The next morning in Academy City, Misaka Mikoto wakes up in her dorm room with her roommate, Kuroko Shirai.

The two did their morning ritual and prepared for another day of school. The day was going the same as they usually do, attend class submit their assessments, and do their activities.

During their Lunch hour, Kuroko informed that she has free time to watch the next viewing with her and the others, which the Level 5 was grateful for. However, they received a call from Uiharu and Ruiko saying they will not join them due to remedial.

The Tokiwadai girls were a bit concern since Saten was the only one that can activate the holocron, but that was brushed off when the Level 0 mentioned that the Doctor's holocron was able to copy all the information from hers so they would be able to watch the next viewing from his.

After the classes were finished, Kuroko first finished her Judgment duties before the next viewing while Misaka had some free time to spare.

Misaka sighs. "What to do… we still have some leftover snacks back in the base, so we don't need to worry about buying more." The Railgun says as she takes a stroll around the streets of the District.

Just as she turns around in a corner, she accidentally bumps into someone.



She and the person fell to their rears in slight pain.

"Ouch…" Misaka winced as she rubbed her rear then looked up to the person she bumped into. "Sorry, are you–"

"Are you okay, Queen?" A familiar voice Misaka hears calls out.

"I'm fine, Junko…" The Queen or otherwise the Level 5 Shokuhou Misaki then she looked up to see Misaka. "Well, well… if it isn't Misaka."

"Guh…" The Railgun grunted in annoyance and spoke sarcastically as she stood back up. "Hello to you too, Shokuhou."

"Good day Misaka." Junko bows while her Queen stood up.

"Good day, Junko." Misaka smiled. At least she was a person she can tolerate.

"My, My Misaka, you seem to out of it lately. Are your focusing powers not in your mind?" Misaki teased, irritating the Railgun.

"No. I'm just spending my free time wondering before I get back to my friends." Misaka grunted.

"Oh?" What are you and your friends doing?" Junko curiously asked.

"Well, we–" Before she could answer, she received a text from her friends saying that it's time to meet up. "Oh! Look at this. I have to go know." She jogs past them. "Gotta go! Thanks for teaching me about Rampage Dress!"

"Oh! You're welcome!" Junko shouts back, glad to have helped Misaka when she needed it. "That was pleasant, wasn't it? Queen?"

"Hmm…" Misaki hummed as she watches Misaka leaves, recognizing the direction she is heading. "I say we follow her."

"Eh?" Junko blinked.

"I'm not sure why… but my Esper-intuition ability is telling me something interesting is happening." The Mental Out says as she follows her fellow Level 5 while Junko followed.

Unaware, the three did not notice three other girls from a distance. These are Kongou Mitsuko, Awatsuki Maaya, and Wannai Kinho.

"Hey, isn't that Misaka other there?" Wannai asked.

"It is." Awatsuki nodded. "And it looks like Misaki and Junko are following her. I wonder why?"

"Hmm…" Kongou hummed as she tapped her foldup fan on her chin. "Perhaps we should follow them. We might find something interesting." The three followed their Tokiwadai girls.

In the Judgement Base…

Misaka is inside the viewing room along with Kuroko and the Doctor. They informed her that Konori is busy today and Worst and Last Order are helping Accelerator with his duties.

Suppose it wasn't for a group of five appearing in the room, leaving only the three, shocking the two while the Doctor already knew them. Though the five didn't.

"What are all doing here?" Kuroko questioned.

"Sorry, Kuroko." Junko apologizes. "Queen and I decided to follow Misaka because it seemed interesting, and we met up with Kongou who saw the Misaka and was also interested in what's happening."

The Railgun looked sheepish that she pretty much dragged these girls to their personal viewing.

"Well, I doubt anyone wasn't expecting this." The Doctor said, getting the fives attention.

"Who are you?" Awatsuki asks.

"I'm the Doctor." The Doctor smiled, making the girls who don't know him blink.

"The Doctor?" Kongou raised a brow.

"The Doctor." The Doctor smiled.

"Doctor who?" Misaki raised a brow.

"Just the Doctor." The Doctor chuckled.

"Don't question it. That's all he's going to say." Kuroko said.

"Yup! And don't even try using your ability on me because I have the perfect countermeasure for that." Doctor proudly said, getting the Level 5's attention.

"Is that so?" Misaki smiled as she gripped her purse. "May I ask what it is?"

The Doctor motioned his hands so that she can come closer. Misaki was slightly hesitant but complied. He then whispers something in her ears. "That's… a secret!"

Misaki pouted and narrowed her eyes at the chuckling self-proclaimed Doctor and was tempted to use her ability to learn more about him but held herself because she wasn't sure what this 'countermeasure' is.

"That aside, what is going on here?" Junko curiously asks.

Misaka and Kuroko looked at each other, unsure what to say, but the Doctor stepped in.

"Allow me! To Explain!" The Doctor dramatically said as he begins to explain much too Misaka and Kuroko shock.

Ten minutes later…

"And that's where we are now!" The Doctor huffed proudly that he told everything to the five shellshocked newcomers.

"How did you manage to explain everything in what? Ten minutes?" Misaka says, shocked that the Doctor managed to explain the entire story up to their current episode.

"Despite sounding impossible, I can't help but feel he's telling the truth…" Wannai owlishly blinked.

"I know…" Awatsuki slowly nodded in agreement.

"Fascinating…" Misaki hummed. "Care for us to join you?"

This shocked Misaka and Kuroko. In contrast, the Railgun tried to think of an idea to turn down the offer but was cut off by the Doctor.

"I see no reason!" The Doctor happily said. "I always wanted to have a viewing with Tokiwadai centered audience."

"What?" All the girls sweatdrop.

"Don't worry about it!" The Doctor waved off. "Let's get on with the show!" He sat back on his spot and prepared the holocron.

Before the Misaka and Kuroko could say anything, the five newcomers immediately looked for a spot for themselves to sit on, making the two drop their head in defeat and sat on their chairs.

"Okay! Time for the next viewing!" The Doctor said as the Holocron began to show the next viewing.

Act 2: Chapter 15 - Meditation Training

August 3, 2023 (Earth Calendar)

Academy City

Saten is waiting outside of Theron's front door. She looks left and right, hoping that she has the right address he gave her. She is now wearing her favorite four-leaf clover short sleeve shirt and pants below her knees but above her ankles, along with a pair of running sneakers. She even has her chest-length long black hair let down this time.

"Remarkable…!" The Mental out says in awe along with the others. "So this is the device that is capable of showing an alternate dimension."

"I'm surprised to see another Saten!" Kongou says in awe, along with her two friends who are familiar with the girl.

"You girls haven't seen anything yet." The Railgun grinned.

"I hope I have the right place." Saten comments to herself. "IF this is the right place."

The door opens, and Theron stands before her.

"Glad you can make it." He says. "Nice shirt, by the way."

"So that is Theron…" Junko said as she turned her head to look at the Doctor's face and back on Theron's. "The both of you do look similar."

"We do have similar faces, but we are different people." The Doctor points out.

"Thanks." The girl smiles at the compliment.

Theron lets her inside his home, and Saten looks around at the condition of the place.

"This place is a mess." She comments with slight disgust as she looks at the piles of debris in a corner along with a small hole in the ceiling.

"How revolting…" Misaki comments.

"He could at least clean the place up." Wannai comments.

"Yeah. Been like this since R4, and I found this place. We just don't have the time or money to renovate the place."

"Didn't you say he's filthy rich?" Awatsuki asked the Doctor.

"I did."

"But don't you have those pearls you used for the auction yesterday?" She points out his rich status.

"I need the remaining pearls for other things that are more important than a hangar, Saten."

"Still doesn't mean he can't renovate." Misaka points out.

"You should still look into renovating your home then since you illegally are living here."

"What Saten said."

"This place is abandoned. It's not like anyone's gonna make a big deal about it." He casually says. "But you do have a point. I'll look into it if I have the time."

"So anyway," Saten changes the topic. "We're here to continue my training on how to use the Force?"

"Ah. So they're going to talk about the Force now." Kongou says fully interested in supernatural abilities that are similar to Science but at the same time alien.

