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It has been one month after the final battle against Coronzon. The world is slowly still rebuilding, and both the magic and science sides have finally made peace with each other despite the former remaining to stay a secret. Thus, a new era has begun for both communities.

Meanwhile, Academy City has already begun to reorganize its governing system under the influence and forced persuasion of the new General Superintendent Accelerator, who has recently started focusing on ending the city's Dark Side for good and make the City of Science a paradise as it should've been. For better or worse, this marks a new chapter for a new beginning.

However, rumors have begun spreading of a new urban legend, and a new adventure for our heroes begins...

"You think this is the place?" A long black-haired girl name Saten Ruiko asks excitingly.

"It should be. The directions specifically point right here." Another girl was wearing headband made with artificial flowers named Uiharu Kazari answers.

"I'm surprised this place even here to begin with." The Level 5 Railgun, Misaka Mikoto comments as she stares at the old abandoned facility in front of her and her friends. "Let alone this place is still standing."

"I know, sissy… I'm no construction worker, but even I can tell this place is ready to fall apart." The Level 4 Teleporter Shirai Kuroko adds in as she carefully observes the old research facility.

Not wasting any time, Saten walks towards the facility. "Come on, girls! There's a Legend that needs to be solved!"

"Ah! Wait, Saten!" Uiharu quickly catches up to her.

"I swear… she doesn't hold back when she learns a new Urban Legend." Kuroko sighs as she soon follows them.

"Yeah… that's Saten, alright." Misaka says as she walks along with Kuroko as they enter the facility.

It all started a few hours ago. Saten was hanging out with her friends out in Academy City, and then suddenly, she received an anonymous email from her phone. Opening it, she learns that there is a new Urban Legend that talks about a device that was secretly being developed in a secret research facility under the research of the multiverse theory.

Being the enthusiastic Urban Legend hunter, Saten is, she decides to go and investigate. The rest of her friends were, of course, suspicious of the letter. What even more suspicious is that it was attached to the location of the said facility.

Uiharu being the tech wiz she is, took the liberty to look through the email, but to her surprise, she was unable to find any leads to whoever send this mail. Noticing this, Misaka, Kuroko, and Uiharu decided to come along to keep Saten safe and possibly apprehend any possible criminal activity.

"Ugh, this place is a mess," Saten said as she and her friends entered the facility. The whole place has abounded with a few dusty types of machinery and a few rubbles here and there.

"Yeah… let's all stay together and look around. This place gives me the creeps." Kuroko suggested as she and the others looked around.

"This equipment sure is busted…" Uiharu noted as she looked at the old machinery. "I doubt I would be able to find anything under these conditions."

"Let's just get this over with and get out of here," Misaka said as she looks around with her friends.

The girls looked around the abandoned facility checking each room but found that nothing that found nothing that could fit the description of the said Urban Legend.

"Found anything?" Uhiaru asked Saten as she exited one of the rooms checked.

"Nothing…" She sighed. "Sorry, I wasted your time, girls."

"Don't worry about it, Saten, glad to know that nothing serious happened," Misaka said.

"Well, we did learn about this old facility," Shirai said, trying to lighten the mood. "As soon as we get back, I'm going to report about this place." With that, they all were about to walk out of the facility until Saten noticed another room.

"Hey! There's one more room we didn't check!" She shouted as she walked towards the said room.

"Sate-, wai-. ugh, she never a dull moment…" Misaka mutters as she and her friends soon follow.

Saten entered the room and looked around, and she noticed that the place is in the same condition as the others. She was a bit disappointed until she sees a display in the middle of the room holding a cube looking machinery near the size of a baseball.

"Whoa…" Saten looks at the small device in awe, and she didn't know why, but she felt the strong urge to take it with her. "Is this what the Legend was talking about?" She asked herself as she walked towards it. She reaches out with her hand then touches it.

