Harry opened his eyes and frowned. it was dark and cramped wherever he was. For a terrifying second he thought he had been captured by Death Eaters. then he remembered they were all kissed by Dementor's at the end of the war. Well with a few exeptions.

That was until his heart stopped upon hearing a voice he thought he'd never hear again. "Boy get up and make breakfast!" his Aunt called. But how? The Dursley's were murdered after the war. Rita Skeeter had uncovered his childhood and a group of witches and wizards had taken it upon themselves to 'Avenge the Saviour' as they called it

Thinking quickly he got up and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast. He was used to cooking for himself and Hermione by now so he could think as he cooked. what had happened to make him go back in time?


Harry and Hermione had been having dinner for his 18th birthday alone in Potter Manor. "Do you ever wish we could take it all back?" Hermione asked as she set down her fork. They had just found out Mrs Weasley, Ginny and Ron had been manipulating them and feeding them love and loyalty potions.

Potions that had most likley interfiered with their brains and made them do stupid things, like go down into the Chamber of Secrets with a proffessor he knew was a fraud and go into a forest full of giant spiders. honestly 'follow the spiders'? really great idea. Especially when your Not-very-good-at'-magic best friend has Arachnophobia..

Harry sighed as he grabbed Hermione's hand. "Yes. Yes I do. Sometimes I wish with all my heart that we could go back in time and fix things." Harry said as he sighed. A white light shot across their joined hands quick as a whip. It had been so fast Harry assumed he had imagined it.


By now they had finished eating breakfast and Harry knew what he wanted to do. He now understood that the Dursley's hatred of magic stemmed from Petunia's misinformation, And that was partially Dumbledore's fault though he never meant to.

In fact his relationship with them had been on the mend before they were murdered and he had grieved for the loss of his only blood relative's. Resalution set he cleared his throat. All three Dursley's looked up at him. He had never talked at the table if he could help it. "Aunt Petunia. Uncle Vernon I would like to speak with you alone if you please." He said politley.

Vernon scowled. "Its about my parents and their old school in Scotland." Harry added. Petunia stiffened and Vernon paled. "Go play in your room Dudley." Vernon said. Dudley who didn't want to hear a word about School as it was summer complied.

"What about that freak School boy?" Vernon asked. Petunia sat down. "Alright first things first, I Harry James Potter Do hereby swear on my Life and magic that what I am about to tell you is the complete truth to the best of my knowledge." He said. Petunia's eye's widened as a golden light flashed. "Thats an unbreakable vow, you can't lie to us. why would you do that?" Perunia asked.

Vernon blinked. Evidentley he understood what his wife had said. "Because I have to tell you that when I went to bed last night I was 18 and still mourning my dads best friend. I dont know exactly how it happened but for some reason I was sent back in time. And Aunt Petunia. your wrong about why my mum was killed." Harry said

Petunia scowled. "Then why was my sister killed?" She asked. Harry sighed. "The man that killed her was after me. There was a Prophecy made saying that someone with the power to defeat him would be born at the end of july and will be marked as his equal." Harry said pointing to his scar. "He came after me, my dad tried to hold him off and told my mom to run with me and leave.

but she didn't have time to do that so she went on to plan B. A long time ago my ancestor helped a fairy by the name of Chelsea. She was the Fairy of Love and Balance. As a reward Chelsea swore that the Fairy of Love and Balance present and future will always come to a Potter's aid when summoned. This is a great honor.

Months before her death my mother asked the current fairy if there were any Fae spells or rituals to protect against the killing curse. Her plan was that if all else should fail she could at least protect us from the killing curse. The fairy taught her a ritual powered by love to protect them however she was preforming the ritual on me when Voldemort came in.

He told her to move aside, you see Voldemort didn't want to kill any purebloods or witches and wizards who were powerful. my mother was extreemly gifted in Charms, Potions and Transfiguration. He told her to move aside several times but she refused a pleaded for my life. she begged him to kill her instead of me. Voldemort got annoyed and killed her in his ire. Then he turned his wand on me.

but the ritual was already half completed and his killing curse rebounded and hit him instead. and since the ritual wasn't complete I still got the scar." Harry explained. The Dursley's were staring at him in something akin to awe. "Can you summon this fairy?" Petunia asked. Harry nodded. "Anna! come to me!" Harry called. There was a flash of light. then suddenly a Girl. appeared

She looked to be in her mid to late teens. She had light brown hair with a white streak in it. Fair skin and silver eyes. She was slim and wore a pure white Crop top with a white knee length loose skirt that seemed to flow as if it were eternally caught in a gentle breeze.

