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So, anyway, the next girl you guys wanted to see is Summer's mother, Vivienne. I had a feeling that you guys wanted Vivienne, can't blame you guys. But no matter who is the next girl, we all win. Well, I do not have anything else to say, so let us being. I do not own Naruto or anything I use in this story or future chapters, so please enjoy: Mother, Daughter, Lover


It was 6:00 o'clock in the morning. Naruto was slowly waking up. He looked up, seeing Summer. Summer smiled, planting a kiss Naruto.

"Good morning." Naruto said.

"Good morning." Summer said.

"What time do we get to work?" Naruto asked.

"Within a few hours." Summer said, kissing Naruto, again.

Naruto and Summer were still naked, and all these kissing is making the two lovers become arose. Naruto's penis became hard. Summer noticed this. She smiled, and without saying anything, the heifer got on top of Naruto. She turned herself around with her ass expose and a few inches in front of Naruto's face. He blushed, seeing Summer's pussy and ass up close.

"Enjoying the view, babe?" Summer asked.

"Yeah..." Naruto said.

"I'm going to suck your cock now..." Summer said.

"Ah, I see..." Naruto said.

Summer wrapped her lips around Naruto's cock, making him moan. Naruto didn't wait for his move. He buried himself between Summer's legs, licking her sweet spot. Summer moaned, still with her mouth filled with Naruto's cock. Both young lovers preformed 69 on each other. Naruto lick the heifer's pussy, while he played with her ass. Summer bobbed her head, taking the blonde's cock deep, hitting the back of her throat.

"So good~..." Summer thought, still giving head.

"Summer-chan's pussy juices are so tasty~..." Naruto thought, tonguing the pink hole.

Summer stops her actions, making sure that Naruto was okay, due to her size.

"Are you okay back there, babe?" Summer asked, stroking Naruto's penis.

"Mm-hmm~!" Naruto replied between her ass.

Summer smiled, seeing how Naruto was enjoying himself. Summer turned back, taking back Naruto's cock. The blonde and heifer continued to have their 69, while Naruto got harder and Summer getting wet. Summer released her lover's cock. She got off Naruto. She kissed Naruto on the lips.

"Oh, Summer-chan..." Naruto said.

"You're so hard, babe." Summer said.

Once again, Summer got on top of the blonde teen. Naruto moaned, being smothered by Summer's body. Then she picked herself up, rubbing her womanhood against Naruto's hard rod.

"Oh..." Naruto moaned.

"Now, then..." Summer said.

She grabbed Naruto's cock, adjusting it deep inside her. Summer moaned, and without waiting, she moved her hips.

"Ahh that feels so good~..." Summer moaned.

"Oh, shit..." Naruto moaned.

Naruto moaned, feeling Summer's movements and voluptuous body. Naruto relaxed himself, letting Summer ride him.

"Oh, Naruto~..." Summer moaned.

"Y-Yeah... You're so good at riding, Summer-chan..." Naruto moaned.

"That's what I like to hear, baby..." Summer said, moving her hips more.

"Ah!" Naruto moaned.

Summer smothered Naruto. While her big rump bounces on Naruto's pelvis, he grabbed Summer's ass, playing with it. Summer soon locked lips with Naruto, riding him more.

"Right, there! Ride my cock, Summer-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Trust me, I will." Summer moaned, riding even harder.

"Fuck!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto could not help, but used his movement.

"Ah!" Summer moaned.

Not only that, Naruto sucked on her nipples as well. Summer moaned more, not only for Naruto using his movements but also milking her again. The young heifer blushed a deep red, feeling her insides getting wet. As for Naruto, he suckled on both nipples for Summer's milk, loving the taste of the white gold.

"N-Naruto, you're milking me! My body is getting hot and wet!" Summer moaned.

"Mm-huh!" Naruto muffled, as he suckled and thrust with Summer's movements.

"Naruto!" Summer moaned.

Summer rode on her human lover, making her bed rock. Naruto kept pace with Summer's movements. The busty heifer could not help herself. Summer picked herself up, using all her power, wanting Naruto's spunk. As for the blonde, he watched Summer's massive breasts, jiggle freely. Though, he have seen Summer's bust many times, he could not him himself but be hypnotized by her tits. Summer continued to ride the blonde teen. She bit her lower lip, feeling her inside, watering. Naruto felt his cock swelled up, with his balls building up fresh semen. Once again, the long lovers were going to climax.

"N-Naruto, I'm going to cum! I'm about to cum all over your dick!" Summer moaned.

"Y-Yeah, I'm about to cum too, Summer-chan!" Naruto moaned, grunting.

Naruto grabbed the heifer's hips, increasing his speed, making Summer moaned, louder. Summer rested her hands on Naruto's chest, not letting up her own movements. The blonde teen grunted; feeling the young heifer's massive ass, slam down hard on him. Yes, Summer was about two or maybe three times his size, but to Naruto, it was pure pleasure of a woman's body against his body. Summer's inside were about to flood, while Naruto's twin orbs on the break of releasing its load.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and Summer moaned.

Naruto and Summer reached their climax, having large orgasms.

"Oh, my God!" Summer moaned, falling on top of Naruto.

"Mmugh!" Naruto muffled, buried between the large bust.

Summer held Naruto, not letting him go. She wanted all of him, body and climax. Like always, Naruto's orgasms were large and last awhile. The blonde shot his load deep inside the heifer. Summer blushed, feeling the warm thickness entering her body.

"Oh, Naruto..." Summer said.

"Mmm..." Naruto muffled, still climaxing.

Summer continued to smother Naruto, not letting him go. Summer continued to take her lover's orgasm. After a long minute, Naruto's climaxed ended. Summer let out a sigh of bless, having taken the large load.

"Oh, Naruto... Naruto?" Summer moaned.

Summer didn't get a response. The heifer looked down, seeing she was still smothering the blonde teen.

"Oh!" Summer said, quickly releasing Naruto between her bust.

Naruto breathed heavily with a dark blush.

"Are you okay, baby?" Summer asked.

"Yeah, I was really enjoying myself." Naruto said.

"Oh?" Summer asked.

Naruto picked himself up, kissing Summer. The heifer blushed, locking lips with the blonde. As they kissed, Naruto's cock slipped out, yet he was still hard. Summer kissed Naruto again, and again. Naruto made a move. Summer found herself on her back and Naruto getting on top of her. She smiled, seeing how much Naruto had change. He leaned close, kissing her again.

"Oh, Naruto..." Summer moaned.

"You said we had a few hours, right? I want to make my girl feel good before we go to work." Naruto said.

Summer smiled, letting Naruto make love to her. It was about 7:25, and both Naruto and Summer were messy. Naruto covered in sweat and his penis covered in juices. Summer found herself also sweaty, and her breasts glazed with semen.

"My, Naruto, you really know how to make a girl feel good..." Summer said.

"Thanks, Summer-chan..." Naruto replied.

They both laugh a bit.

"I need a shower. Want to join me, babe?" Summer asked.

"Do you even have to ask?" Naruto asked.

Naruto and Summer made their way in the restroom. Summer turned on the shower. Summer hopped in, and soon Naruto wrapped his arms around his heifer lover. 15 minutes in the shower, Naruto and Summer made out with the warm water hitting their bodies.

"Gosh, I made you cum like 4 times, and I'm amazed how much you can keep going and how good you can make a girl climax." Summer said.

"It was 6, Summer-chan..." Naruto said, kissing her more.

"Really?" Summer asked.

"Really." Naruto replied, playing with her massive ass cheeks.

"Heheh, and something tells me that you want a little more, don't you, baby?" Summer asked.

"Yeah." Naruto replied.

Without saying a word, the heifer turned herself around. She wiggled her rump to the blonde. Naruto came behind, Summer. Naruto was about to take Summer's ass, again. Before he can mount the cowgirl, they heard someone.

"Summer, dear, are you here?" Vivienne asked.

Both Naruto and Summer froze, hearing Vivienne's voice.

"Oh, damn!" Naruto thought.

Summer made the 'Shh' with her finger and lips. Naruto nodded. She answered her mother.

"Yeah, mom, and I'm a shower." Summer replied, picking her face out from behind the shower curtain.

"Have you seen, Naruto? I was about to make him breakfast, but he wasn't in his room." Vivienne said.

"Well, I saw him earlier. He wanted a head start with today's work." Summer stated.

"Really?" Vivienne asked.

Naruto was still behind Summer, and his cock between her massive cheeks.

"Oh, man..." Naruto thought.

The blonde boy did everything he could not to make a sound. As for Summer, she still felt the massive cock rubbing against her cheeks, making her blush. Vivienne noticed this.

"Summer, are you all right? Your cheeks are lit up." Vivienne stated.

"Oh, yes, mom, it's just the warm water." Summer replied.

Naruto felt his cock getting harder. He did not see the bar of soap. Naruto's foot slips on the soap. Thanks to this, Naruto fell on Summer's back, while his cock was shoved in the heifer's tight anus. Summer's eyes widen, letting out a moan.

"Ugh!" Summer moaned.

"What's wrong?" Vivienne asked.

"Uhh, the shampoo bottle fell on my foot..." Summer stated with a dark blush.

"You should be more careful, dear." Vivienne said.

Summer turned to Naruto, giving him that 'why did you do that?!' Naruto waved his hand back and forth, giving her that 'I didn't do it on purpose, it was an accident...'

"Well, when you get the chance, would you give Naruto his breakfast? I'll have it ready within a few minutes." Vivienne said.

"Of course, mom. I'll be out by then." Summer replied.

Vivienne left. Naruto and Summer both sigh in relief.

"That was close..." Naruto whispered.

Summer turned to Naruto, punching his cheek.

"Ow, ow! I'm sorry, Summer-chan!" Naruto said.

"That was for almost getting us in trouble!" Summer said.

Summer soon kissed Naruto's lips.

"That's because I love you." Summer said, smiling.

Naruto smiled, kissing her back.

"We get a few minutes, so how about we finish what we started, Summer-chan?" Naruto asked.

"I would love that, babe~..." Summer replied.

Naruto began his movements, making Summer moan. Naruto and Summer had a little fun in the shower. Later, Naruto was working on the fields with Emelie.

"I'm surprised that you were up this early, Naruto." Emelie said.

"Yeah, I decide to get a head start on the fields. I can't let a pretty girl like you to do all the work." Naruto replied.