As she touches the cube, her friends entered the room. "Saten did you fi-, Kyaa!" Uiharu screamed in surprise along with the others as the room suddenly went white for a moment, forcing Saten and the others covers their eyes.

As the light slowly dimmed, Saten slowly removed her hands from her face, and to her surprise, she shes the cube glowing. "Whoa…" was the first she could say, even the others were awed by this.

Then suddenly, the cube projected light from the top side of the cube, showing words in a holographic form. The girls could only watch in awe and silence.

'Identity received. Holocron information ready for use.'

As the last words came out form the hologram, the cube stopped glowing, leaving only silence in the room while the girls just kept staring at the cube with their jaws dropped.

"What. The. Hell." Kuroko broke the silence, saying what was on everyone's mind.

30 minutes later…

Not knowing what to do, the girls decided to head back to Judgment to investigate the cube they discovered from the abandoned research facility. They carefully placed in a box to keep it safe, avoiding any contact towards it. The base is currently empty, leaving the girls to themselves. Thus they decided to wait in the meeting room to discuss what they found.

"OK, I just got a call from the chief and said she'd be back soon." The teleporter said as she joins with her friends. "So, until then, we'll have to wait."

"Ok." Misaka answers.

"Right," Uiharu said as well as she notices her friend staring at the cube. "Are you okay, Saten?"

The others noticed this and looked at her. "Hm? Oh! I'm okay, can't stop thinking about the Holocron."

"Holocron?" Shirai questioned.

"That's what it called itself back then, right?" She answers, recalling back what happened in the facility. "So yeah. Holocron."

"Okay, Holocron." Misaka echoes rolling her eyes. "But what is it?"

"I looked it up as best as I can," Uiharu answers sighing in disappointed. "But in the end, I couldn't find anything."

This caught The Railgun and Teleporter's interest. "Right… until then, we shouldn't mess around with it until we find some answers." Misaka said, earning a nod from the two Judgment girls the looked at Saten. "Did you hear me Saten don't-." Before she could finish her sentence, the Urban Legend hunter went and touched it. "Touch it…"

Then suddenly the Holocron projected light all other the room like there inside the movies then started projecting itself like a movie then started showing words and moving scenes.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

"W-what is this?" Saten said as he and the others watch what is happening.


'For four years… the Empire have spread their terror across the galaxy. The Dark Side has clouded our vision, and our ancient enemy - the Sith - have won. And while the last of the Jedi continued to be hunted down, the power of the Dark Side still grows. The galaxy has fallen in the hands of the Sith and no mortal man… can stand in their path…'

"Is… is this an intro for a sci-fi movie or something?" Misaka asks bewilderedly as she wonders what she and her friends are looking at.

"Looks like it," Saten said. "But who cares! I so want to watch this." She answers gleefully as she watches while her friend sweat drop from her response, but not knowing what to do, they decide to sit back and watch.


"Mustafar?" Kuroko tilted her head in confusion. "Is that a place or something?"

"It's probably made up or something this is Sci-Fi after all," Saten answered.

15 BBY

"What does BBY stand for?" Just as Misaka asked the Holocron suddenly showed a message in the form of a hologram.

'BBY, Before the Battle of Yavin.'

The girls are surprised that the cube could answer their questions.

"It can answer questions?!" Uiharu squeaked. "That's incredible!"

"But what's Yavin?" Saten asked, which made the girls shrugged.

The TIE Advanced flies from the planet Mustafar's orbit as it makes its way towards a castle in the shape of a tuning fork. The girls were amazed at witnessing a different planet.

"Look at the planet..." The Level-0 said. "Is it covered in lava?"

"It must be a Volcanic Planet of sorts" The hacker deduced.

"Gotta give props in imagination and creativity on the planet" The Teleporter commented. "It looks so life-like"

"Yeah... it does doesn't." Misaka mutters out load for them to hear as she carefully looks at the planet's surroundings. "A bit too realistic if you ask me. Was this actually filmed somewhere volcanic?"

