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Renee Black was born alongside her twin brother... Sirius Black. favored by her mother she grew up relativley loved by her entire family. including her twin brother who was wrapped around her finger. when she turned 10 and it was discovered she was a squib the entire family took it hard. none so much as her mother. whose love for her daughter overcame her hatred of anyone who wasnt pureblood. so wishing to spare their daugher from the wrath of the dark lord. for turning out to be a squib that is. Orion and Walburga black disowned their only daughter and sent her away to live in the states. all the while never explaining any of this to their other children. Sirius, Furious at the disownment of his twin shunned everything his family stood for, he began to rebel. beginning with getting himself sorted into Gryffindor. Walburga. saddened by the loss of her daughter used her emotions to fuel her hate. she convinced herself that if muggleborns and blood traitors didnt exist then she could have kept her daughter. that squibs wouldnt have been so shameful. and Regulus, a natrual born Slytherin hid his grief for years. never properly dealing with it and allowing it to fester. eventually deciding that if the dark lord were no more, maybe his sister could come back to them, thus promping him to betray voldemort and switch out tbe rest will be explained in this chaper. now. onto the goods..

it took about three seconds for Harry to process the curent situation, in the next moments He jumped into action. " This is great! Isa's going to live, all you have to do is clear the air with her and her magic will stop attacking her! quickly we need to get to the hospital wing!" Harry shouted. the entire group seemed to snap to attention at Harry's tone, as one they all began running for the hospital wing with the Cullens hot on their heels

Breifly Jasper noted that the group responded like well trained soilders responding to their comanding officer as both groups arrived within the Hospital wing


" What do you mean its complicated!?" Harry burst out 15 minutes later. Bella was laying one of the beds looking no worse than she had an hour earier. Edward had taken back his lie and Madam Pomfrey confirmed Bella's magic had stopped attacking her, However everything went South the moment Harry inquired about his sisters recovery time

" Mr Potter, your sisters biggest problem, meaning the shut down. is gone but she is in no way out of the woods yet, firstly, its unheard of for someone to have survived as long as she has during a shut down and it shows. Ms Swan is severley dehydrated and already suffering from magical exaustion as her magic has been constantly active without reprive.

in addition the strain caused several hairline fractures to appear on her magical core making it unstable. this alone would have been cause for panic however due to the fractures she cannot restore her magical reserves making impossible to cure Ms Swan of her magical exaustion" Madam Pomfrey explained. Harry deflated and the Cullens faces were a mixure of confused worry.

" Is there any treatment that can repair the damage to her core? as you know, the Potter vaults are unreasonably full and I wouldn't hesitate to shell out a few hundred thousand galleons if it meant my sister would recover." Harry said heatedly.

the healer sighed. " I'm unsure. Ill floo St Mungos and ask to speak with a specialist on core damage. I am optimistic as one of Mungo's Resident healers is a Veela." Madam Pomfrey said

the Group of friends visibly brightened at the mention of the Veela healer. "Why is that good?" Rosalie asked. it was Luna who answered. " Veela are mistical beautiful beings known for their beauty and strong abilites in healing. Veela Healers are sometimes able to save even the most difficult patients" She said. after her explanation the Cullens considerably bringhtened

Edward sighed. " This is all my fault." he murmured worriedly as he ran his fingers through Bella's Hair. Bella scowled at him. " no it isnt. you couldnt have known what would happen." she reasoned.

" but if I hadn't left you you wouldnt be here with what sounds like serious internal injuries." he replied. Bella sighed. " you couldn't have known. I should have told you sooner. I just didnt know how to bring it up." Bella said. sighing.

Emmett, always the one to lighten the mood smiled broadly and sat up as Madam Pomfrey walked away. " So Bella. Whats your story? I mean it has to be a hellova lot more interesting than the one you told us back in forks." he said grinning.

Bella and her friends immediatley smiled. "Where to begin?" Draco drawled. poking Harry in the side. Bella shot him a look. " How about on the train to Hogwarts my first year where a pompous blonde git tried to flirt with me?" she snapped.

Draco blushed. " that wasn't my fault and you know it!" He huffed. The Cullens looked on confused. Bella rolled her eyes.

" right well i'll start at the begining. first off my mother is a squib, born into the Black family. Charlie's a squib as well. and im a Metamorphmagus-" here she was cut off by Emmett. "a what?" He asked confused. Esme threw him a stern look as Rosalie Cuffed him on the back of the head for interupting. " Sorry, Continue" she said glaring at her sometimes husband.

Bella smiled. " A Metamorphmagus is someone who can change their apperance at will, my older cousin is one. its why im so clumsy, sometimes we change unconsciously by an inch or so and we're thrown off balance. im still learning to control it. anyway. when I was two my mum decided to move back to England. the only reason she hated forks was because the weather reminded her of home.