However her most prominent feature were the large white wings on her back that seemed to be almost see through. "Yes Mr Potter you called?" She asked. She had a lovley voice that sounded like a melody.

Harry smiled. "Anna, this is my Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon." Harry said. Anna nodded at them. "Charmed, im sure." Anna said politley. "What can you do?" Petunia asked curious. Anna assesed her for a moment. "Ma'am it would be easier to tell you what I cannot do. For one I cannot bring people back from the dead, and for another I cannot go back in time." She said. Suddenly Harry had an idea. "Anna you said YOU couldn't go back in time. could you send someone back in time. without being ordered to or asked?" Anna nodded.

Harry smiled. "Anna hypothetically lets say I didn't know about you until i was 17 and lets say in that time I was attacked by a possesed teacher, Bitten by a Basalisk, Almost mauled by a Werewolf, forced to participate in a deadly tournament. Tourtured by an evil witch on a power high, forced to watch my mentor and godfather die then quite literally walk to my death only to come back to life and find that my best friend was nothing but a money hungry mongruel, would you have sent me and the girl I love back in time if we had wished it without knowing you were listening?" Harry asked.

Anna's eyes grew wide. "I would have totally done that. and I did do that didn't I?" She asked looking him up and down. "I believe you did. can you check on Hermione Granger and see if she was sent back to?" Harry asked. Anna smiled and nodded before she left

Vernon looked to be thinking. But as Harry expected he didn't look angry. Petunia for once made a smart decision. "Tell us everything." She said. And Harry complied he told them about the stone. why it was important and why Riddle wanted it. He told them about the Basalisk and exactly what it was. he explained about Peter Pettigrew and Sirius. He Told them about the Dementors and what they were

He held nothing back. He also Told them the good, his relationship with Hermione and his plans now that he's gone back. both Dursley's were shocked that those plans included ways to protect them. now that someone had explained to them in lamens terms they understood that this Voldemort guy, who's name is actually Tom Riddle is the wizarding worlds equivalent to Hitler.

Both the Dursleys now felt terrible about the treatment of their Nephew at their hands. They resolved to have a discussion with their son later. "How can all those magic folk put the pressure of ending a civil war on one teenager?" Vernon asked. He wasn't happy about everything Harry had to endure. especially since Hogwarts was supposed to be his escape from them.

"Easy, I'm the only person known to have survived when he wanted me dead. they call me The-Boy-Who-Lived or The Chosen One. To them, I'm their last hope. the silver lining in the dark. The day you found me was the day that almost every witch and wizard in Britan blessed the ground I walk on." Harry said mater of factly. it was completely obvious he hated the fame.

"Harry if I didn't know you so well I'd think you were turning into Malfoy. " Came a familiar voice. Harry and the Dursleys jumped slightly. standing in the doorway was Anna and a girl with Bushy brown hair Anna Glared at the girls hair, took out her wand and waved it over the girl. Her hair instantly fell into soft loose curls. "Much better" Anna declared

Hermione rolled her eyes and walked up to the table and stuck out her hand. "I'm Hermione Granger. Pleassure to meet you, I must say I'm glad Harry talked me out of hating you, I'm very protective of Harry you see and the first time he told me about you guys he had to put a full body bind on me for a few hours to stop me from hexing you." She said sweetly

Harry shook his head. The message was clear as day. 'hurt him and I will hurt you ten fold' The Dursleys spent an hour or so speeking with Hermione. Then they called Dudley down to have a heart to heart. and brace for the impending explosion. Harry had checked the date and realized it was a few days before Dudley's birthday and Harry still wanted to free the snake. Though when Hermione pointed out that. Freeing a snake for fun was childish Harry had very Maturley stuck his tongue out at her.

Hermione shook her head in disbelief while Anna snickered behind her. Dudley's explosion came half an hour later at the end of the discussion He stomped his feet. Broke two vases and hit his mother, That was the breaking point for Harry. "ENOUGH! Dudley you are a spoiled. self centered. Egotistical. Bully who things the world revolves around you. well it doesn't and one day your gonna find yourself in a situation

where Mummy and Daddy wont be able to help you, you take everything for granted including your parents! My parents died Protecting me and here you are hitting your mother and destroying the house because you can't get what you want! Where would you be if Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon died? either in an orphanage or Aunt Marge's!