The ship then lands in the fortress's hangar with only a few other regular TIE fighters in it as well. A welcoming party of Stormtroopers form a variation of a salute as the doors to the hangar slide open, revealing a man clad in black armor and a cloak. His mechanical heavy breathing was heard as he walks past the white armored soldiers. This is the Sith Lord known as Darth Vader.

The girls couldn't help but get a cold shiver from the back of their spines the moment they saw Vader's appearance, but what got them tense was the sound of his breathing.

"Whoa… did you all felt that?" Saten said as she held herself shaking like she's shivering.

"You mean the cold that's reaching up to your spine," Kuroko answers, trying to suppress her shiver. "Yeah… then yeah, that."

Uiharu didn't say anything, but she was haplessly shivering but just gave a forced smile telling them that she's ok.

Misaka was the same, but she was thinking something different. "This cold… this sense of… fear. It's… it's just liked the time when I first encounter Accelerator…" A message appeared from the cube.

'Darth Vader.'

"Darth… Vader…" Saten mutters. "S-s that the bad guy."

Vader then enters the elevator that is on the far side of the hallway. The door closes behind him as the lift takes him to a specific floor beneath his fortress. Not long, the lift's doors open, and Vader walks the floor's hallways, turning on every corner of the prison level in his fortress. He then approaches a cell door guarded by two Stormtroopers. When they noticed the Sith Lord, the two then stand straight as the door opens and Vader walks inside before the door closes behind him.

Standing beneath him is a boy no older than 12. He has short brown hair and brown eyes along with his skin tone being peach white. He appears to be handcuffed to the floor and looks to be tortured due to the tears and burn marks on his current clothing. Unfortunately, the circular floor grate keeps him from getting out should he breaks free from the cuffs.

"Who's that?" Saten said as she slowly got over her shiver.

"Might be the main protagonist." The Level-4 answers.

"A whole month in isolation." Vader's voice booms inside the cell. "Impressive. And to think that you wouldn't last long here. No one ever had."

The girls violently stiffened the moment they heard the Sith Lords' voice. Despite the robotic voice, they can't but help tremble a bit harder than before.

"O-okay t-total b-b-b-bad guy alert." The Level-0 couldn't help but stutter.

"Y-y-y-yeah…" The Level-1 Judgment was able to answer despite the shiver in her voice.

"Okay…" Kuroko said, doing her best to suppress her newfound shiver. "M-movie or not this V-Vader guy sure knows how to d-deliver… right, S-sissy."

"H-huh? O-oh! Y-yeah!" The Level-5 answers with a forced smile but deep down she was freaking out. "Oh, god! Oh god! Oh god! I take it back! I take back what I said! This is even worse than meeting the Number 1!"

Fortunately, the Holocron seemed to pick up how the girls were reacting, so it gave them a moment to compose themselves to continue the hologram.

"The Force gives me what I need." The boy sitting on the floor answers to prove his point.

"The Force?" Vader questioningly says calmly.

"The 'Force'? does he mean gravity?" The flower-head girl asked slowly, getting used to Vader's voice.

"I don't think so… it might mean something else." Saten said.

The boy rolls his eyes in annoyance.

"The Dark Side, my master." He corrects himself with hatred in his voice.

"Yup! Something else."

"Rise." Vader commands as he uses the Force to lift the circular floor up to where the Sith Lord stands.

"Woah! He's an Esper! A high-level one at that." Kuroko deducted as she watches Vader simply lifting the platform with ease. "He might be using psychokinesis of some sort."

Misaka shivers again, not helping herself in comparing Accelerator with Vader. Instead, it scared her to think that Vader might be more powerful the Number 1.

The boy then stands up and looks straight at Vader, who is so giant to the prisoner. The girls gasped at how tall Vader is.

"Whoa! He's Huge!" Saten shouted.

"A-and I thought he was scary enough as he is." The hacker squeaked.

