War is a universal constant. No matter where you go, there will always be a chance for conflict. But it doesn't keep peace down forever. But this time, when two worlds at war begin to destroy themselves, the only chance they have is to end their wars together.

Etheria. A beautiful, bountiful planet with magic and happiness for all. Each kingdom ruled over a different domain, such as ice, science, and even the ocean. It was a peaceful time… until the Horde showed up. Their heinous leader, Lord Hordak, seeks to conquer all the kingdoms and rule the world. The princesses tried to stand up to him together, but they were dealt a great blow. Now, they stand divided and the war is at its darkest hour.

Cybertron. A once-prosperous planet filled with metallic organisms with the power to transform into vehicles. They too were once peaceful until Megatron rose with his legions of Decepticons. The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, also rose up to counteract the threat. After hundreds of years, their war finally took its toll on their home planet. Now, they are forced into exodus looking for a new home.

Two worlds ravaged by war. Two stories both similar and different at the same time. Now, they are about to merge.

In the deep reaches of space was a small scout ship manned by six Autobots. There was a red Autobot named Hot Rod, a blue female Autobot named Arcee, a black Autobot named Prowl, a bright-blue Autobot named Seaspray, a yellow Autobot named Bumblebee, and an orange Minicon named Fixit. The first thing that happened was the first thing that always happens: Hot Rod complaining.

"Is anyone else bored? Because I am."

"You'd probably be less bored if you actually helped us." Arcee said.

"What's the point?" Hot Rod asked. "It's all gonna say the same anyway. We've been scouting the area for Energon for cycles and all we've got to show for it is a depleting tank of fuel. We haven't found a single drop."

"I know this isn't the sort of action you signed up for, Hot Rod," Prowl said, "But it's important not to let your negative emotions get the best of you. In the end, we are our own worst enemies."

"Sounds like we've got more of that Autobot ninja wisdom." Seaspray said sarcastically. "Just what I've always wanted."

Bumblebee made an electronic buzzing noise with his mouth.

"I do so have the right to say that." Seaspray responded. "Hot Rod and I are itching for action. I know not every bot is meant for battle."

"Are you looking at me when you say that?" Fixit said.

"Look, let's just make one last inspection before we have to return to the Ark." Arcee said. "Then, maybe, you two can go find a place to bust some Cons."

"With any luck." Hot Rod said as he stared back out the window and into space.

This day had some ups and downs for the Horde soldier, Adora. She was promoted to Force Captain, so she decided to celebrate with her best friend, Catra, by taking a skimmer out for a joyride. Thanks to Catra's reckless attitude, the two of them journeyed through the Whispering Woods where Adora fell off and separated from her friend.

Adora groaned as she got up and continued to walk hoping to find Catra. But then, she found a bright light of blue glowing from behind the bushes. When she got a better look, she saw a big sword with a golden handle and a blue gem. Her curiosity got the best of her and she touched it. Suddenly, she got many visions at once and heard a strange voice. When the visions stopped, she fell backward while the Whispering Woods shifted the sword out of sight. Suddenly, without warning, many things started protruding from the ground. It was dozens of different crystals sprouting out of the ground like daisies. Energon crystals.

Without warning, a blip appeared on the Autobots' radar.

"What's that?" Wheeljack asked.

"It's an Energon beacon." Fixit explained. "We've just found a huge Ener- Ener- Ener-" He hit himself to get himself straight. "Energon reading."

"How?" Arcee asked. "There wasn't anything there a second ago."

"Does it matter?" Hot Rod asked. "Finally, something new!"

"Guys, it's off-course." Arcee said. "They don't even have stars in that part of the universe. Going that way will deplete our Energon reserves and we'll never get back to Optimus."

"But the Energon there will be worth it." Hot Rod said. "I say we check it out, take some, and invite the rest of the Autobots with us."

"What if it's a trap or a malfunction?" Arcee asked.

"What if it's not." Hot Rod said. "Odds are, if it is real, then soon, the Decepticons will notice too and they'll take the Energon for themselves. We gotta check it out, even if it's to make sure the 'Cons can't get to it."

Arcee was still suspicious, but she knew she had no choice. "All right. Seaspray, take us to the Energon source."

"Aye, aye." Seaspray complied.

Shadow Weaver was nervous. Earlier, crystals began sprouting from the ground all around her. Everywhere she turned, there was at least one small crystal in her sight. And she wasn't the only one who noticed it. That's why she was summoned to Hordak's inner sanctum. She bowed as Hordak had finished putting on his armor.

