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Yang, well she may have lived physically but mentally she died that day. She will never remember her former life. Only thing she has is a name and the clothes on her back. You want to know the sad part, she got off easy all things considering. Everyone of these characters will suffer horribly, question is which one will draw the short end of the stick?

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3rd POV

South West Egypt deserts December 1922

The winds howled as a sandstorm passes over in the night. It was soon replaced by the morning sun rising from the east. As the sun rises over a small valley, it reveals an archeology excavation site where they have un-earthed a hidden pyramid below the sand. Shortly after words, workers left from their tents and continued to dig down into the sands. The view moves into one particular tent. Inside was a basic set up, with a table for four, a bucket sink, changing blinds, a portable dresser with mirror, and a cot. In the cot an elderly man slept, every few seconds he would twitch sporadically. Eventually it was too much and the man wakes with a gasp of horror and cold sweat. He looked around the room in a panic before he realizes where he is. He sat up, giving the readers a decent look of him with better detail. For one he wasn't a frail old man most would presume, his mussels were old and dissipating yet still lingers on. His face had a recovering scar below his left eye. He had a handle bar mustache that was losing its silky black texture to a pleasant grey color. As he gets out bed to change into some clothes, we are exposed to his back. It was covered in burn and chemical scars from the war. After a few minutes he walked out with a white button up shirt tucked into blue trousers with a tan suspender holding it together. He walks over to a chair before sitting down and placing on black leather riding boots. As he places on his second boot, he stops feeling something uncomfortable in the heel. He pulls his foot out and reaches in to pull out a crumpled picture of himself and wife and child. It was an old photo from what felt like a life time ago, yet he still inspects the photo with great admiration for its simplicity and pleasantness that life so long ago. His small smile fades before he quickly tucked in his pants into his boot and placed the photo down next to a few others on his dresser. He then walks off to make breakfast as the view focus in on the photos. After a few moments his voice then narrates his story.

"Je m'appelle Jobert Caron, j'étais et je suis toujours patriote. Je suis né à Paris en 1870 d'un enfant malade. Ma famille a organisé plusieurs célébrations pour le gouvernement et celles qui ont une grande influence. Pour cette raison, j'ai rencontré beaucoup de personnes de différents pays et cultures dans ma jeunesse."

(My name is Jobert Caron, I was and I am still a patriot. I was born a sickly child in Paris in 1870. My family organized several celebrations for the government and those with great influence. For this reason, I met many people from different countries and cultures in my youth.) The screen scans over a photo of him as a young child being held by his parents in the front of Notre-Dame. The screen moves over to him in a mug shot for a petty crime.

"En vieillissant, ma maladie a empiré et mes parents, craignant pour mon bien-être, nous ont transférés dans le petit village de pêcheurs situé à l'extérieur de Harvre. Ma santé s'est améliorée dans ce village pittoresque de la campagne et j'ai adoré. Mais ma mère a préféré la vie citadine animée et a quitté mon père et moi pour un vendeur belge partant pour les Américains. En son absence, mon père s'est retrouvé au fond de la bouteille et est devenu une coquille de lui-même. Alors, avec un père inexistant, je me tourne vers des personnes louches que je les appelle parfois, amis."

(As I got older, my illness worsened and my parents fearing for my well being moved us to the small fishing village outside Harvre. My health improved in this picturesque village in the country side and I loved it there. But my mother preferred the busy city life and left me and my father for a Belgian salesman leaving for the Americans. In her absence my father found himself at the bottom of the bottle and became a shell of himself. So, with a non-existing father I turn to some shady people who I at times call them, friends.) The view moves to him next to his friends, holding the loot they had snatched out of people's wallets. Next two photos were of the same beautiful blonde woman in her early twenties. One was her in a rich formal dress and the other in street clothes meant to disguise her as a young boy.

"Un jour, en 1892, une belle fille parcourait les rues déguisée en garçon. Mes amis à l'époque ne la voyaient que comme une cible supplémentaire de malice et de consternation. Cependant, comme ils persistaient dans leur herassment, je me suis mis à la fouiller. À ma grande surprise, elle était la fille d'une riche famille du sud de la France. Quand j'ai rattrapé mes amis, ils avaient déjà un couteau à la gorge des filles. De tous les abus de mon père, il ne m'a pas préparé émotionnellement pour les poings de mes anciens amis. Quelques heures plus tard, je me suis réveillé dans un lit somptueux, dans une maison que je ne reconnaissais pas. Apparemment, mon héroïsme a été remarqué et la famille m'a accueilli à bras ouverts. Ils m'ont ensuite engagé comme valet de chambre, à cause de ma compréhension de plusieurs langues et de plusieurs cultures. Je n'ai pas simplement gagné une maison, mais l'admiration de ma chère Audra. Nous avons secrètement daté jusqu'à ce que les chefs de la maison meurent de la variole en 1910. Nous nous sommes mariés l'année suivante et avons eu un fils, Oliver. Malheureusement, il était attaché à un fauteuil roulant lorsqu'il avait diagnostiqué la polio l'année suivante. Même si en regardant en arrière, c'était le moindre de nos malheurs."

(One day, in 1892, a beautiful girl was traveling the streets disguised as a boy. My friends at the time only thought of her as another target of mischief and dismay. However, as they persisted in their herassment, I did some digging on her. To my surprise, she was the daughter of a wealthy family from the south of France. When I caught up with my friends, they already had a knife to the girls' throats. From all my father's abuse, he did not prepare me emotionally for my fists of my former friends. A few hours later, I awoke in a sumptuous bed, in a house that I did not recognize. Apparently, my heroism was noticed, and the family welcomed me with open arms. They then hired me as a valet, because of my easy understanding of several languages and culture. I did not just win a house, but the admiration of my dear Audra. We secretly dated until the heads of the house died of smallpox in 1910. We were married the next year and had a son, Oliver. He unfortunately, was attached to a wheelchair when he was at diagnose with polio the year after. Although looking back on it all, this was the least of our misfortune.) The view then displays a small hand sketched photo of Jobert and his wife Audra, standing for a photo under the recently made Eiffel Tower for their first date in Paris. The next was of their son, he was in a wheelchair with leg braces on him.

"En 1914, le duc Franz Ferdinand d'Autriche et sa femme enceinte Sophie ont été assassinés par un nationaliste serbe. Avec celui-ci un acte de fierté et d'ignorance du paysage politique mondial fragile, le monde a été plongé dans cinq années de tranchées, de boue, de folie et de sang. J'ai décidé de servir dans l'armée et de servir mon pays, mais je n'étais plus un jeune homme à l'époque. Alors, je suis devenu officier à la place. Si mon corps était trop vieux pour me battre, mon esprit verrait ceux qui le feraient rentrer chez eux en toute sécurité. Ma présence a bien sûr été une nuisance pour mes supérieurs, qui ont perçu ma tactique et mes idées comme une menace pour leur carrière. J'avais peu d'amis dans l'armée, mon ami le plus proche était Joseph Jacques Césaire Joffre. Joseph était un homme bon, avec une grande connaissance du combat et de la tactique. Pour cela j'admire l'homme."

(In 1914, Duke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his pregnant wife Sophie were assonated by a Serbian nationalist. With this one an act of pride and ignorance of the fragile global political landscape, the world was plunged into five years of trenches, mud, madness, and blood. I decided to serve in the army and serve my country, but I was no longer a young man at the time. So, I became an officer instead. If my body was too old to fight, then my mind would see those who do made it home safely. My presence was of course a nuisance for my superiors who saw my tactics and ideas as a threat to careers. I had few friends in the army, the closest friend of mine was Joseph Jacques Césaire Joffre. Joseph was a good man, with great knowledge of combat and tactics. For that I admire the man.) The next photos were of him in officer uniforms next to Joseph Jacques Césaire Joffre, during a meeting. Another was him sharing champion with the successful defense of Marne.

"Après la première bataille du Verdon, Joseph a été obligé de quitter le bureau et j'ai été laissé pour que mes collègues me harcelent et me piétinent. Malgré tout, les abus et le harcèlement de mes supérieurs ne m'ont pas diminué ni mis en colère. C'était le commentaire ignoble qu'ils ont fait de mon fils, et je ne pouvais pas laisser cette diapositive. Mon honneur ne le permettrait pas. J'ai exigé la satisfaction en duel. Il accepta avec confiance, le croyant gagner facilement. Il a crié comme un porc sur le chemin de l'hôpital avec un trou dans le bras. En dépit de l'exception du duel et de l'arrangement, il avait édité la manifestation dans les documents officiels. Tordre un duel d'honneur, dans l'assaut d'un officier haut gradé. Pour ma punition, j'ai été dépouillé de mon rang et envoyé au front. Là-bas, j'ai servi avec les mêmes hommes qui ont été condamnés à cet enfer. Bien que j'ai été forcé de me battre dans des conditions insupportables, les hommes sont venus me respecter. Il semblerait que l'on ait entendu parler de mes tentatives pour améliorer leurs conditions de vie dans les tranchées, de haut en bas du front Wearrière."