"What is he? Six feet tall?" Kuroko guessed.

"Maybe 6.8." Misaka answered slowly composing herself.

"When I found you, I saw the potential that you possess. The Force is strong within you. And for a year, you've exceeded my expectations in embracing the Dark Side without letting it consume you."

"Wow, that's heavy." Shirai comment.

"Well, your harsh training sessions did pay off after all." The boy sarcastically comments. "I've got the few scars to prove it."

"And he ruined it…" Shirai snorted while the girls just giggled a little happy that the tension was dulled a bit.

Vader ignores his joke, however, as he has more to say.

"However, you've still not yet earn the right to become an Inquisitor. And your training isn't completed. Tomorrow, you're first true test will begin." Vader announces, much to the boy's surprise.

Vader then turns around and walks toward the exit before stopping and turning his head back towards him.

"I do not expect you to survive. But if succeed, then it'll be the first real step into serving the Empire."

After that, Vader exits the boy's cell before the door closes, leaving him alone as usual. Why is Vader so interested in him, you ask? It's because of how powerful he is with the Force that could rival some of the strongest Jedi to date (though they're all dead since Order 66 was issued). And the interesting fact is that this boy was a padawan learner to a Jedi Master in exile before he was slaughtered by one of Vader's Inquisitors. Too bad that this boy's Jedi training lasted for 11 years, considering that he was founded by the exiled Jedi Master as an infant. From what he knows about his mentor, is that he is one of the last descendants of a long-forgotten Jedi known as Revan prior to the fall of the Old Republic a thousand years ago. Of course, no one within the old Jedi Order remembers him as it was only the stuff of legends.

"Did any of you get any of that?" Saten asked.

"Nope," Kuroko said.

"Not a clue," Misaka answered.

"There's probably more to the story if we continue to watch," Uiharu stated since the Holocron isn't answering the question.

The boy then sighs heavily when Vader left.

"Thank the Force he's gone." He says.

He then looks around his cell before looking at his chained cuffs on the floor.

"No way in hell I'm gonna sit around and end up as an Inquisitor that's waiting to be cast aside as an expendable threat to the Empire."

The boy then moves back and begins pulling on the chains harder. And like that, they finally tear off the floor.

"I'll have to worry about getting these broken cuffs on my wrists off once I recover my lightsaber that I constructed on the planet my master raised and instructed me on."

"A lightsaber?" Misaka questioned. "Is that a Sci-Fi weapon or something."

The boy then runs toward the exit and takes out a hydrospanner that he smuggled into his cell during Vader's harsh teachings.

"What's that?" Saten muttered.

"And don't get me started on the food here. Ugh, I want to try something tasteful for the rest of my life." He comments on the food he's usually served for over a year as a prisoner while using the hydrospanner to work on the door's control panel.

"Cool! It's a Sci-Fi picklock!"

It didn't take long, but he manages to get the door open only to see that the two Stormtroopers guarding the door outside are knocked out by an astromech droid he's all too familiar with.

"Is that a trash bot?" Misaka asked. "It looks so different." Another message shows.

'Astromech Droid. a type of repair droid that served as an automated mechanic on starships.'

"Cool! A bot that fixes ships and stuff." Saten gleefully shouts. "Doesn't Academy City have those kinds of bots?"

"I heard there are a few ideas regarding that, but they're still development stages," Uiharu answers her best friend.


"R4?!" He says in surprise.

"And it has a name." Misaka snorted in amusement.

The red/white astromech known as R4-P23 looks like an R2 unit due to the red R2-styled head dome except it is modified R4 unit.

"Kept you waiting, huh?" He bleeps and whistles.

"Did… did it just quote Metal Gear?" The Level-0 raised a brow.

"Metal, what?" Kuroko asked.

"It's a popular game series." Saten answers.


"It's kinda cute that the Holocron added subtitles so we could understand what R4 says." The Level-1 said smilingly.

