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A Job Like Any Other

When one hears the job title Devil Hunter, they likely expect a life of danger, excitement, adrenaline and a life expectancy so low that you'd have to be either desperate or just plain stupid to take it as a career choice. At one such place there was a team dedicated to said work, though they themselves wouldn't know how to work as a proper team even if their lives depended on it.

Said place was none other than the fine establishment of Devil May Cry. It was a decent store from the outside, though a little over the top given its neon sign which had a duel pistol wielding woman logo plastered on it. Though, given that the owner of the shop didn't know what the meaning of over the top was, its was of little import.

It was well known by the people of Red Grave City and those outside it, if you have a demon problem you know who to call. And call they did, at least on a good day. You'd think in a world where the Human race has been threatened with extinction by demons several times in just the past few years demon hunting would be a lucrative business. But, you'd be wrong.

However work had been coming in little by little the past few months thanks in no small part to the aid of Dante's friend J.D. Morrison, who had contacts and friends all around the country and beyond. When word about demons reached him he made sure it reached Dante. If not for Morrison the shop would likely have gone out of business decades ago.

Which bring us to now.

Currently Dante was on a job in South America, saying something about an old friend Lucia needing his help. Trish was off in the Bahamas, though whether she was hunting demons or a good vacation spot no one knew. And Lady was off somewhere she hadn't shared, saying she had personal business to attend to. Which left just one.

A young man in his late teens. He had short shaggy snow white hair and blue eyes. He wore a red zip up hoodie vest with a black shirt underneath, blue jeans held with a rose buckle belt and brown shin high boots along with two rings on his left hand. Nero was not new to Demon hunting, having done his fair share back during his time as a Holy Knight in the Order of the Sword. But, had only been doing it as a profession for little over a year now, since the Saviour Incident, as people called it.

After that the Order had disbanded, though some still remained loyal in secret they were too few in number and weak in power to be a real threat. Nero stayed with Kryie on Fortuna to help rebuild. After some time the two moved in together and converted their home into a de facto orphanage to help with the extremely high orphan rate on the island the Saviour and Demon attacks had caused. Nero began taking demon hunting jobs on the island to both help the inhabitants and earn money.

However, as time went on the demons seemed to wise up and mostly left the island which, while it made it much safer to live for its inhabitants meant Nero now had no income to support himself, Kyrie or the orphans. Which led him to asking Dante for help in the matter.

Since then Nero had travelled the country on jobs but was all ways in the need of more cash. Hence his current presence in the shop. Unfortunately for the young hunter Lady and Trish had already done the job Morrison planned for Nero saying they needed the money, the former for guns and new leather boots for the latter.

Leaving Nero with the task of manning the phone until work came through. Though, given how rare such a thing was, it essentially left Nero with the task of house sitting until either one of the other three hunters came back.

Currently he was passing the time with the PlayStation Trish had gotten. "Dammit. I can survive a sword through my chest but not a freaking throwing knife to my foot. How does that make any sense. Dam campers." It seemed even demon hybrids weren't immune to gamer rage. "If only they made controllers fit for someone with a demonic claw hand."

The sound of ringing picked his ear. Nero leaned back on the sofa with force causing it to fall. Before it hit the ground he threw the game controller at the back office wall where one of Dante's swords he had collected was mounted. The sword fell off its hangings landing atop the desk causing the phone, among others, to bounce into the air. Nero then launched himself off the sofa, spinning in mid-air he caught the phone. Before falling down onto the office chair beneath him.

"Devil May Cry." Nero greeted.

"Nero? That you kid."

Nero recognised the voice, none other than Morrison himself. "Yeah its me and for the last time don't call me ki-"

"Is Dante around?" Morrison asked cutting him off.

"No. Trish and Lady are away too. What's this about anyway?"

"Got a job for him, pays decent too cash up front."

"Cash up front, huh," Nero smirked. "Well, seeing as no one else is here and I've got nothing better to do than listen to prepubescent kids talk about how they banged my mom online, I think I can fit it my schedule."

"Hmph," Morrison thought it over with concern for the kid but relented, "Well, I guess. Shouldn't be to hard anyway, more odd in fact."

"Odd? What do you mean?"

"Heard it from one of my old drinking buddies for way back. There's this old abandoned industrial area up in Pittsburgh, says an old factory there has recently been crawling with demons, those peg legged scarecrow ones from the sounds of it."