There would be no one to coddle you if you fall and get hurt, no one to tuck you in at night and no one to tell you everything is alright! you'll be alone just like I was for ten years of my life! They calmly explained everything to you as slowly as possible and I know thats allot for a kid to absorb when your world is dumped on its arse

But damnit Dudley LIFE ISN'T FAIR! so Shut up sit down and actually think for once in your life about How privledged you are and How would you feel if you were made to live like me!" He yelled. Dudley had never seen his cousin stand up to him before, he was so stunned he complied and sat down.

If he was being honest with himself he didn't think he could cope, but that would never happen right? I mean who in their right mind would treat a kid like that? and even in his slow mind Dudley realized. People had treated a kid like that! Him and his parents had treated Harry worse than how how his aunt marge treated dogs with birth defects.

Faced with his actions Dudley now remembered something their old gym teacher told them. treat people how you want to be treated. Well he certianly never wanted to be treated like Harry had. "Sorry." Dudley said quietly. Everyone was surprised. They didn't think sorry had been a word in Dudley's vocabulary

A few hours later after Anna had lleft Harry and Hermione were making. plans as to how they would go about this. They had discovered that after a quick test they still had all their ability's from when they were 18. They could still do wandless and wordless magic. and their. Ocumelency shields were as strong as ever

"Ok I have an idea on how we can get Sirius free early and deal with the Chamber so we can nick the Diary off of Ginny." Harry said. "Well get on with it. I've got time. I told my mother I was going to the library. Actually I have an idea. I'll explain it after yours." Hermione said.

"Ok we know Ron is a jealous bugger right? so how about I pay him 10 Galleons to buy Scabbers.

I can say that my Aunt is horrible and I want to keep Scabbers as a pet to bug her. then turn him in to Amelia Bones. i'll tell her I have night terrors where all I can do is remember my parents murder. I can say I remember him leading. Voldemort into my room, have my mom call him a traitor and him leave or something like that. They'll believe me because I'm Harry Potter.

Then the chamber is quite simple. we kidnap a Rooster and go into the chamber and let the Rooster's crow kill the Basalisk. They're very valuable. and i'll offer the dead Basalisk to Snape, yes as a bribe. nothing short of Amortentia will make him see that I am not James Potter otherwise." Harry said.

Hermione snickered "Alright we've agreed to tell people about the cuboard to get you away from the Dursley's even if they are much nicer now and they agreed to play along so Dumbledore will agree to it. Now as you know I got my letter a bit before you and I actually get my letter today,

After 3rd year me and my mother were talking, Apperantly I started going to the library more often and she thought I was meeting a boy. Your going to meet McGonagall today and maybe let her "overhear" About your night terrors so that the story isn't new. but dont say peter's name or she's likley to put it together instantly.

Its actually getting a bit late now. lets tell the Dursley's the plan and go." Hermione said. Harry nodded and after telling the Dursley's what they planned to do Petunia suggested they mention the fact that he was starved to get himself invited over for dinner.

Five minutes later Hermione Apparated them to the Alley near her house. She instructed Harry to curl into himself slightly when first meeting her parents as abused children dont usually walk with confidence. Harry nodded and Hermione walked Harry to her house

"Mum! Dad! I'm home and I need to talk to you this instant! Its an emergency!" She said while she pulled Harry along into the living room. Hermione acted surprised as she saw the stern Transfiguration professor there. Harry half hid behind her as he remembered what he used to be like around new people.

"Hermione honey whats wrong?" Her mother asked. "Mum. Well you know how i've been going to the library more recently?" Hermione asked as McGonagall and her father eye'd Harry. Hermione made herself blush. "Well its because I um, I met a friend. This is Harry and we were talking about him coming over to meet you. but when I asked about meeting his Aunt and Uncle he paniced

It took about an hour but I finally got it out of him. Those people are horrible! They make him sleep in a cuboard under the stairs while his cousin has two bedrooms and He told me they dont like to feed him and sometimes "forget" to feed him while he's locked in his cuboard. sometimes for weeks!" Hermione yelled.

All three of the adults looked furious. "Whats your full name?" McGonagall suddenly asked him. Harry peeked out from around Hermione. "Harry, Harry Potter." He answered.

