Marinette never felt so sick before in her life. Not an illness, but just in a feeling. She was sick of this game, sick of her life, and most of all sick of these villains who don't know when to quit. Lila was the worst of them all.

Sure, Hawk Moth was bad, that's a given. However, at least she knew where she stood with him, but Lila was by far the worst of the worst. A two-faced liar who took everything she wanted and gave nothing back. Marinette wondered if Lila was somehow the mastermind behind Chat Noir's identity being discovered by Hawk Moth.

The young heroine shook her head, "No, Marinette, you need to stop pointing fingers at her." Currently, she was back in her room, the black cat miraculous weighing heavily in her hand. She knows it's only her imagination. Cautiously, Marinette used the spell that Master Fu taught her to summon Plagg to the physical world, releasing him from his sleep state. The kwami stretched with an exhausted yawn and blinked blearily at her before his green eyes widen in horror, "That idiot actually did it!"

"Plagg, calm down." Marinette urged gently, struggling to keep her own composure. "Tell me what happened."

"We have to save him!" Plagg snapped, his tail thrashing violently behind him. "Hawk Moth is his father!"

Marinette's eyes widen in shock. Hawk Moth was Chat's dad? She immediately thought of a scene from an American movie several years ago that also had the protagonist realize his arch enemy was his father. Such a massive twist, but when coupled with the later movies that served as prequels, it became very clear.

"We have to save him!" Plagg yelled again, "We have to save-bllbrbble!" Numerous bubbles erupted out of the kwami's mouth, effectively muting the name.

Marinette groaned aloud. Of course, with the spell intact she couldn't know the actual name of Chat Noir. Which made her situation much more difficult. Not for the first time, Marinette wished Master Fu was present. He always seemed to know what to do. The man was wise beyond his years and has seen so many things.

'Yeah, but how did he get wise. It's not like you're born with infinite wisdom. Master Fu has probably been through a lot of weird stuff to get the knowledge he has.' Thinking this eased her troubled mind some. It probably wouldn't have mattered if Master Fu was still around or not. He may not have had the answer, and even if he did, the former Guardian would have been very transparent about it, pushing most of the responsibilities onto Marinette.

'He couldn't hold my hand forever.' She sighed, crestfallen, a few tears leaked out of her eyes, dotting the floor. She drew in a deep breath and returned her harden gaze to Plagg. "Where do we find him?" Her tone was mostly even, but she could detect a slight edge to it, like the blade of a knife.

Plagg seemed hesitant for a moment, his gaze flickered to Tikki, who chose to remain silent. When Tikki nodded her head, Plagg turned to Marinette, "The Agreste Manor."

Marinette wished she could have been shocked. She wished she was appalled by the idea, but she wasn't. Somewhere deep in her gut, she knew that Gabriel Agreste was the man behind the mask. Two-faced or not, he didn't hide very well.

But then came the actual shock. Adrien's image flashed across the surface of her mind, leaving Marinette to gasp in realization. Chat Noir was Adrien. Adrien had been Chat Noir.

"Alya was right the entire time," she whispered to herself. A new wave of tears came out. Gosh, she was so blind and naive. Her own partner was Adrien, the guy she's been in love with since he gave her that umbrella. It was ironic and cruel, and so many other things that she wishes she has time to sort through. But now...

Marinette draws in a deep breath, pulling herself together. She stiffens her sobs, pushing her emotions deep, deep down to save them for a later date. Now is not the time to cry and feel upset, now is the time for action. The world needs Ladybug. Marinette's problems will come once this is all done. And then she'll deal with Lie-la.

Marinette knew she couldn't take on Hawk Moth alone. Even with Chat-Adriens' help, the man had vast knowledge of his power, more so than they realized considering he possessed the grimoire for an unknown amount of time before Marinette and Master Fu replaced the item with a copy. The real grimoire was hidden away from everyone, including the kwamis. Tikki had covered her ears and closed her eyes while Marinette set about hiding the book since it was forbidden for kwamis to know of the spells inside the book for several reasons.