"Scarecrows eh, nothing odd about that, they appear anywhere and kill everything in sight."

"That's the thing though, they aren't killing. At least not unless forced to. My buddy says the things stay close to the factory and attack anyone that gets too close to it. But, aside from that they leave everyone else alone. Almost as if-"

"There guarding something."

"Exactly. I did some digging and it turns out that factory in particular was once under the ownership of none other than the Order of the Sword, namely Agnus, the scientist guy Dante told me about."

"Agnus. You sure?"

"Kid when am I not."

Pausing momentarily, Nero thought about what this could mean. As far as Nero knew all the Order's work was contained solely on Fortuna Island and had little to no presence on mainland America. If the Order was involved then the factory was most definitely not a normal one at that. Especially with Agnus involved, there was no way Nero could let this go. "Alright, give me the address and I'll check it out."

"…On your own?"

"Humph, Morrison I'm not a child, I've fought and killed demons that men twice my age would crap themselves just looking at. I can do this." Nero really did hate just how much everyone around babied him. Not just Morrison but even Trish and Lady and, while he wasn't as bad as the others, he knew that even Dante would often try to subtly convince Nero to take the easy hunting jobs, though they never admitted it.

"Alright, alright fine it should be pretty easy from what I hear anyways. Meet me on 23rd Street in the industrial area, I'll be by the run down car factory."

"Wait, meet you? I said I don't need looking after, I can fight them on my own, I've done it -" the angsty teen was cut off.

"I don't plan on fighting, that's more your guys thing. I'll just take you to the place and get you inside. And I'm not doing this to look after you but me, can't imagine what Trish would do to me if I just let you go without checking first."

Realising he wouldn't let up Nero gave in "Fine. I'll head out now, should reach you in a few hours."

"See you soon kid."

"Don't call me ki-" on the other end all Nero could now hear was beeping. "Great, he hung up. Why is it Dante and everyone he knows always hangs up in the middle of a call as if to be all dramatic, what if I had something important to say huh, do they ever think of that."

Nero put the phone down and out of the chair. He walked to the flipped over sofa, pushing it back in place. 'Don't want Lady or Trish yelling at me for not cleaning up again.' He turned to see several explosives and leather boots piled on the floor shaking his head. 'Though those two don't stick to their own rules anyway.'

The snow-haired teen put on his knee length blue over coat laced with red trimming on the inside and gathered his equipment. His two signature weapons, both of which he himself had heavily modified to better suit his style of fighting. The first was his gun. A heavily modified Smith and Wesson Model 500 double action revolver. Which Nero had tweaked to hold six rounds, built an added second barrel to allow two shots to be fired at once and had a blue rose etched into the wooden grip, which gave it its name.

The there was his sword. A long blade almost the size of his own body. It was made by the Order for the Holy Knights and modelled after the German Großes Messer. However, Nero's differed from all other Order members due to its unique motorcycle like grip which when twisted sprayed flammable fuel across the blade, the "Exceed System" he called it.

The former Holy Knight turned Devil Hunter holstered his pistol Blue Rose and picked up the brief case containing Red Queen which he swung over his shoulder and locked the shop behind him as he went to his motorcycle.

The heart of the decrepit industrial sector of Pittsburgh with its collapsing buildings, drug dens and garbage heaps made even Detroit look like a paradise in Morrisons eyes. "Where the hell is that damn kid." The grey-haired man pulled out another cigarette lighting it up as he took a drag. "I'm getting too old for this. I'll never know how I let Dante drag me into this messed up world of his."

As Morrison continued to smoke he heard the distinct sound of an engine, and since there was nought all to see in this place it could only be one person. His guess was proven correct when he saw the distinct white hair he knew of only two people having.

Nero got off his bike putting it on its stand, making his way over to Morrison, "So, the place you were talking about must be around hear, huh." Nero looked down at his right arm or 'Devil Bringer' he had named it, a distinct sign of his demonic hybrid heritage. "My arms pulsing like crazy." That too was a sign that demonic energy was nearby.

"Just a few blocks that way," Morrison pointed west, "Thought I'd wait for you before I got too close." The investigator peeked over Nero's shoulder, "Say, isn't that Dante's, don't think he'll be to happy when he finds out you stole his ride," he joked.

