Bella sighed as she stared out the window at the passing scenery. it had been months since she last saw Edward, and her mother. the traitor that she was had called Harry and told him about her shut down. gods help whoever happened to be near Harry when he heard.

it wasn't the fact that Edward was a vampire. no it was the fact that Bella didn't tell Edward about who she was. and what could happen if he left her. what had happened when he left her...


I dont want you." Edward said seriously.

of course Bella knew it was a lie. she knew it was a lie because she felt her magic react instantly. a blessing and a curse.

a blessing because here was undeniable proof that Edward was her true love, that he had a soul. that they were soul mates.

a curse because she would die without him. there was nothing to it. her magic would kill her if she never saw Edward again, if she never got him to take back the lie. "Edward wait-" she tried to go up to him. but he was gone.

she felt the tell tale signs of a shut down starting to creep up as she stumbled throught the forest calling out to Edward over and over again until she sank onto her knees and started crying.

He was gone, he had left her. She was having a shut down. she laughed bitterly. she was going to die of a broken heart. it was funny really. Possesed teachers, Basalisks, suppossed mass-murderers, and deadly tournaments couldn't kill her. but she would die of a broken heart.

and reallly, she couldn't find it in herself to care. because there was no life without Edward.She thought she would die. just like that.

but fate is a fickle bitch of a friend

-Flashback end-

Thats why she was on the Hogwarts express. doing her sixth year over again because Harry refused to accept the fact that she was dying (and had somehow convinced her to come back to be treated by Madam Pomfrey).

So had the others in fact. Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Draco and Blaise. they all refused to believe she was dying. why you may ask? because she was Isa ( the nickname they and they alone could call her) and according to them the Isa they knew could never be killed by something so rare as a shut down.

Bella thought they were in denial. but didnt point that fact out. she knew Harry was getting dessprate to find a way to stop the shut down since. "yes Harry he left me forever and i have no way to track him down" closed off the only proven cure as a possibility.

she knew he was getting dessprate since he had actually told his boyfriend about it and demand his help. Bella thought he was suicidal since nobody demanded things from the Dark Lord. and wasnt that just a shock. apperantly alot had changed since she went away and she was still trying to wrap her head around it all.

still, Bella didn't judge. she'd rather not spend her last days having her brother think he had somehow dissapointed her thank you very much. no she wanted her brother to know she would be on his side no matter what. but boy was there allot to take in.

1. the golden trio had gone dark, surprising but not completely unexpected

2. Dumbledore had set the Potters up to die. something he was currently rotting in Azkaban for while Minerva McGonagall took over as headmistress.

3. Narcissia Malfoy was their new history teacher, as Binns mysteriously dissapeared the day before Bella left Hogwarts. and if questioned she would deny any knowledge of a last minute exorsism. really, was it her fault they had only found the runes for an exorsism a week after she left?

4. the dark lord was a possessive bastard when it came to Harry. and while that wasnt surprising in the slightest what was surprising was that he was currently posing as a transfer student from Durmstrang. and a Griffindor no less because he would get bored without Harry.

Bella thought about pointing out the fact that they were in love, but refrained. she susspected they knew. on some level.

"Bella." Harry called. Bella blinked and looked at him. " er yeah?" she said weakly. she didn't really talk much anymore. much to her friends growing anxiety. not even the twins had gotten her to laugh. and it was hard not to see the physical affects to.

her hair was lifeless, her eyes were dull. gone was that spark of life that was always present in her eyes. her skin was a sickly pale. she had dark rings around her eyes from lack of sleep. and she was so thin thinner than was healthy. it was nearing the point where you could almost count her ribs.

" we're almost there. i'll take you to Madam Pomfrey after the feast. you shouldn't walk alone" He stated firmly. the unspoken 'incase something happens to you' was there for everyone to see. but still, it made Bella smile. Harry was younger than her but still managed to act like he was her older brother. she loved hhim for it. and just made it all the more painful that he. along with their close friends were going to watch her die.

she had accepted it. accepted that she was dying. that her magic was destroying her. Bella sighed. " I'd rather you not watch me die.." she said quietly. it didnt matter, they had all heard her. Harry's face hardened. "you wont die." he said forcefully. Bella then fixed Hermione with a steely gaze. " what are the chances of me living? of Madam Pomfrey finding a miracle cure hmm?" she asked.

and thats how she knew for a fact that her friends were in denial. because Hermione had looked directly at her and said. " the statistics could be wrong." she. said primly. she hated imagining how they would take her death


Bella felt weak in the knees. she could feel all her friends eye's on her. worrying. They were walking towards the Great Hall. they had been the last off the express and the carriges in an attempt to avoid the crowds. it didn't matter. somehow witch weekly had caught wind pf her shut down

and Bella was willing to bet any female in hogwarts worth her wand knew what was happening. if the pitying looks were anything to go by. because no matter if they read the gossip rag or not. they had friends who did

she was tired. she just wanted to lay down and ball up ito a little cacoon. but of course she couldn't. and to make matters worse. McGonagall wanted to talk to them after the feast



After the feast. Harry, Bella, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Neville, Draco, Blaise and Tom headed straight towards the anti-chamber connected to the great hall as they had been instructed to by McGonagall. however halfway to the door Bella wavered. seemingly about to collapse.

it was decided Draco would carry her just in case. they would get this meeting over quickly and then get Isa to the hospital wing.

upon entering the room the group saw that McGonagall was standing there with seven unatrually beautiful obviously. Draco who had come in last carrying Bella was partially hidden by the rest of the group. and Bella had her face pressed into Draco's chest trying to fall asleep.

