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Nearby the Diner along the old road to Huston.

3rd POV

The view remained dark. No lights of any kind. However the only thing one can hear is the sound of a horn. Honking on off in the distance. As the sound of the car horn mixed with the pattering of rain continues on for a few moments a lighting strikes of in the distant causing the scene to slowly light up. The scene reveals the interior of the car. Glass spread about with set's of personnel affection along the leather seats. What was most noticeable was the car side window. It was broken on the inside, and who ever broke it must have cut themselves because there was blood dripping from the side. As the blood mix with the water, a familiar face appeared before the broken window. Another lightning strike reveals it to be Weiss. As she inspects the crash a voice called out.

"Jesus Christ… the hell happen?" Fausta asked as she raced over to it.

"The car must have been hit by lighting, causing her to crash." Another voice, recognized as Gram remarks as he points to the burns on the front of the car.

"I doubt that. I didn't see any lighting strike." Fausta states as she recalls the crash.

"It has to be. What other reason she had to crash your vehicle Ms. Bell?" Sheriff Gram points out.

"I don't know. What reason would she have to steal it?" Fausta asked.

"Don't know. She must have been spooked by something." Weiss states as she noticed the mud trail leading into the woods. By the way it looked it seems that the poor girl was running from something. Though no other tracks then her own can be seen. As she looked over the track's Weiss noticed something. A strange looking medallion of sort's laying on the ground. Looking it over she wondered if Ms. Marsh dropped it or what ever was chasing her did.

"Who else other then those tontos de mente pequeño could she be running from?" Fausta asked as she pushes back her hat before retrieving her Winchester from the back.

"Can't say. Cobettes ain't as vicious as they are back home. And It ain't bear season yet." Sheriff Gram remarks as he scratches the back of his head. "Even then it would be safer to stay inside."

"Bear? Sherriff, you'll be more likely to be attacked by a jack rabbit then a bear. Specially down in these parts." Fausta scolded.

As the two talked about animals that could have spooked her, Weiss picked the medalian off the ground and wiped away the mud with her prosetict. She couldn't get a good look, due to the darkness. However as she let's her eyes adjust a faint light entered her periphery vision. She looked up only to notice a strange color having slithered away in the distance. Flickering with the strikes from the lighting. As she watches it disappears into the darkness of the woods, a shiver runs down Weiss spine before memories of something she had overheard took her mind. "Perhaps, it's this Dead Light's you mentioned, sheriff."

"Doubt it Reina de nieve." Fausta states as she turned to Weiss. "It will be more likely for us to be struck by lightning then that to ever happen."

As she said that a lightning bolt hits the car causing the two to jump back. After a few moments Gram remarks. "A choice fit of words Ms. Bell. Though I think the weather may have increased them odds."

Fausta simply rolled her eyes before noticing Weiss walking back to the Dinner. She quickly chased after her with Gram following soon after. Weiss has spotted that strange color a handful of times now. She wanted to know now more then ever what was really going on. Recalling how there was a wall of news articals on the wall, perhaps she can get an idea what this thing is. More importantly find out why did Mrs. Miller let Marsh go without a fight. Upon entering the door she was strangle greeted with the similar phrase, "Howdy there, I'll be with ya in a minute!"

As Ms. Miller was tending to behind the counter, Weiss moved to the wall with news articals. Strangely Ms. Miller called out to her. "Hey little Missy, I said I'll be with you in a moment!"

"I just have to check your wall Ms. Miller." Weiss called out only to get a strange response from her.

"I'm sorry, but have we met youngling?" Ms. Miller asked.

"… Yes… not five minutes ago... when we brought in Marsh." Weiss said as she turned around to face her.

"Um I think I would recall if we had ever met. And I certainly don't recall seeing you in my entire life. Let alone in the last five minutes with one of the Marshes." Mrs. Miller said with a bit more seriousness in her tone.

"But we… (Sigh) Doesn't matter. If it's alright do you have an article on the deadlights?" Weiss asked as she scoured the wall for any details on it.

"That old story? You barge into my little shop for that tall-tale?" Mrs. Miller asked with a brow raised. Weiss was about remark that she was here when Fausta and Gram came back in. Seeing Gram in his Sheriff uniform, Mrs. Miller approaches him. "Sir, I don't mean to bother you but this young lady has been quite intrusive."

"Considering what happened I think you can forgive her Mrs. Miller." Sheriff Gram remarks.

"Why I never. I'd watch your tone Mr… Gram. I'd know the town sheriff by name and one phone call can cause you a lot of trouble." Mrs. Miller threaten in a huff before walking behind the counter. Gramm and Fausta looked at each other with a confused look on there face. She was acting strange like she hadn't even met each other. After a few moments the two gave a shrug before walking over to the board that Weiss was looking for.

"What are you even looking for?" Fausta asked noticing Weiss pillaging the board.

"That news article, on the deadlights." Weiss answers as she collected a few files.