"Actually its not stealing, Dante lost a bet to me a while back and had to pay up. Though, you were right about the not being "happy" part." Taking the topic back to the matter at hand ,"So, this place, the Orders factory, the demons still there."

"Oh you bet. Just sort of standing there, all still like. Guess they decided since they look so much like scarecrows they might as well become one for real, huh."

"Well, if there in the open it'll be easy to spot." Nero began making his way forward until he noticed Morrison doing the same. "Hey, wait, you're not thinking of coming are you? Its dangerous with demons around."

The elderly man raised his brow, "Kid, do I look a fool to you? I'm not about to go trying my luck against demons. I'm gonna wait outside till you take care of all those damn things and then take a look inside the factory."

"Wait, why?"

"You think you and Dante are the only ones with bills to pay. An old friend of mine is willing to pay me a tidy sum if I give him information and evidence of what's in that place."

Knowing that not even Trish or Lady could ever get Morrison to give in Nero knew he didn't stand a chance so relented. "Fine. But, stay on the other side of the fence and only come in when I say it's safe."

"Yeah, yeah, lets get the going already. I've been freezing my butt off in the cold for one hour too many, and I'm not keen on making it any more."

The two began making their way towards the Orders old building when Nero had a thought. "By the way Morrison, just how many "old" friends do you have, seems everyone you ever talk about is an 'old' friend."

"Ha. Kid when you get to my age every friend will be an old friend. As for the 'friend' part, well what can I say, people just seem to like me, must be my great personality."

"Yeah must be," the white-haired swordsmen mumbled sarcastically. "And stop calling me ki-"

"We're here." Morrison interrupted yet again.

Nero turned and saw that Morrison wasn't exaggerating. Behind the chain link fence in front of him were at least thirty Scarecrow demons, with their distinct executioner style blades on their arms or feet. As well as a three Mega Scarecrows complete with their triple bladed arms and long blade on their backs.

"Well kid, time to earn your pay."

Nero pulled the brief case off his shoulder, he unhooked the locks on either side as he smirked. The demonic hybrid then threw the case in the air causing its contents to fall out as he jumped up after it. Several nearby Scarecrows looked to see the two new comers, slowly bumbling towards them.

Nero finally landed on the ground on the other side of the fence. In his left hand he held a long red pommel with a large blade attached to it with red and gold ornate patterns along the lower part of the blade. The most distinct feature was a motorcycle-like leaver attached to the circular cross guard. This was of course Nero's sword, Red Queen, a favourite of the teens for its Exceed System he himself had installed many years ago while still in the Order.

Nero impaled his sword on the ground as he twisted the pommel causing a revving sound and small bursts of flames to burst from the sword. "Looks like this party's about to get crazy."

The brainless demons came for him. The closest one leapt from the air ready to slice him with its blade, however as the Scarecrow landed its prey was gone, now behind it with Red Queen sticking out from its chest. The Lesser Demon couldn't even see the hunter move at his speed. The Scarecrow exploded into pieces, all the little bugs inside now dead.

'One down, a bunch more to go.' And go they did. Nero sliced through them like butter, using Red Queen to cut them down and Blue Rose to blast them away. Within seconds only two Mega Scarecrows and a handful of normal ones remained.

One of the Mega's began spinning its blades in a circular motion and headed straight for the Hunter, but instead of stopping it Nero had another idea. Once the Mega was close, Nero skidded underneath its blades between its legs. He grabbed hold of one of its peg legs and lifted the Mega above him.

As other demons came towards him Nero threw the Mega, which was still spinning its blades, at the oncoming demons. The result was a rather bad case of friendly fire on the demons part, which sliced though its comrades doing the Hunters job for him. The Mega picked itself of the floor trying to comprehend what just happened, as it turned it saw the black chamber of a pistol.

"Bang." Nero said as he pulled the trigger on Blue Rose, blasting away the final scarecrow. "You can come in now."

The elderly man opened the fence gate moving towards the teen "What is it with you and everyone else at the damn shop that you have to make every fight look like a WWE audition."

Nero chuckled swinging Red Queen over his shoulder, "Hey, if your gonna kill demons you might as well do it with style."

The two reached the main door to the factory. "Locked, figures."

"I got this," Nero stated.

"Got whaaaaa!" Morrison barley had time to react as Nero punched the door of its hinges with his Devil Bringer. "A little warning next time maybe."