"Of course! But boy, am I glad to see you again!" He hugs his droid before letting go. "Could you do something about these cuffs on my wrists? They're a little too tight for me!"

The astromech then uses one of his tools to remove the cuffs and the boy then ease the pain on his wrists.

"That's sure is handy." The Railgun punned, earning a groan from her friends. Then she looked at them with a raised brow. "What?"

"Nothing." They all chorused.

"Thanks, buddy." He says to the droid. "By the way, how'd you end up here anyway?"

"Well, it was out of pure luck." He beeps proudly. "It took me a whole year to find you throughout Imperial-controlled space. I managed to stow away aboard a supply ship meant for the troops stationed here and make my way inside the castle to find where they were keeping you."

"Then we should get moving now, R4." He says. "I need to get my lightsaber back in the armory. It's just three floors above us. Plus, I don't want to stick around fighting Vader to the death. THAT is the last time I'm sparring with him."

"Vader?" R4 beeps confusingly.

"The Sith Lord who built and lives in this monolithic castle." He answers the droid's question. "And apparently, it's only a matter of time before he finds out I'm not in my cell."

"Oh." The droid beeps in realization. "Then let's go! I'll help you get to the armory."

The two then make a run for the elevator as they need to recover the boy's lightsaber before leaving.

"This is getting interesting." The Urban Legend hunter said excitingly, her friends also agree.

A few minutes later…

After making their way inside the armory without alerting the guards, the boy sees his lightsaber (one-bladed Jedi Lightsaber hilt design from the Old Republic 'Deceived' cinematic trailer) on a table and picks it up and activates its sapphire blue blade (Anakin's blue lightsaber color), giving off a cool humming sound before turning the plasma blade off. The girls again were awed by the weapon.

"That's a nice glowstick he has there." The Level-4 snorted while the girls just snickered at the joke.

"Yeah... Not to mention the humming noise it makes while Theron was moving it around." Misaka noted as she listens to the sound of the lightsaber.

"Got what you need, Theron?" R4 beeps while keeping a lookout for any troops coming their way.

"Theron…" Saten muttered out loud. "So, that's his name."

"Yeah." The boy Theron answers as he clips his saber to his belt in a non-dangling position. He then notices a holster and a modified blaster pistol that once belonged to a smuggler that is kept prisoner. Theron then adds the holster to his right thigh before placing the modified blaster in it.

"Oooh. Sci-Fi guns."

"I managed to rig the ships in the hangar with explosives. We should be to detonate them once we're airborne." The droid beeps in suggesting manner. "Though there will be a few Stormtroopers posted there."

"Then we'll have to fight our way through. And quickly before Vader shows up along with back up." Theron says after grabbing a dark brown hooded Jedi robe from another table.

The two then make there way back to the elevator as the hangar is located back to the Mustafarian surface. While the elevator takes them to the hangar, R4 beeps in excitement.

"Oh! You won't believe this!"

"What is it?" Theron curiously asks.

"I just noticed a blue and white Eta-2 Actis-class Jedi starfighter in the hangar when I first arrived her a few hours earlier. We can use that to escape this planet."

"Oooh~ that looks so cool~" Saten fangirled other the starfighter she stares at.

"I admit it looks impressive." The Teleporter admits.

"Everything that we've seen so far is purely advance for Sci-Fi movie," Misaka admits as she carefully studies the technology. "Hate to admit it, but even with the current state in Academy City, it would take years to develop that kind of technology."

"I'm sure we can create these kinds of technology someday." Uiharu positively said.

"Nice!" The former Jedi apprentice smirks with cockiness in his voice. "Seems to belong to a previous dead Jedi prisoner from before. Too bad those ships were decommissioned when the Empire took over. *sighs* Good thing I was taught how to pilot ships before Vader captured me, otherwise we'd be in big trouble getting the hell out of here."