"That was mentioned in the chapter name." The Doctor points outs.

"Indeed." Misaki agreed. "I am inquisitive to see what this space power ability is like."

"Yes." He nods as he walks over to a table and picks up his master's holocron. "Here."

He quickly tosses the cube to Saten, and she immediately catches it in her hands.

"Good reflexes." He comments. "Impressive."

"She is physically fit after all." Misaka comments, knowing well how good she is when using a baseball bat.

"Well, those extra classes at school helped me out a lot." She admits while looking at the holocron. "But what's this?"

"A holocron." He simply answers.

However, this confused the girl even more.

"Huh? A holo-what?"

"Oh yeah… this version of Saten doesn't know yet about the holocrons." The Number Three points out.

"Her reaction is so different from our Saten." Kuroko points out.

"A holocron." He repeats, but the girls are still confused due to her face, and he sighs frustratingly. "It's a storage device used by the Jedi that houses information such as historical records, star maps, lightsaber and Force techniques, and other secrets that are off-limits to other Jedi besides the high-ranking members of the Order. The only way to access a holocron is by using the Force."

"How ingenious! A piece of equipment that can only be unlocked by using an ability." The Number Five says impressed.

"Huh… maybe I should take note of this for Uiharu." Kuroko says as she begins to take note of it.

"Ohhhhhhhhh." She says in awe. "That's pretty cool. So you want me to open it up then?"

"Yep." He says as he sits on a chair to watch. "Close your eyes and clear your mind."

The girls leaned forward as they watched Saten unlock the holocron.

Determined, she obeys and closes her eyes as she outstretches the holocron in her hand while clearing her mind. Moments later, the holocron begins levitating from her telekinetic usage of the Force, and the holocron opens up to show Obi-Wan's hologram recorded message.

"This is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. I regret to report that both our Jedi Order and the Republic have fallen."

As the voice of the Jedi Master continues talking, Saten opens her eyes and gasps at what she just did.

"Remarkable! I doubt I've heard Academy City Scientist ever developing that." Junko says in awe.

"Uiharu has already taken note of this, and the information is already passed to Judgment to look for the right people for the job." Kuroko informs them.

"The Force is similar to telekinesis." Kongou comments.

"The Force is much more you can imagine." The Doctor counters.

"I did it!" She shouts excitingly.

"Nice job, Saten. You might have more potential than I thought."

"If our Saten were here, she would be so proud." Misaka smirked.

"Isn't she a Level 0?" Awatsuki says, remembering the Level of her friend.

"She is." Kuroko nodded. "But she said she was happy that a part of her was able to obtainability of her own."

"That's good to hear." Wannai smiled, knowing that Level 0s never reaches Level 1 but was happy that there Saten excepted her Level.

"Aw, that's very sweet of you." She says with a wink and a giggle, earning a blush from Theron. Saten then notices the hologram. "Who's this? He literally looks like that famous actor."

The five newcomers blinked at the sudden gesture Saten made to Theron.

"My, my…" Misaka slyly smirks. "Are those two in a relationship?"

"Honestly, they look cute together." Kongou smirks as she placed her folded fan on the tip of her lips.

"We know." Misaka and Kuroko grinned. "It's amusing to tease her about it."

"What about you, Doctor?" Junko asked. "Anything going on between you, our Saten?"

"Hm? Oh, nothing like that were just good friends." The Doctor says with a convincing straight face, but inwardly he was holding back a blush.

"Obi-Wan Kenobi. A Jedi Master before the Purge." He explains. "One of the greatest lightsaber duelists in galactic history."

"One of the greatest duelists?" She repeats his phrase.

"He's a master of Form III, aka Soresu. And he's a really damn good practitioner of this form."

"Yup! One of the best of Jedi Council." The Doctor explained the importance of his position Form to the newcomers, which led them to be awed by the facts.

"Soresu." She mutters to herself with curiosity in her voice. "What does it specialize in, Theron?"

"It focuses more on defense than offense." He explains. "Mostly due to the growing use of a blaster throughout the old Galaxy."

"Blasters… you mentioned that before." Misaki asked the Doctor.

"Yup. And they are a lot more painful than regular bullets." He informed them.

"That's awesome!" She beams before realizing something. "Wait. You said Form III. There's more than one?"

"From the sound of it, there should be more." Kuroko said.

"How many are there?" Wannai asked.

"There's seven in total. But we can talk about it later. Today, we're going to be meditating."

"You got your answer." Awatsuki smiled, making her friend giggle.

"Wait, what?" She questions in confusion.

"What? You expect me to just show you the techniques on the fly?" He mockingly asks before chuckling. "Ah, Saten. You have much to learn."

"That's true." Junko nodded. "There are cases when Espers do training through meditation."

"Really?" Misaka blinked. "I didn't know that."

"I thought I was going to learn about the cool stuff that you do." She grits her teeth in slight anger.

"Easy there, Saten, not everything has to be rushed, you know." Misaka says, knowing very well that small things come from small beginnings.

"Well, first of all, you have a ridiculously HUGE amount of anger and jealously within you. And secondly, your mental barriers are weak against attacks on the mind, so you're vulnerable to being brainwashed, memory wiped, etc." He bluntly points out. "Shall I go on for you?"

Misaka and Kuroko cringed at the memory during the Level Upper incident but were glad that Saten learned her lesson.

Saten felt really offended by his words. She so wants to punch him so badly for that. However, if she does that, then she won't be able to get any more training from the Jedi himself. Sighing frustratingly and impatiently, she gives in.

"Fine." She mutters.

"This way." He says.


"Oh! Is this cutaway?" Kongou asked which she received a nod from the Doctor, Misaka, and Kuroko.

Inside his bedroom, the two have taken their shoes off and are on opposite ends from each other as their legs are crossed while sitting on a large meditation mat.

"At least his room is clean." Kuroko comments.

"At least your room is so clean." She says while looking around as the sunlight peers through the windows of his room.

"Focus." He interrupts her, who immediately goes back to looking at him as his eyes are closed. "You need to be less distracted from your surroundings. Be mindful of them."

Saten nods and takes a deep breath before closing her blue eyes. A few minutes later, they're finally in a meditative state as they are inside each other's heads.


Saten opens her eyes, and she gasps at her surroundings. She is literally walking on a field of clouds in an endless blue sky.

"What just happened?" Wannai blinked in surprise. "Where is she?"

"Incredible… is this the Force?" Awatsuki says in awe.

"Whoa..." She says in awe while looking around. "This is so amazing!"

"Indeed." Theron says, who is now standing next to her.

"Aahhhh!" She yelps in fright.

The audience laughed at Saten's jump scare.

Theron starts laughing at how he spooked her. This made Saten angry again.

"Damn you." She pouts in a really cute way.

"That's for scaring me on the train." He says with a smug grin on his face.

"When was that?" Junko asked.

"A few episodes ago." The Doctor answered.

"I'll wipe that goofy smug look off your face, Theron!" She says in annoyance.

"Good luck with that." He rolls his eyes. "Come on. Follow me."

"My, my… these two have quite the chemistry ability together." Misaki giggled along with the others chuckling.

The two walk through the field of clouds as they decide to explore due to being both adventurous and all. Saten then notices something in the clouds.

"What's that?" Kuroko points out also seeing what Saten saw.

"Hey, what's that over there?" She wonders as she runs toward it, leaving Theron behind.

"Saten, wait!" He calls out and follows her.

When they enter the clouds, they are no longer in the endless sky. They appear to be inside a Japanese household.

"The location changed again." Misaka said.

"Is that Japanese-style house?" Kuroko tilted her head.

"Wait a minute." She says while looking around. "I know this place."


"This is my home." She says. "Yeah. I'm home! Oh, I've missed this place."

"Are we know looking at Saten's memories?" The Number Five says with interest, seeing that it was somewhat similar to her ability.

Just then, a little girl with pigtails runs past the two teens.

The audience perked up, seeing the similarity between the little girl and Saten.

"Is that…?" Misaka drifted off.

"Uh, is it me, or was that little girl that just passed by us look like you?" He asks.

The two got curious and found the girl in the next room, with her little brother and parents.

"Is this her family?" Kongou asked.

