was the first to see her. She cleared her throat to get their attention. She felt like she was walking around in a daze as everyone looked up at her. "I.. I thought about what everyone said.." She felt like a dam had busted as tears poured from her eyes, sliding down her cheek. "I.. I'll do it.. I will give Julie.." she broke down, not able to finish the sentence.

Eli walked over and wrapped his arms around her. "Thank you so much, Gabi!"

Gabi couldnt make herself stay at the hospital anymore so she left right after she made the announcement. Her heart felt heavy as she made it back to the mansion where Rafe was waiting for her.

"I heard about what you did, how are you feeling?"

She broke down again as she wrapped her arms around him. "Lost.. I feel lost.." she answered, her voice quiet. "What am I suppose to do now?" She asked, wiping at her eyes. "I dont know how to say goodbye.. he was my first real love."

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