I have been living in Central City pretty much since I was born. I have a job as a factory worker at one of the steel mills in Central City. However I almost lost my job if it wasn't for the Flash.

It was a normal day. I had just gotten up and began my day. I kissed my wife and daughter and left for work. I got into my car and drove. I had just barely made it 11 miles when my car stopped suddenly. I heard the engine failing. I went to go check on it. Suddenly I heard a loud bang. The engine was going to explode. Suddenly a huge breeze of wind came over me. I saw yellow lightning and a red streak approach me. Everything felt so fast. I felt arms grab my shoulders and lift me up. Suddenly I was away from my car and sitting next to a convenient store. The red streak stopped moving. That's when I realized who saved me.

"Are you alright sir?" He asked.

"You're-You're-You're him! The Flash!"

"Yep," he said.

I read about this guy but I never really believed he was real. I thought he was just a fantasy. He reached out his hand to help me up.

"Thanks for saving me but I also have another favor for you. Can you help me get to work?"

Suddenly I end up at the factory in seconds. I shake his hand and thank him and head to work.

I think the Flash is cool because he seems down-to-earth. He is willing to stop and talk to people once in a while.