"You're gonna a be an Esper, Sis! That's so cool!" The brother says with excitement.

The little girl laughs with pride. She's so excited about living in Academy City and becoming an Esper with powers. However, her mother is concerned for her daughter's well-being.

"Sweetie. I need you to know that I'm not totally on board with this." She says to her daughter.

"Mom's a big worrywart, huh?" The father chuckles while reading a newspaper.

"I'm just concerned about her. I don't want them messing with her head."

"It's not like that at all, mommy!" The girl argues with her mother, believing it's safe.

"I feel like we are watching an invasion of privacy…" Kuroko cringed along with a few others, while Misaki didn't seem fazed since she does it most when she uses her ability since she has trust issues.

On the sidelines, Saten looks down in sadness and shame as she watches her childhood replayed before her.

"Ah… this is something we shouldn't be even be watching…" Misaka cringed.

"I'm sure our Saten will understand when we explain it to her." The Doctor reasoned.

"How could I be so naive and stupid?" She says to herself. "I should've listened to my mom."

"Saten?" Theron asks her when he notices her tears falling on the floor.

But Saten leaves the room, sniffling. Wanting to find out from her, he finds the teenage girl sitting by the wall-hugging her legs and hiding her face.

"Saten?" He asks her again and sits next to her. "Do you want to talk about it?"

She didn't answer as she continues to sniffle to herself.

"Saten!" He calls for her again. Only he raised his voice a little louder.

"What's there to talk about?" She scoffs without looking him in the eye. "My mother warned me about Academy City. About them messing with my head and all."

"Saten, you were only a child. There was no way you could've known the risks and-."

"But I didn't listen to her!" She angrily yells at him, looking at the Jedi with tears in her eyes.

The viewers silently watch as they cringe as they watch. A few feel sad for Saten while also thinking about the other Level 0s who might have had a similar mindset to her, which resulted in the group Skill-Out. This made a lot of the newcomers think.

Theron notices that her eyes have turned red before switching back to blue. However, he paid no mind to it right now as he needs to comfort the depressed girl.

"It was last summer. July." She begins her story. "I was so jealous of having powers, and I was so tired of being a Level 0. Then I found a song called the Level Upper. I was so excited that I get to have powers, but at the same time, I was scared of using it on my own, so I shared it with my other friends at school. And then, I finally became an Esper. I was so happy! But then... all of a sudden... one of my friends collapsed. It was like I was having a nightmare."

"She was a part of that?!" Kongou, along with her two friends, blinked in surprise by that revelation then turned to Kuroko. "Is this true?"

The Level 4 cringed a bit but stayed firm. "Yes. But she, like all those before her, are just innocent victims in the case."

"It wasn't her fault that she didn't know that will happen." Misaka added, defending her friend.

Kongou stared at the two for a moment and sighed. "Don't get me wrong, I am surprised that happened, but I am glad that it was resolved and that she is safe."

This earns a sigh of relief from the two, including from Wannai and Awatsuki.

Theron was shocked to hear this from a girl who is cheerful on the outside. But on the inside, her heart is filled with pain, suffering, regret, shame, and sadness. He senses this great pain coming from her.

"But it wasn't a nightmare. It was real." She continues. "I got dragged into something so dangerous that I hurt my friends in the process. I thought that Uiharu and the others helped me moved past that, but... all of it is coming back to haunt me! And now that I have the Force, I should be happy to have powers again but now... I'm so ashamed of myself that I don't know if I can really move on!"

"That's all in the past, Saten…" The Doctor mutters enough that the others did not hear him, but they all felt sad for the girl.

She then lets it all out and starts crying. Theron could no longer see her cry for something that's not her fault.

"Saten..." He begins. "We all make mistakes. My master once said to me that struggling throughout our lives makes us who we are. That we have a chance to move on and not make those same mistakes again."

Saten looks up at Theron again and listens closely.

"For me... I don't know if I'll ever move on. But that's beside the point. The point, Saten, is that you can't blame yourself for something that wasn't your fault. I know you're struggling with being traumatized, but that's all in the past, and you need to move on. All I'm saying is that you need to let go. If not for me, for your friends and family. Please."

Once again, Saten was moved by his words. Knowing that she is struggling with her past and is willing to do what it takes to help her let go and move on, he is kind.

The viewers were touched and moved by the Jedi's words in an attempt to cheer up the Level 0.

"I... I don't know how you do it." She says. "But... you seemed to have found a way of cheering me up, huh? T-Thank you."

"No problem."

Suddenly, Saten hugs him tightly. He was taken aback by this sort of action from her, and he hugs her back as well.

The viewers cooed at the scene.

"No matter what, as long as I'm here, I'll do what I can to protect you. That's a promise I hope to keep."

"And I'll do the same for you, Theron." She says with a smile.

"They are just so cute together!" Wannai cooed.

"I know! And they're not even dating!" Awatsuki agreed.

She then kisses him on the cheek as another 'thank you'. Her cheeks were red, just like the flustered boy's.

The girls gasped, and they squealed, and the Doctor chuckled.

"This is gold!" Misaka smirked as she took pictures of the kiss on her phone.

"I know!" Kuroko grinned, having the perfect blackmail material for their Saten.

"Uhhh..." He says while rubbing his kissed cheek. There were small traces of lip gloss from the girl's precious lips.

"Don't take this the wrong way. Think of it as a small reward from me." Saten says while doing her best to avoid eye contact with him.

Theron chuckles. "Whatever you say."

"Well, glad that's over." The Doctor chuckled.

"Now that we're done going over my little nervous breakdown, let's go look at your memories." Saten changes the topic again while standing back up on her feet, excited to see something good from him.

Everyone perked up at that. The five newcomers are interested to learn more about Theron, while the others who know most about Theron wondered if there's anything else about him to learn.

"Yeah, but- huh?!" Theron spats out in confusion.

"Oh, don't be such a big baby. It can't be that bad." She says without paying no mind to him.

"He doesn't seem like he wants to do it." Junko tilted her head at the obvious.

"Yeah… he doesn't, does he?" The Number Three narrowed her eyes and gave a side-glance to the Number Five, who noticed but huffed and looked away.

"Look, I don't know-." He argues.

But the bubbly girl wouldn't listen as she grabs his wrist and pulls him up off the floor.

"Alley-oop!" The girl laughs while dragging him down the hallway.

"Was she always so… forceful?" Kongou sweatdropped. Misaka and Kuroko sighed as they nodded their heads.

"Hey! Wait!" He says while trying to break free to no avail. "Damn it. She's got a really tight grip on me!"

Saten giggles at this and continues to pull him down the hallway even further.

"Yes, she does." Both Misaka and Kuroko grinned, seeing the Jedi having a hard time.


Their surroundings have changed, and they are no longer inside Saten's family home. Instead, they are inside the halls of a gothic-themed fortress.

"What's this place?" Junko asks. "It looks like from Sci-Fi movies."

"Probably one of those advance spaceships that The Doctor mentioned." Misaka guessed.

"Huh?" Saten looks around in confusion. "I don't think this is the right place."

Theron's eyes widen as he recognizes the memory they're in.

"Saten, we need to pull out of our meditative states."

The five newcomers raised a brow at the sudden change in Theron's personality, but the three others began to worry as they piece together where Theron is.


"Don't argue! We need to leave! Now!"

Just then, raspy mechanical breathing his heard. This caused Theron to shake in fear and his eyes to widen again. Saten, on the other hand, hears the unfamiliar breathing and becomes scared of it as well.

Even the viewers began to get scared hearing the breathing noise except for the Doctor since he is already used to the noise.

"Wh-what is that?" Junk says as she began to shiver a bit from the noise. Even her Queen was a bit uncomfortable.

"T-Theron?" She questions him, now becoming scared of hearing something so terrifying in her life.

The breathing got closer and louder, resulting in Theron using the Force and shatter their entire surroundings. And then, everything went white.


Saten opens her eyes and gasps, awakening from her meditative state. She then looks at Theron in front of her and sees him shaking and sweating. It's like he knows who that breathing noise belongs to.

Even the audience took a deep breath, relaxed, glad that it's now over.

"What was that…? That awful sound!" Kongou breathed out as she fanned herself with her foldup fan while her two friends took deep breaths.

