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Chapter 1

Shaky Hands

Virgil had just landed Thunderbird Two after yet another stressful rescue. They seemed to be coming closer and closer together now, and he was running high on caffeine and low on sleep the last few days. The last rescue they had been on was a fire in a series of apartment buildings, and thank God no one was lost. There were several injuries, but nothing that wouldn't be healed up with maybe a few scars later down the road.

Pushing the last few buttons to finish up his post flight checks, Virgil wondered where the resident Squid had gotten to. He had said something about wanting to chill in the cargo bay, because Virgil's presence was putting him off. Virgil had just shrugged it off, because he had figured that they were all high strung right now, and his brother just needed to be by himself. But apart from the "FAB" that was heard over the comm system when John asked them if they had arrived back in one piece, he hadn't heard anything from his younger brother.

Pushing down the concern that was trying to make itself known, Virgil left his chair and hurried to the door, a little faster than he normally might.

Okay, so he really was a little worried about Gordon.

Making it to the cargo bay, slowing his steps and quickly regulating his breathing so that Gordon wouldn't notice that he'd hurried, he spotted the blond sitting in the corner, his wrists leaning against knees that were not quite pulled up to his chin. Gordon himself was just staring off into the distance, a strange look on his face.

"Gords?" Virgil asked, hoping he sounded nonchalant, but feeling a little alarmed at the look on his brother's face.

Gordon blinked, and turned to look up at Virgil. His unfocused gaze sharpened, and he blinked again. "Virg – what – Oh, are we back already?"

Not caring if he was openly frowning anymore, Virgil crouched down next to Gordon, and then finally noticed what was probably wrong.

"Gordon! Your hands! Are you okay?" Even as he spoke, he was gently taking hold of Gordon's left wrist, careful not to jostle the hand

Each of the brothers, Kayo, and even Penelope and Brains had a special pair of gloves that were made of a mixture of latex and some other special synthetic material Brains had come up with, to maximize protection, and grip in well...sticky situations. They were definitely not indestructible, but they had helped get them out of a few bad places before.

Apparently they weren't very fire proof though. What was left of the gloves were charred, and there were several spots that were sticking to inflamed, red, blistered skin. There were a few places on his brother's hands that looked black, and that scared Virgil.

"Virgil to Scott," Virgil said, speaking into his watch, his eyes never leaving his brother's hands.

"Go ahead Virg, what's up?"

"I have a bit of a situation. Can you come down to the cargo bay of Thunderbird Two? No – wait. Meet me in the infirmary with Brains."

There was a pause, and then Scott replied, "Alright. Is everything okay?"

Virgil bit his lip, almost drawing blood, as he spared a glance up to his younger brother's eyes. Gordon was just staring at the hand that was held in Virgil's larger ones, a blank expression on his face.


Knowing that Scott would want to know more, but not willing to waste any time, Virgil cut out the transmission.

"Hey Squid, you okay to stand up?"

Gordon tore his gaze away from his damaged hands and looked at Virgil.

"Maybe?" he answered. "I was shaking earlier. I thought maybe I could get the gloves off, to maybe help, but then my hands wouldn't stop shaking. And it hurt. So I just sat down, and rested my hands on my knees, because they didn't shake anymore then. It kinda hurts Virg."

Virgil took a deep breath, realizing that Gordon was probably in shock. He sounded very unlike himself, and that more than the hands scared him. Gordon was supposed to be all jokes and pranks and lightheartedness.

"I kinda wish you had said something earlier," Virgil finally said. "I could have helped you before we took off, and you wouldn't have had to worry about shaking hands the entire trip."

Gordon sighed and closed his eyes. "I know. I just didn't want the full blown smother hen treatment. It wasn't my brightest moment."

Virgil managed to smile a little at that. He was hurt, but the lighthearted Gordon was still in there somewhere.

"Okay, well, you now get the full force of Smother hen Scott coming at you. He's meeting us in the infirmary with Brains."

Gordon opened his eyes and shot a glare at Virgil. "I'm hurt not deaf, stupid. I heard you call him."

Virgil full on smirked, a small huff of laughter escaping. "So you are, and so you did. Sorry." Virgil shifted his weight and positioned himself where he could easily help Gordon to his feet. "You good to stand if I help?"

Gordon let out a mock groan. "Just leave me here to die. I don't want to have to deal with Scott."

Virgil put his arm around Gordon's shoulders and lifted, Gordon letting out a small hiss as his hands shifted positions. They were indeed shaking with nothing to support them.

"Sorry man, I'd sooner jump off a cliff. Scott would kill me."

Gordon smiled, and shot Virgil a sideways glance. "I could push you."

Virgil shook his head. Good old Gordon.