"Well, that's very nice of you." Emelie said with a slight blush.

"Heheh." Naruto chuckled.

Naruto and Emelie continued to work on the fields. Summer was taking a break with Abby and Zoey from all their work. Abby was a bit nervous. In the back of her mind, she wanted to ask about her and Naruto. Zoey wanted to know too. Summer put her phone down. The trio of girls did not say a word for a whole minute. Abby was the first one to say something.

"So, umm... How was your day, Summer?" Abby said.

"It was amazing." Summer said with a smile and a blush.

"What about Naruto?" Zoey asked.

"Zoey!" Abby said.

"Come on, we both really want to know." Zoey said.

"It was beyond amazing." Summer said.

"Really?" Zoey asked, as he tail slightly wags with interested.

"Yes! Naruto was like, beyond amazing! And he's super hang." Summer said, with her blush growing dark, holding her face.


Abby and Zoey were speechless, hearing Summer's statement.

"We had a wonderful night, and a wonderful morning." Summer said.

"You have to tell us, everything." Zoey said.

"Please..." Abby added.

"Okay, okay, it all started last night..." Summer said.

While Summer told her girlfriends everything about what happened last night and this morning. During this time, Naruto and Emelie were on their own break.

"Man, I'm glad we did all this work." Naruto said.

"Yeah." Emelie replied.

"I'm going to get a drink. Do you want me to bring you something, Emelie-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Lemonade, please." Emelie replied with a smile.

"Got it." Naruto said.

Naruto went inside the main house. He went into the kitchen, seeing Vivienne, cleaning up. He remembered, watching her big rear-end moving back and forth. Vivienne saw Naruto.

"Hello, dear." Vivienne said.

"Hello, Vivienne-san." Naruto said.

"Are you on your break, dear?" Vivienne asked.

"Yes. Me and Emelie-chan wanted something to drink." Naruto stated.

"I made some lemonade. I'll get you two some." Vivienne said.

Vivienne went to the fridge.

"Let's see..." Vivienne said.

The blonde teen takes a sit, waiting on the table. He looked around, and looked back at the mother heifer. Once again, he saw her massive rump. Naruto blushed. He could not help himself, looking at Vivienne's bum. Vivienne grabbed a pitcher of lemonade. Vivienne grabbed two large glasses. Vivienne walked to the blonde. The M.I.L.F heifer poured in the drink. As she did, Naruto saw her breasts. He blushed, again, seeing how big they were. Vivienne noticed that Naruto's cheeks were red.

"Are you okay, dear? First Summer, and now your cheeks are red as well." Vivienne said.

"Huh?" Naruto said.

Vivienne leaned close, feeling Naruto's forehead.

"Are you sick?" Vivienne asked.

Naruto's cheeks were warming up. He saw Vivienne's massive bust up closer. Vivienne, due to her motherly nature, did not notice this; she was forces on Naruto's well being.

"I don't feel a fever. Are you hot?" Vivienne asked.

"Y-Yes, I'm just a little hot..." Naruto said, still blushing.

"Okay. You must be really thirsty." Vivienne said.

"Yeah... I'm just thirsty." Naruto said.

Vivienne smiled, slightly giggling. The mother heifer finished pouring him his drink. Naruto drinks his lemonade. She noticed the sweat, dripping down his neck. And the sweat drip down his chest. Vivienne slightly blushed, seeing Naruto's muscular chest. Naruto drinks all his lemonade.

"Can I have some more, please?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, dear." Vivienne said.

Naruto grabbed both glasses of lemonade, and he heading back outside.

"I'm heading back outside. I'll see you later, Vivienne-san. And thank you for the drinks." Naruto said with a smile.

"Okay, dear. Don't over work yourself." Vivienne said.

As Naruto went back outside, Vivienne let out a light sigh. Vivienne could not believe, she was looking at Naruto. She felt her breasts aching. The M.I.L.F cow walked into one of the downstairs restrooms. She turned on the water, washing her face.

"My goodness..." Vivienne said.

Vivienne looked at herself in the mirror. Though, the heifer is old, Vivienne was still in her prime. Vivienne knew she had all her blessings, and passed them on to her daughter. She examined her body; truly, she was a beauty. When her husband passed away, Vivienne focus her work on the ranch. There were times when the other cowgirls encourage her to go on dates, but Vivienne did not like the men of today. She remembered last night when Naruto said saw was not old. She blushed, knowing that Naruto's charm had her.

"Get a hold of herself, Vivienne, old-girl... Naruto is young enough to be your son... He's my employee, he's 15, he's... He's..." Vivienne said.

But her womanly urges got the best of her. She closed her eyes, and her fantasies ran wild. Vivienne fantasized about Naruto kissing her, touching her, making her feel like a woman, and breeding her like an animal. Vivienne felt her legs quivered. Vivienne imagined Naruto making love to her. Her massive breasts ached to be touch by a certain blonde teen.

"Oh, Vivienne, you're too much, even for yourself..." Vivienne said.

Vivienne went back into the kitchen, resuming her cleaning.

"And besides, Naruto might not think about me in such a manner... I'm sure of it... I hope..." Vivienne thought.

Back outside, Naruto and Emelie were sitting down, enjoying their drinks.

"Boy, this drink hits the spot." Emelie said with a smile.

"It sure does." Naruto said.

Naruto and Emelie continued to have their break. As they did, the young pig girl looked at the blonde. Like Vivienne, she saw Naruto's muscular body and sweat, dripping down his head and neck. Emelie blushed. Naruto finished his drink.

"That was good." Naruto said.

"Are you still thirsty, Naruto?" Emelie asked.

"Yeah..." Naruto asked.

"Here, you go." Emelie said, handing him the rest of her drink.

They soon both touched hands. They looked at each other, and blushed.

"Thank you, Emelie-chan..." Naruto said with a smile.

"Uh-huh." Emelie said.

Emelie could not help herself. Yes, it was only a day since Naruto worked here on the ranch. But she really liked the blonde. And judging the look in the blonde's eyes, he likes her too. The pig girl got an idea.

"Hey, Naruto." Emelie said.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked.

"Do you want to have lunch with me tomorrow? Like a date, y'know..." Emelie asked.

"I would like that." Naruto replied.

The light blonde pig could not believe Naruto's quick response. Perhaps, maybe they would kiss on their date. Or maybe they will go all the way. Emelie tried not to think about 'that', but maybe it would happen.

"Heheh..." Emelie giggled with a smile.

"Want to get back to work, Emelie-chan?" Naruto asked.

"You bet." Emelie said.

Naruto and Emelie went back to work. Back with Summer, she finished explaining everything she and her lover did. Abby and Zoey's faces were red, hearing every detail. Summer smiled, feeling pride within herself.

"Oh, wow..." Zoey said.

"I never thought you and Naruto could do such things." Abby said.

"Yeah, it was amazing." Summer said.

"When can we meet him?" Zoey asked.

"Today, if you like. Baby should be done around 3:00 o'clock." Summer said.

"Baby?" Abby said.

"Yeah, he's my baby." Summer said.

"Well, I have to get back to work. I'll text you when I'm done." Zoey said.

"Okay." Summer said.

"I should get going as well." Abby said.

"Same here. I need to get back to work." Summer said.

"Summer..." Abby said.

"Yes?" Summer replied.

"I-Is... Is Naruto nice?" Abby asked.

"He's quite nice and a great lover as well." Summer stated.

Abby blushed, hearing Summer's statement. The three friends went back to work. A few hours later, Naruto and Emelie were done with their work.

"Well, that was another day of work done. Right, Emelie-chan?" Naruto said.

"Yup!" Emelie said with a smile.

Naruto and Emelie looked at each other, still smiling. Emelie blushed, slightly playing with her hair.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" Naruto asked.

"Of course. I'll make the best lunch." Emelie said.

"I can't wait." Naruto replied.

Naruto put the all the tools away back in the shed.

"Alright, the tools are put away." Naruto said.

"There you are!" Summer said.

"Hey, Summer-chan." Naruto replied.

"Are you done with your work?" Summer asked.

"Yeah, me and Emelie-chan got raid of some more weeds." Naruto stated.

"That's my Naruto." Summer said.

Naruto walked over to Summer, kissing her.

"Mmm~..." Summer said.

"So, is there something you wanted to ask?" Naruto asked, buried himself between her bust.

"Oh, right, my friends want to meet you." Summer stated.

"Huh?" Naruto said, looking up to Summer.

"You heard me, Naruto. My friends want to meet you." Summer stated.

"Yeah, I would like to meet them." Naruto said.

"Come on, they're waiting." Summer said, grabbing Naruto by the hand.

Naruto and Summer went back to the house. The two walked into the house. Naruto saw Zoey and Abby, looking at him. Like Summer, they were beautiful as her and had wonderful bodies as well.

"Girls... This is Naruto. Naruto, this is Zoey and Abby." Summer stated.

"Hello." Naruto said.

"I'm Abby. It's nice to meet you, Naruto." Abby said.

"I'm Zoey. Do you like video games?" Zoey asked.

"Who doesn't?" Naruto said with a smile.

"What kind of games?" Zoey asked.

"All kinds, from Playstation, Nintendo, and some Xbox. I also like playing computer games." Naruto stated.

Zoey was speechless. In a strange way, she felt like she found her soul mate. Abby saw how Naruto and Zoey were getting along. She felt a little out of place. Summer slightly elbows Abby. Summer tilts her head to Naruto.

"Umm, do you like it here on the ranch, Naruto?" Abby asked.

"Oh, yes, I do, Abby-chan." Naruto said with a smile.

Abby blushed. Summer was right about Naruto being nice.

"If there is anything you or Zoey-chan need, I'm more than happy to help you anyway I can." Naruto stated.

Abby and Zoey liked how the blonde teen was using the "Chan" in their names. Summer smiled, knowing that her friends like Naruto. Vivienne comes into the living room with some news.

"Umm, Summer, girls, Naruto, I have some bad news." Vivienne said.

"What is it, mom?" Summer asked.

"The guy who was supposed to bring the new tools and barrels is sick. I do not know what I should do. I already paid for them, yet the tools are late." Vivienne stated.

"Me and the girls can go pick them up." Summer said.

"Oh, really?" Vivienne said.