"That was honestly the most frightening voice ability I have ever heard." Misaki calmed down while Junko followed.

Misaka and Kuroko were already used to Vader's voice but hearing this way made them shudder.

The Doctor was calmed since he knows about Vader's voice. "That was Darth Vader." He said shocking the five since they were already explained from the beginning.

"What the hell was that?" She demands. "That awful breathing sound-."

"It was a mistake trying to show you some of my memories." Theron interrupts her.

"He does not sound happy." Misaka cringed.

"Who did that raspy breathing belong to?"

"Forget it, Saten." He says. "Damn hell, I'm gonna tell you who that sound belongs to."

"Bu-!" She begins to argue.

"NO!" He shouts at her.

Almost all the audience also flinched from his sudden outburst and understood that it was a sensitive topic of the Jedi-in-hiding.

She flinches, realizing that he's really sensitive about the topic.

"Maybe it was a mistake prying into his memories without his permission." She wonders, regretting what she did earlier.

"Too late for that." The Doctor breaths out.

"That's enough training for today." Theron says, snapping her out of her thoughts. "I feel like this whole thing's gone on long enough for both of us."

"Huh?" She says and notices the time on his alarm clock. "It's already noon? Jeez, how long have we've been doing this?"

"Since 9 in the morning."

"Three hours?!" She exclaims in shock. "But it felt like we've been inside our heads for only a few minutes!"

"Time certainly flies, doesn't it?" Misaki comments being familiar that going inside someone's mind is time-consuming.

"Eh. You'll get used to it." He casually waves his hand.

"Hm. He brushed off the bad taste rather quickly." Junko blinked.

Just then, his commlink goes off, and he immediately answers it.

"Yes?" He asks. "Yomikawa?"

"Yomikawa?" Some of the viewers echoed while others did not recognize the name. They've been filled in who the Anti-Skill Lieutenant woman is.

There was silence for a few moments.

"Yes. Alright, send me the address." Theron continues before hanging up.

"Sounds serious." Kuroko leans forward, wanting to learn what Theron was informed of.

"What does she want?" Saten asks him.

"Yomikawa wants me to head on over to her friend's lab in School District 7. Says something about my opinion on the technology they're studying from that Star Destroyer wreckage that's still standing in School District 23."

Misaka and Kuroko gasped in excitement while the newcomers perked up in interest when the Doctor explained about the downed Star Destroyer in the alternate Academy City, wanting to learn more about it.

"Oh, man! Saten and Uiharu are missing out." Misaka says in slight excitement.

"I know!" Kuroko agrees as she prepares her pen and paper to take notes for the Star Destroyer.

"Alright if I tag along?" She asks.



The two left for School District 7 as they walk down the hill where Theron's home is. Unbeknownst to him, the little green child pokes his head out of the Jedi's backpack and goes back to hiding inside.

The five newcomers squealed in the sight of the alien child. They were also informed by it by the Doctor.

After one minute of cooing and gushing over the baby, they continued.


School District 6

The Inquisitor is on the city rooftops as he continues his search for the Jedi and his side objective that's none other than the child.

"The Inquisitor!" Misaka, Kuroko, and Doctor gasped while the five newcomers widen their eyes at the appearance of the Force Hunter Force User. They know this thanks to Doctor's summary.

"Where are you, Jedi?" He impatiently snarls aloud. "You can't hide forever."

The Inquisitor jumps off the rooftop and uses the Force to slow his fall, landing on an alleyway's concrete floors. Getting back up from a crouched position from when he landed earlier, the dark side user walks out of the alley and looks around to see that he's at Academy City's known amusement park. Fortunately for him, there are many people he could take advantage of to draw the Jedi out of hiding.

Kuroko's eyes widen. "No…"

"He wouldn't…" Misaka gasps.

"When out in the open, there's only one way to get the attention of the Jedi." He continues as people inside the amusement park he's in are looking at him. He then pulls out his lightsaber hilt.

"Slaughter of the innocent. Mercilessly and without compromise."

The Inquisitor then ignites his red blade, and the people who look at him jumped in fear.

"NO!" Everyone shouts in horror.

To be continued...

"Damn! Cliff-hanger!" Doctor gritted his teeth in frustration but later calmed down. "So…" He turned to the five newcomers. "How do you like it?"

The five blinked out of tier stutter while being glad of a change of a topic.

"It was surprisingly good." Misaki comments.

"It was Queen." Junko smiled.

"I learned quite a lot from a single viewing." Kongou smiled as she raised her fan up while Awatsuki and Wannai smiled in agreement.

"Great! Guess that means we'll keep on watching." The Doctor turns to Misaka and Kuroko. "Right, girls?"

Misaka sighed but smiled. "I see no reason."

Kuroko nodded. "As long as they behave in the base."

"Perfect! Time for the next episode!"

Act 2: Chapter 16 - Lab Shenanigans and Baby Hunting

"I can tell that this will be interesting." Kuroko says as she read the title.

School District 7

Yoshikawa's Research Lab

"So they are in a research facility now." Misaki points out.

Theron and Saten are outside the research lab of one Kikyou Yoshikawa. The exterior of the building doesn't look fancy like most research facilities in Academy City.

"Who's that?" Kongou asked.

"That's Kikyou Yoshikawa, a scientist." Misaka explains.

"At least this place isn't suspiciously fancy and super clean like some places I've heard about here in this city." Theron mutters to himself.

A few of the audience were familiar with what Theron meant in some parts of Academy City but stayed quiet, while others just tilted their heads in confusion.

"Huh?" Saten asks, hearing what he has already said.

"Nothing." He answers. "Let's head on inside."

Entering through the front entrance, they find a receptionist behind a desk and walked over to her.

"Excuse me, is Yoshikawa here?" Theron asks. "I was sent over by Yomikawa."

"You must be the kid Yoshikawa wanted to meet." The receptionist smiles. "Go down the hall, make a left turn, and you'll find her in one of her labs. She's honestly been studying whatever technology and data she and her small team of scientists have recovered on that giant spaceship that's still residing in the 23rd School District for days now nonstop."

"Good luck with that." The Doctor smirked. "Academy City may be advance, but Outerspace technology might prove to be a challenge for them."

"We'll take that challenge." Misaka smirks, confident that Academy City can unlock the secrets of alien technology.

"Thank you." He bows in respect before the two teens walk down the hallway.

It wasn't long, but they began hearing commotion going on inside one of the labs.

When Theron and Saten entered inside, they are shocked to see that the lab is vast as they see a team of scientists studying what appears to be the remains of a hyperdrive from the crashed ISD.

"Whoa..." The two said in awe.

"'Whoa' is right…" Kuroko mutters in awe, while the others are also awed by what they are seeing.

"My, my… it seems our fellow scientists are very eager to learn this new technology." Misaki says while admittingly feeling a bit of pride that Academy City was this eager to learn about the crashed ISD.

"Seems like they're going all out just so they can study what's left of Imperial tech that's recovered from the crash site." Theron comments.

"Indeed." Junko nodded in agreement. "It is quite the sight."

"Hey, look! It's Misaka!" Saten says as they see Misaka talking to a woman in a lab coat with a plain t-shirt underneath it and has straight short black hair. "Hey, Misaka!"

"Looks like I'm here too.' The viewing Misaka points out.

Misaka and the woman are interrupted when they see Saten waving at the Tokiwadai girl with a massive grin on her face, and they notice that she's with Theron.

"Saten! Theron!" Misaka greets happily as the Jedi and the Force-sensitive girl walk up to her and the woman. "Good to see you!"

"Well, this is a surprise." Theron says. "What are you doing here?"

"Probably my curiosity." The viewing Misaka admits. "Can't turn away things like this."

"Shame my other is not with you, Sissy." Kuroko sighs, feeling a bit left out.

"Well, you see, I was curious about the scientists Yomikawa is friends with, so she gave me the address." The Railgun explains to her friends before changing her expression with concern towards the Jedi. "Hey, about what happened yesterday-."

"Say no more, Misaka. It's alright." He interrupts her. "I should be the one to apologize to you, Shirai, and Uiharu. I wasn't in the right mind yesterday."