She needed her partner. Marinette couldn't decide who should possess the black cat miraculous. It felt wrong that she would need to find a new wielder. There had to be someone who could be trustworthy and quick thinking to act as her counterpart. Someone to balance her magic of creation. Nino wasn't fit for the job, he had already bonded with Wayzz. Alya was still more fitted with Trixx, and Chloe was definitely out of the question.

Was there anyone she could trust to wear the miraculous of destruction?

She bit her lip, looking down at her own finger, contemplating-

No! What on earth is she thinking? She can't do that, no matter what. Master Fu would be furious.

He would also be mad with her for revealing her identity to her own enemy.

But he said to never wear both.

He's no longer the guardian. You are the guardian.

Yes, Marinette has bestowed the grimoire and the miracle box, but that didn't mean she has the same authority as the actual monks who trained for their entire lives for this. Not to mention, Master Fu giving up his position had been forced thanks to Chloe.

Still, it would be wrong and dangerous.

She's already in danger. Adrien is in danger.

Hawk Moth is the primary objective, and if she isn't careful he'll surely win his wish.

What if she doesn't make a wish?



What if. She doesn't make a wish. What if she wears both her miraculous and Adrien's, but uses their power separately?

Marinette shivers.

An explosion sounds outside. Several screams sound from down the street. Her phone goes off, alerting her of an akuma attack.

Marinette stares at the ring. Plagg is sealed inside making the ring midnight black with the green, glowing paw print on the flat surface.

Why is she considering this?

Should she?

What would Master Fu say?

What would Master Fu do?

Nothing. Because Master Fu isn't here...

She's the best they got.

And she's probably the worst person for the job. But at least she'll give it her all. Or die trying.

Another scream and Marinette decides to slip the ring in the pocket of her pink pants. Calling Tikki, she transforms in a wave of flashy red and pink lights before dashing through her sunroof and chasing the sounds of destruction.

A fine, purple mist had taken over most of Paris, roaming over the many buildings, covering them up and shrowding the city into darkness. Within its confines, an electric being zaps out sporadically, dashing toward different people and changing them into their worst selves. The selves they kept locked away in the deepest confines of their subconscious.

Imperfection loved watching the world realize it wasn't perfect. Zipping around through the streets, jumping from car to car, and climbing up a high building to the very top of a metal pole. He took on his human form, a dark, skin-tight suit, deep plum in color, with a yin-yang side displayed proudly on his chest. His face was covered with only a wide opening around his mouth. Black lenses cover his eyes, hiding the glowing irises that shimmered with delight at freedom. Freedom to do what he's been wanting to do for so long.

No longer is he the perfect gentlemen everyone praises when they see his picture. And he's not the street-wise tomcat that is the butt of every joke. He's no longer in Ladybug's shadow as her 'side-kick, and he isn't his father's trophy son either. He's Imperfection. What a delight to finally be free.

A movement of red catches his attention and Imperfection snickers in delight. He licks his teeth and quickly manifests himself into his crackling form, hoping down the length of the building to the source of his anger. Lila Rossi.

He landed in front of her with the expertise of his cat counterpart. Smirking when the girl gasped in shock and stumbled back a step from him.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't my favorite little liar. Off to ruin more lives, I see?" If Imperfection had his tail he would be twirling it like a cane.

Lila narrowed her eyes, taking another cautious step back, "Who are you? I don't know what you're talking about." She frowned, taking in his appearance. At first, she thought it was Marinette, finally akumatized by Hawk Moth, but the person before her was male and his voice sounded oddly familiar...

Imperfection chuckled darkly, his devious smirk stretching wide, "I'm Imperfection, an akuma who is here to reveal all of your naughty little secrets that you've kept locked away."

Lila's eyes widen, in a panic, she tried to sway the man, "I don't know what you're talking about. You must be after someone else. Hawk Moth-"

"Isn't in charge," he snapped, his voice dropping into a serious, deadly tone. "And neither are you. You've tried to ruin my friends' lives. You framed Marinette for something she didn't do and are even including Chloe in your schemes. I tried to be nice, Lie-La, but I can only be pushed so far before my patience wears out."