"Yeah. That, and Zoey also needs to pick up her new game in town." Summer stated.

"Yeah. We should play together on our day off, Naruto." Zoey said.

"Sounds good to me." Naruto replied.

"Come on, girls. Road trip." Summer said.

"Summer-chan?" Naruto said.

"Don't worry, Naruto, we'll be back in a few hours." Summer stated.

"Oh, okay..." Naruto said.

"I promise we'll be back." Summer said with a wink.

Naruto nodded.

"Be careful, you three." Vivienne said.

"We will, mom." Summer said.

Summer, Abby, and Zoey left the ranch to pick up the new farming tools. It was just Naruto and Vivienne alone.

"Dear..." Vivienne said.

"Yes, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked.

"I know your work time is up, but I was wondering if you can help me with one little thing." Vivienne said.

"Of course. What would you like me to do, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked.

"Oh, yes, it's upstairs." Vivienne said.

"Upstairs?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, dear. Follow me." Vivienne said.

"Okay." Naruto said.

Once again, Naruto follow the older heifer upstairs. Once again, the blonde couldn't help but look at Vivienne's big rump. The blonde teen blushed, not taking his eyes off Vivienne. In a basement, Naruto saw some boxes.

"I need a little help moving boxes." Vivienne said.

Upstairs, Vivienne show things that need to be move around, boxes and such.

"Thank you so much, dear." Vivienne said.

"It's no problem, Vivienne-san." Naruto said.

Naruto helped Vivienne moved some boxes. A few minutes later, Naruto was done moving boxes.

"All done, Vivienne-san." Naruto said.

"Thank you, dear. Now that..." Vivienne said.

Before she could finish her sentence, she saw one of the lights, flicking on and off.

"Oh, damn... Naruto, I need your help again." Vivienne said.

"Leave it to me, Vivienne-san." Naruto said.

"I need you to help me change the light." Vivienne said.

"Okay." Naruto said.

Since Vivienne is taller than Naruto, she would change the light-blob. As for Naruto...

"Be sure to keep that ladder still, Naruto." Vivienne said.

"Ugh, I will, Vivienne-san..." Naruto said with a blush.

Naruto had to hold the ladder. And since he was closer to Vivienne, and have a closer view to the older heifer's large bottom. Vivienne change the light. It felt like forever, but was really 2 minutes, until Vivienne was done changing the light. Naruto still red in the face with Vivienne's butt inches away from his face.

"That should do." Vivienne said.

"You are done, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, dear. I'm coming down." Vivienne said.

Naruto let out a sigh of relief, knowing his job was done. Well, more like he did not get a boner from Summer's mother. Vivienne was about off the ladder, but...

"Oh!" Vivienne said.

"Wow!" Naruto said.

Vivienne slipped on the last step, and she fell on top of Naruto.

"Ugh..." Naruto groaned.

"Oh, dear! Are you okay, Naruto?!" Vivienne asked.

"Y-Yeah, I'm okay..." Naruto said.

As Naruto slowly lifted up his head, he saw Vivienne's massive rump, even closer to his face.

"Oh, my God!" Naruto said.

Thanks to this, Naruto's member got the best of him, and shot up with great speed. Vivienne let out a gasp, seeing Naruto's large erection.

"My goodness!" Vivienne said.

Truly, it had been a long time since she felt like a woman. However, seeing a penis quickly and strongly erected right in front of her eyes. Made her feel, wanted.

"S-So, Naruto does think of me that way...!" Vivienne thought.

"Holy shit! V-Vivienne-san is on top of me! Summer-chan is going to kill me! And if she doesn't, Vivienne-san will, thanks to my stupid pecker!" Naruto thought.

Both her and Naruto quickly got on their feet, with his erection harder than wood.

"I-I'm so sorry, Vivienne-san! I should go!" Naruto said.

"Oh, my..." Vivienne said.

The M.I.L.F heifer locked eyes on Naruto's massive rode. She felt her inside slightly water. Vivienne knew she could no longer hold her lustful nature back. She remembered Naruto's charm the first day and his muscular body this noon. Before Naruto could do more than take his first step, Vivienne grabbed Naruto by the hand.

"V-Vivienne-san?" Naruto said.

"You can't go out with your erection showing off like that." Vivienne stated with a blush.

"Ugh..." Naruto said.

"Umm... I'll take care of it for you..." Vivienne said.


Naruto was speechless, hearing his boss will 'take care' of his boner.

"Relax, dear, and I'll do the rest." Vivienne said.

"O-Okay..." Naruto said.

Naruto did not move a muscle, letting Vivienne handle his problem. The mother heifer leaned the blonde teen against the wall, and pulling down Naruto's pants, showing all his cock and balls. Vivienne's eyes widen, seeing how truly big the teen was.

"Oh, Naruto, I never thought someone so young have something this large~..." Vivienne stated.

"Ugh..." Naruto said.

Vivienne got on her knees, grabbing the blonde boy's penis. Naruto let out a moan, feeling Vivienne's hands.

"It feels so much bigger in my hands..." Vivienne thought, stroking, slowly.

"Mm-umm..." Naruto moaned.

Vivienne continued to stroke her employee's cock.

Yes, it was hard, but the thickness and girth turned her on. As the M.I.L.F continued to playing with Naruto's cock, she saw the tip all hard and swollen like his rod. In fact, it turned her on so much; she soon warped her lips around the tip, tasting the blonde's penis. Thanks to Vivienne's surprise, Naruto let out a moan louder.

"O-Oh, Vivienne-san~...!" Naruto moaned.

"My goodness, his cock is so tasty~..." Vivienne thought, slurping the tip.

"Ugh..." Naruto moaned.

Vivienne continued to have Naruto's penis tip inside her mouth. It was something. Before the cow M.I.L.F knew what she was doing, Vivienne let her bust free. Naruto could not believe, he was looking at Vivienne's bare breasts. Naruto knew that the cowgirls here had massive breasts. Nevertheless, seeing Vivienne's breasts just made the blonde teen more aroused.

"Whoa..." Naruto said.

"Are you alright, dear?" Vivienne asked, still licking Naruto's penis.

"Ah, y-yes... I'm okay... Ugh, you're so good, Vivienne-san..." Naruto moaned.

"Oh, thank you, dear..." Vivienne replied, kissing the tip.

Vivienne then wrapped her lips around Naruto's cock again. But this time, she take a few inches of his rod inside her mouth. The blonde teen moaned, loudly, thanks to Vivienne's warm wet mouth.

"I can't believe it... He's so bigger than I thought..." Vivienne thought, taking more of Naruto's meat.

"Oh, my God..." Naruto moaned.

Though big, Vivienne did not hesitate taking more of the blonde's cock. Vivienne slurped and sucked on the massive rod. Naruto bit his lower lip, watching Vivienne's head, bobbing her head. The M.I.L.F looked up, seeing, Naruto enjoying himself. She soon backed her head up to the tip, letting out a load pop.

"Are you enjoying yourself, dear?" Vivienne asked.

"Oh, yes..." Naruto moaned.

Vivienne noticed the blonde was looking at her breasts. Of course, she knew what the blonde wanted. And without asking, Vivienne wrapped her massive bust around Naruto's cock.

"Holy crap!" Naruto moaned.

Vivienne saw his cock disappeared with only the tip, peeking out between her bust.

"Ugh..." Naruto moaned, feeling his penis being squeezed by Vivienne's breasts.

"Do you like this, Naruto-dear?" Vivienne asked.

"Y-Yes, it feels amazing..." Naruto moaned with a dark blush.

"I'm happy you are enjoying my breasts, dear..." Vivienne said.

Vivienne held Naruto's cock between her massive breasts, stroking it. Naruto moaned, having his cock smothered between the massive tits. Naruto moaned a little louder. God, Vivienne's breasts were truly soft, just like Summer's. The blonde teen felt his cock twitching and balls tighten. Naruto knew he was going to climax.

"V-Vivienne-san, I'm about to...!" Naruto moaned.

Before he could finish his words, his cock blasted his load all over Vivienne.

"Ahh!" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, Naruto!" Vivienne moaned.

"Agh!" Naruto moaned.

The older heifer felt large white-ropes shooting all over her face and breasts, and even some of the loads shot in her mouth. Naruto moaned, still climaxing. After a long blissful minute, Naruto's orgasm ended.

"Holy shit..." Naruto moaned.

Vivienne saw herself, and her breasts covered in Naruto's semen. The heifer licked her lips, tasting Naruto's semen. She looked up, and saw even after her actions, Naruto's cock was still hard.

"Damn, I'm still hard..." Naruto thought.

"Oh, my, Naruto-dear, you're still hard..." Vivienne said.

Vivienne licked her lips more. It had been a few years since she was sexual active, yet, tasting Naruto's cream made her feel younger and feel like a woman. Naruto knew he could not go outside with his cock still hard. Without knowing what to do next, the mother heifer spoke, wanting more.

"Dear..." Vivienne said.

"Y-Yes, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked.

"Would you... Would you like to come to my room with me?" Vivienne asked.


Naruto knew that Summer was his girl, and now her mother wants him. His cock was still hard, wanting the older heifer. Besides, she is his boss, and she has been lonely. He thought about it for a few seconds. Naruto was the type of person who would not let anyone down. And he saw Vivienne wanted to be loved. Naruto gave Vivienne his answer.

"Yes, Vivienne-san, I would like to come to bed with you." Naruto said.

Vivienne's eyes lit up, hearing Naruto's words. Vivienne held Naruto's hand, leading him into her bedroom. Vivienne closed the door behind her, but she was so moist, she did not close it all the way. Naruto looked at Vivienne's bedroom, seeing how nice it was. Her bed was massive

"I'm going t freshen up, dear. Make yourself comfortable." Vivienne said.

"Okay, Vivienne-san." Naruto said.

Naruto took off his clothes, while Vivienne cleaned herself up. Naruto waited for Vivienne. About 5 minutes later, Vivienne came out of the restroom, seeing Naruto. Vivienne saw Naruto naked in her bed, and cock still hard. Naruto looked at Summer's mother, though she's old, truly she had a wonderful body. Summer really did got her good looks and body from her mother. Vivienne blushed, seeing the boy looking at her naked body.


Vivienne thought, maybe she was coming on to strong. She thought, maybe she was too old to please a young man like Naruto.

