Marinette had been thinking about this for a while now. Lila's lies were getting out of control and even going so far as to frame her for stealing test answers, and getting her expelled for a short time before Adrien-Sweet, wonderful, caring Adrien, stepped in and convinced her to stop since Marinette was his friend. However, Lila wasn't going to let up, she made it very clear to Marinette her intentions were to make her life miserable.

This idea though wasn't something she had gotten at the spur of the moment. No, it had been carefully planned out. She went into full-blown Ladybug mode putting this all together. Beneath her schemes, Lila was just like any other Akuma and thus had a weakness. Maybe it was the Chat Noir miraculous having a lasting effect on her. Either way, she knew what she had to do and it was going to work. It had to.

Because Lila was a lying jerk who believed she can get away with anything.

But when you mess with the bull, you get the horns. And after suffering for months under Lila's influence, Marinette decided to hook Lila into her own game. She was after all just a "clumsy, shy girl". What did Lila have to be afraid of?

Another day, another Akuma to stop. That was the norm for Ladybug and Chat Noir. After the Akuma- Spoilers- a guy who was upset that someone had spoiled the mystery of a movie he wanted to see, went around revealing the secrets of everyone in town. Luckily he was stopped before he managed to get his hands on Marinette. She and Chat Noir stopped him, and after Ladybug cleansed the Akuma, she and Chat Noir exchanged a fist pump and took off in separate directions.

It was just another day of being a super-hero. Except, it wasn't. Not for Ladybug that is. She had already gone through the plan with Tikki, who wasn't on board with it at first, but eventually gave in believing in Marinette's abilities to keep herself out of trouble.

Ladybug hurried, she only had a few minutes left before she detransformed. She had planned this out perfectly, after weeks of (not) stalking, she knew where her target would be and at what time. Sure, Marinette couldn't predict an Akuma attack, but she could figure out someone's schedule.

Spotting Lila's red jacket as she walked home from school, Ladybug smirked to herself and swung over Lila's head, catching the Italian girl's attention. She did not miss the way Lila sneered up at her, still sore from when she had humiliated her in front of Adrien.

She dropped down into an alley a few feet from where Lila was and waited, willing the transformation to hold just a little bit longer.




She could hear Lila's footsteps get closer and closer until she saw the toe of her sneakers peek into the alley.

A bright flash of pink and white light encompassed Ladybug, reverting her back to Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Tikki floated beside her for a quick second, giving Marinette a last look of uncertainty before diving into the safety of her purse, where a chocolate chip cookie waited for her.

Marinette looked to the opening of the ally and saw Lila's shell shocked face. Her emerald green eyes blown wide open, her mouth hanging in pure shock.

"Lila.." Marinette starts, pretending to be defensive, but Lila's smirk told her she had already taken the bait.

"You're Ladybug..." Lila whispers quietly, then her smirk grows into a feral grin; eyes alight with excitement. She laughs. "You're Ladybug!"

"You didn't see anything!"

"Oh," Lila laughs throwing her head back, "I saw everything!"

Marinette doesn't respond, she knew the risks of this and had weighed them all out. She even wrote down the pros and cons in her diary before making her final decision. Lila wasn't going to stop. She was never going to stop until Marinette had lost everything.

"I can't believe you're Ladybug. Marinette Dupain-Cheng is Ladybug!"

"Lila, you didn't see anything," Marinette repeats sounding urgent, to which Lila just snorts and glares at her.

"You can't tell anyone."

"Oh, I'm going to tell everyone!" Then Lila pauses and takes a moment to admire her pretty nails, "Unless you want to pay me for my silence?"

"Pay you?"

"Yeah." Lila nods, looking her dead in the eye. "First you're going to tell Adrien you hate him. Then you're going to stop trying to expose my lies. If you're good then I might keep my promise, but we'll see how that turns out. You should have thought this through more, Ladybug." She spits, her eyes flashing a venomous green color, "I told you there was going to be a war and now that I know you're that stupid goody-toe shoes, I'm going to make sure you never cross me again. Not unless you want me to tell everyone."

At this Marinette smirks, now was the time to flip their positions. "That is if you can prove it."

Lila blinks, reeling back in surprise. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me," Marinette crosses her arms, her face now hosting a defiant smile. "There are a million people in Paris. Anyone of them can be me."