McGonagall spotted them and smiled. although she glanced fearfully at Isa's state. "Mr Potter is your sister quite alright? i know shutdowns are difficult to deal with." she said mournfully. Harry kept his face stodic as ever but a wave of fear and despair settled into the groups stomachs. Bella had fallen asleep by that point

The Blonde male vampire with long hair shifted as if he were suddenly uncomfortable. Harry sighed. " yes they are, Isa damn near collapsed in the hall so im having Draco hold her until we can get her to the Hospital wing. can we hurry this meeting along?" Harry asked.

McGonagall nodded. "Very well these are the Cullens. they are here to help us this year due to our staffing problems. Dr Cullen will be assisting Madam Pomfrey and his wife Mrs Cullen will be taking over the role as Muggle Studies teacher

and their children will be transfering into sixth and Mrs Cullen these are the Leaders of a Defense group called the D.A it stands for Defense Association, Harry Potter and his sister, who is currently asleep on Mr Malfoy. you may meet her later Mr Potter as well as his sister are defence experts despite still being students. Ms Luna Lovegood is an expert in Care of Magical Creatures and Charms

Ms Hermione Granger an expert in Arithmancy and Ancient runes. Mr Ronald Weasley is an excellent stratagist. Mr Neville Longbottom is an expert in Herbology. Mr Blaise Zambini and Mr Draco Malfoy are experts in Transfiguration and Potions respectfully.

Mr Malfoy is also a healer in training. now Mr Thomas Derild who transfered here from Durmstrang last year. He is very well versed. in most things but i believe his talents truly lay in defense. alongside his boyfriend Mr Potter and his sister." McGonagall boasted. the teens smiled at her antics

The pixy like female Vampire looked at Bella. " will she be alright?" she asked casually. the angle in which Bella sat made it difficult for the vampires to see her face clearly. Harry sighed. " I hope so" he said. Luna then got this far away look on her face and smiled. " She will." she said. happily. The group considerably brightened

the Vampires looked on in confusion and McGonagall decided to inform them of what was going on. "Ms Lovegood is a seer, she can tell when things are going to happen. honestly its near impossible to get a straight answer out of a seer so it would be useless to try and have her read you your future." McGonagall commented.

The pixie haired vampire perked up. "Great! well seeing as your going to the hospital wing. mind showing us the way?" she asked nicely. The group nodded and turned to lead the way.


They walked the hall in silence until the Bulky vampire spoke. "So... whats a shutdown?" he asked. Mrs Cullen shot him a disapproving look. "Emmett." She said in a warning tone. It was Hermione who answered Emmett.

"Its fine. a shut down is a terrible rare sickness that Wizards and Witches come down with when they have been rejected. or had a percieved rejection from their true love. you see what happens is very simple. Wizards and Witches are closer to their astral selves than other magical sentient beings. so when a Wizard or Witch meets their true love or soulmate if you will. Their souls make a connection your soul is a magic that everyone has

be they Muggle. Human or vampire. everyone has a soul. every living being has a soul. its a universal magic. so when that universal magic finds its other half. the missing peice if you will they connect. not to closely but close enough. so when the rejection occurs the Witch or Wizard s Magic . the one who had been rejected that is. assuming their true love happens to be another Witch or Wizard of course.

Their magic assumes there is something wrong with them that caused the rejection. so their magic frantically goes throughout the body searching for the imperfection. and that is where the problem lies. Your true love is someone who will love you for you. flaws and all. so their magic will be running on an endless search for a flaw that isnt there

and Slowly but surley their magic will kill them. it takes a month at most. thats why Isa is so lucky. she's been in a shutdown for five months. it shows how strong she os and its why we were so hopeful that she would live. but now we know she will. Luna said so. and Luna is never wrong." Hermione said.

Mrs Cullen looked crestfallen. "Is there nno cure?" she asked. it was Luna who spoke this time. a dreamy yet exited smile on her face. " Oh yes. Mrs Cullen. the only known cure is for the Witch or Wizards True love to clear up. the misunderstanding. or in Isa's case. for him to tell her the truth. Mrs Cullen" Luna said. looking directly at Edward.

Edward looked confused for a moment. then. Bella shifted and pried her eyes open. She had only caught the end of Luna's talk. her brain working a mile a minute. She coughed trying to clear her throat. Draco looked at her concerned but she had more important things to do. or say. "E-Esme? Carlisle?" Bella said raising her head to peer around Draco's shoulder. The Cullens eyes widened and everyone stopped in shock. well all except Luna who stood by with a smirk of triumph.

Authors note: I know some things are confusing but i'll explain it in the next chapter. and yes the timelines are a little wonky but hey, in the magical world of fanfiction that doesn't matter. hhere are a few explanations to certian things

Harry and Bella met on the train their first year so no they are not biological brother and sister.

Bella's mother is a squb cast out of the _ Family. is it

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