"You're beautiful, Vivienne-san." Naruto stated with a blush.

Vivienne was speechless, hearing what Naruto just said. She did not hear those words from anyone besides her daughter, and since... Well, since her husband. Vivienne felt pride within herself.

"Oh, thank you, dear." Vivienne said.

Naruto and Vivienne smiled at each other. Naruto decides to be brave. He got out of Vivienne's bed, coming towards her. The blonde wrapped his arms around Vivienne's body and buried himself between her massive bust. Vivienne felt Naruto, slightly dry humping her.

"My goodness..." Vivienne said.

"Come on, Vivienne-san; let me make you feel like a woman." Naruto said with a smile, between her bust.

"Yes, dear..." Vivienne said.

Naruto and Vivienne went to bed. She found herself on her back, with the blonde getting on top of her, kissing her lips.

"Oh~..." Vivienne moaned.

"Did you like that, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked.

"Yes." Vivienne replied.

Naruto smiled, seeing the old heifer enjoying herself. Naruto then grabbed Vivienne's massive breasts.

"Ugh..." Vivienne moaned.

"They're so big and really soft, Vivienne-san." Naruto stated, playing with Vivienne's tits.

Naruto played and massaged Vivienne's breasts. Vivienne let out soft moans, feeling Naruto's hands all over her jugs. The blonde teen then grabbed the nipples, slightly pinched them. Vivienne moaned again, feeling her nipples being pitched. Of course, Naruto did not pinch too hard; however, her nipples slightly let out milk.

"Oh, my..." Vivienne moaned.

Naruto then suckled on her tits for her milk.

"Naruto!" Vivienne moaned.

"Sorry, do you want me to stop?" Naruto asked.

"N-No, keep going, please..." Vivienne moaned.

"Oh, of course, Vivienne-san..." Naruto said.

Naruto resume milking Vivienne. Vivienne moaned, feeling Naruto's mouth, sucking her breasts. Not only that, the old heifer felt Naruto's hard boner against her body. She let Naruto milk her. Man, Naruto was right about Vivienne. She was a lot like Summer, body and all. Naruto licked his lips, loving the taste of cowgirl milk.

"Your milk is so tasty, Vivienne-san." Naruto said.

"Thank you, dear." Vivienne said.

Naruto leaned close, kissing Vivienne's lips again, tasting her own milk. Vivienne wrapped her arms around the blonde teen, locking lips with the human boy. Naruto then slip his tongue inside Vivienne's mouth. Vivienne blushed, feeling Naruto's tongue fighting against her tongue. The mother heifer felt pure bliss. A minute later of kissing, both Naruto and Vivienne broke the kiss. They looked each other, smiling.

"My, my, Naruto, you're so good at this." Vivienne said.

"Thank you, Vivienne-san... How about I make you feel even greater?" Naruto asked.

"If that is what you want, dear, do what you like." Vivienne said with a slight smirk.

"Right." Naruto said.

Naruto kissed Vivienne, again. The blonde kissed her more down to her breasts, he kissed her belly, then Naruto reached the heifer's legs. Vivienne wondered what Naruto was about to do. But she didn't wait long enough to find out. Naruto spread Vivienne's legs, showing her womanhood and her anus. Vivienne blushed, seeing Naruto looking at her personal parts.

"Oh, dear, please don't stare too much..." Vivienne said.

"Oh, sorry, it's just beautiful, Vivienne-san." Naruto said.

Vivienne blushed grew more, hearing Naruto's words. Before she could react, Naruto went between her legs. Naruto then kissed Vivienne's pussy.

"Ooh-ahh!" Vivienne moaned.

Vivienne lifted her head, seeing the blonde going down on her. Naruto kissed and licked Vivienne's lady-lips. The mother heifer moaned, as her eyes rolled back in pleasure. The blonde teen massaged her legs, still licking that pink spot. Vivienne bit her lower lip, feeling Naruto's actions. She reached down to Naruto's back.

"Oh, darling, you're licking my insides~...!" Vivienne said.

"Man, Vivienne-san's pussy is tasty like Summer-chan's..." Naruto thought.

Naruto then spread the mother heifer's cheeks, licking her anal-ring. Vivienne's eyes widen again, getting caught off guard my Naruto. She felt the warm wet tongue, licking her ass.

"Oh, dear! That's didn't think you would like my anus like that!" Vivienne said.

Naruto tongue deeper, making Vivienne slightly jump with pleasure. Vivienne did like that way the blonde was eating her out. Naruto continued to eat out mother heifer, switching back and forth from tonguing her pussy and asshole. The blonde then used his fingers, playing with her holes. Vivienne had to stop herself form screaming in pleasure by biting her lip.

"Oh, my! N-Naruto is so good! He's making me so wet!" Vivienne thought, moaning.

"Looks like, Vivienne-san is enjoying herself." Naruto thought.

Naruto continued to please the mother heifer, making her feel like a woman. Vivienne felt her insides becoming moister, and feeling her legs quiver with pleasure. It had been a few years, but she knew what was about to happen. Vivienne was about to climax.

"N-Naruto! I'm going to cum!" Vivienne screamed.

Hearing Vivienne's words, Naruto continued his actions. Vivienne moaned, feeling her insides about to explode with pleasure. She could not hold it anymore. Vivienne reached her orgasm.

"Ahhhh~!" Vivienne screamed, climaxing.

Naruto felt Vivienne's juices squirting out her vagina. Vivienne grabbed the sheets of her bed, with her face lighting up with red. Truly, her orgasm was an explosive one. She let out moans, still climaxing and Naruto licking her sweet spot. Vivienne's orgasm ended. She let out a blissful moan.

"Oh, Naruto..." Vivienne moaned with a dark blush.

"Did you enjoy that, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, dear... My goodness, you're so good... I haven't liked this in years..." Vivienne stated with a smile.

"Oh, I'm happy to hear it, Vivienne-san." Naruto said.

Naruto and Vivienne shared another kissed. The blonde and older heifer kissed again and again, and cuddled with each other.

"Vivienne-san..." Naruto said.

"Yes, dear?" Vivienne asked.

"Still want to keep going?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, dear. I would love that." Vivienne replied.

Naruto was on his back and his cock hard and straight up.

"Here, Vivienne, I'll let you be on top." Naruto said.

"Such a gentlemen." Vivienne said with a smile.

Vivienne got on top of the blonde teen. She saw that she was smothering Naruto. Once again, Naruto was buried between soft tits. Naruto loved the feeling breasts and rear-ends. Vivienne was worried that she was crushing Naruto.

"I'm not crushing you, am I, dear?" Vivienne asked.

"Of course, not, Vivienne-san. Your body is really amazing." Naruto said.

Vivienne blushed, hearing Naruto's words. She also felt the hardness of Naruto's penis against her lady-lips. Naruto and Vivienne were ready to have their intercourse.

"Are you ready, Vivienne-san?" Naruto said.

"Yes..." Vivienne replied.

"All right..." Naruto said.

Naruto rubbed his member against Vivienne. The old heifer picked herself up, and grabbed Naruto's cock.

"Okay, dear, let us begin." Vivienne said.

Vivienne adjusted the cock inside her. She felt the tip going inside her.

"Ahh...!" Vivienne groaned.

"Oh, shit~..." Naruto moaned.

Vivienne's eyes rolled back, feeling the large penis, stretching out her insides.

"Ugh, N-Naruto's cock is bigger than I thought~!" Vivienne thought, groaning.

"Whoa, V-Vivienne-san's pussy is so tight and warm!" Naruto thought.

Vivienne's face was dark red, feeling Naruto's cock entering her. Vivienne felt the mushroom tip going inside her, along with 3 inches of his cock. Her legs trembled, taking more of the boy's girth, which was another 3 inches.

"Oh, goodness, Naruto's cock is stretching me out!" Vivienne thought, moaning.

"Whoa, Vivienne-san's pussy keeps taking my dick inside her!" Naruto thought, moaning, feeling Vivienne's weight pressing down on him.

Naruto blushed, feeling Vivienne's pussy tightening. Vivienne took 3 more inches deep inside her. The mother heifer saw she had taken more than half of Naruto's cock. While taking the rest of her employee's cock, the M.I.L.F heifer felt her pre-juices dripping down Naruto's penis and down his balls.

"Oh, Naruto!" Vivienne moaned.

"Vivienne-san!" Naruto moaned.

Vivienne adjusted herself on Naruto's pelvis, taking the rest of the large dick.

"Ahhhh!" Vivienne screamed.

Vivienne could not help herself, falling on top of Naruto. The blonde teen found himself between Vivienne's breasts, again.

"I-I did it... I've taken all of Naruto's cock..." Vivienne groaned with a dark blush.

"Mmm!" Naruto muffled between the large bust.

"Goodness, you're so much bigger than I thought, dear..." Vivienne moaned.

"Ah, yes, Vivienne-san, your body is really amazing." Naruto said.

Naruto and Vivienne stay together in bed, with the older heifer still on top of the human teen. Naruto made another move, grabbing her massive ass cheeks. The blonde teen then suckled on her tits, making Vivienne moaned.

"Goodness, dear..." Vivienne moaned.

"Sorry, Vivienne-san, I can't get enough of you, you're just so hot..." Naruto stated, licking her right tit.

"Such a mouth..." Vivienne said.

"Oh, sorry... Sometimes I just say whatever comes to mind." Naruto replied, sucking her other tit.

"I see..." Vivienne said.

In her youth, Vivienne was not like Summer a bad wild girl. She was more of the shy and quiet type of cowgirl. In fact, she was even embarrassed by her own massive chest. When she got married, she and her husband were very much in love. When he passed away, Vivienne thought she would not be sexually active again. However, here she is in bed with a human teen and they are having sex. Vivienne did not want to admit it, but she loved the feeling of someone giving her attention. Naruto release her tits, and then he played with her ass cheeks.

"Ooh~..." Vivienne moaned.

"Do you like this, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked.

"Y-Yes, dear, I like it..." Vivienne moaned.

Naruto smiled, kissing Vivienne's lips.

"Are you ready, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked.

"I-I believe so..." Vivienne said.

"All right, Vivienne-san, it's time to make feel good." Naruto said.

Naruto then begin his movements, moving his penis slowly inside her.

"Ahh..." Vivienne groaned.

"So tight..." Naruto moaned.