The elevator door then opens as the two exit and are on a catwalk just above the said hangar. Seems like R4 was right about a few Stormtroopers stationed below them.

"Ready?" Theron whispers to his droid.

His droid whistles in confirmation.

And just like that, Theron drops from above that caught the troopers off guard.

"Halt!" One of them said.

"Finally, some action!" Kuroko shouted, beginning to enjoy the show.

The Jedi immediately takes out his blaster and shoots him, knocking the trooper down as he dies.

"Blast him!" Another said as the troopers open fire on him.

Theron evades the blaster fire and takes cover behind a few crates and returns fire on them, killing a few of the troopers in the process. Putting his blaster away, he then pops out of cover and Force repulses away the remaining troopers, knocking them outside the castle and into the molten lava, killing them.

The girls cringed at the site. "Overkill, don't you think?" Misaka said.

"A little overkill, don't you think?" Theron asks R4 who hovers down with his jet thrusters on his legs. The girls giggled at the same question.

"You're the one with the Force, smartass." He beeps rudely. "I'm not an organic meatbag."

"That kinda sounds philosophical," Saten noted.

"Hey, it was just a question." The Jedi defends as his droid gives a rude nudge to him before landing inside the starfighter's droid socket.

As the droid starts up the fighter, the castle's alarms go off loudly.

"Attention all personal!" An Imperial officer announces. "Prisoner escape in progress! Secure the hangar and all exits! Recapture prisoner! Lord Vader wants him alive!"

"Ah, oh," Uiharu muttered, now worried for the two heroes.

"We should be going!" Theron shouts, more troops arriving in the hangar.

"I've almost got it! Just keep them off my back!" R4 beeps while he is starting up the Jedi starfighter.

"Don't have to tell me twice!" Theron replies before taking out his lightsaber and begins deflecting blaster fire from the Stormtroopers back at them. He then lightsaber throws at them, leaving slice marks on their chest armor plating that left them seriously injured or killed. He catches his flying saber back with the Force and continues to deflect more blaster fire.

The girls were both shocked and impressed at the scene they witnessed.

"So, he's also an Esper too!" Saten cheered.

"That weapon, the lightsabre…" Misaka muttered, taking an interest in the said weapon. "Is it based on some Hard-light theory?"

"Theory or not did you see what that glowstick did?!" Shirai shouted. "It sliced those officers like they were butter! Like BUTTER!"

"And block lasers," Uiharu added.

"Yeah, that too."

"Theron! I've got control of the fighter! Get your ass on board so we can get the hell out of here!" R4 bleeps as he has taken control of the starfighter.

"Way ahead of you!" He answers before putting his lightsaber away and Force pushed the Stormtroopers away, sending them flying.

Theron then enters the ship's cockpit and closes the hatch as he is in his seat.

"Go!" He exclaims.

And then, the Jedi starfighter takes off and flies out of the castle as it is heading for Mustafar's orbit.

"Okay." Theron says as he takes out a detonator. "Time to give Vader a going away present."

When he pressed the button, the castle's hangar lights on fire as the ships inside all blow up, including Vader's TIE Advanced. The girls cheered.

"Hell yeah!" Theron whoops as he sees the explosion below him and gives the finger. "Good luck finding another Dark Side candidate, Vader!"

"Boy, is he energetic!" Saten stated.

"Just like a certain someone we know," Uiharu whispered to herself.

"Hm, did you say something?"


"Hey, save the celebration AFTER we're in the clear because we got two Star Destroyers in orbit!" R4 beeps into Theron's pilot headset.

Theron looks straight and sees two Star Destroyers already in position as they have already left the planet's stratosphere.

"Holy crap! Look at the size of those ships!" Saten yelled as she pointed at the two Star Destroyers.

"How big do you think one of them is?" The flower=head girl asked.

The Holocron answered for them.

'Estimated size: 16 Kilometres.'