(After the first battle of the Verdon, Joseph was forced to leave the office, and I was left to be bullied and trampled by my colleagues. Still, the abuse and harassment of my superiors did not diminish or angered me. It was the vile comment they made of my son, and I could not let this slide. My honor would not allow it. I demanded satisfaction in a duel. He confidently accepted, believing him to be win with ease. He squealed like a swine on the way to the hospital with a hole in his arm. Still despite excepting the duel and arrangement's, he had edited the event in the official paperwork. Twisting a duel of honor, into an assault of a high-ranking officer. For my punishment I was stripped of my rank and sent to the front line. There, I served with the same men that were condemned to this hell. Although I was forced to fight in unbearable conditions, the men came to respect me. It seemed that tales of my attempts to improve their conditions in the trenches were heard of, up and down the Wearrière front.) The screen then moves to a photo of Jobert Caron Participating in the duel against another commanding officer. Next to him was him in a French commanding uniform at the front lines. He was sharing a bottle of wine with a fellow commander of A.E.F and a French soldier who had lost both his legs in the last attack.

"Après avoir longtemps envoyé des hommes de valeur mourir, j'ai désobéi aux ordres lors de la deuxième bataille du Verdon. Mes actions nous ont non seulement permis de gagner la bataille, mais ont également sauvé plus de vies que la tactique de ces lâches. Quand la désobéissance a été rapportée, ils m'ont envoyé chercher pour être jugés pour dissilience militaire. J'étais condamné au peloton d'exécution le lendemain matin. La nuit précédant mon exaction, je restais assise, réfléchissant dans ma cellule, attendant l'inévitable. En m'asseyant là, j'ai entendu l'un des gardes dire quelque chose de louche. Alors, j'ai fait semblant d'être endormi lorsque deux gardes que je n'ai pas reconnus sont entrés. Ils m'auraient tué, mais des années dans les tranchées m'ont permis d'aller au-delà de mes limites d'âge. Après avoir maîtrisé les deux, j'ai vite découvert que j'étais un coup dur pour un coup d'État communiste élaboré. Ils prévoient de tuer la majorité du gouvernement et de se rendre aux Allemands, tout comme les Russes. Je me suis rapidement précipité pour avertir les militaires et nous avons à peine eu le temps de mettre fin à l'insurrection. À la fin de la nuit, les traîtres ont été mis à mort et j'ai été hospitalisé pour mes blessures. J'ai reçu à la bataille de la place de la Concorde."

(After many years of sending good men to die, I disobeyed orders at the second battle of the Verdon. My actions not only won us the battle, but saved more lives than the tactics of those cowards. When word came back to the command of my disobedience, they sent for me, to be tried for military dissilience. I was sentence to firing squad the next morning. The night before my exaction, I sat there reflecting in my cell, waiting for the inevitable. As I sat there, I heard one of the guards say something shady. So, I pretended to be asleep when two guards I did not recognize entered. They would have killed me, but years in the trenches allowed me to go beyond my age restrictions of strength. After overpowering the two, I soon discovered that I was a thorn in an elaborate communist coup. They plan to kill majority of the government and surrender to the Germans, just like the Russians. I quickly rushed to warn the military and we barely had time to stop the insurgency. At the end of the night, the traitors were put to death and I was hospitalized for my injuries. I received in the battle of Place de la Concorde.) The next to the photo shows him in the hospital, being visited by his family while the French military police struggled to keep journalist from swarming him.

"Le Premier ministre Georges Clemenceau lui-même a rendu le plus grand honneur pour mon héroïsme. Pour être honnête, à ce jour, je ne me sens pas comme un héros. Trop de jeunes garçons ont perdu la vie dans un pays où ils se soucient très peu. Ainsi, une fois la guerre terminée, je suis parti en Égypte pour oublier les horreurs de la guerre. C'est alors qu'un étrange Espagnol m'a rencontré dans un bar du Caire, en Égypte un mois plus tard. Nous avons parlé de beaucoup de choses, jamais de la guerre. Il m'a ensuite proposé de partir pour le sud pour ce qu'il a appelé la découverte du siècle. À moitié ivre et fou, animé de mon désir de me débarrasser du traumatisme qui me hante encore, j'ai accepté sa préposal. Une semaine plus tard, je supervisais une fouille archéologique pour une pyramide souterraine dans le désert arrière de l'Égypte."

(Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau himself has given the highest honor for my heroism. To be honest, to this day, I do not feel like a hero. Too many young boys have lost their lives in a country where they care very little. So, once the war was over, I went to Egypt to forget the horrors of war. It was then that a strange Spaniard met me at a bar in Cairo, Egypt a month later. We talked about many things, never about the war. He then suggested that I leave for the south for what he called the discovery of the century. Half drunk and crazy, driven by my desire to get rid of the trauma that still haunts me, I accepted his préposal. A week later, I was supervising an archaeological dig for an underground pyramid in the back desert of Egypt.) He pauses his narration as the view focuses on the photo of his forty-eight-year wife standing next to his eleven-year old son back home. The screen then pulls out as he grabs the photo and looks at it one last time. Now wearing a blue cotton uniform that served him well in the war, he tucked the photo into his satchel pocket before grabbing his officer hat and heads outside. His last thoughts were.

"Même si mon pays me trahir, je serai toujours patriote."

(Even if my country betrays me, I will always be patriotic.)

Hours has passed since the morning sun had risen; the workers had made some progress in unearthing the pyramid below the sands. Unlike the ones in Giza this one felt more… unnatural. For one it was built upside down with the tip pointing down. Another was how blatantly obvious that the structure was not meant to be unearthed. By the amount of fossilized bones discovered it was clear the pharaoh wanted this structured buried and forgotten. Any attempts to enter the structure through the top was proven to be deadlier than the blazing sun. Whenever the workers remove a stone from the building a huge mist of pressurize sulfuric salt acid sprays out. Melting the poor workers who unfortunately removed the stone from its structure. Even with the traps and the disturbing amount of bone's lying about, there was an ever-hanging sense of dread that whistles in the air. Almost like nature herself is trying to warn them that if they don't leave, they will all die. Still weathering the unfortunes was the ideas of huge profits, sense of adventure, or perhaps it was the iron clad contracts that chained the workers to this accursed place. Then on the fifth of December, they had discovered a strange chimney like hole with a grate rather than a stone covering the top.

"ma al-dhay yegri hanal lem akel eneh yemkenk al-touqif an al-amel" (What's going on here? I didn't say that you could stop working!) The Spaniard grumbles in Arabic as he storms out of his tent.

He was on the chubby side considering he had his own menu and appetites from the workers. Arman Velazquez, was not a kind man. He lived off his family's inheritance after the war, and became obsessed with ancient history. More particular Ancient Egyption culture and history. One day he supposedly 'stumbled' upon a map to a hidden Pyramid. The Pharaoh was rumored to be so cruel and evil that Egypt itself tried to erase her from history. Pharaoh Nitocris, she once had lured her enemies into a room with a banquet, before flooding it with water from the Nile. That was one of the most heinous crimes she had committed, however it seems erasing an infamous name such as hers is harder than what most people give credit too. So, it didn't take long before Arman 'Discover' the whereabouts of her long-forgotten tomb.

"Están aterrorizados Arman. Es posible que hayamos encontrado la entrada, pero nadie quiere correr el riesgo de morir como los demás." (They're terrified Arman. We may have found the entrance, but no one wants to run the risk of dying like the others.) Jobert responds in Spanish.

Arman simply rolled his eyes before approaching the grated chimney. Seeing that no one was willing to open it, he grabbed ahold of one of the workers shovels and bashed it against the rusted gate. After five attempts the gate broke and fell deep within the temple, the sound of the metal clanging as it fell into the darkness left everyone in a state of aw and unease. Arman gave a rude grunt as he tosses the shovel back to the worker.

"hsnana, madha tafeal jmyeana? aleawdat 'iilaa aleamal , walkilab alqadhrat!" (Well, what are you all doing? Go back to work, mangy dogs!) Arman barks before storming off to his tent in a huff of anger.

After a few moments the workers hesitantly returned to work removing the sand from the buried pyramid. They dug till the sun has set before retiring to the campfire. Instead of retiring to his own bed Jobert, decided to walk about the premises with a bottle of wine sent from home. As he walked around, he noticed a few of the workers. These poor men had the unfortunate luck to be entering the pyramid the next morning. Right now, they were sitting around the campfire. Consulting one another.

"bism allah alruhmin alrahim , nahn alhalaka. bhlwl hdha alwaqt min al'usbue almuqbil , sawf yatimu 'iirsaluna 'iilaa eayilatina fi tawabit mughlaqatin." (By god's grace, we are doom. By this time next week, we will be sent to our families in closed coffins.) One worker complains.