"Did something happen?" Awatsuki asked.

"Just a disagreement. Don't worry about it." The Doctor said.

"Excuse me?" The woman next to Misaka says to Theron, getting his attention. "So you're Theron Skywalker, right? Kikyou Yoshikawa. I'm a friend of Yomikawa's. She spoke highly of you for saving her men and the entire city."

"Entire planet." He corrects her. "But yeah, I get what she means."

"Well, doesn't he sound cocky?" Wannai raised a brow.

"But he did save a lot of lives." The Number Three defended.

"Still," She continues as she and the teens start walking towards the remains of a hyperdrive her team of scientists is studying. "I can't believe that we're not alone in the universe. And what's shocking is that humans are more diverse than just here on Earth."

"I wonder if we are the same." Kongou curiously thought.

"There are." The Doctor admits. "I'm pretty much proof of that."

They all nodded in his fact since he already explained that he was a 'visitor' of sorts.

"There are other sentient species besides humans." He explains while observing the scientists at work.

"Really? Tell me, what's it like exploring other worlds?"

"It sounds like fun." Junko says having an idea of what space travel is like.

"I can't exactly give you an honest answer, but I haven't been traveling to other star systems in my old Galaxy."

"How come?" She further questions him.

"Sorry, but I can't answer that question. It brings a lot of bad memories." He apologizes, not wanting to discuss it after this morning's meditation with Saten.

"He's referring to the Purge, isn't he?" Misaki asked.

"That or meditation incident." The Doctor points out.

Misaka and Kuroko nodded sadly at the latter but didn't say anything.

"I see…" The Number Five said as she left it as that even she and the newcomers felt sad and angry that the Empire wiped out an entire culture.

Misaka leans over at Saten.

"What does he mean by that?" Misaka whispers.

"Theron and I had a meditative session this morning, and I accidentally saw one of his memories that traumatizes him so much." She whispers back.

"Will he be alright?" Misaka further questions with concern in her voice.

"Yeah." Saten lies, not wanting to worry her or the others. "He and I are both struggling to move on from our past."

The girls cooed again how cute the two are together.

The two girls went back to listening in on Theron's conversation. Yoshikawa listens as the boy explains about hyperspace travel and the Purgil that inspired it. Then, he briefly went on about how the Empire came to be (though, not the entire truth as mentions of the Galactic Republic using a Clone Army against the Separatists was kept from her and the two girls present with him). This shocked and disgusted Yoshikawa. She believes that they're very similar to the Nazis from World War II, who nearly wiped out the Jews in concentration camps. The Empire is enslaving or possibly committing genocide on other sentient species seen as a threat to them. Theron points out that in his galaxy that's in a different universe, the Empire nearly wiped out a race called the Lasats as they were one of the first to stand up against the galactic regime.

"Just like how the Doctor explained." Kongou narrowed her eyes at the information and the comparison towards the Nazis. While also feeling a sore spot for her and her fellow Japanese since their country allied with the Germans.

"And the Empire doesn't care about one of their own, seeing them as expendable tools to their regime?" Yoshikawa concludes in disgust. "Bastards. It's like the Dark Side of Academy City all over again."

"Except it's way worse." Saten agrees with the woman. "The Jedi were nearly wiped out in a purge when the Empire was formed. Theron was a Jedi in training, but..."

"...My master and I were never involved in the Purge, so we were lucky to survive." Theron finishes the girl's sentence. "Unfortunately, they found us, and my master was killed when he tried protecting me."

The audience felt sad hearing no matter how many times.

"I'm so sorry." Yoshikawa says with dread. "My condolences to your master then. Who was he? He sounded like he was a great teacher to you."

"Come to think of it. You never told us his name." Misaka points out, curious about Theron's master's name.

"Yeah. What was his name, Theron?" The Level 0 asks her crush.

"Wasn't his name Shan?" Misaka said.

"Yeah… Master Shan… that was the name." Kuroko remembered.

"His name was Hideo Shan." The Jedi explains. "A former Jedi Knight from the old Order."

"Hideo Shan…" Junko rolled it on the tip of her tongue. "It sounds like a Japanese name."

"But what did he mean by former?" Wannai curiously asks.

"Former?" The two girls said in unison.

"Let's just say that he and the Jedi Council didn't exactly see eye-to-eye due to master's disagreements with the Council's decisions."

"Wait, hold on." Saten interrupts, surprised to hear that Theron's teacher isn't a strictly by-the-books kind of Jedi. "Are you saying that Hideo was rebellious?"

"That would explain Theron's stubbornness." Misaka mused while the others chuckled at that fact.

"You'd be surprised about what he did in his time as a Jedi." Theron chuckles at the stories his late father figure and mentor told him about.

Suddenly, a red blaster bolt flies past Yoshikawa and the teens. The laser blast bounces off the walls multiple times until it dissipates into nothingness.

The audience jumped in fright.

"What was that?!" Kongou shouted in fright.

"Are they under attack?!" Kuroko shouts as the others began to panic.

"What the hell!" One of the scientists scolded one of her colleagues. "Are you trying to get us all killed or something?!"

"Sorry! I think this firearm is faulty or something!" The second scientist argues with her.

"Or maybe you're using it all wrong! Seriously, learn when NOT to touch something that's foreign to us."

The audience sweatdropped as they relaxed at the sight of scientists arguing with each other.

"Oh… false alarm. Just technical difficulties." Doctor relaxed.

The three teens all sweatdropped at the sight of the scientists bantering with each other.

"I think it's safe to say that they don't know how to use a blaster." Misaka deadpans, earning nods from her friends.

"You can say that again, me." Misaka agrees with her alternate other.

"It's not the blasters." Theron explains with a blank face, getting his friends' attention. He seems to be annoyed. "It's likely that stormtroopers were never given proper training. Either to focus more on strength in numbers, or they limited their training on purpose. Or both."

"What wasted potential." Kuroko shakes his head in disapproval.

"Jeez. Talk about wasted potential." Saten sarcastically comments while rolling her eyes.


"That was interesting, to say the least." Theron admits as he and the girls walk down the busy city streets.

"Looks like they're done with the lab scene now." Awatsuki points out.

"Sure was." Misaka agrees. "Still, I'm surprised that her dream job was to be a teacher."

"Are they talking about Yoshikawa?" The viewing Misaka wondered.

"There must be a reason to why she chose to be a researcher instead of pursuing her dream." Saten wonders with her finger on her chin.

"Probably the Dark Side of Academy City, no less. If she's friends with Yomikawa, then she probably knows Accelerator and his governing chairman status." The Jedi theorizes without realizing he's correct and all.

The Number Five chocks in the air, not expecting to hear that. "That woman knows Accelerator?!"

"Who's–" Before Junko says anything, she and Kongou, Awatsuki, and Wannai were all in a trance due to Misaki pointing her remote them.

She then turns to her fellow Level 5, Kuroko, and Doctor with a stern look. "Explain."

After a few minutes of explaining Accelerator's connection with the scientist, she returns the other girls to normal, and they continued with the movie.

Suddenly, his commlink goes off, and he immediately answers.

"R4?" He pauses. "What? And you just took your eyes off for only a few minutes? Damn it. I'll start looking now."

"R4 is Theron's droid, right?" Junko recalled making the Doctor nodded.

"Let me guess, you and R4 are having trouble with something?" Saten questions.

Kongou gasped. "The missing baby!"

"It's nothing major." He lies. "Look, I need to run an errand, so I'll meet you down by the clover fields. Won't take long, okay? See ya!"

"How adorable! That was rather cute how he hurried like that." Junko giggled.

Before the girls could say a word, Theron had already left them by themselves near a certain vending machine.

"Well, he seemed to be in a hurry." Misaka jokes.

Just then, the girls heard rustling in the bushes.

"What's that sound?" Saten asks nervously.

"Is something there?" Misaki narrowed her eyes to the bushes.

"Don't know." The Level 5 says with suspicion in her eyes, electric sparks surrounding her as she prepares to defend herself. "We know you're there! Come out!"

And then, the unexpected happened. The Child walks out of the bushes with his ears drooped down, and he looks really lonely. This confused the girls as they look at each other. Saten then slowly walks toward it and cautiously picks the green infant up with her hands.