"Lord Hordak." She addressed.

"Shadow Weaver," Hordak returned as he gripped on one of the Energon crystals and broke it, "Would you mind telling me what's going on? Where did these crystals come from?"

"I don't know, sir." Shadow Weaver said. "All I can tell is that they have some sort of mysterious power behind them. I'm about to round up the soldiers to address this. I want to hear from you first, sir."

Hordak growled. "Resume your normal duties and keep me informed if these crystals do anything else."

"Yes, sir." Shadow Weaver complied. "I assume this means the attack on Thaymor is still to commence?"

"Do whatever you want with that worthless patch of land." Hordak said.

Out in the far reaches of space, a Decepticon battleship patrolled the stars. At the center of the bridge stood a Decepticon with jet wings sticking out of his back. A Vehicon approached him.

"Commander Starscream," he addressed, "We've just detected a sudden appearance of Energon in Despondos."

"Despondos?" Starscream asked. "Impossible. That galaxy barely has anything inside of it and its too far from Cybertron to have any traces of Energon. How could we detect anything from it?"

"Unknown, sir." The Vehicon answered. "But our readings say it's practically covered in Energon. Should we investigate?"

"If this turns out to be a dead end, Megatron will scrap me for wasting valuable resources." Starscream said. "But then again, this could be to good to ignore. Send Blitzwing."

The Autobot spaceship landed right in the middle of the Whispering Woods. They found a place big enough to park, but hide from wandering eyes. Once Hot Rod looked outside, he was amazed to see the crystals sprouting from the ground.

"I don't believe it!" he cheered. "Energon crystals… everywhere! It's amazing!"

Bumblebee buzzed.

"Bumblebee's right." Arcee said. "We have no idea what this place is or why there aren't any stars to be seen in light years."

"Then we look around the place." Hot Rod suggested.

"This place does have a natural beauty about it." Prowl said. "Though, I sense something off."

"Well, what now?" Seaspray asked.

"Fixit, you stay here to send a message to Optimus at the Ark." Arcee said. "The rest of us will look around, but remember where we parked the ship."

"I'll get right on it." Fixit said.

But before he could, the Autobots were distracted by a bright blue light that emitted across the field. They were entranced by the brief moment it appeared.

"What the scrap was that?" Seaspray asked.

"I don't know." Arcee said before she pulled out her weapon. "Stay on your guard."

Slowly, the Autobots left the ship and approached the source of the light. They brushed through bushes and tree branches to reach their site. When they made it, they gazed at a sword in the center of a clearing. It was a sword with a golden handle and a gemstone embedded in it.

"What is that?" Hot Rod asked.

"I don't know." Arcee said. "But be cautious. We don't know what…"

Suddenly, something came out of the bushes from different sides of the clearing. On one side was Adora grazing through the fauna while on the other side were two other teenagers. One was a girl in a pink, sparkling dress and the other was a boy with a bow-and-arrow. As soon as they all entered the clearing, they stopped when they saw each other as well as the Autobots.

"IT'S THE HORDE!" the sparkling girl, named Glimmer, screamed.

"AND THEY GOT ROBOTS!" the archer kid, named Bow, screamed.

Suddenly, Adora started darting toward the sword. Glimmer saw what she was doing and disappeared in a pink flash. She reappeared in an identical flash tackling Adora. Meanwhile, Bow readied his arrows and launched them at the Autobots. They dodged them.

"Oh, you wanna play nuts?" Seaspray asked as he changed his hands into cannons. "Okay! Let's get nuts!"

"Seaspray!" Arcee shouted as she dragged him behind the trees with the rest of her team. "Don't harm the natives! Remember Optimus' protocol!"

"But they attacked first!" Seaspray argued.

"They called us something." Prowl said avoiding more arrows. "I think there's a misunderstanding. We should correct it before they harm the trees any further."

"Trees later, Prowl!" Hot Rod shouted.

During the debate, Adora managed to wrestle her way to the sword and touched the handle. Suddenly, she passed out leaving Bow and Glimmer to confront the Autobots.

"What happened?" Bow asked.

"I don't know." Glimmer said. "How are we doing about the robots?"

"Working on it." Bow said.

"Uh, correction!" Fixit shouted from the bushes. "We're Autobots."

"Look!" Hot Rod shouted. "This is some kind of misunderstanding. We don't have any quarrel with you."