"nem 'akhi, hdha almakan ybdw waka'anah laenat li'anah hu alyawm aldhy nadkhul fih hdha alwady. walan, 'amil 'iilaa alaibtiead ean hadhih al'aradi lilmawt min aleatsh hunak thuma luein madaa alhaya (Yes brother, this place feels curse as the day we enter this canyon. I'm now tempted to flea far from these lands all to die of thirst out there then to be damned for life.) Another remarks.

The group murmurs in agreement with him. The Spaniard had worked them to the bones. Toss on superstition and the tragic deaths they would have slit the fat bastard months ago if it wasn't for a few of the overseer's willingness to acuminate their needs. Speaking of which Jobert decide to prevent this from exceeding.

"ln 'aqtarih dhalik" (I wouldn't suggest that.) Jobert remarks as he sat down next to one worker. "awlaan, tataeib eindama tughliq balah albuhr. thuma tusbih hadhyana wa'ant tatajawal fi alnifayat, wakhyraan yastaslim jasdak baynama tajifu klytyk. laqad ra'ayt eddana la yahsaa min al'awlad aladhin yafdilun 'an yatamazaquu biniran alrashshashat, thuma yamutun min aljafaf." (First you get tired as your mussels shut down. Then you become delirious as you wander the waste, finally your body succumbs as your kidneys dry up. I have seen countless boys who would prefer to be torn to pieces by machine gun fire, then to die from dehydration.)

"Sahih walakun la ymknna alhifaz ealaa hadha al'umr. alyawm faqadna thlatht akharin fi hadha almakan almlewn. mataa yjb 'an naeany?" (True, but we can't keep this up. Today we lost three more to this cursed place. How long must we suffer?) One young Worker asked.

Jobert didn't answer imminently, rather he takes the bottle and takes a long swig letting the fermented grape juice flow down his lips before finishing the bottle with a heavy sigh. "sa'akun sadiqanaan maeakum 'ayuha alzmla'. eurman ealaa washk al'iiflasi. samiet 'anah ma lm yatamakan min aleuthur ealaa madkhal wadakhil shay' dhy qayimat, fasayatim astibdal aljamie biakhar." (I will be honest with you colleagues. Arman is about to go bankrupt. I heard that unless he could find an entrance and something valuable inside, everyone would be replaced by another.)

"kam min alwaqt sawf yastaghriq hdha?" (How long will that take?) The worker asked with skepticism in his tone.

"…thlatht 'ayam 'akhshaa" (… Three days I'm afraid.) Jobert replies. The group went silent as they sat around the campfire. Three days could mean that out of the twenty-four people currently sitting, only five of them won't go home. If they are lucky. Still it was only for three days, much better then working for another three months.

"…thlatht 'ayam, thuma nghadr? hsnana, amul 'an tuhafiz ealaa hadha alnabidh hataa nafrah" (…Three days, then we leave? Well, I hope you saved that wine so we can rejoice.) A veteran worker remarks before everyone begins to praise Allah for this small miracle. As they do Jobert took another swig from the wine before passing it around. Hours later, the wine slowly begins to affect his mind. He said his farewells before he begins to wander away from the campfire to his tent.

He stumbles drunkenly through the night as he looked for his tent in the dark. Somehow, he had taken a wrong turn and walked past his tent and toward the pyramid. As he walked to it, he came to the Chimney that the workers had uncovered that morning. Yet something was obviously difrent about it. Its hatch was no longer missing, in fact it was lying next to the hole now.

"Quoi dans le monde?" (What in the world?) Jobert asked himself as he kneeled down to take a closer look.

As he looks closely down into the depts of the abyss he heard someone behind him. In the corner of he noticed a tall dark figure standing behind him. It raised what look to be a very long egyption ax with lethal intentions. Thankfully Jobert training made him quicker than his age would suggest. So, he quickly dodged and reached for his Mle.1915 Ruby pistol. Normally he prefers to use his Mosqueton mle.16 rifle, but this massive figure would have easily bashed his head in with his own rifle. Speaking of the massive figure he couldn't tell what it was by the shadows covering its face but he can tell it was definitely not human. It had hind legs of a jackal, and a dog snout with a pharaoh's head dress. It was disturbing to say the least, but Jobert just chalked it up the alcohol simply playing tricks on his mind.

"Lâche ton arme!" (Drop your weapon!) Jobert ordered as he aimed his pistol at the creature's head.

The creature responds with a low growl before swinging its massive axe with awesome speed. He quickly dodges the swing. Not wanting to take another chance, Jobert shot the creature in the leg before firing twice in the chest.

"Devrait avoir se rendre." (Should have surrender.) Jobert replies before pressing the gun against the creature's head.

He unforntely didn't had the chance to shoot. An arrow shot out from the dark, nearly hitting him in the leg. This caused him to flinch backwards towards the hole. He accidently backstepped into the hole and fell into the black abyss of the cursed pyramid, screaming as the world went dark in his decent down.

(For an added effect play Ambient Egyptian music by Soul candle on YouTube)

An unknown amount of time passed down in the Pyramid. Time was irrelevant down in the dark. As the darkness embalms the screen a few flicking sounds brought light to the dark room. Jobert groans loudly as he sits up. In his hand was his coin plus léger, a gift from his wife before leaving for war.

"De toutes les nuits à boire. Pourquoi ai-je choisi de le faire maintenant?" (Of all nights to drink. Why did I choose to do it now?) Jobert asked as he struggles to stand on the stone. As he looks around, he noticed a dry torch that was on the wall.

"Ah, ça devrait faire." (Ah, that should do.) Jobert comments as he removes the torch and used his plus léger to light the stick.

Within a few moments the room lit up even brighter than before thanks to the torch. With the light it became apparent that he couldn't return the way he came. The fall didn't kill him but should he fall again he will definitely not walk away. He also took noticed that his Mosqueton mle.16 rifle was now snapped in two upon the landing. It may have slowed his decent down the chimney, but the tip was bent upwards now. Even if it didn't break in two, it still will never fire. The only conciliation besides not being dead was that the room he found himself in was a hallway leading somewhere.

"Au revoir, mon ami de confiance. Maintenant, où menez-vous le passage de la connaissance interdite?" (Goodbye, my trusted friend. Now where do you lead the passage of forbidden knowledge?) Jobert asked aloud as he tipped his hat to the old rifle and headed down the hallway.

He walked for what felt like hours through the ancient tombs of the pyramid. Hieroglyphs along the wall were beyond anything he had ever seen before. He couldn't read them but the way they were drawn wasn't anything he had seen at the louvre in Paris. It looked like the Egyption gods worshiping a strange and horrific being. It can be described as a humanoid giant with multiple tentacles and hands latched all over its body. In each hand was a faceless mask that it was clutching. It seemed that the natives sacrificed multiple humans to it and its minions. Multiple egyption base creatures, having the body of a human and the head of an animal seen serving the creature. That's when two brightly glowing figures came into the scene. One was a dark purple while the other seemed to have a bright white light. They look to have some kinda war with the creature and its minions. It ended with this horrifying creature being locked away in a golden sarcophagus, and its minions beneath the ground. The rest seem to be more or less unreadable from the years of decay. The sand salt has corroded away the walls, so much for a defense against tomb raiders. He soon stumbles upon a door to a huge room with a bottomless pit. It had a huge drop with no visible bottom below, only way down were a few collapsing pillars and walk ways leading downward.

"Ma mon dieu, quand est-ce que ça finit?" (My god, when does it end?) Jobert asked as he looked down into the abyss.

Steading on, he went deeper down into the cursed pyramide. He soon comes across a room with only a huge silver sarcophagus inside at the very end. Hanging above it was a massive metallic Warhammer with a strange design. All along the wall were hieroglyphics of difrent events in ancient history, however along that hieroglyphs is a single figure, a tall black mysterious figure wearing the same mask that foul god like creature had. He seems to have caused the Punic wars, the Peloponnesian war, inventor of slavery and the wheel. With a single touch, a black mist would invade the minds of men. Making them more, compellent to do as asked. Jobert was perplex by this figure. He looked over the hieroglyphics, but there was no clear name on this strange figure, just references to it. The Black Man, The Crawling Chaos, Father of All Bats, Mr. Skin, The Masked Messenger, Gardner Bose, Mr. Blackman. Yet there was no origin of name. As he tries to find the name, he suddenly hears a faint shuffle. Quickly turning around, he noticed that the ancient coffin was moving, as if someone was trying to pull itself from the coffin.

"Mère Tout-Puissant! Que diable est-ce!" (Almighty Mother! What the hell is it!) Jobert gasp in horror before pulling his pistol from his holster.

He slowly walks over to the sarcophagus to see something was trying to get out. A superstitious person would have riddled the ancient coffin with bullets. Regular folks would have run away in terror. However, Jobert was more curious about what was under the veil. So, he slowly approached the coffin with caution. Whoever or whatever was inside was trying to open the lid, but it seems to be locked with an ancient Key.

"Hmm, comment ouvrir un coffre sans la clé?" (Hmm, how do I open a chest without the key?) Jobert remarks as he strokes his mustache. He then gets an idea from an American doughboy he met back in the trenches. He quickly reached into his bag and pulled out some dynamite.