"B-Be gentle, dear..." Vivienne groaned.

"Don't worry, I promise, I will." Naruto replied.

The old heifer felt her insides being stretched out by the blonde's monster penis. Naruto then sucked on her tits again. Vivienne blushed, feeling Naruto's mouth, milking her breasts. The mother cow moaned more, feeling Naruto's cock moving in and out of her. His hands all over her bum, and nipples being sucked. Vivienne bit her lower lip, moaning more. She wanted to move her hips, but she was afraid that she might hurt Naruto. Though Vivienne is the second he's been with, he's used to being smothered and such, due to the fact he and Summer made love for the first time last night and this morning. Naruto then told her to ride him.

"Vivienne-san..." Naruto said.

"Y-Yes, dear?" Vivienne asked.

"D-Don't be shy with me... Go ahead and ride me, okay?" Naruto said.

"Are you sure, dear?" Vivienne asked.

"Yes, I want it, Vivienne-san..." Naruto said with a smile.

Vivienne picked herself up, and then moved her hips, making Naruto moaned.

"Man, Vivienne-san, your pussy is so tight..." Naruto moaned.

"D-Don't say such things, dear... It's embarrassing..." Vivienne replied, moaning.

"It's true, Vivienne-san, it's really hot... And your tits are amazing too." Naruto said.

Vivienne blushed, hearing Naruto's words.

"This boy... Oh, God, he is so good... His cock is so deep; it's hitting my womb..." Vivienne thought, moaning and still slowly moving her hips.

"God, this feels amazing..." Naruto moaned.

"Oh, dear..." Vivienne moaned with a dark blush.

Naruto slightly increased his movements. As he did, he moved his hands to the old heifer's hips. Vivienne couldn't help but moan, loudly.

"Oh, Naruto..." Vivienne moaned.

"Is my cock starting to feel good...?" Naruto asked.

"Y-Yes, dear, its so deep, I'm feeling moist..." Vivienne moaned.

"Yes, I feel my cock melting away..." Naruto moaned.

Naruto relaxed himself, watching Vivienne's massive tits jiggle around, while she rode the blonde. Naruto increased his speed a little more. Vivienne moaned loudly, becoming adjust to Naruto's large penis. She moved her hips more, riding the blonde teen. The old heifer's inner desires were returning to light. The feeling of a man touching her, kissing her, making her feel important, and making love to her.

"It's so good! Your cock is making me feel hot, dear!" Vivienne moaned.

"S-So, you're okay, now, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked, moaning, still keeping pace with Vivienne's movements.

"I feel more then okay, dear! I feel like a woman!" Vivienne moaned.

"I'm happy to hear it, Vivienne-san." Naruto moaned.

Naruto increased his speed more. Vivienne did not resist. She increased her movements with Naruto, slamming her massive rump on the blonde's pelvis. As the old heifer rode on the teen more, her lust got the best of her.

"Fuck~!" Vivienne moaned.

Naruto was surprised. Vivienne is old school, and was a shy girl. She's not the type of cowgirl to cuss, she rarely cusses. Of course, when it comes to sex and lovemaking, sometimes words just slip out. Vivienne noticed Naruto's reaction. The old heifer stops.

"Oh, I'm sorry, dear... I was..." Vivienne said.

"Don't worry, Vivienne-san... Just be yourself." Naruto said.

"Oh, my..." Vivienne said with a blush.

"So, how about you keep riding my cock, Vivienne-san...?" Naruto asked.

"Such a dirty mouth, I'm going to fuck you for that~..." Vivienne stated, smiling.

Vivienne then resume her movements, by picking herself slightly, slamming her massive rump on Naruto. Naruto let out a loud moan. The blonde teen then resumes his movements as well. Vivienne blushed, not holding back anymore. She rod on Naruto, letting her breasts jiggle freely. Naruto watched the old heifer, enjoying herself.

"Oh, God, yes! You're so big, Naruto!" Vivienne said.

"Ah, you're so tight, Vivienne-san!" Naruto moaned.

"Your big cock is stretching out my tight little pussy!" Vivienne moaned.

"Ahh, fuck, if feels so good!" Naruto moaned.

Vivienne slow down her movements, leaning close to Naruto, kissing his lips. She continued to ride on Naruto. Naruto grabbed the mother cow's ass, sucking on her tits again. Vivienne loved every moment of this. Yes, it started all awkwardly by her falling on top of him, but it worked out. Vivienne soon picked herself up again, and increased her speed, once more. Naruto let out a grunt of pleasure, having Summer's mother ride on him.

"Ride it! Ride my cock, Vivienne-san!" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, God! N-Naruto! Oh, shit, you're getting me really wet! My hips won't stop moving! You're so good, my dear!" Vivienne moaned.

"Yeah! Go ahead, and ride on me, Vivienne-san! I love this amazing body of yours!" Naruto moaned, picking himself and burring himself between Vivienne bust.

"I-I can't! My God, your cock is going to make me cum!" Vivienne moaned.

"Fuck, yeah!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto and Vivienne continued their wonderful time together. Vivienne felt her insides getting wetter, while the tip thrust deep inside her womb. Naruto was still between her bust, thrusting deeper and deeper. The blonde felt his cock swelling up, and balls tightening. Naruto and Vivienne both moaned loudly, as the bed creaked. Both the teen and heifer knew that were going to climax.

"Ahh! Ohh! N-Naruto! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!" Vivienne moaned.

"Agh, I'm going to cum too, Vivienne-san!" Naruto moaned, between her bust.

"I-It's so near! Oh, God, I can't hold it!" Vivienne moaned with a dark blush.

"I'm about to nut!" Naruto growled.

Vivienne did not know what to do, but she was lost in her pleasure, she just rode on the blonde. Of course, Naruto held Vivienne, tight, soon about to climax. The old heifer could not stop herself. She wanted it. She wanted to feel Naruto's seed to shoot deep inside her womb. Vivienne had never dated or spelt with another man, since her husband's passing. Now, she's going to climax with the blonde teen.

"I-I can't hold it, anymore! I'm going to cum with Naruto! I'm about to let another man climax inside me! Naruto is going to release seed inside me!" Vivienne thought with a dark blush.

Both Naruto and Vivienne could not hold it back anymore.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and Vivienne shouted, reaching their orgasms.

Vivienne fall on top of Naruto, climaxing on the blonde's cock. At the same time, Naruto had his orgasm deep inside of the old heifer.

"Oh, my God~!" Vivienne screamed.

"Agh!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto felt the old heifer's vagina, milking his penis. Vivienne blushed heavily, feeling Naruto's orgasm shooting deep inside her. The mother cow held Naruto, still taking the boy's orgasm.

"Oh, Naruto..." Vivienne moaned.

"Yes, Vivienne-san..." Naruto moaned.

Vivienne felt like her mind reaching the greatest high. The old heifer had another orgasm, but this one was big and really wet, thanks to Naruto's cock. Naruto bit his lower lip, still having his orgasm deep inside Vivienne.

"My goodness, dear, you're still climaxing deep inside me~..." Vivienne moaned.

"S-Sorry, but I can't help it, Vivienne-san... Your pussy is just too good, I can't stop cumming~..." Naruto moaned.

"T-Thank you, dear..." Vivienne replied with a dark blush.

"Ah, so good..." Naruto moaned.

Vivienne could not believe long how the blonde teen's orgasm is. She felt her inside overflowing with Naruto's seed. Like always, Naruto's orgasm had last a long minute, then ended. Vivienne still lied on top of Naruto.

"My God, Naruto, you've made me cum so much..." Vivienne thought, moaning.

Naruto noticed Vivienne not saying a word. He asked if anything was wrong.

"Umm, Vivienne-san... is something wrong?" Naruto said.

"H-Huh?" Vivienne said.

"Uh, are you okay? I didn't overdid it, did I? Or, I maybe I should have not cum inside you..." Naruto asked between her bust.

"Oh, no, no... I was just amazed that how much you can climax, dear." Vivienne stated.

"Oh, okay, thank you, Vivienne-san..." Naruto said.

Naruto's penis slips out of the old heifer's loosen pink hole. Naruto's member was soft, thanks to Vivienne's tight pussy. Vivienne let out a sigh of bliss, feeling Naruto's seed leaking out. Vivienne rolled on her back, breathing heavily.

"My God, I'm so full with Naruto's semen... His cock was so big and it was truly amazing... I never thought I would feel this way again..." Vivienne thought with a blush.

Naruto picked himself up, watching Vivienne's breasts moved while she breathes. He blushes. Before she knew it, the old heifer saw Naruto getting on top of her, kissing her.

"Goodness..." Vivienne moaned.

"Oh, do you..." Naruto said.

Without saying a word, Vivienne pulled Naruto into a kiss. The mother cow looked down, seeing, Naruto's messy cock. Once again, the old heifer lust got the best of her.

"Let me see that cock, dear. You can't go around with such a mess on your big cock..." Vivienne said.

"Oh, I see..." Naruto said.

Naruto got on his back, spreading his legs. Vivienne wasted no time, and cleaned the teen's penis. Naruto moaned, relaxing himself, letting the old heifer clean his cock. Vivienne blushed, loving the taste of Naruto's cock.

"You're so good, Vivienne-san..." Naruto moaned.

"I just can't help myself... I think I'm falling for Naruto..." Vivienne thought, slurping more on his cock.

A few minutes later, Vivienne was done sucking Naruto's member clean.

"There, dear... It's nice and clean..." Vivienne said.

"Thank you so much, Vivienne-san." Naruto said.

"You're quite welcome, dear." Vivienne said.

Naruto pulled Vivienne into bed with him.

"Oh!" Vivienne said.

"Sorry, I can't help myself, Vivienne-san. You're so sexy!" Naruto said.

"Goodness me, you're such a beast." Vivienne said.

They both laugh a bit. Both the teen and old heifer cuddled in bed, after their orgasms. Naruto kissed Vivienne. As they cuddled and kissed, Naruto found his eyes on Vivienne's massive rump. He remembered last night when he took Summer's ass. The blonde loved riding the younger heifer, and a big ass pressed up against him. It really turned him on and got hard again. Naruto made a move, asking his boss if she wanted to continue. Hopefully the question will not get him fired.

"Hey, Vivienne-san..." Naruto said.

"Yes, dear?" Vivienne asked.