Misaka gasps. "It's the baby!"

"When did he get out of Theron's bag?" Kuroko wondered.

"Okaayyy... Let's take a good look at you." Saten says as she looks at the baby face to face. "What is this thing? Is this a baby?"

"It definitely is." Wannai cooed.

"I've never seen a creature like this before." Misaka says as she closely looks at the Child. "What do you think this is, Saten? It doesn't look like Gekota."

"I don't know." The Force-sensitive girl shrugs. "But I think it's a baby."

"A space baby." Awatsuki added.

"Huh?" The Railgun blinks a few times before realizing something. "Wait, you don't think Theron has something to do with this?"

"He certainly does." Kongou nodded.

"Well, it's kinda obvious. He IS a human from outer space after all." Saten points out before looking back at the baby and then smiling warmly. "Hey there, little guy. Did that grumpy and brooding Jedi left you lonesome all on your own?"

The Child coos in response and seems to be curious around her.

The girls cooed at the sight of the baby's reaction.

"Seems to me that you must be good with taking care of babies, Saten." Misaka teases with a wink.

The viewing Misaka and Kuroko laughed at that part, making notes of this for teasing their Saten.

"W-Wha?!" Saten blushes in embarrassment. "Oh, no. It's my first time doing this, to be honest. Though, I do read a few baby books at one point."

"Remember when you were raising Febri? You definitely have the traits of becoming a mother someday."

"Febri… I haven't heard from her in a long while." The Number Three smiled, recalling the small girl.

"We should contact her when we have the time." Kuroko says, earning a nod from her Sissy.

"Now hold on a sec, Misaka!" Saten argues, blushing even more. "Raising Febri is totally different from raising a baby! Febri's a kid. This... pointy-eared little green fella... is only an infant! Why would you think that I act like an actual mother?!"

"An older sister, maybe?" Wannai guessed.

"We did see her with a younger sibling." Awatsuki agreed.

Soon the baby starts whimpering, getting the girls' attention once more.

"Hey, I think it's hungry." Misaka points out.

"Well, Joseph's is only a few blocks away, but I don't think the baby can wait that long." Saten says.

"Can that baby even eat human food?" Misaki curiously asks, unaware of Misaka and Kuroko turning slightly green as they recalled the baby eating a live frog.

"Hmm." The Railgun ponders to herself before noticing the familiar vending machine that's right next to them. "Ah! I know!"

Misaka runs over to the vending machine and inserts a coin before performing a roundhouse kick. Soon, a drink can fall out of the machine into the tray, and she picks it up.

The five newcomers flinched as they blinked owlishly at what the Level 5 did.

"Did… did you just kicked that vending machine?" Kongou blinked while not helping how impressive her roundhouse kick.

"Yes." Misaka said like it was normal.

"Do you do that all the time?" Junko asked.


"And that's why Sissy is good at track and field!" Kuroko proudly says, earning a slight blush from the said girl.

"You sure love to kick that vending machine, huh?" Saten smirks.

Ignoring that comment, Misaka walks back to Saten and the Child, who has just sat down on a bench.

"Here." She hands her friend the warm drink can. "The vending machine was lucky enough to pop out a can of warm broth for the little guy."

"Very lucky indeed." The Doctor comments.

"So it is out of a random ability." Misaki comments

"Thanks, Misaka." The rumor-hunting girl says and opens the top-up for the baby. "You hungry?"

The baby curiously looks at her and then takes a few sips from the warm broth.

"You know what I'm gonna do? I'm going to babysit you till Theron meets up with us at the clover fields." She says to the infant before slyly grinning. "And then, I'm going to charge him for watching you."

The audience sweatdrops at what the alternate Saten said.

"Seriously?" The viewing Misaka questions.

Misaka sweatdrops at this.

"Seriously?" She questions her.

"What? Just because I have powers now doesn't mean my level has changed. I do need money to get by at my place."

"That's… actually true." Kuroko admitted.


School District 6

Amusement Park

There was fire everywhere as it ablaze the amusement park. Bodies of innocent people are scattered everywhere, either piled up or set on fire from the source that caused it in the first place. That includes a small unit of Anti-Skill officers. The Inquisitor looks around the damage he has caused, satisfied with his work.

The audience gasped in horror, knowing well what is happening and who is responsible.

"This will draw the Jedi out in the open and will motivate him to come and face me." He says to himself aloud. "He has the child. And he will be a powerful servant of the dark side."

Just then, he hears groaning and turns around to see that a member of Judgement is injured.

Kuroko gasped. "A Judgment member survived!"

"Seems he's still alive." The dark side Force user deduces in his thoughts, not bothered at all for the injured officer's survival.

The Inquisitor then walks over to the crawling officer that could no longer keep going and stands before him.

"Y-You won't get away with this." The Judgement officer says while coughing up blood. "Anti-Skill will hunt an intruder like you down."

"Even in the face of death, he's still fighting." Kuroko lightly smiled, feeling pride for her fellow member.

"I'm flattered." The dark side wielder sarcastically responds. "But I'm not after you. Tell your colleagues that I'm looking for a dangerous fugitive in your precious Academy City."

"Wha-?" The teenage officer says, but the Inquisitor uses the Force to put him to sleep.

"That'll keep him from losing any more blood until the authorities arrive so that they can get my message."

The Inquisitor walks away from the scene just as sirens from a distance are heard.


"At least one survived." Junk sadly said.

"That man will surely pay for what he has done." Kungou growled while everyone else agrees.

Back in School District 7, Theron continues to look for the Child but to no success.

"R4, please tell me your scanners have found the kid." Theron pleads through the comms, beginning to get desperate to find him.

"Still looking for the child I see." Misaka grinned, glad that the topic has now changed.

"I don't, Theron. I've done a city-wide scan as you asked me to do, but there's no sign of the baby." R4 says. "Why don't you use the Force? It'll be easier for you to track him down with it."

"That's not how the Force works." The Doctor deadpans.

"That's not how the Force works." He deadpans in annoyance. "How many times do I got to keep telling you? I can't even make a connection with animals."

"Oh, right. You told me you were swallowed whole by a Krayt Dragon." The droid forgot about it.

"Krayt Dragon?" The five newcomers echoed in confusion.

The Doctor shows a picture with his holocron making them shriek at the dragon's appearance.

"Don't remind me." The Jedi bitterly says before changing the subject. "Anyways, did any of the Imperials that have been arrested in the aftermath of the invasion started talking about what they're doing here on Earth?"

"No. Anti-Skill are having difficulty in getting any useful information out of them."

"looks like they've been trained to resist interrogation." Kuroko comments.

"They're trained to resist interrogation after all." He mutters. "Hey, I gotta go meet up with Saten and Misaka at the clover fields. I'll keep my eye out for the kid. He seems to like stowing away in my pack."

"Enjoy your new date with Saten, meatbag." R4 laughs before ending the call.

"IT'S NOT A DATE!" Theron yells through the comm-link while blushing. "Damn that droid. He's a real pain in the ass sometimes."

The audience laughed seeing Theron act this way.


A few minutes later, Theron reaches the clover fields that are south of the Tokiwadai Dorms. Looking around, he finally sees Saten and Misaka lying on the fields, napping.

"Awe. There all tuckered out." Junko giggled.

"I'm so jealous…" Kuroko muttered growled that her counterpart is not there.

"At least they're sleeping." He chuckles at the sight of his friends napping.

But then, he sees that the sleeping Saten is holding the sleeping Child.

"Hey!" He shouts at her walking down the small slopes.

"Rude." Kongou comments while the others agreed with her.

This eventually woke Misaka and Saten up as they jump up in surprise.

"I'm awake! I'm awake!" Saten shouts dramatically.

The baby then wakes up crying.

"Look at what you did with your shouting ability." Misaki huffed in disapproval.

"No, no, no! It's okay." The girl calms him down with a motherly, gentle voice. She then notices Theron next to him as the girls stand up with a glare at him. "You woke him up, Theron! You have any idea how difficult it was to get him to sleep finally?"

"Hand him to me." He demands calmly.

"Really?" Misaka deadpans, not liking his tone.