McGonagall paled instantly. "Would you mind if I sent a message to someone?" She asked the Grangers as she pulled out her wand. The Grangers shook their heads and McGonagall sent a Patronus to. Albus telling him to get there this instant

While they waited for Dumbledore Minerva explained a bit about the magical world and that they both will be starting Hogwarts come September. They both broke into grins and Harry wrapped his arm. around Hermione's waist and pulled her close. To the watching adults this seemed adorable. However Hermione blushed beat red.

then there was a knock on the door. Emma went to answer it and after a moment came back in with Dumbledore. Minerva instantly began telling him what they had told her. Albus was extremely upset by the time she finished

then he turned to Harry and Hermione. "Harry my dear boy how did you get here all the way from Surrey?" he asked. Harry furrowed his brow. "I dont know sir. its like one minute i'm there the next i'm with my Hermione." He said. Minerva and Albus smiled at how he addressed Hermione. However her father frowned slightly

"Well when did it first happen?" Albus asked. "A few weeks ago. I was running away from Dudley and his gang and I wanted to get away. their not real smart so I turned down a back alley then all of a sudden I fell on my face infront of a library. I didn't know I had gone so far until I went inside. you see Dudley and his gang arent allowed in library's. Thats where I met my Hermione." He said smiling as he pulled her a bit closer

Albus's eye's twinkled. "And how did you get back?" Minerva asked. "The first time I lost track of time. then when I saw what time it was I ran out of there and I just thought how much trouble i'd be in if I wasn't on time to cook dinner then all of a sudden I was back at the Dursleys.

The next day I just wanted to be back and the library again to see my Hermione. and I was. we've been meeting for weeks now." Harry said as he allowed a blush to creep onto his face. McGonagall stared. "That shouldn't even be possible for someone so young to apparate." She said.

"I can do it to." Hermione offered. All the adults stared at her. Hermione blushed. "Well you see. last week, Harry was meant to meet me at the library. only he was a bit late. I got worried and well, I sort of apparated? - I think you called it?- anyhow I did that and found Harry in his back garden and sort of just took him while he was pulling weeds." Hermione said as she mumbled the last part

internally Harry was laughing his arse off. Hermione's acting was award worthy. Minerva smiled as did Albus. Daniel Granger was fighting to keep a frown on his face. and here he thought he could look properly upset the first time she brought a boy home. well if all went well this would be the last boy she brought home.

Harry glanced at Hermione and nodded towards the kitchen. She instantly understood. "Um yes well i'd like a word with Harry alone please." Hermione said as she dragged him into the kitchen. The bait was set. as soon as they entered she felt the odd prickle of a listening charm.

They nodded in silent comunication. "Harry dont you think you should tell them about your night terrors? You said they were odd and scary. what were they about?" Hermione said as though she were curious. Harry's eye's danced with awe. Merlin she should have been an actress. Harry sighed as if he were admitting defeat.

"They start off fine. My mum and dad are playing with me on the floor of a cottage of sorts. all of a sudden i feel a bit of a tremor go through me. then my dad says. "Lily run! its him! take Harry and go!" Then before I knew it I was lifted up into my mums arms and she ran up the stairs with me as the front door blasted open there were a few flashes of light then my mum bursts into my room and puts me in my cot. she starts saying something in french. and waving one of those stick things. a wand i suppose. in weird patterns she said.

"les dieux ci-dessus protègent mon bien-aimé de la malédiction de la mort. utilisez mon amour pour ériger un bouclier impénétrable que cette malédiction ne passera jamais-" She didn't finish though as the door was blasted open and two men came in. one was ugly and fat, But I cant help feel like i've seen him before. The other one was downright terrifying. he looked like some sort of snake man. My mom gasped.

she looked at the fat guy and says. "You! we trusted you! Traitor!" then he turns into a rat and leaves. leaving my mum alone with the snake man. he tells her to stand aside but she refuses. she tells him to kill her instead. Then a green light shoots out of his wand. he gives a cold high pitched laugh. then I wake up." Harry said. He noticed the deafening silence in the other room.

Hermione hugged him. "Oh Harry! That must have been awful! to relive that to the point where you remember every aspect of it! How often are they?" she asked. Harry wracked his brain for a suitable answer. after a moment he sighed. "About three to four times a week since I was 5..." He said. he distinctly heard 4 sharp intakes of breath in the o.o ther room

In the other room the adults were horrified. how could a little boy endure such torture to watch his parents murder over and over again? Minerva cancelled the listening charm as she further explained the Wizarding World. It was silently agreed that they would have a word with the Dursley's. Albus sent a quick Patronus to Severus explaining the situation. after all Severus was the only one on staff that really knew how to deal with abused children.

an Hour or so later after the Grangers had offered and made everyone dinner when the doorbell rang. Harry and Hermione got up and walked behind Dumbledore and McGonagall. They knew who this was and they weren't against using their acting skills to get what they wanted.