"16 KILOMETRES!" All the girls shouted in unison shocked at how such a large spacecraft can be used for space travel, but they were reminded that this is just a Sci-Fi movie so they just shrugged it off. Oh, if only the knew.

"Now would be a good time to make the jump to hyperspace!" He exclaims. "Those Destroyers are in position to tractor beam us!"

"Where should I set course?" R4 beeps as they're getting closer to the Imperial cruisers.

"Anywhere that's not here!" He shouts.

A few seconds later, Theron sees the stars getting brighter as they then have already entered hyperspace, seeing the blue surroundings they're in.

"Whoa! What was that?!" Kuroko shouted in confusion. Another message appears.

'Hyperspace. An alternate dimension that can only be reached by traveling at or faster than the speed of light. Hyperdrives enabled starships to travel through hyperspace lanes across great distances through the galaxy.'

"Whoa." The girls chorused in awe.

"We're in the clear." R4 informs his best friend. "Imperials won't be able to track us now that I was able to scramble this ship's signature."

"Whew!" He says with relief. "It's good thing this ship had its hyperspace docking ring. If it didn't, we would be sitting ducks and you being taken for recommissioning."

"You got that right, meatbag." He beeps, earning a death glare from the Force user as he could tell the astromech is laughing.

"Laugh it up, pal." He annoyingly says. "I don't know why you keep calling me meatbag."

"Because I want to, and I can." He raspberries his friend.

"Pft, his hilarious." The Level-4 snickered.

"Whatever." Theron shakes his head before changing to another topic. "Anyways, what coordinates did you input since going to Imperial-occupied space is out of the question. And don't get me started on going to a planet that's strong in the Dark Side. NOT a good idea of where to camp out."

"Yeah, about that…" The droid whistles nervously.

"If there's a problem R4, then out with it." He says impatiently.

"Look, I didn't have time to choose a destination. So, I might've plugged in some random coordinates."

"And we have no idea where we're going?" Theron facepalms. "You're either a genius or just plain stupid. We could be heading for our deaths, R4."

"Well you're the one who said to make a jump to anywhere that's not Mustafar, meatbag!" The droid roasts at his remark.

"Best. Travel buddy. Ever" The Level-0 said sarcastically the others laughed at that.

Just when Theron was about to argue with his companion, a beeping sound is heard on the nav computer.

"R4, what's the nav computer telling us?"

"I don't know but it looks like we're headed straight for a large object."

"Drop us out of hyperspace."

"What, right now?"

"Yes now!" He exclaims in panic. "Drop us out or we're done for!"

"Wait, is that the risk of using a hyperdrive?" Uiharu said, shuddering off the idea charging super fast against a wall.

"Looks like it." Misaka shuddered as well since she thought of the same thing.

R4 immediately then drops the ship out of hyperspace just in time as the ship is now in orbit of an uninhabitable moon.

"Hey… does that moon look familiar?" Kuroko narrowed her eyes carefully at the said moon.

"Seriously, we really need to plan out our escape routes in hyperspace." Theron sighs in relief. "But other than that, where in the galaxy are we? We almost collided with an uninhabitable moon, so there's got to be a planet here."

The Force user checks the nav computer's star charts, only to show that the galaxy map hasn't popped up. This shocked Theron in confusion.

"None of this makes any sense." He says aloud. "It's telling us we're no longer in our galaxy anymore. But how's that even possible?"

"Maybe it has something to do with the random hyperspace route we took to escape." The astromech theorizes in binary.

"That is possible." He agrees with his droid. "We could've ended up in an entirely different universe. If the multiverse theory is true that is." The perked up at that last part.

"The multiverse theory?" Saten echoed. "You guys don't think…?"

"No way! That just a coincidence." Kuroko cut her off before she could finish her question.

"But the Urban Legend-"

"Could be false, we could just be looking at a new portable movie with an AI that answers a few questions that we don't know." Kuroko finished not believing anything about the Urban Legend.