She gasped, "A-Adrien!" Quickly she shook her head, "No, you have it all wrong. Marinette is the one who-"

"Enough!" He yelled and punched a large dent into the door of a silver car, making Lila jump with fear. "I'm tired of hearing everyone around me lie!" He sneered, looming over her now, his eyes grew brighter, shining through the black lenses, appearing more demonic and inhuman. "You lied to me, Lila. You made a promise and just like so many other people, you go back on your word. You tricked me, used me, and now you've cost me my most valuable possession! The only thing that gave me my freedom. Now you're going to pay."

"Whatever it is that you lost, I can get it back." She whimpered pathetically, her legs shaking as he stepped closer. Lila tried to move, yet her feet were glued to the black pavement. Her knees wobbled and sent her crumbling to the ground. A large dark wet spot spread throughout the groin of her pants, making Imperfection laugh at her own humiliation.

"You really think I believe in some pathetic witch like you?" He pointed at her soiled self, "I have seen better people face worse situations and keep their dignity, but you just pissed yourself like some little child. How old are you again, Lila? I thought at this age you'd be past the bedwetting stage."

"Shut up!" She screamed, but her face was shame-filled and red.

Imperfection laughed, all his anger and disappointment now focused on this one girl. Somehow, her demise would lead to his freedom again. She was nothing but a nasty thorn in his foot that he needed to get out. "I'm going to enjoy this," he said and made a move to grab her.

A red yoyo spun around his wrist before yanking him away from Lila.

"Adrien, don't do this!" Ladybug cried, landing a good distance away from Imperfection to remain safe. A quick flick of her wrist and her yoyo returned to her hand. "You're better than this, Adrien."

He frowned at her, a flicker of light in the outline shape of a butterfly shimmers across his face. "Get her miraculous!" Hawk Moth hissed in his ear, "Do it now, son. And we can-"

"Enough, Father," Imperfection huffed, annoyed by his pestering. He shooed away the villain and turned to look at Ladybug, "I'm not interested in your miraculous, my lady."

Ladybug's heart dropped at his words. Despite being akumatized he still remembered who she was. "Adrien..."

"Isn't here," he said in a deadpan tone. "I'm Imperfection, I can tell you what my powers are, or I can show you." He turned to smirk at Lila who immediately paled at his devious look. Without a word, he immediately dissolved into quick static, rushing towards Lila and emerging behind her. He seized the girl and wrung her arm behind her back in a painful angle, all the while hissing in her ear, "Why don't you tell everyone your dirty little secret?"

Purple smoke rose from his hands, clouding around her. Lila tried to hold her breath but was forced to cry out in pain when Imperfection twisted her arm hard. The smoke invaded her lungs, its magic immediately working on her. "I lie!" She yelled aloud for all to hear, "I'm a liar! I lie every moment of every day. I lie to my parents. I lied to my school. I lied about everything in my life!"

Imperfection chuckled darkly, "See, that wasn't so hard was it?"

"Adrien, stop!" Ladybug called, spinning her yoyo in warning, "You've had your fun now let her go."

Imperfection snorted, "Let her go? After everything, she's done to Marinette. I don't think so. I think it's time that I repay this liar for all the trouble she's caused since arriving in Paris on 'Prince Ali's private jet.'" In an instant, he whisked Lila away, hopping from place to place. Imperfection's laughter echoed everywhere as his form danced a circle around Ladybug, before darting off into the distance. Ladybug following closely behind them.

They arrived at the top of the Eiffel Tower, Imperfection holding both of Lila's arms behind her back, pushing her closer and closer to the edge. Another butterfly outline appeared across Imperfection's face, his father's impatient voice screaming between his ears. "What are you doing? Get her miraculous! You're wasting precious time!"

"So noisy," Imperfection huffed, shaking his head, "Can't you think of anyone but yourself for once?"

Hawk Moth scowled, "I'm doing this for both of us!"

"Yeah right," He snorted, giving Lila a quick shove and laughing when she screamed in fear, "That's what you want me to think, but I'm sure it isn't true, Father."