"Umm... this is embarrassing to ask, but..." Naruto said.

"What is it, dear?" Vivienne asked.

"Well... I was wondering if... If I can screw you in the ass?" Naruto asked.

Vivienne was speechless. She blushed. Naruto wanted to have anal sex next. The old heifer was always afraid of anal, and never once done it, not even with her husband. Vivienne looked down, seeing Naruto's cock, seeing how hard he was. How the large cock wanted more. But Vivienne's inner lust got the best of her, once more. Yes, the orgasm was beyond amazing and the old heifer wanted more. For the first time in her life, Vivienne decided to be slutty for her new lover.

"Very well, dear, I'll let you have my rump." Vivienne stated with a dark blush.

"You rock, Vivienne-san!" Naruto said, kissing her.

"Oh, Naruto!" Vivienne moaned, getting jumped by the blonde teen.

Naruto and Vivienne kissed again.

"Now, bend over for me, Vivienne-san..." Naruto whispered in her ear.

"Yes, dear..." Vivienne replied in a husky tone.

Vivienne loved the way Naruto talked to her when they were making love. She did what the teen told. Vivienne lied on her chest and bent over, showing her massive rump. Naruto stared at Vivienne's massive rump. Man, seeing up closer, really turned on the blonde teen. His inner self wanted nothing more to do than to just fuck Vivienne right there and now. He wanted to do it nice and hard, not wanting to let Vivienne get a moment of rest. Nevertheless, he knew he had to hold back a little, and Vivienne is his boss. Vivienne saw the blonde still looking at her bum.

"Dear, you shouldn't stare at my rump like that..." Vivienne stated with a dark blush.

"Sorry, Vivienne-san, it's really big..." Naruto said.

"Is it, really?" Vivienne said.

"Yeah, and it's really turning me on..." Naruto said.

Once again, Vivienne felt pride within herself. She always thought she was too old and too big. But not to Naruto. Naruto made his move, mounting on Vivienne. As Naruto positioned himself, he remembered last night the same feeling when he rode Summer. Vivienne blushed, feeling Naruto's cock between her ass cheeks. She felt the hardness; she felt the long pole rubbing against her rosebud.

"Are you ready, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, dear, but be gentle with this old girl... I've never taken it in my other hole." Vivienne stated.

"Of course, Vivienne-san, we'll take this nice and slow." Naruto stated.

Now was the time. Naruto grabbed his tip, pressing it against the old heifer's rosebud. Vivienne let out a slight moan. Then Naruto pushed his tip through her anal-ring. Vivienne's eyes widen, letting out a yip.

"Nagh, Naruto!" Vivienne groaned.

"Aw, yes..." Naruto moaned.

Naruto pushed 3 inches inside the heifer's tight anus. Vivienne's mouth hang opened, as he cheeks turned bright red. She felt her asshole being stretched out thanks to Naruto's girth. To the blonde teen, he bit his lower lip, feeling the tightness of the mother cow's tight asshole, squeezing him. Vivienne was just as tight as Summer. So tight, if Vivienne decided to move or wiggle around, Naruto might end up climaxing. The blonde teen fit another 3 inches inside Vivienne. Like a bull, Vivienne struggle around, making her ass rub up against Naruto.

"Agh, my poor little ass!" Vivienne groaned, moving her ass cheeks around.

"Don't wiggle too much, Vivienne-san, I'll end up cumming before we get started." Naruto said.

"You're so big, dear! I don't think I can handle your cock inside my ass!" Vivienne groaned.

"Please try, Vivienne-san! Fuck, it feels so good!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto continued to push another 3 inches of his cock inside the old heifer's asshole. Vivienne screamed in pain and pleasure. Naruto had half of his cock inside her ass.

"Oh, my ass!" Vivienne groaned.

"Fuck this ass is so tight!" Naruto moaned.

"My goodness you're so massive, dear!" Vivienne groaned.

"I'm almost there! My cock is also inside this big ass!" Naruto moaned.

"Ahh!" Vivienne screamed.

Naruto grabbed a tighter grip on Vivienne's hips. Vivienne's eyes rolled back, feeling Naruto's cock more than half way inside her. The blonde teen's face turned red, feeling his cock about to explode. But he did everything in his power, not to climax. The old heifer grunted, feeling her ass being stretched out, and her pussy was getting dripping wet. With one final push, Naruto managed to push all his cock inside of Vivienne inside her anus.

"Ahhhh!" Naruto and Vivienne moaned.

Naruto fall on Vivienne's back. The old heifer's face turned dark red, having taken all of the blonde's monster dick inside her asshole. Naruto's face turned red as well, feeling Vivienne's anus squeezing his cock.

"Good lord..." Vivienne groaned.

"Oh, man, this is beyond amazing..." Naruto moaned.

"I-I never thought I would do anal like this... Dear, you're so large inside my ass..." Vivienne groaned.

"D-Don't worry, Vivienne-san... We're going to take this nice and slow like I promise, okay...?" Naruto moaned.

Vivienne nodded with a small smile. Naruto leaned close, kissing the mother heifer.

"Oh..." Vivienne moaned.

"I'll make sure you enjoy this, Vivienne-san..." Naruto said, kissing her more.

"Ah, Naruto..." Vivienne moaned.

Both Naruto and Vivienne stayed still, while he continued to give the old heifer many kisses. Vivienne blushed, feeling Naruto's kisses. Then the blonde teen scoop his hands underneath Vivienne's chest, grabbing her breasts. The mother heifer moaned more.

"Goodness, dear..." Vivienne moaned.

"I just want you to feel comfortable, Vivienne-san." Naruto replied, kissing Vivienne's lips.

"Mmm~..." Vivienne moaned.

Naruto continued to make Vivienne feel good with his small actions. The blonde bit his lower lip, feeling the old heifer's asshole, tightening around his junk. The old heifer blushed, feeling Naruto against her body, his penis inside her rectum, and hands all over her breasts. Yes, making love with a man is not new; however, doing anal was alien to Vivienne. Naruto played with Vivienne's tits, making moan a little louder.

"I'm not being rough, am I, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked, kissing her.

"N-No, dear... Ugh, where did you learn how to please a woman?" Vivienne asked.

"Umm, let's just say I had some practice..." Naruto said, kissing her again.

"Practice, you say?" Vivienne asked.

"Yeah." Naruto said.

"Okay, dear..." Vivienne said.

Naruto kissed Vivienne, more while foundling with her massive tits. She blushed, loving how good Naruto is. Naruto did ask Vivienne a question.

"Do you mind, if I make you mine, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked.

"Huh?" Vivienne asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry it was a dumb quest-..." Naruto stated.

Before he could finish his words, Vivienne kissed Naruto back. Then the old heifer gave Naruto an answer.

"As long as you stay here, I'll be all yours, dear~..." Vivienne stated with a smile.

Naruto's cock then twitched inside of Vivienne's ass.

"Ugh!" Vivienne groaned.

"Oops... Sorry about that, Vivienne-san..." Naruto said with a blush.

"I-It's quite all right, dear...Uh, if you like, you can move slowly, okay?" Vivienne said.

"I understand, Vivienne-san." Naruto replied.

Naruto release Vivienne's breasts, as he picked himself up. He grabbed her hips. Naruto then began his slow movements. Vivienne let out a grunt.

"Ahh..." Vivienne groaned.

"Are you okay, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked.

"Y-Yes, dear, j-just be gentle..." Vivienne moaned.

"I understand, Vivienne-san... Fuck..." Naruto moaned, still using small movements.

Vivienne grabbed the edges of bed, feeling her rump being pounded. Naruto moaned in pleasure, feeling of Vivienne's asshole and her big cheeks against his pelvis. The old heifer blushed, feeling Naruto's small movements. And judging by the blonde's moaning, he's really enjoying the big ass.

"Ah, yes..." Naruto moaned.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself, dear..." Vivienne moaned.

"Y-Yeah, your big ass is amazing... I can't get over how big and sexy it is, and its very tight too..." Naruto moaned.

Vivienne blushed, hearing Naruto's words. She let the blonde teen continued to hump her rump. Naruto leaned close to the M.I.L.F cow, kissing her, still feeling her body and thrusting deep and slow. Naruto loved how tight the old heifer's asshole is. The blonde teen kissed Vivienne, making her moan.

"Oh, goodness, dear, you're so big..." Vivienne moaned.

"Y-Yeah... You're just really tight, Vivienne-san..." Naruto moaned.

"Ahh..." Vivienne moaned.

Naruto moved his hips against Vivienne's rump. The old heifer bit her lower lip, feeling Naruto's cock moving in and out her rectum. It was strange, but she like it. It even turn her on a little. Naruto continued his slow movements, then he grabbed Vivienne's tits massaging them. The old heifer moaned, feeling Naruto's hands all over her body.

"Oh, Naruto..." Vivienne moaned.

"Are you feeling a little more comfortable, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked.

"Yes..." Vivienne moaned.

"That's good." Naruto said.

Naruto continued to have his way with Vivienne's massive butt. As for the mother cow, Vivienne let out soft moans. She felt Naruto's balls slightly hitting her lady-lips. The blonde teen was balls deep inside Vivienne's anus. She soon pressed her rump against the blonde's pelvis. Naruto let out a louder moan, feeling Vivienne's butt backing up against him.

"Are you enjoying anal, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked.

"Y-Yes..." Vivienne moaned.

"Oh, man, I feel you big ass up against me~..." Naruto moaned.

"Do you like my rump, dear?" Vivienne asked.

"Yes~!" Naruto moaned.

"Then be sure to give it to me real good~!" Vivienne moaned.

"I will, Vivienne-san!" Naruto moaned.

It took some time, but Vivienne was now adjusting to anal. In fact it made the old heifer feel moist, and attractive and young. She even loved the fact that someone as young as Naruto founds her sexy. The mother cow turned to Naruto, still pressing her rump against him.

"Oh, dear!" Vivienne moaned.

"Yes, Vivienne-san!" Naruto moaned.

"H-Harder~..." Vivienne moaned.

"Huh?" Naruto moaned.

"I want you to do me harder! I'm ready for you!" Vivienne moaned.

Naruto smiled. He picked himself up, grabbing the old heifer's hips. Naruto pull out a few inches then he slams it back inside Vivienne, making her scream in pleasure.

"Oh, my ass!" Vivienne moaned.

