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Chapter 2


Gordon was lounging on one of the pool deck chairs, minding his own business, when he heard stomping footsteps coming down the stairs. Wanting to continue to relax, but also wanting very badly to know what – or who – was making such a ruckus, he sat up, pulling his sunglasses down so that he could see a little better into the house.

What his eyes met with made him nearly erupt in laughter, but discretion and self-preservation kept him from doing so. Rather, he stood up from his chair, made a show of straightening his brightly colored Hawaiian shirt, and shuffled his way closer to his eldest brother, who had yet to notice him.

And was Scott a sight. His hair was bright neon green, and wow. Gordon was pretty sure Alan was the one who put the dye into the shampoo that Scott so coveted, but wow. He really wished he had thought of that.

His shuffling footsteps must have been heard, because Scott whirled around, and Gordon stopped mid stride, suddenly re-thinking his current course. If looks could kill, Gordon would have dropped dead on the spot. Gordon could almost see the steam coming out of Scott's ears.

"Uh, hi there Scotty. Nice look you got there. I see you decided barren dirt was a little out and flourishing lawn was in?"

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Gordon regretted them. He barely saw the fist coming, and he had no time to dodge as it connected with his jaw, and Gordon was out.

"Gordon? Hey, c'mon Gords, wake up? Please?"

Gordon groaned, and started to open his mouth to tell the annoying voice to go away, and immediately regretted the action as his jaw moved. Pain shot from his teeth all the way up to his ear and into his head. His groan of annoyance turned to one of pain.

His eyes were clenched tightly shut, but he could hear the conversation going on around him.

"It was me, Scott. I thought it would be've been so uptight lately, I thought that it would make everyone laugh...I didn't think you were going to blame it on Gordon, or that you would hit him..."

"No, I know. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did. I was mad, because I need to go to a meeting tonight, and I don't think the board of directors will be very pleased with my new hairstyle. It's no excuse, but I blew up."

There was something cold up against his jaw, and it caused Gordon to flinch.

"Hey Gords, you with us? I'm really sorry I hit you."

Gordon finally managed to pry his eyes open, and tried his own version of "if looks could kill" on Scott, but he was fairly certain that he just succeeded in making himself look more helpless because Scott's worried frown just seemed to deepen.


Scott was radiating guilt, and it would have been a very serious look if it weren't for the neon green hair that was stabbing at his eyeballs.

" 'ude…ot your geaest look." Gordon stopped, thought about how his voice sounded, and then snickered, causing himself to wince again. "I...mean...graaaytest look. Not gayest. Though neon green... could be kinda gay too."

Scott's look of guilt was quickly replaced by one of extreme annoyance. "Well, at least I didn't rattle your brains around any more than they were."

"No. Really. After that meeting, you got a hot 'ate? There's a really cute guy that runs the a'vertising 'epartment. Raymon'? Richar'?"

"I was going to start grovelling but now that you bring it up, I really do need to figure out what to do about this. Alan?" Scott turned, and Gordon saw his younger brother nervously standing off to the side.

"on't worry Alan. He alrea'y punch me. Gramma will kill him later, if Virg oesn't get to im first."

Alan smiled a little, and moved forward to help Gordon with the ice that Scott had been holding to his jaw.

"Yeah, I should totally record it for blackmailing purposes."

Scott looked pained, and crossed his arms. Gordon wanted to laugh at how constipated he looked. It was funny. Especially with neon green hair.

"If I let you take One out for a spin later on, SUPERVISED, will you keep this quiet?"

Gordon's eyes widened. "Seriously?" He was sitting up now, and winced but was able to rotated his jaw around so that he was pretty sure nothing was broken.

"Yes, seriously." Scott looked really pained Or constipated. Or pained because he was made Gordon want to cackle but he figured he would still regret that right now.

Gordon pretended to contemplate it. "Okay, but only if you let me paint your nails later too."

Scott did a double take. "Wait, what?"

"You heard me. That, or no deal." Gordon crossed his arms, and Alan let out a giggle, looking a tad surprised at himself as he did so.

Scott's frown was an almost perfect upside down u at this point.

"Where in the world do you even have nail polish?"

Gordon wiggled his eyebrows. "A master never reveals his secrets."

Scott groaned. "Alright, fine! I have to go see if there's a hat or some other hair dye laying around.

Scott stomped away, the sound reminding Gordon of why he came out in the first place.

"Gordon, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get you into trouble," Alan started.

"It's okay squirt. First rule of pranks, don't get caught. And he assumed it was me, so you succeeded."

Gordon smiled at Alan, and the youngest gave him a small smile in return.

"Now, what do you think will be a good nail polish color on Scott? I actually have quite the collection hidden away."

Alan gave him a skeptical look.

"What? I spent the weekend at Lady Penelope's house and got bored. She taught me how to pain nails, and I figured it would be a really cool thing to try to implement into a prank." Gordon shrugged.

If Virgil wondered why Scott's hair was darker color than normal, and his nails – fingers and toes – were a bright pink and a bright green, he didn't dark ask.