"Ah, comme disait Freddie, il n'y a rien qu'un peu de dynamite ne puisse réparer." (Ah, as Freddie once said, there is nothing that a little dynamite can't fix)

He places the stick of powder near the hinge before lighting the fuse. He quickly got back, making sure he is out of the blast range when it goes off. After a few moments the fuse ignited the dynamite and blew the lid off. Jobert coughs as he walks towards the sarcophagus, to his shock someone was still alive in there. A small female figure covered in freshly wrapped linen cloth covered in multiple hieroglyphs. Pieces of golden egyption trinkets that gave of an unsettling vibe, adorning all along her body.

"Mmmffmma!" The figure shouts as she moves about like a blind worm.

"Facile, laisse-moi te couper de ces fixations." (Easy, let me cut you off of those bindings.) Jobert remarks as he cuts her free with his trench knife.

As he removes the linen cloth and the cursed jewelry the young figure slowly regains whatever strength she had before. She pushed Jobert aside and fell out of the sarcophagus quickly begins to rip away at the wrapping around her face.

"Ughhh (Cough, Cough) Ugh, I can still taste dust in my mouth." The figure said as she spits onto the ground. As she leans up, she noticed her surroundings and asked aloud. "Where in Oum's name am I?"

Jobert didn't know who was kneeling before him, but whoever she was. She spoke perfect English. Seeing how modern English wasn't invented till after the American colonies he decides to address her. Hopefully his English was better than when he was fighting in the war.

"Um… excuse me, little girl?" Jobert said as he slowly approached from behind.

However, his actions only startled her. She responded by quickly turning around and trying to kick him in the face. However, the surprisingly strong linen restricted her movements. Causing her not only to miss him, but also fall over to the ground. As she flopped around on the ground like a fish out of water, Jobert got a good look at her face. She had a pale completion, with light blue eyes, and scraggily ginger hair.

"Facile petite fille, je ne suis pas là pour te faire du mal." (Easy little girl, I'm not here to hurt you.) Jobert said as he raised his hand as a peaceful gesture.

"What did you say?" The girls said as she struggles to stand.

"Sorry, my English is a bit rusty. But please be calm, I'm not going to hurt you." Jobert said in a calm tone. She didn't respond at first, but after a few moments she lets out a small playful giggle.

"Heh, Heh. Sorry, but what accent is that? It's ridiculous." The strange girl asked as she struggles to stifle her giggles.

"I'm French, little Ms. English girl. I speak the language of romance." Jobert said as he helps pick her up by offering her a hand up.

"Well I like it. It's funny" The strange girls said as she stands up with the help Jobert. "Which kingdom is France part of?"

"Um, it isn't. France hasn't been a kingdom for two centuries now." Jobert said completely confused by this strange girl, but he put his questions aside for now. "Ah, but where are my Manières. My name is Jobert. Capitaine, Jobert Caron. Who are you?"

"I'm Nora, Nora Valkyrie… um Jobert, where am I?" The strange girl now known as Nora asked.

However, their conversation was interrupted by silent marching sounds coming from behind them. With each passing moment it got louder and louder as the multiple footsteps came closer. Jobert or even Nora didn't know if they were friendly or not, but Jobert didn't want to take any chances. He quickly grabbed Nora and urged her behind one of the columns to hide. The two hid as light from torches became brighter from the corridor Jobert had enter. Soon something steps out into the open, what Jobert saw nearly fried his mind in a mixture of terror, shock, horror, curiosity, appalled, and fear.

An army compromising of half man and half egyption animals marched into the room in military position. They all have heads looking like realistic versions of Hieroglyphs creatures, with the exception of any snake like creatures. However, that didn't terrify him. What did was the sight of what they were caring. In the middle row of this parade of madness. A golden sarcophagus that emulated a very deep sense of dread and despair from merely glancing at its side. Behind it was a lavish golden thrown, being carried by the taller and more muscular of the lot. On the throne was a single female figure that was a shade of pale green. She was adorned in ancient egyption clothing dedicated to the Pharaoh, despite it being in the utmost pristine condition her face was the real stuff of nightmares. Half of her face was still beautiful with an emerald eye, while the right side was hideously deformed. Her right half skin was rotting away showing traces of mussel and veins. The pieces of her skin still attached were a sickly dark green and the revealed veins that were a shade of leafy green. Her eye was not emerald green but rather an ebony black slit with a red sclera background. Her bottom teeth are sharpened and sticking out of her lower jaw. It can safely presume that her ghoulish and devilish deeds that had made her a monster in her first life, has done so in this one as well.

"Pst, who is she." Nora whispers to Jobert.

"… I believe we are in the presences of Pharaoh Nitocris. Egypt's cruelest Pharaoh." Jobert said in a small hush with bulging eyes of shock.

"Oh… why was she so cruel?" Nora asked as she stares with a disturbed look at Pharaoh Nitocris face.

Jobert didn't even had to give a response. Moments after she asked, the egyption servant carefully placed down the sarcophagus and stepped away. They moved to the side allowing more servants to walk in with some of the excavation crew being dragged along. One of them being Arman Velazquez, kicking and screaming as they brought him and three others towards the sarcophagus. The rest of the excavation crew were carried in by their heads and heads alone.

Arman begged in vain for his life to be spared. His plea for mercy was as pitiful as was his ancient egyption. Even the world's biggest amchur historian could figure out that this was a death sentence. One by one, the workers were executed by having their throats ripped out and their blood pouring out onto the sarcophagus. Arman was the last to go, though he did not have his throat slit. Rather as he was held down on his knees crying and pleading, Pharaoh Nitocris slowly got off from her thrown and slowly walked down from it in a seductive sway. She approached the weeping Spaniard and held his cheek in a romantic gesture. However, this gesture changed quickly and gruesomely when she stuck her other hand deep within his chest. She searched around in his fat gullet till she found what she was looking for. In one quick thrust she ripped out his heart, sending blood splatter all over the ground. Seeing Arman lifeless body slumping to the floor nearly cause Nora to gasp in shock. Pharaoh Nitocris looked over at the pillar where the two were hiding silently. As she inspected for any signs of intruders, she simply put it past her mind and quickly take a bite out of the heart like it was a juicy apple. She walked over to the other sarcophagus and was physically disappointed at the sight of it. She tossed the heart onto the ground in rage before turning to the animal soldiers.

"Mgah'n'ghft gof'n! c' ulnah ehye 'bthnkk ot gn'th'bthnk l' nafl'fhtagn nyarlathotep!" She orders agitated in a tone that neither had ever been heard of or referenced before. The Soldiers seemed to understand it perfectly and quickly responded in the same language.

"Iiahe ymg' ulnah uh'eog Nitocris!" They said in unison before leaving in a two single file line. Pharaoh Nitocris returned to the throne and was carried out, leaving the golden sarcophagus behind. After a few moments when both Nora and Jobert were sure they were alone, they slowly crept from their hiding spot to see the bodies. A sickening revelation came to Nora while Jobert questioned how it was possible for Pharaoh Nitocris to still be alive let alone control an army of egyption beast.

"… Oum almighty… now, I think I understand why she is just the worse." Nora said as she looked down at the chewed heart in discuss and horror.

"Oui, though her reign was thousands of years ago. The question I'm asking now is simply how is she still alive after all this time." Jobert said as he walked over to the four corpses and closed their eyes.

Nora gave a nod; she didn't know who she was, but she definingly screamed pure evil from her looks alone. As she stared down at the four poor people who she was unable to save, she remembered something. Quickly turning around, she saw the hammer hanging over her own sarcophagus. She quickly raced over and climbed up to retrieve it. As she does so, Jobert inspected the idle sarcophagus closely. It was riddled in hieroglyphs similar to the walls, but it had an aura that was simple screaming out for him to touch it. As his fingers slowly got closer to touching the sarcophagus, he was suddenly pulled back by Nora, now dressed in peculiar clothes and holding the hammer.

"Come on, we got to get out of here." Nora said

"Um, right. Let us leave this place." Jobert said as he pulls himself away from the coffin.

Nora follows shortly. However, she had failed to notice that her leg scraped by the coffin. Cutting only a single drop of blood on the side. The two quickly left the room. The view then shifts to that single drop of blood. As it lays there in the sandy floor, something amazing and horrible happen. The blood begins to pull itself from the sand and up the side of the coffin. It slowly made its way to the front before going into a crack near the nose. It slowly moves in and disappears under the ancient sarcophagus. After a few moments nothing happened, then the sarcophagus lets out a puff of gas as the lid slowly opens.