Dumbledore opened the door and there stood Severus Snape. "Severus my boy, come meet young Harry." Dumbledore said as he stepped aside. "Wow! your him!" Harry said exitedly. Severus looked at him strangley. "Do you know me child?" He asked in a silky voice. Harry nodded vigorusly

"Your Batman!" Harry said in a serious tone. as if he were giving away the worlds biggest secret. Minerva snorted. and Mr and Mrs Granger covered their mouths to muffle their laughter. Hermione was just standing there quietly shaking with laughter. Severus simply stood there frozen in shock while Albus's eye's twinkled.

"No, I am not Batman I am Severus Snape-" He was caught off guard by the hard Glare Hermione sent him as she hugged Harry closer. Harry made a show of slumping his shoulders. and looking sad. Inside he was howling with laughter. "Dont be sad Harry. he just has to say that to keep his secret." She half wistpered. Her parents looked at her oddly

"Harry go to the shelf and try to find my favorite book." Hermione said. Harry nodded and walked over to the book shelf on the far end of the room. Inside his head he was cackling. Hermione turned around to glare at Snape and she planted her hands on her hips like she'd seen Harry's mum do in her Portrait.

Snape blinked and Hermione inwardly smiled. He recognised her stance! "Now you listen to me mister! No one and I do mean NO ONE. Makes MY Harry sad. So if he thinks your Batman then. You. Are. Batman!" She hissed through her teeth as she punctuated the last three words for emphasis. Then she turned around and walked over to Harry.

Snape Shook his head. "Good lord she's a minature Lily" Snape lamented. Her parents and McGonagall had trouble not laughing at Hermione's antic's


A few hours later after Harry had returned to Privet Drive. (with the promise of finding him a proper home by morning) Harry was laying in the guest room smiling. The Dursley's had played their part perfectly and McGonagall had left with her face red. from anger and Harry had happily informed them that no one had ever done that and it was a new record for annoying McGonagall.

Then he went to bed thinking about Hermione. She had put on a show as well, even threatened to apparate them away the moment Dumbledore said he would have to return to the Dursleys for that night. He had also taken the liberty to ward the Granger house as best as he could. of course Harry and Hermione had silently added their own wards over the entire property.

Hermione was confident her parents would offer to take him in, and if not them then unfortunatly he would have to stay with the Weasley's. Dumbledore was sure to only trust them with taking him in, anyway he could act withdrawn. that wouldn't be questioned as far as he was concerned. besides Anna had already made them immune to love, loyalty and cumpulsion potions. and thanks to his Occumelency cumpulsion spells were a no go.


The next day Harry was inwardly scowling as he sat in the livingroom of the burrow. The Grangers Had offered to take Harry in however the Headmaster had thought the burrow was a better option. and so Hermione and Harry came up with plan B. Which was about to be set into action as soon as he saw the fithy rat Wormtail.

Mrs Weasly smiled as the kids all filed into the room. Percy ironically took up the introduction. and apparently they had been informed of how he grew up because Percy spoke entirley to softly. "Right so this is Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny. and I'm Percy. you've already seen Errol the family Owl. and this is my rat Scabbers" Percy said as he held out the fat Grey rat. Show time. Harry thought. Harry stiffened and with a loud CRACK!

he was across the room shaking slightly. "Thats the Traitor! He was there! He told Him where we were!" Harry shouted. Wormtail instantly started squirming to get free and tried to run across the room towards the door. Harry sent a wandless spell towards him to force him out of the transformation while Percy who seemed to be the only one with a functioning brain went to stand infront of Harry, his wand drawn and pointed at the transformed man who was now a confused sniffiling peter pettigrew. Harry rolled his eyes as McGonagall stood there stunned as the Headmaster seemed to be putting the pieces together.

It seemed as though they needed a push. "Traitor! I never liked you! mum said so! stupid rat!" Harry spat. what followed was confuced caos as a stunned and bound Pettigrew was Dragged to the D.M.L.E to be interrogated by Amelia Bones. as Mrs Weasley constantly asked Harry if He was alright while he tried to get to fred and George.