"What? I thought you sad you could handle yourself," he smirked.

"Tsk, Kid over here thinking he's some kind of smart ass, Dante must be rubbing off on you. He ever tell you about the time he and I were down in Mexico, there was this barmaid and she-"

"Stop." Nero cut off Morrison and put his arm in front of the man, stopping him.

"What's got you all riled up?" Nero didn't reply, merely nodded his head in front where Morrison saw several corpses. Demon corpses. Littering the floor.

"Assaults, Frosts and even Mephisto's by the looks. What ever killed them must still be around here. That must be why the Scarecrows stayed outside, they were scared of it. And whatever it is it must be strong enough to kill all these."

"On second thought I think I'll head back outside." Nero agreed with Morrison who left the building, leaving Nero to search for the killer of the demons.

"Hmph, I wonder what could have caused this." Several thuds from behind him answered his question. Nero turned to see seven Bianco Angelo's and one Alto Angelo which stood out from the rest with its distinct gold colouring. "Aw crap not these guys again."

The Artificial Demons were creations of none other than Agnus, and a pain in the ass to Nero who thought after Fortunna he'd never have to see them again. 'These things must have killed the demons. Whatever is inside this place must have been pretty important to warrant this level of security.'

The Angelo's all gathered together in formation, their golden leader hovering above as the prepared their attack. One by one they charged at Nero with their lances, he managed to dodge all their attacks when the golden Alto Angelo charged at him with its sword. But, instead of ducking the swordsmen stood his ground, the Angelo took the opportunity and brought its sword down upon the boy for a killing blow.

Only to instead have the white-haired teen catch the sword mid swing with his demonic arm. "You know I'd say you guys have gotten a bit rusty being cooped up here so long, but machines like you might find that racist." Nero shattered the Angelo's sword in his grip and before it could retreat back he grabbed its head crushing that too in his grip.

The Angelo's looked upon their now destroyed leader, if they weren't built to feel fear you wouldn't be able to tell. "Man you guys were a lot tougher back on Fortunna, I'm so embarrassed." Nero dashed towards the mechs with speed they couldn't keep up with. "Psst, behind you." As one of the white Angelo's turned to look at the source of the voice a loud bang from Blue Rose was let out, exploding the Angelo's head.

"Two down already, man, no wonder the Order put you guys on guard duty."

In truth, the reason for Nero's lack of difficulty for beating the Angelo's wasn't their weak skill, but the fact that since the events of Fortunna his powers and skills had increased significantly thanks to the training from Lady, Trish and Dante, at least when Dante could be bothered to teach. It also helped that like the rest of them, Nero would always jump in the deep end of trouble, always trying to make things more of a challenge for himself when on jobs just to increase the fun.

Nero's increased abilities shined here, where once the Angelo's weren't hard for him per say, but a hurdle when in combat, now they proved little more than cannon fodder, no harder to beat than the Scarecrows.

He skidded down one of the Angelo's spears as it tried to stab him in mid-air, then brought Red Queen down on it splitting the Faux-Demon in two. The remaining three charged towards him, Nero rolled away from the first two but as the third came a spectral arm came from his Devil Bringer grabbing it locking all its limbs in place. Then using its own spear he stabbed it through the chest.

The two other Angelo's came for him once more not noticing the smile on their opponents face. Nero leapt into the air, still holding the spear with the impaled Angelo on the end, and spun it around to face the two incoming enemies, who, as luck had, it were perfectly in line together. Nero then arched the spear behind him and threw it with force towards the Angelo's.

The result was the spear impaling both Angelo's, stabbing into the wall the three Faux-Demons now found themselves looking like a sheesh kebab before, like a line of dominoes, they exploded one after the other.

Some time later Nero and Morrison, who had re-entered the building, began their search of the facility to see just what warranted so much security from the Order and attention from the demons. But, after much searching they found...

"Nothing. There's nothing here."

"Kids these days. They got no patience," the elder scoffed.

"Patience is one thing, but we've been looking around here now for nearly an hour and got nothing to show for it." Nero picked up a glass bottle full of what was likely rain water which had fell through the cracks in the roof and threw it towards a nearby wall, spilling the contents.

"Breaking things won't help. We just need to look for what's out of place and then..."

"Then... what?" Nero turned towards the man who seemed transfixed on something, "Morrison, what is it?"

"That water."