"Not so fast." She refuses while holding the baby in her hands. "You can't just leave a baby unattended like that!"

"Yeah, Theron." Misaka agrees. "What the hell were you even thinking?"

"Okay, first of all, that's not my fault. I had R4 babysitting him, and somehow he must've followed me." He explains truthfully.

"We all saw how." The Doctor chuckled.

"You expect me to believe that?" Saten questions with an unconvinced and angry expression. "You know, you have a lot to learn in raising a young one."

"Ahhhhhhhh." The baby coos out in the agreement, earning a smug look from Misaka and Saten.

"Ha! That baby agrees." Kuroko laughed.

Theron didn't start arguing with them and looks at them.

"Thank you." He says for finding the Child and looking after him.

"Glad that he's grateful." Kongou nodded.

"So, how did you end up finding this cute little guy?" The Railgun asks while gushing over the baby.

"Long story." He says. "One that I don't feel like talking about."

"Theron." The Level 0 says in a stern voice. "Do I need to blackmail you again?"

"Okay, fine!" He says in annoyance. "I went off-world for a while. Just before yesterday's Midsummer Festival."

"What?!" They shouted in unison.

"That was quick." The Doctor smirked while the other laughed at Theron's predicament.


One big explanation later...

"You promised us that you wouldn't go behind our backs! Why would you keep doing this?" Saten lectures.

"He's just being selfish and not having trust issues." Misaka deadpans.

Theron looks away, knowing he doesn't have an answer for them.

"Can't even be honest, can't he?" Kuroko shakes her head.

"Theron, I think you need to learn about how friendship actually works around here. You're not alone in this conflict, remember? Let us help you just as we're helping in babysitting the kid. Trust me. I know this from experience." Misaka says.

Misaka has always wanted to do things alone without involving her friends in it. Thankfully, she has learned this from both Saten and Touma. For Theron, however, he can't do it. He can't do it because he made a promise after his master Hideo was killed.

"Awe." The girls and Doctor smiled at Misaka, making her blush, and Kuroko hugged her.

"You don't understand. I don't think you'll ever understand." He says with seeds of doubt within him.

Misaki huffed. She could understand what Theron is going through since she uses her ability to look for people she could absolutely trust. However, a certain unlucky boy is a particular case for her.

"What? We can't help you, but you can help us?" Saten questions in disbelief.

"I've lost master Shan. I failed to help him. But I promise myself... that I won't lose anyone else. Even if I could never involve those but R4 close to me."

"Still doesn't mean you have to push our counterparts away." Misaka comments.

Before the girls could chew him out more, sirens are heard as a few Anti-Skill vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances pass by.

"They seem to be in a hurry. I wonder what's going on." Misaka says curiously.

The three teens look up and see that Academy City's only news blimp is showing a huge fire and dead bodies scattered everywhere.

"What is that?" Saten says with concern.

"Trouble." Theron says as his expression turns serious with a frown.

To be continued...

"Preparing the next viewing." The Doctor said while the others are eager to know what happens next.

Act 2: Chapter 17 - The Second Brother (Part 1)

"The Second Brother…" Misaka reads. "So that is what the Inquisitor is called."

School District 6

Amusement Park

A crime scene has been set up at the destroyed amusement park as dead bodies are gathered up and samples are being taken by forensics. However, the yellow tape has cut off access inside the park as people watch what's going on. Thankfully, Yomikawa and her fellow officers manage to disperse the crowd peacefully, save for a few still present.

"So much destruction…" Wannai mutters in sadness.

"All this just to get one person's attention." Awatsuki agrees.

"So there's no signs of any useful evidence to track down this intruder?" Shirai asks Yomikawa in disbelief.

Kuroko clicked her tongue. "So he even hid his tracks."

"Unfortunately," Yomikawa answers bitterly. "We hope the corpses would help us, but there are no traces of any fingerprints or DNA left behind by the suspect."

"Monster…" Junko narrowed her eyes.

"Which means that there are two possibilities." Konori says with her hand on her chin while looking down. "Either the Empire is attacking the Academy City again. Or we could be looking at another threat we know nothing about."

"That's one way to look it if you rule out the Inquisitor." The Doctor points out.

"Either way, whoever it is, we need to hunt this intruder down before more people are killed in the process." Uiharu suggests.

"Even Uiharu is here." Misaka said.

"Yomikawa!" Theron calls for her as he, Saten, and Misaka arrived at the crime scene with the Child hidden inside the former's backpack.

"Theron?" Yomikawa answers in confusion. "What are you doing here?"

"We saw what happened on the news." He explains. "We were hoping that there were any survivors that could tell us what happened here."

"You think he can help?" Kongou asked.

"Let's find out, shall we?" Misaki said.

"One of our own managed to survive the attack." The Level 3 Judgement chief says. "However, we're unable to move him to a hospital until we can find a way to move him safely without risking in reopening his wounds up."

"Even Konori is there too." The Level 4 Teleporter says.

"Where is he now?" The Jedi asks.

"Inside the crime scene. We're doing everything we can to stabilize him." Shirai answers.

"Let me talk to him." He suggests.

"You can't." She explains. "You're still considered a civilian as no one besides Anti-Skill or Judgement is allowed inside."

Theron then walks past the Judgement girls and enters the crime scene, not fazed at all.

"Did he just straight up ignored me?" The viewing Kuroko says in calmed anger.

"Did he just straight up ignored me?" Shirai says in calmed anger.

The audience laughed at the echo while Kuroko just pouts.

"Yeah." Saten nervously grins. "He does that a lot."

"A lot." Misaka, Kuroko, and Doctor nodded.

"Probably acting cool and all." The Teleporter mutters aloud.

"As much as I want to agree me, but that's not the case." Kuroko sighs.

"I doubt that, Kuroko." Misaka deadpans.

"What my other says." The Number Three says.


Theron walks by the park's wreckage as piles of debris, and metal parts are scattered, covered in burn marks and soot. He finally sees two paramedics working on keeping the Judgement officer alive.

"He's in no condition to be moved. Not without proper equipment." The female paramedic argues.

"Then what can we do?" A male paramedic questions. "He's not gonna last long here. We can't wait that long!"

"At least they're doing their best to save him." Junko said.

"Excuse me?" Theron asks, getting the medics' attention. "Is there any way I can help?"

"A civilian? How'd you get past Anti-Skill and Judgement?" The male paramedic officer asks. "You know what, I don't wanna know. Anyway, if you want to help, we appreciate that. Unfortunately, we don't have the right equipment to get him to move without risking his wounds from opening up."

"Let me handle that." Theron nods as he crouches beside the paramedics.

Taking out of his healing stems from his pouch, he injects it onto the injured officer's bandages. A few seconds later, the officer wakes up and coughs.

"Almost forgot about that." Misaka sighs, relieved that there was no danger to the member's life.

"Fascinating…" Kongou and the others watched in awe.

"That'll be enough for you to get him to the nearest hospital." The Jedi explains.

"Thank you, sir." The female paramedic nods. "We'll take it from here."

"With all due respect, I need to ask him a few questions about the one responsible for this incident."

"Of course, you would." Kuroko shakes his head.

"But we need to get him to a hospital." The male paramedic argues. "Now that he's properly stabilized, we can relocate him and-."

"Didn't you hear me?" Theron says with a wave of his hand at the two. "You'll let talk to him."

The paramedics were in a trance as they hear his command.

"Oh… so this is the Mind trick ability you use with the Force." Misaki says with interest as she compares it with her ability. The only difference is that she uses a remote.

"We will let you talk to him." One of them repeats his words.

"Now give us some privacy." He commands with the Force.

"We'll give you some privacy."

And just like that, the paramedics got up and left them alone.

"My… that was rather curious." Junko said, getting a look from Misaka, but then again, she was already used to being mind-controlled from time to time. At least she thinks she knows that.

"At least I'm not rusty with this technique." Theron says to himself.

"I should have you arrested for using your ability like that." The injured teen says after witnessing what the Jedi did. "But I guess you want answers about what happened."

"At a situation like that, I suppose I can make a pass like that." Kuroko admits.

"I do." The Jedi responds with a serious voice. "Tell me what happened here."