Back with the two, they had trouble looking around for the exit. The pyramid had proven to be a maze of twist and turns. At some times it felt like up was down and down was up. They had discovered a few rooms that were disturbing in their own right. A room filled with bones of those Pharaoh Nitocris had flayed and tortured. A Room filled with water, at the bottom was a few chained-up skeletons that had their raggedy clothes still attached to them. A single room dedicated to the creature they had worshiped. There were multiple bones scattered about, some still with the putrid flesh clinging onto the bones. You can tell who these poor people were from their raggedy clothes alone. From ancient egyption soldier, to Napoleonic and British regiments. However, they did not stay long; the smell of two and half centuries worth of decaying and rotting flesh nearly made them vomit upon the sight. They moved on to the last room at the deepest part of the Pyramid. It was a huge and massive room of treasure and gold, stacked to the top.

"Whoa." Was Nora's only response as she quickly went down the steps to inspect the treasure.

"Mon Dieu, this could enrichen all of Europe." Jobert remarks as he looked over the treasure.

Nora walked over to a huge red jewel. As it sparked in the flames of the overhanging torch, she gave a small greedy grin. She turns to Jobert and asked. "Can we…

However, Jobert already knew what she was going to ask. "Non. I don't want to have them tipped off we were here."

Nora was about to retort but the sound of moving coins caused both to hide behind a mound of gold. Jobert readied himself by pulling out his trustworthy Mle.1915 Ruby pistol. He turns to see that Nora was no longer holding a war hammer, but a rather strange looking gun.

"… Where's that hammer of yours?" Jobert whispers.

"Magnchilde has two modes." Nora whispers to him before showing him the transformation from a war hammer to a grenade launcher.

"… Où était-ce lors de la deuxième bataille de Verdun? (… Where was that during the second battle of Verdon?)" Jobert said as he shakes his head in shock.

"What?" Nora asked only to be hushed. A moment later came a snarling sound.

Behind the pile of gold, they were hiding behind was an alligator humanoid, along with a lion humanoid as well. They seem to be communicating in the same strange language as before. However, they too hear the shifting of gold coins and came to investigate. They slowly turn the corner of the pile, spears equipped and ready. Jobert and Nora did the same, holding up their weapons. As their heart's beet rapidly in panic, something killed the lights. Both Jobert and Nora could barely see what was in front of them. However, they did hear the screams of the Humanoid creatures. As their vision slowly adjust to the darkness, they were greeted by a horrific sight. A ghastly giant of a ghost was there before them. The bottom half of its body was simply a whirlwind of smoke while the top had the outline of a rotting mummified tall man. Its arms grasped around the alligator's humanoids throat; it lifted the unfortunate foot soldier off the ground. The ghost used its other hand to suck the life force from the humanoid. As the creature slowly loses its breath Nora slowly moves to get a better look. As she creeps closer and closer, she accidently slips on a piece of gold.

The creature was alerted by the sound of the gold coins trickling. It tossed the other body aside and floated towards the coins. As it creeped closer and closer before turning the corner with a terrifying snarl. However, there seemed to be nobody there. It looked around before turning its head, to see the end of Magnchilde's barrel.

"Hello." Nora greeted before pulling the trigger. The grenade went straight through the torso like a rock through a thick cloud. It hit's the wall behind it causing an explosion that pushed, the creatures mystified body, gold, and rocks all over the place. Nora slowly secured Magnchilde to her back before turning around, quoting. "And goodbye." As she walked towards Jobert gave her a stern look.

"What? I got him." Nora remarks with a shrug.

"… (Sigh) Insensée enfant. (Foolish child.)" Jobert said as he pinches the bridge of his nose. "You have, as you say. Let the fox into the hen house."

Nora gave a confused look before hearing the rumbling march of those creatures. She then realized what he meant when she saw a glowing light coming from the stairs they had entered. To add to the list of ever-growing problems, a gold pile begins to shake as that Noir phantasma begins to pull itself from the spot it had faded from.

"Oh… um whoops." Nora said with a nervous smile.

Jobert quickly looked around for any signs of escape, however he didn't see any. It was when the smoke cleared from the rubble that he noticed an escape. Nora had introvertedly made a hole in the wall. That hole lead somewhere, question of where didn't matter. As long as it was better than here. He quickly grabbed her arm and raced towards the new exit as Pharaoh Nitocris Unholy arm came in.

"Ahmgr'luh ehyee! Pharaoh Nitocris ulnah cahf h' ah l' mgeptharanak h' lw'nafh'drn! ah'n'gha mgepog shuggoth!" One-foot soldier with a dog's head shouted. Another with a bird's head tosses a spear that nearly hit's Jobert as he and Nora dives in through the crack.

They ran through the narrow passages; with each step they take they can hear Pharaoh Nitocris army behind them. They eventually came to a huge room decorated with pictures of scarabs. It has multiple doors leading into darkness and moats built into the ground to traffic something. As they tried to figure which way to leave, a spear impales the side of a column next to Jobert. The two turn around to see a few foot soldiers moving towards them. Nora quickly aimed her Magnachilde and was about to pull the trigger, however Jobert intervened first by shooting both animals dead all while having one hand on Nora's barrel.

"No explosives, les murs contiennent des gaz acides! (The walls contain acid gases!) Jobert scolds as more foot soldiers came running in.

"Why not?" Nora asked, still not understanding French.

However, it became apparent that she could no longer use her weapon with more coming in. She quickly changed her weapon from a grenade launcher to a war hammer. She proceeded to fight them off by wailing her hammer with precision. Jobert watches with a brow raised with impress. He would not expect her to have the strength to carry such a thing, let alone wail it around without effort. One-foot soldier with a dog head tried to cut her at the waist with an egyption axe. She smugly jumped over it and sent the creature flying past Jobert and cracking the wall behind him.

"And that is what you get for messing with this queen." Nora proudly proclaims as she stands atop a pile of downed foot soldiers.

However, her celebration didn't last long. The crack in the wall begins to crack at an alarming rate. With each crack came another, and a faint moving sound can be heard behind the wall. Soon an egyption scarab came crawling out of the wall, then another, and another, soon an entire stream of them came out. It crawled all over the foot soldier who was starting to wake up. By the time it realized that they were worming up his leg it was too late. He screamed as the scarabs ate him piece by piece, slowly. As Nora and Jobert slowly move away in horror, more foot soldiers came racing in only to see the tiny carnivorous creatures.

"H' mgepna'ah'ehye scarab's! bug mgah'n'ghft agl l' ah'n'ghft hai!" It shouts before pushing back on a traffic jam. The Scarabs had just finished their meal before giving chase after those present, in their stead they left a wet fleshy skeleton behind.

"Holy, Monty!" Nora said as she nearly vomited. She would have but Jobert had grabbed her by the arm and ran to down the entrance.

"Don't vomir, just run!" Jobert shouts as the two ran through the darkness.

The two quickly and stumbled through the darkness of the claustrophobic ancient halls. The clatter of there feet were masked by the swarming scarabs climbing over each other to get them. They ran for god only knows how long. Nora kept a fair pace away from the swarming death and so did Jobert despite being in his fifties. However, as they ran the only thing that slowed them down was the fear of what was at the end of the hall. It could be a pit fall, or a dead end, maybe it goes on forever, or worse that Noir Phantasma could be at the end. The creature seems to exist in the darkness, and this would have made a perfect environment for it. As they ran farther into the darkness, they see off in the distance a light source. It was faint but just enough that it sparked hope for the two. The two ran fast, no longer slipping over their own feet. As they got to the end, they can see a massive hall with a huge fire chandelier hanging over head, at the end of the room was a grand stair case leading out of the pyramid. The rising sun's beams had begun to shine down these stairs. However, as Jobert takes a single step into the room, half of the room gave away and the two fell down the hole. As Jobert's life flash before his eyes, his thoughts about his beloved wife's face were interrupted by a tight squeeze around his chest. While falling in slow motion, Nora wrapped her right arm around his chest before pointing Magnachilde in grenade launcher form at the pit. She used the momentum of the blowback to launch herself and Jobert out of the pit and do a simple summersault on the other side. She landed on her feet with ease before turning around and taking aim. There she see's how the mindless waves of egyption flesh bugs barreled towards them, only to fall into the dark chasm below.

"Phew, that wasn't so bad." Nora remarks as she placed away her weapon and turn to Jobert. He was trying to catch his breath. He wasn't a young man anymore, and even though he has been to war, he can still feel his lungs ready to burst from exhaustion. The save didn't help his back either.

"Augh, Je deviens trop vieux pour ça." (Augh, I am getting to old for this.) Jobert remarks as he cracks his back in pain.

"Still no idea what language is that. But I think you should take it easy, cause well… your old." Nora pointed out.

Jobert only response was rolling his eyes at her. As he was about to say something, an Arrow had pierced his shoulder. Nora's eyes widen in horror as she see's Jobert hit the ground with an arrow lodged in his shoulder. She quickly turns around to see Pharaoh Nitocris walking over with a bow in hand. An enraged Nora quickly pulls her Magnachilde out from behind her back. She quickly takes aim only for Pharaoh Nitocris to grab the barrel and push the barrel away with ghoulish strength. She then pulls the Magnachilde out of Nora's hands before delivering a round house kick that sent her crashing into the wall.

