Hello, I just wanted to inform you that yesterday I uploaded the prologue and the first chapter of my story, Sunday goes to chapter number 2. I hope you like it a lot because I will do more of these.

Lo que esconde la chaqueta de cuero por SoloLibrosParaMi

Rev Runner ingresar a la preparatoria Acme High, hasta ahí todo normal...al menos hasta que conozca a Tech E Coyote el "chico malo" de Acme High.

¿Es Tech tan malo como lo pintan o Rev verá algo que nadie más logró ver debajo de esa vieja chaqueta de cuero negro?

What hides the leather jacket por SoloLibrosParaMi

Rev Runner enter Acme High High School, so far there normal ... at least until he meets Tech E Coyote the "bad boy" of Acme High.

Is Tech as bad as they paint it or will Rev see something that nobody else managed to see under that old black leather jacket?