"I'm going to fuck you really hard, Vivienne-san!" Naruto moaned.

"Please do, dear! Make this ass sore!" Vivienne moaned.

Naruto positioned himself on top of Vivienne, thrusting even deeper. Vivienne moaned in pleasure, feeling Naruto's cock moving harder and faster inside her asshole. The old heifer felt her body becoming hot and her vagina becoming even moister. Naruto rode on Vivienne, like he did Summer last night.

"Oh, Naruto, you're riding this old girl!" Vivienne moaned.

"Of course, Vivienne-san! I want to make you cum again!" Naruto moaned.

"Ahh, you're the best, Naruto!" Vivienne moaned.

Naruto rode on Vivienne, thrusting hard, with his balls slapping her pussy. Vivienne screamed in pleasure, even making her cuss due to the overwhelming pleasure. She had always been afraid of anal, but now, she wanted to Naruto to pound her massive rump everyday, if possible.

"Oh, God! Naruto! Screw my ass! Fuck my ass!" Vivienne screamed with a dark blush.

"I will, Vivienne-san! This ass is really something! My hips won't stop moving!" Naruto moaned.

"Yes, my darling! Fuck my ass, Naruto!" Vivienne said.

Naruto did just that. Both Naruto and Vivienne were lost in their pleasure. Before he knew what he was doing, the blonde slapped the other heifer's ass.

"Ah!" Vivienne moaned.

Naruto thought that maybe slapping Vivienne's butt was a wrong move. However...

"Oh, Naruto, spank my butt more, you beast!" Vivienne moaned.

Naruto smiled, thrusting, and spanking Vivienne's ass. Vivienne loved the feeling of her rump being used. Naruto continued to thrust and spank the old heifer.

"Oh, yes! From now on, this ass is mine, Vivienne-san!" Naruto said.

"Yes, dear! Fuck my ass! I want you to ruin it and make it yours!" Vivienne screamed.

"That's a good girl!" Naruto moaned, thrusting harder.

"Naruto!" Vivienne moaned.

Naruto and Vivienne continued their anal sex. Naruto felt his cock twitching deep inside of Vivienne's tight anus while his balls tighten. As for the old heifer, Vivienne felt her asshole squeezing the large penis and her inside becoming wetter. Vivienne could not believe she was going to have another orgasm with Naruto. Naruto thrust wildly, making Vivienne scream.

"Ugh, Vivienne-san, I'm going to cum! Your big ass is going to make me cum!" Naruto moaned.

"Yes, dear! I feel it! I'm going to cum from you fucking my ass!" Vivienne moaned.

"Ah, Vivienne-san, your ass is too much! I don't think I can hold it anymore!" Naruto moaned.

"Your big cock is going to make me cum, again!" Vivienne moaned.

Naruto did not let up. In a way, he did ride on the old heifer, wildly. Vivienne screamed, once again in pleasure. Her eyes rolled back with her face turning dark red, thanks to the blonde teen's pounding. Naruto started to growl, riding on Vivienne as they both moaned and made the bed creaked. Both Naruto and Vivienne could not hold it in anymore. They soon were about to reach their orgasms.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and Vivienne moaned, reaching their climax.

Naruto let out a loud grunt, blasting his massive load inside of Vivienne's asshole. Vivienne screamed, once again, feeling her asshole filling up with her young lover's warm seed, and her pussy juices squirted.

"Ah!" Naruto moaned.

"Ahh!" Vivienne screamed.

Naruto leaned close, pinning her down, still climaxing deep inside Vivienne's asshole. Vivienne's eyes rolled back, having Naruto dominating her.

"Oh, my God..." Vivienne moaned.

"This ass is really draining me, Vivienne-san~..." Naruto moaned, letting out a soft growl.

"Dear, you're filling me up~..." Vivienne moaned.

"Yeah, take it for me, Vivienne-san..." Naruto moaned.

"Yes, dear, I'll take it..." Vivienne moaned.

Naruto continued to hold down the old heifer, still climaxing deep inside of the tight asshole. Vivienne blush a deep red, still taking the blonde teen's massive orgasm. Like always, Naruto's load last for a whole minute then ended. Naruto rested on Vivienne, kissing her with his cock still deep inside her anus.

"I can't believe you've made me cum so much, dear~..." Vivienne moaned.

"Yeah, you're so amazing..." Naruto moaned.

Naruto's member slips out of Vivienne's tight anus, Naruto got off Vivienne. The large penis was soft and covered in the old heifer's ass juices and his seed. The M.I.L.F heifer let out a sigh of bliss, after another amazing orgasm. She rolled over, breathing like she worked out. Of course, watching her massive bust move up and down with each breathe, made Naruto wanting Vivienne. Naruto got on top of Vivienne, kissing her lips.

"Oh..." Vivienne said.

"Did you like that, Vivienne-san?" Naruto asked.

"Indeed, I did... I never thought anal would feel so good... I'm happy you suggested it, dear." Vivienne said.

"I'm glad you like it. Your big ass was amazing." Naruto stated.

"Oh, stop it. You're going to make me blush." Vivienne said.

"I mean it, Vivienne-san." Naruto said.

"Oh, Naruto..." Vivienne said.

"Sorry, if I over did it..." Naruto stated

"It's okay, dear... I haven't felt like this in years..." Vivienne said.

Naruto kissed Vivienne.

"Oh..." Vivienne moaned.

Soon Naruto and Vivienne cuddled.

"Oh, dear, you really know who to please a woman..." Vivienne said, playing with Naruto's hair, holding him.

"Thank you, Vivienne-san... I have to say, you're amazing..." Naruto said.

"Thank you, dear." Vivienne said.

Naruto buried himself between Vivienne's massive breasts.

"Oh..." Vivienne moaned.

"Your tits are really soft, Vivienne-san." Naruto stated.

"You really like big breasts, don't you, dear?" Vivienne asked.

"I like big butts too." Naruto replied.

"Heheh..." Vivienne chuckled.

"But to be honest, Vivienne-san... I never knew my mom, and stuff... Whenever I see you, I think of you as my mom." Naruto said.


"Ugh, sorry if that sounded weird..." Naruto said.

"It's okay, dear. If you like, I'll be like your mother." Vivienne stated with a motherly smile.

Naruto smiled, seeing how motherly Vivienne is. Naruto was so happy; he kissed Vivienne again and again. Naruto's member got hard again. Of course, the mother heifer noticed this.

"Vivienne-san..." Naruto said.

"Yes..." Vivienne said.

The blonde picked himself up, placing his rod and balls all over Vivienne's face.

"My goodness..." Vivienne said.

"How about I make you feel even more amazing?" Naruto asked.

"Please do..." Vivienne said.

A few hours later, Summer came back from town and got the supplies for the ranch. Summer was looking for Naruto. She thought maybe they can have another time rocking the bed.

"I wonder where my man can be? Mom's gone too." Summer said.

Summer went upstairs, thinking, Naruto might be in his room. Summer saw he wasn't. She then went into her room. Before she could reach her room, she her some noises coming from her mother's room.

"I wonder what that is." Summer said.

Summer went close to Vivienne's room. She heard moaning and the bed creaking, and two familiar voices.

"Wait, that's mom and Naruto...!" Summer thought.

She saw that her mother's bedroom door slightly opened, due to the fact Vivienne forgot to close the door. Summer looked through, the door, witnessing her mother riding her lover.

"Oh, yes, right there, Naruto!" Vivienne moaned.

"Yes! Ride my cock again, Vivienne-san!" Naruto moaned.

Summer was somewhat dumbfounded, yet, she was getting turned on by Naruto and her mother. Summer was happy that her mother found someone that makes her happy. Even though, it's her boyfriend in a way. By chance, Vivienne looked over, seeing Summer looking at her riding Naruto.

"Oh, S-Summer!" Vivienne stuttered, trying to cover herself up.

"Oh, crap!" Naruto said.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to walk in on you two..." Summer stated with a blush.

Naruto and Vivienne were still in bed, naked. Summer did not say a word, the blonde thought she was mad at him for having sex with her mother. But Summer was not, even though Naruto thought she was. Vivienne then talks to her daughter.

"Ugh, Summer, I can explain..." Vivienne said.

"Me too..." Naruto said.

"No need and it's okay." Summer said.

"Huh?" Naruto and Vivienne said.

"I knew you were lonely since dad passed away... And well, I'm happy that you have someone that makes you happy, mom." Summer said

"Summer..." Vivienne said.

"And since we're being honest, Naruto and I also had sex this morning and the last night." Summer stated.


Naruto thought now that what Summer said made Vivienne mad. The blonde teen quickly came to Summer's defense.

"It was my fault, Vivienne-san, I..." Naruto said.

"Haha, I should have known." Vivienne said, chuckling a bit.

"Huh?" Naruto said.

"Between me and you, dear, my Summer had always chase boys ever since she was a little girl. Wanting to get marry and be like her mother." Vivienne said with a smile.

"Really?" Naruto said.

"I'm still here, y'know." Summer said.

The trio laughs a bit, feeling more at ease. Summer then made another move that might or rather change the relationship between her and her mother.

"Mom..." Summer said.

"Yes, Summer?" Vivienne asked.

"I was wondering... If I can join you and Naruto..." Summer stated.

Vivienne felt a bit speechless, hearing her daughter wanting to join in bed with Naruto. Naruto blushed as well. The old heifer turned to Naruto.

"It's your choice, Naruto." Vivienne stated.

Naruto looked at both of his lovers. He would be a fool to turn down threesome, and a bigger fool to leave one woman for another. He smiled, giving mother and daughter his answer.

"Yeah, Summer-chan... I have a lot of loving to go around." Naruto said.

Summer smiled. She soon took off her clothes, stripping down until she was naked with her mother and blonde teen. Summer kissed Naruto. Before he knew it, both mother and daughter were smothering Naruto. Summer and Vivienne did their thing, suffocating the blonde with their massive busts.

"Do you like this, babe?" Summer asked.

"Yes~!" Naruto moaned.

"My goodness, Naruto's cock got hard again." Vivienne said.

"Yes, thanks you two..." Naruto said.

Naruto took turns kissing both mother and daughter heifers. Naruto grabbed their tits, hips, and bums. Naruto found himself on his back being smothered by both heifers. Summer and Vivienne felt the hard cock between their thick thighs. They were getting arouse for sure.