"Adrien," Hawk Moth warned from his lair, his grip on his cane tightening around the purple ball, to the point of breaking, "If you don't retrieve both miraculous, I will withdraw your power altogether!'

"And then we both die," Imperfection said, silencing his father, "Which is more important to you, a miraculous or your only son? Let me have fun for once, Dad, and then I'll see if I feel like it."

"This needs to stop!" Ladybug yelled, swinging up and landing a few feet away from them. She knew if she got closer it may lead to Lila's untimely death. And while Marinette was still pissed at Lila for causing so much trouble, she still felt the girl had more to live for. "This isn't you, Adrien. This isn't who you really are," she pleaded to him. "This isn't my friend."

"Friend?" He snorted, "Since when have we been friends. You really are clueless, aren't you? I've been there for you through it all, but no matter how hard I try, you never give me so much as a hint about what you really are. I can be completely honest with you, Ladybug, but when I ask for you to share something with me, even if it's just silly trivial things, you always say, 'We can't know each other's identities, Chat. You know that.'"

Lila's eyes widen upon hearing this. Adrien is Chat Noir... There's no way. "Y-You're Chat Noir!"

"Silence," he growled gripping her arms tighter, making her squirm in pain.

"I know," Ladybug said, "I know that's what I always said and I'm sorry. If I could change the rules, I would, but Master Fu-"

"Isn't here," he growled, shooting her a glare, "He's not the Guardian anymore. And the rules aren't fair for any of us. Why should we obey the rules, and then someone like her comes around and ruins everything!"

Lila cried out when he pushed her closer to the edge, ready to let her fall.

"Because we're better than that, Kitty." Ladybug said, "We were chosen to be heroes for a reason and even if the rules prevented us from knowing our identities, it will not change how much you mean to me. You're my partner. You're my best friend. You're-" She stopped, now was not the time to deliver a love confession. "You're the most important person to me, and allowing Hawk Moth to use you like this isn't going to change what she's done. Is her death really the answer?"

Imperfection frowned, considering her words. Lila's sobs were the only sound he could hear at the moment.

Ladybug continues, "I know you're upset with what she's been doing to everyone around us, Adrien. But that doesn't mean we have to kill her. She already said she was a liar and fraud. What else do you want from her? Do you want her blood to be on your hands? Will that honestly make you happy?"

"She hurt Marinette..." He growled, shaking with rage. Ladybug nodded her head, "Yes, but Marinette is okay. She's stronger than that and you know it. If I can trust her with a miraculous, then I can know she will-AHHH!" Her words were cut off so suddenly that Imperfection nearly hopped out of his skin. His hold on Lila loosed and she immediately tore herself free, grabbing hold of a large metal bar for support.

Ladybug fell. Her consciousness faded for a moment before she snapped out of it and quickly threw her yoyo, wrapping the string around the Eiffel Tower and, while gritting her teeth, swinging back up next to Imperfection.

Standing on another beam, glaring at them was none other than Hawk Moth. The villain finally made his physical appearance.

Hawk Moth smirked, "I was beginning to wonder what was taking you so long, son." He turned his attention to Lila, the girl was shaking, her mascara running thick black lines down her face. "Son, you know you shouldn't pick on girls." He playfully scolded, causing Imperfection to sneer.

"I'm not your son!" Imperfection snapped, "This bitch has had it coming for a long time,"

"Adrien, no!" Ladybug yelled back, "You're better than this, you know you are. Please don't do something that you'll regret."

"Don't listen to her, Adrien," Hawk Moth said, "Fulfill your promise to me and then give me your miraculous. Together we can take Ladybug's earrings and bring back your mother. Our family will be whole again."

Ladybug frowned, her attention for split into three directions, Imperfect, Hawk Moth, and Lila. She didn't want to use her miraculous cure, especially when there was a hostage situation. If she didn't act quickly then Lila will die. "Hawk Moth," she chooses to address first, staring the villain down with an intense look, "You do understand that any wish you make has a consequence. There has to be a balance and-"

"I already know," he said, gripping his cane tighter, "But I don't care. I will bring her back, so why don't we just make a trade then. Lila's life for your earings, Ladybug. And you better hurry, my offer has a time limit."