"Llll fhtagn ymg' yar ahnah ehye. C' uh'eog ymg' ulnah lw'nafh'drn." Pharaoh Nitocris said with a hiss before turning to Jobert.

He was trying to pull the arrow out of his arm with little success. As he finally manages to pull it free from his arm, Pharaoh Nitocris was standing in front of him. She gave an evil smirk before grabbing him by the neck and lifting him up. As he chokes Pharaoh Nitocris spoke more incoherent words.

"Ymg' mgep mgepmgehye'bthnk mg ah'lloigshogg ng mgepbug naIIIIor mgepog shuggoth, hai ah'mglw'nafh ymg' kadishtu ahor nafl ah nilgh'ri l' nafl'fhtagn c' uh'eog nyarlathotep." She said as she raises her hand to rip Jobert's heart from his chest.

No matter what Jobert did, he could feel his breath fading as his feet dangled in the air. As she was about to plunge her hand into his stomach, she was interrupted with a loud battle cry. She turns around to see Nora rocketing towards her with Magnachilde in war hammer mode in hand. Pharaoh Nitocris Quickly tossed Jobert at Nora who quickly avoided him. He crashed into the hole that Nora had made. As he catches his breath Nora fought with furry and rage towards the monstrous Pharaoh that stands before her. She reminded her of a certain woman who had killed her friend a long time ago. As she fought Pharaoh Nitocris, Jobert vision slowly return along with his breath. While coughing up the dust he noticed beside him was the bones of a British officer, unlike the other bones he still had his equipment on him. More noticeably the Martini-Henry rifle and bandolier of 577/.450 ammunition around his chest.

"Oh, comme c'est pratique. J'espère que cela ne vous dérange pas." (Oh, how convenient. Hopefully you don't mind.) Jobert said as he reaches over to grab the rifle.

Back over with Nora, she was having a hard time trying to hit Pharaoh Nitocris. As she was trying to smash her, Pharaoh Nitocris had dropped her bow and changed to fighting with two Egyption daggers. Every time Nora took a swing at her she would evade and slash at her. Nora's Aura protected her from the slashes, however it seems that she was getting tired and reckless with every swing. Eventually she was making sloppy and reckless choices. After a short while, Pharaoh Nitocris had enough of toying with Nora. She slashed at her cheek then back before knocking her to the ground by crushing the back of Nora's leg. She grabbed Magnachilde from her hands and tossed it aside before punching Nora hard in the face. Blood spat out onto the sandy floor. Pharaoh Nitocris grabbed Nora by her neck and made her look up at her.

"Legeth'drn gof'n, mg throdog ah'n'ghaor ahor nafl ahehyee l' ahornah ot y'nahh ot kadishtuor. H' ah ephaing ephaimguh'e ot c' uh'eog, nyarla…" Before she could finish, Nora pushed her last amount of Aura into her skull.

She then spat blood into Pharaoh Nitocris face, blinding her for only a moment. As Pharaoh Nitocris wiped Nora's blood out of her eye, Nora broke free from her grasp and delivered a powerful aura enhanced headbutt to Pharaoh Nitocris. This sent her stumbling back, spewing vile dark greenish blood from her almost certainly broken nose. However, Nora refused to relent and quickly charged in to delivered another powerful headbutt. This sent Pharaoh Nitocris back even more, and once again Nora quickly did it a third and final time, this time it sent her to the edge of hole. Pharaoh Nitocris quickly wised up and readied herself for Nora's forth headbutt. However, when Nora came in, she did not headbutt her; but rather delivered an uppercut that sent Pharaoh Nitocris up into the air; before falling down the hole face first. The last we see of Pharaoh Nitocris was her screaming on the way down the blacken abyss.

"That, (Hff, Hff) was for my friend, Pyrrha." Nora said with a mad huff as she spat a clump of blood from her mouth into the abyss.

She then slowly turns away from the abyss and trudges over to where Jobert had landed. Her wounds healed slowly due to the amount of aura she wasted in the fight against Pharaoh Nitocris. As she slowly moves towards the hole in the wall, she felt something strong grabbing her arm. Believing it to be Pharaoh Nitocris, she readied herself for round two with the half ghoul. However, when she turns to throw a punch her fist went through a cloud of smoke. She looks up in horror at the sight of the Noir phantasma. With wide eyes she tries to break free and run, but despite being made out of mist it still had an inhuman grip of her. The Noir Phantasma grabbed her neck and raised her to its level. She struggled to break free from its haunting grip, but even if she didn't waisted her aura on Pharaoh Nitocris she still wouldn't be able to free herself. As she struggles to free herself or breath, the Noir Phantasma unhinged its jaw allowing for its mouth to open all the way. It lets out a terrifying roar before Nora begins to feel light headed. She notices her jaw had dropped and her soul was climbing out of her throat and into the hand of the Noir Phantasma. As her body grows pale with every second, she can feel her life slipping. Her final thoughts in her mind as she felt the end were not of what was next, but how she never confessed her feelings to Ren.

However, the process of soul stealing was interrupted by a gun shot at the chandelier above. This caused the bronze plate to tip over and let the flaming charcoals fall on top of the creature. It was not the flames that harmed the creature but rather the light produced by it that did. It let's go of Nora and her soul as well. She can feel it slowly return to her as she gasps for breath. Once she catches her breath, she turns to see Jobert was now back on his feet with a bandolier over his torso and a Martini-Henry rifle in hand.

"Retournez dans l'abîme le plus sombre dont vous êtes sorti, le démon spawn!" (Return to the darkest abyss from which you emerged, demon spawn!) Jobert shouts as he ejects the casing and loads a new one.

The Phantasma let's out another roar before floating towards them, however Jobert was quicker and shot at another chain. The chandelier feel over, dropping the remaining contents below onto the Phantasma. It screams and hollers at the light before fleeing back into the shadow to recuperate from its wounds.

"Courez fille anglaise! Get out of the dark!" Jobert shouted to Nora while motioning for her to run to him. She had very little strength but with what she had left stumbled forward as the noir phantasma returned with a vengeance.

She quickly raced forward towards him with the phantasma on her heels. Jobert tried to slow it down by firing more rounds at it. Even though the five shots hit the noir phantasma in the head, it simply went through like smoke. Nora realizing, she would not make it quickly made a sprint for her Magnachilde. Grabbing it before transforming it into grenade launcher form. She fired down at the ground, launching herself forward just as the noir phantasma's claws were just about to grab her. She was launched into Jobert, tackling the old man back. As the two pick themselves up, the noir phantasma was upon them. It tries to reach out and grab them but the moment he did its hand begin to boil and burn in the morning rays. It was forced to retreat back from it preys. The noir phantasma let's out a loud angry howl before turning towards the columns. If it cannot get its preys souls, it would surely take it from their corpses. It quickly moved towards the closest column and with one slash destroyed it. It continues to do so, bringing the support of the upside-down pyramid down upon itself.

"We need to leave, à present." Jobert said as he grabs Nora.

"Yeah, I think we should too." Nora said weakly as she lets Jobert carry her.

The two quickly hightailed it out of there as the pyramid begins to collapse, but it seems that pharaoh Nitocris army was not so easily dissuaded in stopping them. As they clime to the top of the stairs, a few of pharaoh Nitocris foot soldiers came out from a small side passage. They blocked their path and shouted in unison. "Llll uh'eog nyarlathotep ng Pharaoh Nitocris!"

They then ran down towards them with their Khopesh raised up high. Jobert tighten his grip on Nora before pulling out his Mle.1915 Ruby pistol with his other hand. He quickly fired off a few rounds, hitting a few in the legs and the stomach. However, after exhausting all nine rounds he was forced to drop Nora to avoided a swing from a Khopesh by a dog humanoid. It then tries to slash as his stomach with the Khopesh. Jobert managed to avoid the slash before kicking the soldier down the stairs, resulting in it being crushed by falling rubble. Another foot soldier with a cat's head had an egyption dagger. It then tackled Jobert to the ground. As the two grapples with one another on the stairs, more foot soldiers begin to race forward. Nora had regained enough of her strength to grab ahold of her weapon and aim it up at the top of the pyramids entrance. Jobert notices this and tried to call out to her to stop but it was too late. She shot and fired, the explosion sent them flying down to their deaths, but also released the pressurized salt acid gas. Though most of the gas rose out of the pyramids entrance some in its liquid form hits Nora's unprotected left side of her face. With her Aura drained there was nothing to stop the acid from doing its work, and she felt it intensely.

Embolden by Nora's screams of pain, Jobert quickly found his inner strength and pushes the cat humanoid off him before planting his trench knife into its neck. Retrieving it he quickly ran to Nora and carried her bridal style out of the crumbling pyramid. Jobert quickly raced out of the opening as the desert sand begins to bury the cursed pyramid along with the bodies and tents of the expedition. Jobert struggled to carry an unconscious Nora and her massive weapon, but surviving the war was not a cake walk either. He trudged onwards till he manages to escape the sinking sands behind him. As he finally escaped the canyon, he dared looked back to see that as the dust storm raises from the cursed pyramid. A face formed within the sand clouds eruption. It lets out a silent scream before disappearing into the early morning sun. As he watches the dust float away, he remembered that Nora was hit by compressed salt acid trap. He quickly looked down at Nora's face to find to his horror that her entire left side of her face has melted away. She no longer had any skin; her eye has turned to mush and her teeth showed through her lips.

