It had been a week since the prank on the Gryffindor first years. Most of the school saw the writing on the wall, the warning was clear, don't fuck with the Potters. You'd have to be a complete and utter idiot to ignore a warning like that. Even Malfoy wanted nothing to do with them. (Getting your arse kicked in an honors Duel was embarrassing. But that prank was downright humiliating.)

So it really shouldn't have surprised anyone when the walking stomach known as Ronald Weasley confronted them During lunch that day in the Great Hall. "So, Potter. You must think you're all that after that stupid prank you pulled huh?" He sneered as he walked up to them, arms crossed.

Harry raised an eyebrow at his former friend before tilting his head towards Neville. "Nev, mate. It looks like I owe you five Galleons, he really is that stupid." Harry said as he shook his head sadly. Neville's eyes flickered to the head table where he saw their head of house and McGonagall making their way towards the confrontation.

He smirked. "Perhaps he was dropped on the head as a child. Can you imagine how hard his mother must have had it, the twins being right terrors while this one consumed everything in sight?" Neville drawled. Ron's ears turned red as he glared at the two. "Don't talk about my mother!" he shouted.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Are you naturally stupid, or do you have to practice? The only thing he said was that your mother must have had a hard time raising you along with the two devils you call brothers." She said in her best 'Lecture' tone.

Ron clenched his fists as his ears turned red. "Shut up! You're nothing but a stupid Mudblood Slag!" he screamed. Harry and Neville jumped up, wands drawn when a voice stopped them in their tracks. "Mr. Weasley! In all my years I never thought I would witness a Weasley use such a foul term!

I shall be writing to your parents about this! Fifty points from Gryffindor for such disgusting language! Go to your house table and stay there, and you will take detention with Professor Snape for calling Ms. Granger a Slag." McGonagall said furiously.

Ron shot the three friends a glare before stomping off back to the Gryffindor table where everybody gave the pig a wide berth. It seemed as though even Ron Weasley wasn't stupid enough to go against McGonagall. As Harry and Neville sat down, stowing their wands, they noticed with some surprise that a number of Slytherins had also Drawn their wands. Closer inspection allowed them to see the fury that Danced in the eyes of their year mates.

Even Draco. But as he hadn't even attempted to draw his wand it was correctly assumed he was angry about something else. The Potters glanced at each other, silently speaking volumes with that one look. Privately they had discussed the advantages of having the respect of Slytherin house en mass, Draco didn't count.

The Potters along with the rest of their house often wondered what on earth possessed the hat to place the boy there. But that wasn't the point. The point being that they had anticipated having to work harder then they had to gain the loyalty of the Slytherins. Again thanks to Daphne in their previous timeline they knew you had to gain a Slytherins Loyalty before you gained their trust.

That's where Albus had gone wrong with them when trying to sway them to the light, Albus had incorrectly assumed that the Slytherins didn't see what they were fighting for. He was wrong, they did see. They also saw how they were fighting. No Slytherin would ever fight an enemy using stunners and disarming hex's while their opponents used killing curses.

They correctly found the very idea of doing such a thing to be lunacy, and so in the interest of self-preservation, -for they saw no point in fighting for something they believed in if they knew they would ultimately lose- they kept their feet firmly planted in the dark sector.

This new development would have to be discussed. And with that, they finished the rest of their lunch before heading off to class


Halloween quickly approached them and the couple discussed their options, at first, they had intended for Voldemort to simply poison himself with the fake stone, which Dobby had already put in place of the real one, the real stone was safely stored in a Parseltongue protected box in the back of Dan and Emma's shed where Emma stored the fertilizer for her Roses.

But they quickly decided to kill two rats with one stone, after all, they were on a clock, they had to get everything sorted before Fourth-year. They wouldn't have put it past the headmaster to enter Harry's name himself. After All, it was very suspicious how the organizers had produced an extra dragon and egg. Really, how common was a nesting mother dragon?

Anyway, their plan was simple, simply overcomplicated, according to Sirius, who was a very good sport about the whole time-travel thing. The plan was prompted by a lovely dream Hermione had about everyone in the Great Hall reading 'The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore' while Amelia Bones dragged the Wanker out of the castle in cuffs.

First things first, they had to cement the loyalty of Slytherin house, because if they didn't then they would be having a few problems of their own. It was time to get to work. And they knew just the twins to help, really, all they needed to do was be in the right place at the right time while the twins wound Ron up and pointed him in the desired direction

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