"Just do what he says!" Lila yelled, more tears spill out, "You can't let me die, Marinette. Please!"

"Stop calling her, Marinette!" Imperfection sneered, giving her another shove. Lila's body bent forward, allowing her to see the immense drop waiting if he were to let go.

Ladybug shook and closed her eyes, struggling to think. This was all her fault. She thought she had it all figured out, but then she had to go and reveal her identity to Lila of all people. It felt like a good idea, to make Lila squirm and reveal to her whole class the kind of liar she is.

"Tick tock, Ladybug."

She growled, her eyes snapping open before she quickly threw up her yoyo, "Lucky Charm!" In a swirl of magic, a small item colored red with black dots fell into her waiting hand. Ladybug gasped. The item that her lucky charm had summoned was a replica of Chat Noir's ring. A line of goosebumps rises on the back of her neck, sending icy chills down her spine. She took in a shaky breath before brandishing the actual Black Cat miraculous for Hawk Moth to see. "This is what you want?" She smirked at his shocked expression, "Then take it!" Quickly she threw the fake at Imperfection. Her former partner reacted as she had hoped, letting go of Lila to catch the fake ring.

Lila screamed as she was sent free falling. Ladybug threw her yoyo and swung down to catch Lila. Her classmate clung on for dear life as they descended onto a rooftop. "Get going!" Ladybug ordered, "Hurry!"

"You actually saved me?" Lila questioned in awe. "But why?"

"I don't have time for some heart-to-heart conversation with you." Ladybug winced as her earings gave a warning beep, signally she only had a few extra minutes. She knew that Hawk Moth and Imperfection were going to be furious in the next few seconds when they realize that she tricked them. "Just go!"

Lila nodded and hurried to find a safe way to get off the roof. Ladybug swung off, hurrying to her family's bakery. She snuck in through the skylight and detransformed. Tikki was exhausted as expected, but her blue eyes were full of concern, "Marinette, what are we going to do?"

Marinette didn't answer. She fetched her secret supply of cookies for Tikki and fed the red kwami. As Tikki ate, Marinette took out the grimoire and read a few of its passages. She bit her lip, an icky feeling coiling in her stomach. Her lucky charm had summoned a ring, a ring that was identical to Chat's miraculous.

Since becoming Ladybug, Marinette learned to trust her gut. All the previous times of using Lucky Charm, she could quickly come up with a plan to stop the akuma and save the day with Chat Noir. Now those days were done and it was just her. Something inside whispered, regrettably, that the fake ring was meant for more than just a decoy to throw off Imperfection and Hawk Moth.

Marinette choked as she stared at the ominous picture before her. Having helped Master Fu translate a lot of the grimoire, she understood part of the language on the page. Marinette shivered again upon reading the text:

"Ultimate Miraculous Absolute Power:

The ultimate power that can and will reshape reality. Such power is can grant the user a single wish. Yet, a wish should never be made as the Quantic Universe must retain balance at all times..." She didn't bother reading anymore instead, Marinette settled back in her chair and closed the book. She shook with fear, tears stinging her eyes.

"Marinette!" Tikki called, zipping over, clearly rejuvenated. "I'm ready!" Her kwami then grew worried, "Marinette, why are you crying?"

Marinette sighed, wiping her eyes with the heel of her palm, "Tikki, can I ask you and Plagg a very serious and probably horrible question?" Tikki nodded. Marinette summoned Plagg, who was exhausted and annoyed, "What is it?" He snapped, earning a light smack from Tikki.

Marinette opened the grimoire and gestured to the page she was on. She watched as the two kwamis gasped in unison, "I want you to tell me what happened the day someone unified you."

AN: So this took me forever to write, lol. Sorry about that. I had planned on writing sooner, but couldn't bring myself to do it for one reason or another. I'm happy you guys are loving the story so far.