The Judgement officer nods and begins his story.

"I was out on patrol. Everything was looking normal here till people started running for their lives. I was going to help Anti-Skill with the evacuation, but... I was knocked out by an explosion. When I came to, everyone was dead. A few Anti-Skill too."

"The damage was proof of that." The Doctor comments.

"Can you tell me who was behind this?" He further asks. "I need to know what he looks like and why he did it?"

"He was wearing some kind of armor with a black cloak that has his hood down. It looked too advanced for this city's advanced technology." The teen describes the attacker. "However, he wanted me to deliver a message to my fellow colleagues and Anti-Skill."

"What message?" Theron frowns suspiciously.

"He says that the reason he slaughtered everyone here was because he's looking for a fugitive not here in this city." He answers with a cough. "That was all he said before he knocked me out."

"Thank you for the information." The Jedi nods gratefully and stands up again, letting the paramedics carry him to an ambulance to get the treatment he needs at a hospital.

"Message received." Misaka said. "Now, what happens next?"

As he was heading back to the others, he notices that his friends are already inside the wrecked amusement park with looks from them.

"You're lucky I didn't arrest you." Shirai blankly says to him. "Using your ability like that?"

"Lucky is right." The viewing Kuroko huffs.

"The Force." He corrects her.

"Whatever." Viewing Kuroko rolls her eyes.

"Whatever." She rolls her eyes. "Still, using a hypnotic power like that is considered a crime."

The audience chuckled even Kuroko laughed a bit.

"What was that power you used, anyway?" Saten curiously asks. "Mind control?"

Misaka had to look away in disgust as it reminded her too much again about her friends being brainwashed to not knowing her, and later their memories altered thanks to a certain Queen of Tokiwadai.

"Wait. WHA–" Kuroko was about to shout but was now under the trance of the Mental Out, followed by Kongou, Awatsuki, Wannai, Junko except for Misaka and Doctor.

"Whew~, that was close." Misaki smiled with a chuckle as she held up her remote. "Wasn't expecting that to happen."

"I would appreciate it that you don't do that again." Misaka growled.

"Sorry, Misaka. You and I both know that this must remain a secret." Misaki winked.

"Then why isn't he under a trance?!" The Railgun points at the Doctor.

"I want to, but I'm still a bit cautious about his 'countermeasure' ability." Misaki admits.

"You better." The Doctor chuckled.

After erasing a small memory of that scene, the Number Five released the controlled girls and continued to watch the viewing as if nothing happened.

"The Force has a strong influence on the weak-minded." He explains. "We call it the Jedi mind trick. Useful to either persuade people to cooperate for information or to make them kill themselves by jumping out of a building, for example. Heh, the latter choice is kinda funny."

The newcomer girls are interested in one of the abilities the Force has.

"How is that even funny?" Misaka blankly argues with a little anger in her voice. "You have some nerve in abusing your power like that."

"Don't be naive, Misaka." Theron says, rolling his eyes. "It was a dark time for the old Galaxy. Not to mention, I only use it to make Imperials kill themselves or each other. I had to survive in an enslaved galaxy. If you had the Force, you would've done the same damn thing. You don't have to agree with my methods, but don't ever question my motives. EVER."

"Rather straightforward he is." Misaki comments but agrees with him entirely since she also has that similar mindset.

"Aside from that," Konori changes topics to avoid escalation. "Did you find anything useful from one him?"

"Yeah." He says. "And he's right. There's an intruder here in Academy City. But there's more to it."

"Huh?" The girls said in unison, confused.

"What are you talking about?" Uiharu questions.

"The reason he killed those people is because he's looking for someone. And he's trying to draw him out in the open. I think he might be after me."

They had surprised looks on their faces.

"Why?" Saten asks her crush with a concerned look.

"Because he's a Jedi." Junko said, concern for Theron's safety.

"Didn't I explain to you about surviving Jedi being hunted not too long ago?" He reminds her in annoyance. "The Empire has probably sent one of its agents after me."

"If the Empire is after you, then we need Anti-Skill and Judgement to keep a lookout and apprehend him." Shirai suggests.

"And I'm betting he's going to say no." Misaka sighs, knowing about what Theron thinks.

"What do you mean?" Wannai asked.

"No." He says. "I can't risk putting innocents in danger if he knows that the authorities are aware of his presence openly. He wants me, then let him. It'll save me the trouble of having to hunt him down like the rat he is."

"So that's what you mean." Awatsuki said.

"Wait, you're not suggesting in putting yourself in danger to actually get to you?!" Saten questions him, now completely worried for him.

"But he'll kill you!" Uiharu argues. "It's not a good idea to put yourself on the line!"

"I'm a Jedi. It's what I do and should do. Confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi. My destiny."

"Is he being philosophical right now?" Kongou raised a brow.

"That's just how he is." Kuroko sighs.

"This isn't the time to be philosophical, Theron." Shirai argues. "He's out there looking for you!"

"I know. And I have to fight him."

"But does he even know who exactly he is." The Number Three asks.

"But do you know who exactly he is?" Misaka asks.

"I don't know." He admits before looking up with a frown on his face. "But I've got a feeling of WHO he is."

Unbeknownst to everyone, the Inquisitor never left the crime scene at all as he watches from a distance, studying his prey.

"Oh, that clever monster." Kuroko growled.


After leaving the crime scene, Theron and the girls are already walking down the city streets. Konori explained that she has to head back to the branch office and file a report about the attack, so she assigned Uiharu and Shirai to keep the Jedi safe from doing anything reckless. Yomikawa, earlier, gave the go-ahead.

"I don't need protection, guys." He says in annoyance.

"Too bad for you then." Misaka huffs.

"It's for your own good." The Teleporter says. "You may not like it, but it's best that you don't do anything stupid and rash."

"This is Theron we're talking about." The Doctor deadpans while the Misaka and Kuroko sighed as they dropped their heads.

"Name one." He sarcastically banters. "I'd like to hear it coming from the mouth of a pervert like you."

Shirai tenses up, wholly offended by his trolling yet again.

The girls stiffed their mouths from chuckling, much to Kuroko's annoyance.

"Listen, you! I'm far from being a pervert! I only want to show my affection towards Sissy!"

"That's right, me! Tell her my affection is only for Sissy!" Kuroko shouts.

"I'm right here, you know!" The Railgun shouts as sparks around her show.

"I can hear you, Kuroko!" Misaka shouts in the back as sparks around her show, annoyed with her friend's denial.

"That doesn't mean you sexually assault Misaka constantly just because you want to show your affection towards her." You contradict your own words of something you despise of. Sounds like you're Academy City's greatest hypocrite, alright." He roasts her completely.

"Gugh! Just shut up!" Kuroko growled.

"W-Well I-!" She stutters in response. "T-That's not-! Argh! You're an ass. Ya know that?!"

The viewers laugh while Kuroko continues to growl.

"Whatever, hypocrite." He smugly says, getting a growl from her, who starts giving off a dark aura around her.

"I hate him! I hate him so much!" The Judgment girl growls as she gritted her teeth.

"Seriously!" Shirai complains in her head. "He's even worse than that troglodyte! When's he gonna learn to stop being a damn troll all the time?"

"Yes! My god, I never thought about it at all!" Kuroko gasped. Everyone in the room sweatdropped at her bantering.

Uiharu and Saten sweatdrop at their bantering.

"Yep. Theron sure likes to be a troll." Saten nervously grins.

"I'm starting to think that too." Wannai said.

"Yeah…" Awatsuki agreed.

"True that, Saten." Uiharu agrees with her best friend.

Saten then flips Uiharu's skirt up from behind, and the blushing latter screams.

"Nooooo!" She screams in embarrassment.

The viewers sweatdropped at the scene while a few blushed at the scene.

"Glad that Uiharu is not here to see that." The Doctor nervously chuckled.

"Hahahaha!" Saten laughs with a mischievous grin. "That's what you get for making me wear a dress in front of Theron."

"Hey guys." Misaka interrupts everyone. "Why don't we head to the mall?"

To be continued...

"Anyone up for the next viewing?" The Doctor looked around, and they all nodded. "Okay!"

He smiled as he preps the next viewing.

To be continued…

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