"Well, we didn't build you." Glimmer said. "Which only leaves the Horde!"

"Or Entrapta." Bow said.

"I don't understand what any of you are talking about." Arcee said. "Look, we're coming out, so let us talk."

Bow and Glimmer looked at each other hesitantly. They nodded their heads and reluctantly decided to lower their weapons. While the Autobots walked out with their servos up, Glimmer went to tie up Adora and secure the sword.

"Who are you guys?" Bow asked.

"Well, I suppose in your eyes, we're aliens." Prowl said.

"Aliens?" Glimmer asked. "You expect us to believe something that silly?"

"But it's true." Fixit said. "We come from the planet, Cy-Cy-Cy…" SMACK! "Cybertron."

"What's up with him?" Bow asked.

"Technical glitch." Hot Rod said. "It happens."

They all responded to Adora as she awoke from unconsciousness. She looked at her captors and the Autobots.

"What the?" she asked in surprise. "What's going on? Why does a princess have giant robots?"

"Really?" Bow asked. "But we thought they were with you."

"Obviously, they're not." Adora said.

"Quiet, Horde soldier!" Glimmer threatened. She then turned back to the Autobots. "Now, back to the rest of you. I'm Glimmer, princess of Bright Moon. And this is my friend, Bow."

"I'm Arcee, commander of this unit. This is Hot Rod, Bumblebee, Prowl, Seaspray, and Fixit."

"Unit?" Bow asked. "Does that mean there are more of you?"

"Tons actually." Hot Rod said.

"We're part of an army for justice and peace called the Autobots." Arcee said. "Long ago, on the planet Cybertron, a tyrant known as Megatron assembled his Decepticon empire and made it his mission to conquer all that he saw. The Autobots were made as a response to it. Our war waged on for centuries until it destroyed our home planet. We left Cybertron for a new start, but our war with the Decepticons still go on."

"So why are you here on Etheria?" Glimmer asked.

"We were just grazing the outer rim of this starless galaxy when we detected a large Energon spike on this planet." Prowl said.

"Ener-what?" Bow asked.

"Energon." Arcee said. She gripped her servos around a nearby Energon crystal and plucked it from the ground. "It's the lifeblood of our race. We can't survive without it. We find these crystals that are housed on other worlds and synthesize them for us to utilize."

"So that's what these crystals are for?" Glimmer asked. "What are you going to do?"

"Hopefully, we contact our leader, Optimus Prime, and tell him to send more teams to harvest them." Arcee answered. "Judging by how many we found so far, this could be a while."

"Right." Glimmer said. "Excuse us for a second." She grabbed Bow's arm and pulled him aside. She whispered excitedly. "This is perfect!"

"Perfect?" Bow asked. "How?"

"Bow, we've got a Horde spy, a piece of First Ones tech, and a group of giant robot soldiers." Glimmer explained. "Once my mom sees all this, there's no way she cannot listen to me anymore."

"You really think we can ask them to help just like that?" Bow asked.

"Absolutely." Glimmer said. She then turned back to the Autobots. "All right. We'll do everything we can to help you with these rocks. But first, you need to know what it is we're involved with here. We're also at a war here."

"You are?" Hot Rod asked.

"The Horde showed up suddenly and started to conquer everything in sight." Glimmer said. "They destroy whatever they don't enslave. Me and Bow are part of a rebellion that opposes them, but our resources are limited right now. If you come with us to our home in Bright Moon, you can discuss it with the queen."

"What do you think, guys?" Arcee asked her teammates.

"If this is true, then they might need our help." Prowl answered.

"Well, Optimus wouldn't want any other world to end up like Cybertron." Hot Rod said.

"Seems like a waste of time, but hey, that's probably just Wrecker talk." Seaspray said. "Ultimately, I'd say let's do it."

"We do need as much Energon as we can get," Fixit said, "And this planet appears to have a sur-sur-sur-sur-sur…" SMACK! "Surplus."

Arcee turned back at the rebels. "All right. Lead the way."

Glimmer and Bow lead the trail through the forest with the Autobots behind them. Glimmer was holding onto the sword while Hot Rod was in charge of carrying the tied-up Adora.

"You're awfully quiet, kid." Hot Rod said.

"Just trying to understand." Adora said. "I mean, it's not often I actually meet aliens."

"You seem smart." Hot Rod said. "You seem a bit young to be an evil soldier."