"Mère de Dieu! Hang in their English girl! Just hold on." Jobert shouts as he removes his jacket and ripped off his right sleeve off his shirt and tied it around Nora's head. He then placed back on his jacket and picks her up. He made tracks north with hasten speed, leaving the accursed canyon and its damned pyramid to be lost to time.

Cairo Egypt a week later. (If the song is still going on, you can stop it now.)

Jobert Walks through the bustling streets of Cairo. He was still in uniform and had his weapons on him, but underneath his arm was a picnic basket. Filled with fruits that he bought, but also two tickets for a ship to England. As he walked through the bustling streets of Cairo, he was humming the French national anthem as he enters a small apartment. He begins his ascension up the lobby stairs till he reached a room at the end of the hall. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a key before inserting it into the lock door. Once unlocked he entered the three-room apartment and set the fruit aside on the table before walking towards the master bedroom. He hesitantly stands at the door before opening it, inside the master bedroom laid Nora. She was left undisturbed on the Egyption matrass for a few days now, she has been asleep ever since they had escaped the pyramid. Half her face was wrapped in medical bandages that reached down to her shoulders. Next to her was the fascinating weapon that she had on her. It was a strange weapon that can transform from a mighty Warhammer, to a multi-shot grenade launcher. He would have left it to bake in the blistering heat of the desert if it wasn't for that British plane flying overhead. Still once back in Cairo, the girl had to go through multiple surgeries to save what was left of her face. The doctors weren't optimistic about her survival, but thanks to a somewhat cruel miracle, she pulled through. Unfortunately, the acid chewed away at the left side of her face, leaving behind a scar that will forever condemn her to a medical mask to hide it from the world. As he inspects her sleeping form, he noticed in the corner of his eye that one of the fruits from the bowl on the table was missing. Realizing this he gave a small smirk before saying.

"The Doctors said you would wake up this afternoon. But seeing your no normal English girl, I would find it to be a waist to have brunch by lonesome self without some company." Jobert said in a thick French accent causing the unconscious Nora to giggle a little.

"What a shame indeed, oh who will join me when I have an entire plate of crapes just waiting for some silly little girl with a hammer to consume them all. Perhaps I'll pluck a young one from the street. From what I understand, little girls today do love it when elderly men steal them away from there childish games of, whack-a-mole." Nora couldn't help herself. The giggle turned into a full-blown laughter.

"Phss ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I'm sorry, but your accent is still funny!" Nora said as she sits up from her bed with one tear of laughter running down her right side of her face.

"Heh, heh. It's good to hear that you are doing well. Now I'll leave you to shower and change. I'll have Brunch ready in half an hour." Jobert said before giving her a polite nod and left to cook some breakfast.

Once gone Nora slowly left her bed and moved towards the closet. Inside were a few articals of clothing that Jobert had bought for her to wear. Some felt a little girly for her, a few didn't look that eye catching. However, she noticed a French fashion magazine and quickly flipped through it. She didn't understand the language, but she could see the pictures. She noticed a few of the clothing articals were in the closet. So, after looking around she made up her mind and quickly grabbed a few clothes and head into the bathroom for a quick shower with a few clothes under her arm.

Outside Jobert was setting up brunch in the miniature kitchen. He had set up a few strawberry crepes with some sugar sprinkled on top, along with two mugs filled with a hand-crafted latte. As he sets down the plates Nora exits the room, freshly washed and dress. She was wearing a dark orange flapper dress with her navy-blue bomber jacket. On her feet was her white boots. Her face however, was disturbing to see without the aid of a porcelain face mask covering her the injuries. It was neatly tucked into a white cloche hat that held it in place, with the help of white elastic cloth wrapped around her head like a patch.

"Well, how do I look?" Nora asked as she does a little spin in her flapper dress. Jobert didn't admire her new dress, but rather felt guilty that she was condemned to wear that dolls mask forever.

"You look… charmant." Jobert said with a sadden tone. He quickly hides his apathetic nature with a small polite smile before pointing to the crepes he had set down.

He watched in amazement as Nora chowed down on the few crepes with lack of table manners or care for her recent disfigurement. She quickly finished the meal before leaning back and giving a small burp.

"Oh… um sorry." She said as she wiped her face clean of the strawberry Sause.

"… It's um… fine." Jobert said as he grabs his mug. "So, Ms. Valkyrie, If it's alright, I wish for you to divulge me with tales of your life. Where is your home and how did you end up down there?"

"Um, I don't know exactly how. My memories on how I ended up down there are kinda funky. As for my home, well… I never really had a home or a family I guess." Nora answered uncomfortable before prepping up. "Oh, but I do have Renny."

"Renny?" Jobert asked with a brow raised.

"Oh, yeah. Ren saved me when this huge Grimm burn down his village. I was passing through, scrounging off some old bread when it attacked. He pulled me under a destroyed house so it couldn't find us." Nora explained why'll looking down at her mug. "After it left… I was back on the road, with Ren. The Grimm killed his parent… but we recently passed through his old village and killed that creep."

"Uh, tell me Ms. Valkyrie. What is a Grimm?" Jobert asked before taking a sip from his mug.

"You know, Beowolfs, Ursais, Death Stalkers…" As Nora continued on, she noticed that her host was completely lost in details about what she was talking about. "Um… Boarbatusks?"

"Sorry, I'm unaware of these creatures you speak off. Perhaps you can tell me what region do these Grimm, occupy." Jobert said as he leans back in his chair.

"… You have not met a single Grimm, not once?" Nora asked with her only brow raised in awestruck.

"Oui not once." Jobert confirmed.

"… That's physically impossible, and I once killed a Grimm by ripping out it's skull and beating it to death with it." She remarks as she leans back in shock. "They literally are all over Remnant, nearly brought humanity to the verge of extinction."

This raised more questions for Jobert. So, he quickly finished his latte and asked a few questions of his own. "Tell me, Mme. Valkyrie. What is this Remnant you speak of? Cause I guaranty there is no undiscovered land mass with such creatures onshore."

Nora eye went wide in shock. Like Jobert had knocked a plate of pancakes into the trash with no regards to them.

"Bu, wha. Dude! Remnant is the name of the planet we live on. You know, the one with a cracked moon and four contents. Sanus, Solitas, Anima, Menagerie." Nora explains.

"Again, I don't understand what world you described; but this is earth, we have seven continents. Africa Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America." Jobert said as he points to a globe on a cabinet near the window. "And, we don't have a cracked moon. Either."

Nora looked deeply at the globe. After a few moments of staring she stood up and approached the globe. She carefully studied the globe for a few moments before collapsing backwards onto a chair. Her face gave an expression of shock, horror, and disbelief. To her, the world just fell all around her.

"Monty almighty…" Nora remarks as she looks up at the ceiling.

Jobert recognized her look of horror and despair. It was the same look young French boys would make when the order to take the line. And just like those long dead French boys he felt nothing more but pity for this strange alien girl. So, he simply puts his hand on her shoulder to comfort her. She looked up with a tearful, and slightly horrified eye.

"(Sigh) Apologies, but I do not know your stress you're going through. I should have chosen my words more carefully." Jobert apologies.

"It's fine." Nora said trying to play off her sadness as nothing. Jobert wondered if this strange girl was mad to suggest being from another planet. But then again after coming face to face with those horrors beneath that damnable pyramid, he was open to suggestions.

"Well… tell me about your world." Jobert said as he grabs a stool and sat in front of her. "Perhaps I can also tell you about mine in exchange."

Nora gave a small nod and begins to regale her tales of Remnant. A planet with a cracked moon and creatures called Grimm. As she talked about the world, Jobert sat and listened to her adventures and tales of the planet called Remnant. Once she had finished explaining everything, from the witch known as Salem, to her deep friend Lei Ren; Jobert told her about his planet. He gave her simple history about current events, and what had happened in the tombs back in the desert. Nora learned the world was engulfed in a horrific world war recently, multiple people died to what can be chalked up to Nationalism and stupidity. 39 Million perished because of a single radical's bullet from a country that was smaller than their own. To add more insult to injury, both sides had the time and resources to make weapons of mass terror and death to kill each other quickly. Poison gas, tanks, flame throwers. Combine that with old tactics that was a recipe for mass casualties.

Its horrified Nora to hear how a world that was not isolated due to unending monstrosities, there was still war and humans themselves become the monsters. However, as she felt the despair of the afterthought, Jobert brought her back from the edge by talking about his experience during the war. Even provided a few articals and pictures of his struggle from his journal de guerre. As she skimmed through his journal de guerre, she reached the end where there was a picture of him receiving a medal.