Voldemort had just been defeated. it was safe. fast forward to when I was 11. I got an acceptance letter from hogwarts. I met Harry and Ron on the train. I was showing them My morphing skills. I was morphing into the people who would pass by our compartment. I had just morphed into this blonde, Daphne Greengrass. when Draco walked in.

little did I know Draco had a crush on the girl and he started flirting with me, I morphed back into myself. he was so shocked he just sneered and told me I shouldnt be using my abilities like that and left." Bella said smirking.

then she frowned and sighed. " first year was the start of a whole bunch of ridiculously life threatening adventures. you see it statted out on Holloween, Ron was being a prat to Hermione and made her cry, she had closed herself in the bathroom all day and by the time the Holloween feast rolled around i had gotten worried. so instead

of going to the feast I went to check on her and see if she was alright. little did we know there was a troll let loose in the castle and as luck would have it. the troll came into the same bathroom as us." Bella pulled in a shuddering breath as she remembered that particular incident.

she had never felt so helpless as in that momen. it was the first time she had thought she was about to die. Esme placed a conforting hand on her shoulder. " you dont have to continue dear." she said kindly.

Bella smiled weakly. " No, its fine. Really, I haven't even gotten to Lockheart in second year yet." immediately Bella knew she had fucked up. because all at once all of her friends postures stiffened as Tom and The Cullens looked on confused

"What happened with him?" Emmett asked. Bella smiled tightly as her eyes dulled losing their spark once more. " you'll see" she told them before she shool her head and pulled in a deep shuddering breath.

"Anyway. I was sure we were going to die, and just as I thought that. here comes Harry and Ron, bursting through the doors. Harry jumped on its back and Ron knocked it out with its own club, we were best friends from then on.

Later in the year we ended up saving the philosopher's stone-" Here she was interupted by Emmett again. " The philosopher's stone is real?" he asked in amasment. Everyone glared at the Bulky vampire who had the Decency to look ashamed. " Sorry Bella, continue and please ignore my idiot of a husband." Rosalie said as she sent a withering glare at said idiot.

Bella nodded and continued. "As I said we saved the stone, there were traps though. Hermione got us past a Cerberus. I delt with devil's snare. Harry caught a flying key, Professor Quirrell had already delt with his troll -thank the star's for small miracle's- Ron got us past a giant chess set while sacraficing himself, Hermione figured out the potions Riddle, there was only enough potion left for two swallows .

so Hermione went back to check on Ron and get help while me and Harry went forward There we faced Quirrell together. the three of us exchanged a few spells. is just barel dodging out of the way. Then I Tripped. I tripped and Quirrell grabbed me by the throat.

He had me in a death grip. and after a mimute i began to black out, the last thing i remember is. the voice of voldemort. asking Harry to trade. the stone, for me life. " Bella said as she looked off to the side and smiled at her brother. Harry smiled back at her.

"I threw the stone in the air and as soon as Isa was let go I tackled him to the ground. But due to my mothers love sacrifice. my skin burned his and I reduced his throat to ash, which is what i'd like to do to lockheart. but I digress." Harry said.

Esme frowned. "you would kill a man? without remorse?" she asked, a dissaproving note coloring her tone. at this Draco looked fit to tear the compassionate vampire a new one.

"Draco, hold your tongue she doesn't understand." Bella said quickly. Draco crossed his arms and glared at nothing in particular. "Well then lets get on with the story of your lives that always seem to be in danger so they can understand."

Bella sighed and nodded before she began her long winded explanation. telling them how completely incompetent lockheart was, how the first attack spurred Harry to created a study group right under Lockhearts nose. How the most of the school. bar anyone in the group of course, thought Harry to be the Heir of Slytherin, How they shunned him. she spoke about how people kept being petrified, and How Harry ordered all members of the group to walk everywhere in pairs for their own safety

How utterly stressed she was the entire year, how Lockheart began to bother her. always asking if she'd stop by for tea to discuss how to boost her grade even though she was tied for top of the class with Harry. Here Bella stopped to take a breath she could tell Rosalie was catching on to where this story was headed as she tensed. Edward let out a low growl and his eyes hardened. "He better not have!" Edward hissed

Bella shuddered as tears pooled in her eyes and Harry pulled her against his chest. Hermione had made us theae glass crystals to shatter in case we were in danger, it would alert the others and lead them to us using our magical signature. as well as showing off a unique color to tell the others who was in danger. mine was blue. That Weekend I had agreed to meet with Lockeart, gods. I just thought he was trying to get to Harry through M-Me." Bella said thickly,

breaking off into silent sobs as she pressed her hand against her mouth and closed her eyes tightly. hot tears streaking down her cheeks as she pressed further into her brothers embrace.

Harry rubbed soothing circles into Bella's back as he continued. "we were sitting in the common rooms when our crystals activated, my heart stopped when the crystal glowed blue. by the time we got there Isas clothes were torn and that Bastard was trying to force himself down her throat. i dont even think i hit him with a spell, i just threw pure wild magic at him. the others threw stunners." Harry said quietly

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