He knew they had learned Occumelency 2nd year after Flitwick let slip to them that Snape knew Legitimency. He and Hermione already agreed to let the twins in on the secret since they along with Arthur, Bill and Charlie had taken their side. when the scheme was found out.

Finally after growing impatient he simply ducked under Mrs Weasley. Walked up to the twins and stood on his toes to whisper in their ear's. "I need to speak with you two alone, I Solemly swear I am up to no good." He said. The twins eye's widened. "Mum. we're going to show Harry our room." George said as he grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him towards the stairs.


Once they were in the twins room Harry closed the door and wandlessly Locked and silenced it. The twins blinked at him. "Explain" They said in unison. Harry smiled. "Right well I should start by saying that me and the love of my life are in the process of pranking the entire Wizarding world..." He began. The twins smiles grew wider than ever, Harry then proceeded to explain everything then faltered slightly when he got to their family's betrayal but carried on.

"Then, a few months after the war ended I was really confused for awhile because. I knew I was in love with Hermione. but for some reason I was still attracted to Ginny and I felt like I was betraying her. which sounded stupid enough in my mind to be checked out by a healer. there were several potions in my system that started second year. when I came here for the first time.

I-I was angry. and I felt betrayed. I Got Hermione checked out by pretending that we were going to talk about returning her parents memories. Ron was stupid and didn't care about that so he didn't pay us any mimd. After she got the potions flushed out of her Hermione damn near had a mental breakdown because of it all.

we were eating dinner one night when she asked me if I wished we could take it all back. I said yes not knowing a very nosey Fairy was listening and here we are." Harry explained. Fred and George looked murderous. How dare Their mother and Youngest siblings treat Harry like that!

"We want to help!" They said in unison. Harry smiled. "I was hoping you'd say that. and this time around I refuse to simply give you a few galleons as start up money, no you two are brilliant. I'm funding your entire store. start to finish. and before you object. I could live in the highest luxury if I wanted and I wouldn't be scratching the surface of the potter fortune. We have more money than the Malfoy's about tens of thousands of times over.

And their is a nice plot of land in Diagon Ally that I know you will love. Im going to take my Lordship as soon as I'm able to get into Gringott's. There's this really old law that says if someone is the last in their family they may take up the Lordship at any age. It was passed during the last war, people were desprate to save titles and family lines.

And im still pissed at Dumbledore for not educating me on my rights as he should have. He can stick the Greater Good right up his wrinkle ridden bony arse for all I care, He didn't tell me because he wanted me ignorant. and while I fully believe he had absolutley no idea about how the Dursley's were treating me.

he knew for a fact that they would never tell me about who I am thus limiting my knowledge. he was weak willed in the area of power and it curupted him slightly. his portriat admitted to wanting my seats on the Wisengamot.

But enough of that. there is a special feature on the map that I only found out sbout recently, hand it over and i'll show you" Harry said smiling. George got the map while Fred was considering the chaos they could create with the son of a maurader. "I son of prongs solemly swear I am up to no good and am in need of the four mauraders" Harry said as words began to appear on the page

Mr Prongs would like to congradulate his son on being the first to the map and would like to know if he married his Lily flower?

Mr Padfoot would like to implore Mr Prongs to stop pining after the fiesty redhead, the school nurse sees you enough and we dont need her to punch your lights out...again

Mr Moony would like to remind Mr Prongs and Mr. Padfoot that Prongslet needs our help and to stop bickering so we can do right by the next Genoration.

Mr Wormtail concur's with Mr Moony and would like to remind Mr Prongs that his Lily flower told him the day she gets with him is the day it snows in hell. Mr Wormtail would also like to know if Mr Padfoot ever got with Amelia Bones. if not he owe's mr Moony ten Galleons.

The twins mouths were hanging open and Harry smiled. he had no problem talking with the maps version of wormtail. this was before he had become a death eater and when he first disscovered this feature the map wormtail had been horrified to learn about what he had did. he even called himself a spineless bastard

"Right well, I as the son of Prongs am in the process of pranking the entire Wizarding World. allot of things are not right. yes dad you did Marry mum after 7th year. no Padfoot has not gotten together with Amelia bones but your barny if you think im not going to play matchmaker with them. Moony is out of town lets say. and Wormtail your future self is a traitor."

Harry went on to explain everything to the map as he told the twins the map is enchanted kind of like portriats are and the Marauders in the map are like their 15 year old selves