Nero focused on what had Morrisons attention, that being the spilt water from the bottle. "Yeah what about it?"

"Look closely."

Nero did just that and understood what Morrison was on about. "It's leaking through the floor. Which means-"

"There must be something underneath us, below ground. Help me look for an opening."

After more searching and once more coming up empty, Nero decided to make his own opening by using his Devil Bringer enhanced with his spectral fist to punch a hole in the floor. "Oh, don't look at me like that. you were getting tired of looking too."

Jumping down the two found themselves in what looked like a dilapidated research room, filled with all kinds of machines, corpses, weapons and more.

"This must have been Agnus' research place on the mainland. Somewhere they could conduct experiments they couldn't, or wouldn't, on Fortunna." Nero said.

In the middle of the room they saw something that Nero had heard of but never thought he'd see. It was the dissected corpse of an odd shaped horse with blue colouring. "What is that?"

"A demon. An extinct demon, or at least thought to be extinct. A 'Temporal Steed' or 'Time Horse' Dante called it, said he fought one years back when he first met Lady."

Morrison gave a look towards Nero ""Temporal Steed"? Really."

"Hey, I didn't name it okay."

"So, I'm guessing from the name it has something to do with time."

"It can control and manipulate time, to a small degree that is. After Dante killed the one he met, Geryon, he absorbed some of its power. That's how he can do the time control he does or 'Quicksilver' as he calls it. And if the Order got their hand it then who knows what they were planning to do."

Whatever they were planning must have been important thought, not only with the Angelo's guarding it but the demonic horses container itself was hooked up to several generators and other machinery.

"Well, lucky for us the can't do anything seeing as you and Dante pretty much wiped out their leaders."

"We didn't… huh, anyway, we should take care of this, burn the body maybe, so no one else can get their hands on it."

Morrison pulled out his camera "Do what you want, your jobs done and you'll get your pay. As for me, I think I'll take a few snaps of the place, my guy will be willing to pay a pretty penny for this stuff."

"Just make sure the pay isn't late like the last time, I need it for-" A sudden wave washed over Nero who's eyes went wide, he looked down at his Devil Bringer to see it glowing brighter than normal, which he knew meant only one thing. A Demon. A powerful demon at that was near and by the feeling it was getting closer. "Morrison, get out of here now!"

"What's got you all jittery." Several lighting strikes could be heard from above them. "Don't tell me your scared of lightning?"

"That's not lightning, you have to leave right-"

Before he could finish a blinding bright flash of light hit the ground from behind them. Once the light had dissipated, Morrison lowered his hand from his eyes then wishing he hadn't, "Kid. what the hell is that?!"

There, stood a demon roughly eight feet tall. Its head looked like bone with a sharp almost sword fish like protrusion on the end, and, on its hands and feet were three large sharp claws. Its entire body crackling with electricity.

"A Blitz." Nero pulled Red Queen from its holster on his back. The Blitz vanished in the blink of an eye. All around the lab bolts of electricity appeared and disappeared too fast for any normal human to see, but Nero was far from normal. The Blitz appeared before Nero and slashed at his chest with its claw but found Red Queen blocking its strike.

Nero tried to counter with Blue Rose but before he could pull the trigger the Blitz vanished once more. 'Damn, always hated these things for that.' A crackling could be heard, from beneath him the floor began to glow yellow, Nero quickly rolled to the side as a sudden burst of high voltage lightning exploded from where he just stood with the Blitz in the centre of the explosion.

'Now's my chance.' After that attack the lighting shield around the demons body had faded, leaving it open to attack. Nero took his chance and with Red Queen dashed towards the demon using the Stinger move Dante taught him. Nero managed to stab through the Blitz chest over powering it with his own speed and strength, but the wound didn't prove fatal.

Instead, the Blitz began to glow red, 'Oh no, not this crap again.'

On the verge of death, like all its brothers the Blitz began to shoot attack after attack in vague hope of beating its opponent in sheer chance of one hit landing. Lighting bolts, energy rays, charge attacks and teleporting lighting bombs were sent towards Nero again and again.

A year ago on Fortunna at least one of these attacks would normally hit him but in the time since with his skills improving he managed to dodge or block all the lightning demons attacks. 'Enough, time to end this.'