"Here, dear." Vivienne said, offering her breasts.

Without waiting, Naruto suckled on Vivienne's tits.

"Ah!" Vivienne moaned.

"Heheh, you too, huh, mom?" Summer asked.

"Yes~..." Vivienne replied.

"Then do you mind if I..." Summer said, stroking Naruto's member.

"Not at all, Summer." Vivienne said.

"Thanks, mom." Summer replied.

Summer went down between Naruto's legs, sucking on his cock. Naruto release Vivienne's tit, moaning in pleasure.

"Oh, Summer-chan~..." Naruto moaned.

Summer mouth was full with her lover's cock, as she gives him a wink.

"You're not done sucking my breasts are you, dear?" Vivienne asked.

"Of course not, Vivienne-san~...!" Naruto replied, sucking on her tits again.

"Oh, goodness!" Vivienne moaned.

"Mmm!" Naruto muffled, sucking harder.

"Naruto!" Vivienne moaned.

"I can't get over my babe's tasty cock~...!" Summer thought, slurping on the blonde's cock.

Vivienne soon buried Naruto between her tits, not letting go.

"Oh, Vivienne-san!" Naruto said between her bust.

"I can't help myself, dear! I need you between my breasts!" Vivienne moaned.

"Then bury me between these fantastic tits!" Naruto said, smothering himself.

"Ah!" Vivienne said.

Summer bobbed her head between Naruto's legs, while her hands were all over the blonde's chest. Once again, Naruto sucked the milk from Vivienne's tits. A few minutes later of sucking the sweet milk, Vivienne stops her lover.

"Huh, why did..." Naruto said.

Soon he was cut off by Summer, who buried Naruto between her bust.

"It's my turn to milk again, babe." Summer stated.

"And I'll be sucking your cock again, dear." Vivienne stated, going down between Naruto's legs.

Vivienne wasted no time, warping her lips around Naruto's cock.

"Uhh!" Naruto moaned.

"You like this, babe?" Summer asked.

"Yes, Summer-chan..." Naruto moaned.

Summer pulled Naruto into a kiss, while Vivienne give Naruto a blowjob, again. The blonde blushed, feeling both heifers actions. It was a strange. Naruto came to America to find work, and yet here he was having a threesome with his boss and her daughter. It was good. Summer kissed Naruto, feeling his chest. Vivienne released her lover's cock, and went down licking Naruto's balls.

"Oh~..." Naruto moaned.

"Whoa, mom..." Summer said.

"I know..." Vivienne said.

Summer and Vivienne looked at each, nodding having the same idea. They kissed Naruto one more time. Summer and Vivienne bend over, lifting their asses in the air. Naruto got harder, seeing both massive rumps close to each, touching and rubbing against one another.

"Here, babe..." Summer said.

"Take us, dear..." Vivienne said.

"Right..." Naruto said.

Naruto went behind Summer, shoving his member deep inside her.

"Ah!" Summer moaned.

"And I won't leave out of this, Vivienne-san." Naruto said, fingering her vagina.

"Oh!" Vivienne moaned.

Naruto thrust deep inside Summer's pussy while fingering Vivienne's pussy. Both heifers moaned in pleasure, feeling their lover's actions.

"Oh, I needed this so bad, babe!" Summer moaned.

"Same here, Summer-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Naruto, your fingers are so deep~!" Vivienne moaned.

"You're so wet, Vivienne-san." Naruto said.

"You're so manly, Naruto-dear~!" Vivienne moaned.

"Thank you, Vivienne-san!" Naruto said.

Both heifers moaned, enjoying their lover's actions. Soon Naruto stopped, pulling out his member and stop fingering. They wonder why Naruto stop, but there were caught off guard by their lover. Vivienne let out a moan, feeling her insides becoming filled with Naruto's penis while Summer was getting fingered. Naruto switched places. Vivienne moaned in pleasure, having taken Naruto's cock inside, once again.

"Oh, yes!" Vivienne moaned.

Then Summer felt Naruto's fingers deep inside her pussy.

"Oh, Naruto-baby!" Summer said.

"I thought to switch it up, y'know~!" Naruto moaned, thrusting Vivienne while he fingered Summer.

"Such a wonderful idea, babe!" Summer moaned.

"I'm glad you think so, Summer-chan~..." Naruto said, continued his actions.

Naruto took turns, pounding both mother and daughter. Both Summer and Vivienne moaned in pleasure, letting their lover fuck them. Naruto pulled out his cock, slapping both cowgirls on their rumps.

"Oh!" Summer and Vivienne moaned.

"My cock is a bit messy..." Naruto said.

"So it is..." Vivienne said.

"We can fix that, right, mom?" Summer said.

"Of course, now..." Vivienne said.

Naruto found himself on his back. Summer and Vivienne went down on Naruto's cock. The blonde moaned, feeling both heifer's tongues licking his messy penis. They took turns sucking and licking Naruto's member. Naruto relaxed himself letting both mother and daughter have their way with his junk. Vivienne went down, sucking on Naruto's balls, while Summer stroke the long rod. Naruto moaned, watching both cow Furries clean his dick.

"Ah..." Naruto moaned.

"Whoa, babe..." Summer said.

"Mmm, dear, I can't get over how tasty your balls are..." Vivienne said.

"Thanks..." Naruto said.

A few minutes later, Naruto's cock was clean thanks to both heifers. Summer and Vivienne kissed Naruto.

"Hmm..." Naruto said.

"What is it, baby?" Summer asked.

"Vivienne-san..." Naruto said.

"Yes, dear?" Vivienne said.

"Lay right here on your back." Naruto said.

"Oh?" Vivienne said.

"Trust me." Naruto said.

Vivienne did what Naruto asked her to do, lying on her back.

"Okay, Summer-chan, it's your turn." Naruto said.

"Mom?" Summer asked.

"It's okay, Summer." Vivienne said.

Summer nodded. She lied on top of her mother. Both heifers blushed, feeling their bodies against each other's. Naruto soon got on top of Summer, using his tip and enter Summer's ass. The younger heifer moaned in pleasure.

"Oh, Naruto!" Summer moaned.

Summer bit her lower lip, feeling Naruto's movements.

"So this was your idea, dear?" Vivienne asked.

"Yeah, sorry if it is too much..." Naruto moaned, thrusting.

"It seems Summer is enjoying herself." Vivienne stated.

"Oh, my ass~!" Summer moaned.

"Ah, I feel those movements of yours, dear." Vivienne said.

"That's not all you're going to feel, Vivienne-san..." Naruto said.

Before the older heifer could ask, she screamed in pleasure. Once again, Naruto switched from Summer to Vivienne. He pushed his penis inside Vivienne's pussy.

"Ah! Oh, Naruto~!" Vivienne moaned.

"Whoa, babe..." Summer moaned.

"Do you like this?" Naruto asked, spanking Summer and thrusting Vivienne harder.

"We love it!" Summer and Vivienne moaned.

Naruto, Summer, and Vivienne continued their threesome. Naruto did whatever he could to please both mother and daughter. As for both heifers, Naruto did not disappoint them. About an hour later, Naruto's cock was soft and he was between both Summer and Vivienne's breasts. He and the heifers had reached their limit.

"Oh, damn..." Naruto moaned.

"My, goodness, Naruto, you're such a beast." Vivienne stated.

"Isn't he, mom? He's the best." Summer replied.

"Indeed he is, my dear." Vivienne said.

"Umm..." Naruto said.

"What is it, dear?" Vivienne asked.

"Are you okay with this, Vivienne-san? Y'know, me, you, Summer-chan, and the girls..." Naruto asked.

Vivienne kissed Naruto. The blonde teen was surprised.

"As long as you make time for us, it is alright with me for you to be with my daughter and the girls." Vivienne said.

"You're the best, mom!" Summer said, hugging Vivienne.

Naruto was happy he had both Summer and Vivienne as lovers. He also remembered he has a date with Emelie tomorrow. Naruto was tired along with his lovers.

"Well, should we get some sleep?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. My goodness, you really rough me out." Vivienne said.

"You can say that again, mom." Summer said.

Naruto stayed between both Summer and Vivienne's breasts. Mother and daughter smothered their lover, falling asleep.

"Good night, Summer-chan, Vivienne-san." Naruto said, falling asleep.

"Good night, Naruto..." Summer and Vivienne said, falling asleep with Naruto.

Naruto, Summer, and Vivienne all slept in the mother heifer's bed. The next day, Naruto was getting ready for today's work. Naruto took a quick shower, getting ready for work. He changed his clothes. Summer opened the door to the restroom.

"Are you ready, babe?" Summer asked.

"Yeah." Naruto said.

Naruto and Summer went down stairs, seeing Vivienne in a really good mood. She finished making breakfast for Naruto and Summer.

"Good morning, Summer, Naruto-dear." Vivienne greeted.

"Good morning, mom." Summer said.

"Good morning, Vivienne-san." Naruto said.

"Here's your breakfast." Vivienne said.

"Thanks, mom." Summer said, taking her basket.

Naruto takes his basket. Before he left with Summer, he tiptoe, kissing Vivienne's cheek.

"Oh, my..." Vivienne said with a blush.

"I'll be sure to make you feel good again tonight, Vivienne-san." Naruto said, kissing her more.

"Yes, dear. Have a wonderful day." Vivienne said.

Naruto kissed Vivienne, one more time. Naruto then went over to Summer, ready for today's work.

"Are you ready for today's work, Summer-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, babe." Summer said.

"Oh, and Emelie-chan and I have a date later." Naruto stated.

"Really?" Summer asked.

"Yeah." Naruto replied.

"Well, if I get my work done early, I'll be sure to stop by." Summer said.

"Really?" Naruto asked.

"Oh, yes. Now, shall we, Naruto?" Summer said.

"Yeah." Naruto replied.

Naruto then hold Summer's hand. He then leaned close to Summer, kissing her. Naruto and Summer walked outside on the ranch, ready to work. Somewhere at noon, Vivienne was house cleaning. She reflected the events that took place last night, having a threesome with Naruto and Summer. She will always love her late husband. Now she has someone new in her heart. Outside the window, she saw Naruto working hard with Emelie. Naruto saw Vivienne, waving at her. She waved back.

"I'm so happy that Naruto came here." Vivienne said with a smile.


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