"For your information, you're being tricked." Adora said. "The rebels are the evil ones, especially the princesses."

"Princesses are evil?" Hot Rod asked.

"Well, yeah." Adora said. "Don't you have anything like that on your home planet?"

"First of all, we don't have anything on our home planet. It's destroyed, remember? Secondly, we don't have princesses. We had our own government… until Megatron destroyed it."

"Well, the rebel leader, Queen Angella, is basically our Megatron." Adora said. "If she had her way, princesses would run wild with their immense power they have no control over. I bet they're going to be leading you into a trap where they can tear you apart and see what makes you tick. The Horde only wants to restore order."

"Look, kid, that's a good speech, but look at it from my perspective. That Glimmer girl says you're evil. You say she's evil. We just arrived on this planet about an hour ago, so we can't tell. So unless we find any evidence of a trap, we'll just have to…"

Hot Rod stopped when he saw that the rest had stopped. At the front, Glimmer stood staring at something that seemed to have devastated her. Her eyes were locked at a collection of ruined buildings as if they were victims of a terrible storm.

"What happened here?" Adora asked.

"Don't play dumb!" Glimmer shouted in anger. "I bet you were part of the raid that did this, were you?"

"What are you talking about?" Adora asked. "The Horde didn't do this."

"Oh, yeah?" Glimmer looked around for something. She pointed at a spherical robot with a certain logo on it. "Then how do you explain that? That's the Horde symbol!"

"Is this true?" Seaspray asked.

"Well, yeah, it is." Adora said. "But this doesn't make any sense. The Horde only attacks rebel bases."

"That's a lie!" Glimmer shouted. "This place was defenseless!"

"The Horde has raised me ever since I was a baby." Adora argued. "I know them. They wouldn't do this."

"As a baby?" Prowl asked. "You mean like in a premature age?"

Bumblebee buzzed.

"You really think so?" Arcee asked.

"You understood that?" Bow asked.

"It takes some getting used to." Arcee said. "He said that maybe the kid really has no idea what the Horde's really like."

"How could she not know?" Bow asked. "I mean, they're literally called the Evil Horde."

"What?" Adora asked. "Who calls us that?"

"Everybody!" Bow answered like it was obvious.

Adora fell silent for a minute taking the time to think. Suddenly, her eyes caught a slight sparkle in the sky. "Uh, what's that up there?"

The rest looked up and squinted. Up in the sky, there was an aerial vehicle nosediving.

"That design." Arcee said. "That paint job." Her optics widened as she recognized it. "It's Blitzwing!"

"Here?" Fixit asked in fear. "Hide me!"

"Who's that?" Glimmer asked.

"He's a Decepticon." Seaspray said. "An unstable one too."

"But look at the size of that flying vehicle." Bow said. "How could a giant robot fit inside of it?"

"Oh, yeah, we forgot to tell you about that part." Hot Rod said.

"What part?" Adora asked.

"Blitzwing isn't piloting that aircraft." Arcee said.

Suddenly, right before it hit the ground, parts of the jet started to shift in position. It twisted and turned its parts until it gained a gigantic, humanoid body. He had two cannons tied to his shoulders and a blue face was displayed.

"Blitzwing is the aircraft." Arcee finished.

"Well, isn't this interesting." The Decepticon said in a calm French accent. "I figured Starscream sent me here to die, but instead, I found Energon crystals by the score and a group of Autobots to exterminate."

"Uh…" Bow said still awestruck. "How did he do that?"

"We Cybertronians can change into vehicles." Fixit said. "Well, not Minicons, though. We're to ti-ti-ti…" SMACK! "Tiny. Blitzwing is a special case though. He's a triple-changer, which means he has two vehicle modes."

"And look, you already adopted three pets." Blitzwing continued. "Too bad I'll crush them alongside you before more Autobots arrive."

"Bring it, you tri-polar tin can!" Seaspray shouted.

Suddenly, Blitwing's face spun to a red one with a Russian accent.

"You bring it, barnacle breath!" he raged. Suddenly, he changed into a tank and started firing beams of fire. Everyone hid behind the trees as cover.

"Careful, you idiot!" Hot Rod shouted. "If one of your blasts ignites at least one of these crystals, a chain reaction could start and we could be blown sky-high!"

Blitzwing changed back into robot form and switched back to his blue face.

"Good point." He agreed. "Might be safer to just freeze you." He aimed his other cannon and fired a freezing beam to the trees.