Focusing his mind, Nero studied the Blitz attack patterns until finally. 'There.' After it failed to hit the Hunter with its electricity attack it teleported four times before it reappeared just to the left of Nero, preparing to dive attack him. But, instead the Devil Hunter's great sword was thrown right at its roaring open mouth, penetrating its skull and sending the beast hurtling towards some of the machinery.

"Phew, glad that's over."

Morrison came out from under the desk in the corner he took refuge in during the fight "Can say that again. Just what in the hell was that?"

"A Blitz. Considered to be among the elite of demon ranks. Known mostly for the speed, only a handful of others can keep up with them, even less can outpace them."

"What like yourself, bragging will get you no extra pay from me you know. Besides, I could barely even see anything, just looked like a blur to me."

"Well hopefully that should be the last of them. Guess its time we finish up and get out of here, don't want to stay any longer than nee-" The lights suddenly turned on, followed by a series of alarms and sirens.

"Oh that's not good."

"What the, what's going on. The power just came on." Eyes widening in realisation at his error, Nero turned to see Red Queen, still stuck inside the dead Blitz, just now realising of all the places in the lab he had thrown his sword at one of the many generators. "Shit, the electricity from the Blitz' body must have started up the power in the place."

"How about stopping it then. All these alarms going off are making me deaf and likely to attract more attention."

Nero ran towards Red Queen, pulling the sword out the generator and kicking the Blitz corpse away. "It's not turning off. Can things get any worse."

Multiple computers and equipment now also lit up along with the glass tank that housed the horse demons corpse.

"You just had to go and say it, didn't you, kid."

"Test initiated." A computerized voice spoke.

"Oh that's even worse. Erm, kid, I think we really ought to leave now."

"Errm yeah, right behind you."

As the two made their way back to the entry hole Nero made, the ground began to violently shake causing Morrison to fall. Nero helped get the elderly man back on his feet when the horses corpse began to glow a bright blue. Anything not nailed to the floor began to rise up as if gravity had lost is effect on them, including Nero and Morrison.

"What the hell is this, kid."

"I… I don't know." The two clung to each other, when they, like most other things in the room, began to be pulled towards the centre of the room where the glowing horse lay. Vibrations began to rise from the room so strong that Nero could feel his insides getting squeezed by an invisible force.

"Arrgh. Kid. Nero… what… is this...!"

"I don't know"! Nero turned away from the scene to Morrison, noting the blood coming from his ears and nose. 'I've got to get him out of this room. If all this noise and energy is hurting even me, it must be killing Morrison.'

Strange blue and white energy began to burst from the horses corpse shattering the glass container. The mysterious energy began to spread across the room making its way towards the two. Not having any time to think of anything else Nero grabbed Morrison with his Devil Bringer, creating a spectral arm over it and extended it to push Morrison out through the opening hole.

"Kid! What the hell are you doing, you idiot!"

"Saving your ass!" Nero released Morrison who fell to the floor, now safely away from the lab. As the mysterious energy reached Nero he was blinding by light. He closed his eyes and was forced to put his hands over them as well to stop it. 'I really should have just stayed at home.'

Then. Nothing. In an instant the light, noise, energy and even the power to the lab all stopped.

Morrison ran towards to hole looking inside. "Kid. Kid! Nero!" No answer. In fact, there was noting in there at all bust dust and ash. As if everything inside the room had vanished. "...Oh kid. What the hell happened to you?"

"Errg. Man, my head hurts." Nero groaned as a jolt of pain laced his body. Opening his eyes the white-haired teen sat up and looked around. 'Err. Okay. I was just in Agnus' lab and now I'm...' All around Nero were tress, bushes and grass. Birds nestled in the tress, squirrels climbed up and down the bark while rabbits hopped out their business. 'What the. Why the hell am I in a field? Oh man, something seriously weird is going on here. But, first thing first.' "Where the hell am I?"

Now lets face it, while Bleach is really good, some of it, like its filler arcs or at least parts of the filler arcs aren't all that great. So when it comes to those less than fun episodes and scenes I may end up just skipping them entirely (with just a little reference or line to let you know they still happened) or rushing through them depending on how important they are to the story.

Also, this will not be a God fic where Nero can solo every enemy, nor will it be a harem fic. Nero will be strong, but only as strong as he can be for the plot and story to be fun (I'll go into his level of power in another A/N). Also, Nero will only be paired with one person, which is going to be Yoruichi.

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