"Isn't that just all theories scientists spent centuries speculating on?" R4 deadpans with his whistles and beeps.

"See? Even the bot agrees." The Teleporter said smugly, earning a pout from the Level-0.

"Not unless we investigate this new universe's unmapped galaxy." Theron says. "R4, scan for any inhabitable worlds nearby. We'll need to conserve whatever fuel we have left if we're to make it to at least one of them."

R4 then scans, which didn't take long since there must be a planet that orbits a moon.

"Scan complete." The droid beeps. "You're right about one thing. There is a nearby inhabitable planet in this star system. However, I'm unable to confirm if there's civilization or not due to my scanner not acquitted beyond an entire world."

"I'll take us close then." Theron suggested as he takes control of the starfighter.

As the ship flies over the moon's horizon, Theron and R4 sees a planet green and blue planet. Theron then scans the planet for any sentient life. The girls gasped at the familiar site.

"It's the planet Earth!" Uiharu said.

"That means that-" Saten said before she was cut off again.

"Just. A. Coincident!" Kuroko shouted, earning another pout =.

Misaka watched and sweatdropped at the site.

"Looks like there's civilization after all." He deduces. "Huh, this planet's technology seems primitive but advanced at the same time. And this world looks familiar somehow. I can even sense how strong this planet is in the Force. Extremely strong, in both the light and dark side."

"Whoa, whoa, hold on!" R4 interrupts him. "That shouldn't even be possible. Not even worlds like Tython can be ridiculously strong in both sides of the Force."

"Nice to know that is home is special, at least." The Railgun chirped.

"At least my master implemented forgotten knowledge about the stuff that's been passed down from his legendary bloodline into your databanks." He casually says before working on the controls to jam the planet's orbital satellites and other forms of electronic communication. "Let's land on that curved large island, but away from civilization. We don't need to attract unwanted attention."

The Jedi interceptor detaches from the hyperspace ring away from the planet's orbital range and opens its S foil wings before flying down to the surface. The ship passes through the clouds and Theron sees a few small cities and towns that are miles apart from each other. The ship then closes its S foils and lands in a forest away from prying eyes, it's landing gear setting foot on unknown ground. The girls are awed at the site of ships capabilities.

After taking off his headgear, Theron climbs out of the ship with R4 ejecting out of the ship's astromech socket. Theron takes a moment to breath in the fresh air that he missed for the past year.

"Enjoying the fresh air, huh?" Saten smirked while girls chuckled.

"Are you gonna keep breathing in the fresh air or are we gonna explore this place, meatbag?" R4 beeps impatiently, excited to see what this planet has to offer.

"Shut up, R4." The Force user says to his best friend. "I need you to wait with the ship in case we need to relocate should we come across any hostiles."

R4 wanted to argue with him but chose to obey since they don't know what surprises this planet has in store for them.

"Very well." He whistles as Theron then throws his robe's hood on and walks away from the ship. "Bring back anything useful we can use!"

(Time Skip)

Theron continues to walk towards the edge of the forest with a cliff alongside. When he exited the forest and then his eyes widen in shock with his mouth agape.

"Whoa…" Theron mutters in awe and excitement.

From where he's standing, he can see how great the view is with the hilly, mountainous landscape being filled with animal and plant life. He then notices a small city in the background.

"It would seem that this place is very interesting to explore." He says with a smirk on his face. "And maybe I can start learning how this place looks and feels familiar."

And so, the young Jedi's first adventure begins…


The girls stayed silent at the ending and watching mixed with the sense of mystery and awe.

"So, wanna keep watching?" Saten said, breaking the silence with a hint of excitement.

The girls looked at her, and they smiled and nodded.

"Sure I don't see why not," Misaka said interested in the show.

"I won't mind watching with all of you together," Uiharu said.

"I suppose I can keep watching until the chief comes back," Kuroko said with a smile.

With that, the Holocron continued to play the next chapter.

To be Continued…

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