Lila growls, "I'll get proof!"

"Good luck," Marinette says before leaving.

Angry now, Lila explodes in rath, "Aren't you scared of me!"

Marinette stops and cooly looks over her shoulder at her classmate, "No." And she continues her leisure pace back home to her parents.

The next morning, at school, Marinette came in a few minutes late, as pure usual. Miss Bustier was well used to this and didn't give Marinette a hard time about it, though she insisted that Marinette make a better attempt to arrive to class on time.

Marinette sat down in her usual spot and glanced down at her purse, whispering quietly, "You okay in there, Tikki?"

Before she could get an answer, the purse was snatched by Lila and held high in the air.

"Lila!" Marinette yells, she shoots up from her seat and attempts to get her purse back, but Lila shoves her away, nearly knocking Marinette to the floor.

"Lila, what is the meaning of this!" Miss Bustier explodes from her desk. Never in her career had she ever seen a student steal another student's belongings out in the open.

"Marinette is Ladybug!" Lila announces for everyone in the classroom to hear. Nearby Adrien perks up in interest.

Lila smiles at Alya, who at first dismissed Lila's proposal about Ladybug's identity. If Marinette truly was Ladybug then she would have told Alya from the getgo.

"And I'm going to prove it!" Lila announces, before opening Marinette's purse. "She has one of those weird tiny creatures in here, you know the ones that give Ladybug her superpowers. Well, she has one too!" Angry and desperate, Lila turns the purse over and dumps all the contents onto her desk, scavenging through until she sees a spot of red. "Here!" She grabs it and holds for everyone to see.

However, it wasn't a little magical creature she had in her hand, but a small red stress ball with black spots around it.

"Give me that!" Marinette yells, taking her purse back and her ball. "What is wrong with you?"

"Me!" Lila exclaims, before shoving a finger in Marinette's face. "I saw you transform! You told me yourself that you were Ladybug. Now. Where. Is. It!"

"Lila, what are you talking about?"

Lila grew angry, her face turning beet red, "You know exactly what I'm talking about you liar!" And she smacks the purse out of Marinette's hand, before going for her black jacket and shoving her hands into Marinette's pockets. She felt something warm in one of them, but before she could wrap her hand around it, Miss Bustier comes between them and pushes both girls away from each other.

"That is enough! Lila, go to the Headmaster's office right now!"

Lila freezes, she has never been yelled at before by a teacher. And last she heard, Miss Bustier has never opening scolded anyone before.

Suddenly everyone was watching her with disapproving looks. Adrien, especially, looked upset. She swallows and bows her head at Miss Bustier. "I'm sorry, Miss Bustier. My disease must have made me act up. I promise this won't happen again." At least not in front of everyone else.

She looks at Marinette and offers her an apologetic smile, "Forgive me, I'm so sick, it happens sometimes."

Much to her surprise, Marinette smiles back, "I know, it's just part of who you are, besides if I was Ladybug, I wouldn't bring any magical creature here to school. It would be too easy for someone to find."

The air was zapped out of her lungs in an instant. The knowing smile on Marinette's face only rubbed salt in the wound.

'You never had your creature did you?' She thought as icy chills ran down her whole body. 'You were just pulling me along. You pretended you were talking to it so I would try to grab it from you and make a fool of myself.'

Miss Bustier smiles gently at Lila, giving her a forgiving pat on the shoulder, "I'm glad you two have made up, now go to your seats, we still have class."

Numbly, Lila does so, taking her usual spot, all the while everyone began to settle down in their desks, still eyeing her strangely. The normally charming Lila had just openly attacked Marinette. And started making claims that Marinette was Ladybug.

And no one believes her.

I'm still on the Lila hate train. I got this idea after seeing Lila's picture and how far she's gone to make Marinette's life harder than it already was. I decided to throw their rivalry on its head by switching their places and see how Lila likes it proving Marinette is Ladybug. Now I don't know where this is going to go, or how it's going to end, or if I'll continue after this chapter. I don't even know about Hawk Moth's role in this, but if you like this story so far, I'm glad. If not then please give me your feedback. It really helps me. Thank you guys and I hope you have an awesome day! :D Thank you for reading!

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