"What, this one about?" She asked as she points to the article.

"The day I was awarded the Légion d'honneur for saving all of France from a communist Coup." Jobert explains.

"What's a communist?" Nora asked.

"It's an idea that states that the people should be treated fairly. That the workers and those who work for the common good should get equal share as the rich." Jobert explains.

"That, doesn't sound so bad." Nora remarks.

"True, but how communist seize power is what made the world fear them. They plant bombs, beat those who disagree into submission, kill countries leaders. A good example would have to be the former Russian emperor, and his entire family. Every single one was killed. Including their children." Jobert concluded.

"Sweat merciful Oum, that's horrible." Nora remarks.

"Yeah, and just like Russia, they tried to kill off the heads of government along with their family and supporters. Not because it was for the people, but simply because they wish to be the ones in charge." Jobert said.

"Oum, I heard stories about people like that. Met a few as well… so what happened to them?" Nora asked.

"They were tried and executed, those who surrendered at least. The rest died fighting." Jobert answers.

"Well, guess that sounds fair… so you became a hero for saving your country?" Nora asked.

"Oui, but I fear sooner or later it will come back to bite me." Jobert said as he held his head down low.

"How come?" Nora asked.

"Communism is an idea, and you can't kill an idea." Jobert answers. "It will be a matter of time before a communist assassin, comes for me or my famille."

Nora was stunned by this, a war hero killed by radicals. It reminds her of the White Fang, how they attacked Beacon; a school that trains generations of defenders. All on the whim of a zealous psychopath. It hit really close to her.

"Can't you hire a body guard or something?" Nora asked, to which Jobert remained quiet. However, a small smile peered on his lips.

"That, is what I am about to propose Ms. Valorie." Jobert answers.

"What?" Nora asked with a confused look on half her face.

"You seem to be stranded on my world with no hope of returning to yours. However, Paris is about to be the home to the new Bibliothèque américaine in Paris. A library containing multiple books in English, donated by the Americans during the war. It will open for public use next fall. A few books donated came from big name universities, Harvard, Yale, Brown, Miskatonic. Perhaps there is a book that may help you return home." Jobert remarks.

"Really? That sounds great, I bet Renny misses me." Nora said with a half-smile.

"But question is, where will you stay and how to pay for it? Paris is a large and ancient city. And the fact that you can't speak la langue doesn't help either." Jobert pointed out.

"Oh… Yeah." Nora responds as she looks down,

"This is where I come in." Jobert said cheerfully catching Nora's attention. "You see as I said before it's only a matter of time, however I do not wish for the demise of my beloved femme et fils. So, I wish to hire a body guard. Seeing how you managed to fend off Pharaoh Nitocris and her inhuman army with relative ease, you are the ideal choice for a body guard for my young son Oliver."

Nora was intrigued by this offer. She had nowhere to go and completely disfigured by the acid. She didn't want to do anything… disturbing to get by, but taking a job as a bodyguard has its own risk and moral dilemmas. So, she asked cautiously.

"What do I get in return… beside access to the library?" Nora asked hesitantly.

"A salary of 25 Francs per day, three warm meals, living space, Sundays off, and of course access to my wife's personal library that has been in her family for generations." This all sounds too good to be true for Nora. She was right at the end he added the one absolute guide for the job. "All I asked in return, is that you protect my son… to the death."

Nora thought about these conditions for a moment. He hasn't taken her for advantage yet, and did save her from Pharaoh Nitocris tomb. So, after thinking it over she spoke up. "I will… on one condition."

"…Name it." Jobert said with a straight face.

"Pancakes, every morning for breakfast and we have a deal." Nora said with a serious tone. This completely caught Jobert off guard. Still he managed to rebound with a faint chuckle.

"Heh, Heh You are a very strange English girl." Jobert said as he held out his hand to shake. "Very well, I accept your condition d'arrangement."

"Alright then, I'll guard your kid to the death… also of course I'm strange, at least that doesn't make me boring." Nora remarks with a small smile as she shakes Jobert's hand.

"Car c'est la vérité et rien de plus." Jobert remarks causing Nora to respond with "What?"

"… We will also have to work on your French on the journey back home." Jobert said as he pulls two boat tickets to England. They then went over the day talking about each other and their life's, completely unaware that they were being watched.

A few days later, boarding the boat to England by the opening near the Nile.

Jobert was packed and ready to go, so was Nora. They spent the few days getting Nora accustom to the French language and culture. She seemed to get the grasp of counting to ten and simple words. However, she has proven to have a small attention span. Still, a few weeks out at sea will give Jobert time to teach her… and come up with an explanation to why Nora was with him.

As they waited in line, a family of three were boarding when the ticket blew out of the newly mother's hands.

"tadhakar laqarbi! She shouts in Arabic as the tickets flew out of her grasp.

Nobody could rightly grab the pieces of paper. As it flew overboard, Nora quickly tossed aside her suitcase and was about to dive after them. But the papers didn't fell down into the water below, however instead they flew past the Nile river and was carried off by the strong wind. Seeing that they were going down the street, Nora quickly readjusted herself and jumped off the ledge of the railing. Using it to leap onto land and quickly chase after it.

"Hold on, I'll get them!" Nora shouts back to the surprised mother as Nora races after the tickets. She wasn't around to hear Jobert call for her. As she chased after the tickets, it strangely made twist and turns in the air as it curved with peculiar acracy. She nearly managed to grab it when it turns a hard right and she raced forward into a produce cart.

"mushahadatuh fatat ghabiyatan!" The driver shouts in Arabic as Nora quickly raced past him

"Sorry!" She shouts as she raced past the driver and down a dark alleyway. She spots the tickets and was about to grab them when someone else grabbed them.

The figure was standing quite a tall, lean man of dead black coloration. Despite the color of… everything; he wasn't of African descent. His clothes compelled of multiple lairs with the same shade of black. He was not at all horrifying to look at, but at the same time it was like a painting that was not one. Nora, didn't know how to respond to this towering figure. However, it seems that she didn't have too he approached her and handed her the tickets.

"I believe you dropped these my dear." He said in a disturbingly commanding tone.

"Um, kinda. A woman boarding the same boat dropped these…" Nora responds as she takes the papers from the man. "Still… thank you Mr… um."

The strange man lets out a small yet haunting chuckle "I've had many names, but you may call me Mr. Skin if you like."

He then held out his hand to shake hers. Nora was hesitant on shaking. On one hand it was considered rude not to shake his, but on the other hand. Every single fiber of her being was screaming for her to run, don't even touch him. He was horrifying beyond comprehension. After a few moments she mustered the courage to shake his hand, however hers was shaking. As it got closer, sweat begins to pour out of every pour with intensity and she couldn't stop shaking. Her hand was just about to touch his when she was stopped by Jobert calling her name.

"Nora! There you are English girl! The captain gave her a spare one, you didn't have too…" Jobert stopped when his eyes made contact with the strange man Nora was with. "Mrs. Valkyrie… who is he?"

Before the black man spoke first. "It does not matter; I was just leaving."

"Right, guess so are we." Jobert said as he grabbed Nora's left hand with his right. Only reason why he didn't do it with his left was that in the short time he was in this man's presence. His hand didn't leave his pistol. "Adieu étranger."

"Same to you as well, I wish you two a mgepnnn bug." The stranger said before turning to leave as well.

"Um… thanks." Nora respond having no idea what he said. "See you later Mr. Skin."

Jobert gave Nora a strange look. He then thought to himself "Where did I heard Mr. Skin before?" After a few moments, a sudden and sick realization came into his head. He quickly spun around to give the stranger one last glance. However, he mysteriously vanished without a trace.

"Where did Mr. Skin go?" Nora asked with a complexed tone. She didn't know if she should be disappointed for judging a stranger by his creepy looks or be happy, he was gone.

"I… I don't know." Jobert answers with equal anxiety.

After a few moments the two turn back to the road and head back to the ship, each feeling more horrified then what trauma they experience down below in that pyramid. Only by being out of egyption waters would they feel any sort of semblance sense of safety. As they walked away a soft jazz band begins to play as the view shifts upward towards the sky.

Play Seven Nation Army

Postmodern Jukebox version

I'm gonna fight 'em all
A seven nation army couldn't hold me back
They're gonna rip it off
Taking their time right behind my back

And I'm talking to myself at night
Because I can't forget
Back and forth through my mind
Behind a cigarette
And the message coming from my eyes
Says leave it alone

Don't want to hear about it
Every single one's got a story to tell
Everyone knows about it
From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell

And if I catch it coming back my way
I'm gonna serve it to you
And that ain't what you want to hear
But that's what I'll do
And the feeling coming from my bones
Says find a home

I'm going to Wichita
Far from this opera for evermore
I'm gonna work the straw
Make the sweat drip out of every pore
And I'm bleeding, and I'm bleeding, and I'm bleeding
Right before the lord
All the words are gonna bleed from me
And I will sing no more
And the stains coming from my blood
Tell me go back home