"We'll have to go close range to beat him!" Arcee said. "Hot Rod, you stay here and protect the kids!"

"Hey, do I look like a babysitter to you?" Hot Rod asked.

"We want to help!" Glimmer said.

"You can't defeat him." Arcee replied. "Even though he's outnumbered, there's little chance we'll get out this alive. This is all we can do."

Arcee then shifted her body changing into a blue motor bike. She drove through the field and changed again to land a dropkick on Blitzwing. While he was dazed, Bumblebee and Seaspray joined in. Prowl jumped to the tree and threw metal shurikens from above.

Blitzwing got the advantage back by grabbing Bumblebee and swung him knocking Arcee and Seaspray back. He then threw Bumblebee to where he saw the shurikens coming from. Prowl jumped out of the way, but was blasted by a short ice beam that knocked him back. Prowl hit the trunk of a tree with a frozen torso.

"Prowl!" Hot Rod shouted. "Oh, now, you've don it now! Stay here, kids!"

"Hot Rod, don't!" Arcee shouted.

Hot Rod didn't listen. Instead, he leaped from cover and sprinted towards the Decepticon. He tried to fire another ice blast, but the Autobot tackled him before he could. Blitzwing grabbed Hot Rod by the back of his neck and rolled him over on his back and aimed his other cannon right in front of his face.

"I don't think I have to worry about blowing up Energon crystals at this range." Blitzwing said before changing back to his red face. "Prepare to fry, Autobot!"

"No!" Glimmer shouted. She teleported again right in front of Blitzwing and fired a sparkling blast from her hands.

The Decepticon's head was pushed back a bit, but he shrugged it off. He then changed back to his blue face.

"Is that all you got, little organic?" Blitzwing asked before getting another meaningless sparkle blast. He then changed into a third face, one that was pitch black with menacing, red eyes and mouth. This face came with a psychotic voice. "Ooh! So that's where all the stars went!"

Bow joined in and fired his arrows. Blitzwing was taken aback again when they started to explode at him.

"What are you two doing?" Hot Rod asked. "I told you to stay put!"

"And your commander told you to watch us!" Glimmer retorted. "This is called 'the pot calling the kettle black'."

During the fight, Adora saw her chance. Even with her hands bound, she grabbed the strange sword that Glimmer dropped when she teleported. She started to turn, but she shifted her eyes back at the fight. The Autobots and the rebels were doing something to Blitzwing, but he brushed it off like it was nothing. If something wasn't done, Blitzwing would win. As much as Adora would like to see that happen to "traitorous rebels", something inside her helped her begin to wonder. She could have just taken the sword and ran away, but instead, she decided to contribute.

Adora screamed and ran toward the Decepticon. When he noticed her, she swung her sword and it scratched his foot.

"That is it!" he shouted as he raised his fist. "Time to get crushed!"

Instinctively, Adora raised her sword in between them without even thinking. When Blitzwing slammed his fist down, he expected her to be crushed right away. Instead, when he made contact with the blade, his fist was held back and a blue light came from the sword.

The Autobots and the rebels huddled to the side seeing the strange display. They looked at Adora's face, her eyes gazing in a blank as if she was in a trance.

"What is this?" Blitzwing asked with his blue face struggling to get his fist down on her. "How could a tiny girl be so strong?"

With a strong push, Adora lifted Blitswing's servos away from her right before exclaiming a mighty and proud proclamation.


A brighter flash of light burst from Adora reflecting off the Energon crystals. It nearly blinded everyone who was there. When it dimmed, the Autobots and rebels were amazed at who stood before them. She looked a lot like Adora, but not only was she taller, but her clothes were incredibly different from her Horde uniform. She wore a white, flowing outfit with a gold outline. And on top of her blonde hair was a golden tiara. The way she looked, it was obvious that her life had just begun to change.

Author's Note: I was struggling whether or not to make this fanfic. I always wanted to make a Transformers crossover story, but the problem was finding the perfect show to pair it with. Then, I saw She-Ra on Netflix and brainstormed with ideas while I was binging it. Now, I got some reviews in the past about not making enough changes from the story, so I'm gonna try to do my best. For one thing, I'm not going to include Swift Wind. I keep finding some annoyed reviews about him. Instead, She-Ra's companion shall be Hot Rod. I'll do my best with liberties and I really want this to work. Hope you like it. Any and all comments are welcome.