"What does that even have to do with Ms. Marshes irregular actions?" Sheriff gram asked.

"I've been seeing those lights for some time now. It's possible that they are connected." Weiss states as she found the article about it.

"Lights?" Gram asked with a raised brow before turning to Fausta. "What's she even talking about?"

"Trust me, half the things she says is either snobbish or blabber that could stutter a physicists." Fausta said before taking a seat at a nearby she made a wave to Mrs. Miller to bring a round of coffee over. "Best to nod and pretend you know what she's talking about. Saves you the bottle of aspirin."

Gram gave a dubious look before coming to the same conclusion. He sat across from Fausta and waved Mrs. Miller down. Weiss on the other hand was sitting at the counter next to a bowl of fruit, pushing aside the pages with her only hand as she looked over the multiple news articals. One news article she found had more information then the others.

Strange lights, Strange sights. By Allen Bligh

A week after the meteorite crashed landed in the local Marsh farmstead, reports of a strange light roaming the countryside had begone to surface. Some claims it was like wisp, moving about freely. Other's say it's a devilish incursion. Then there is the worrisome number of missing residents and sudden cases of amnesia. There homes still with there things and yet they upped in the blue. The current theory about this phenomenon is that it is connected to that meteorite. When the meteorite first crashed landed, the head of house John Marsh reported that there was a strange light emulating from it. Along with difficulties recalling what transpire within the minute. Officials call for everyone to remain calm and a dispatch of Huntsville finest are on there way to investigate further."

"Huh, so the girls familia got a space rock in their front yard." Fausta remarks as she snatches one of the fruit from the bowl. "Though I fail to see what has to do with her."

"When we first found Ms. Marsh, she was terrified of something. Mentioning a light. Then the times she ran I couldn't help but notice a bizarre light myself." Weiss explains as she looks up to see Mrs. Miller eyeing them carfully. "Excuse me, Mrs. Miller. Where is the Marsh Farmstead?"

"Why should I tell you? You haven't been courteous with me since you arrived." Mrs. Miller said not leveling her eye.

"Because the sooner I know, the sinner I get out of your establishment." Weiss explains as she rolled her eyes.

This caused Mrs. Miller to squint in disappointment. She was temped to remain silent because of Weiss attitude but she much prefer it if they leave. So after a few moments she remarks, "Head back the way you came. About ten miles down on your right should be a dirt patch. Should lead you straight to it."

"Thank you, Now, come along Ms. Fausta. We got a mystery to solve." Weiss said as she got up from her seat. Fausta gave a perplex face, pretty odd phrasing that Weiss solved, and she sure as hell didn't know how she was dragged into this. However deep down Weiss was trying hard not to be giddy. She always wanted to say that. But before the two could leave the woman cleared her throat.

"Eh hem. You forgot to pay." Mrs. Miller said leaning over the table.

Wiess and Fausta gave a confused look before the woman points to the apple in Fausta's hand. The two realizing that, Weiss reached down into her jacket pocket and pulled out a nickel. She then placed it on the table before remarking, "Sorry. I'd thought those were for the table."

"Well your wrong Honey. This ain't communist Russia, everyone pays. And it's a dime." Mrs. Miller remarks with her arm cross. Weiss rolled her eyes as she goes for her wallet, pulling out a single dollar and putting it on the table.

"Got any change?" Weiss asked.

"Sorry. I ain't got any." Mrs. Miller said with a smug smile. Weiss twitched in anger at this woman. She had half a mind to pull her weapon on her but just grabbed an apple from the bowl and walked off with it.

"You know I could have returned it." Fausta remarked as they exited the building.

"And give her the satisfaction?" Weiss asked.

"Hey, Tu dinero señora." Fausta remarked with a shrug, before realizing something. "So how do you expect to get to this farmstead? I don't think that car won't be driving no more."

"That… that part I didn't think of. But I'm sure I'll think of something." Weiss remarks before going to take a bite. Before she could however, Sheriff Gram walked on out.

"Perhaps I can give you both a lift." Sheriff Gram remarks as he pulls out his keys.

"Huh, really?" Fausta asked with a brow raised in curiosity. "I ain't one to look a gift hoarse in the mouth but why help us?"

"Just being a good neighbor Ma'am. Sides I'm also curious to see where this lead goes." Sheriff Gram answers honestly as he hands Weiss her dollar back.

"Well, that's good. I'd doubt the lady will allow us to stay inside while waiting for a cab." Weiss remarks as she takes a bite from the apple. Suddenly she spat it out.

What was suppose to be a juicy apple ended up tasting like a mixture of expired orange juice and toothpaste. Except four times worst. It nearly caused her to vomit as she spat out the apple and proceeded to try and clean her mouth of this disgusting taste. She then starts cursing out a storm for the horrific piece of fruit. Leaving Sheriff Gram and Fausta to deal with a Schnee's cursing for the trip to the Marsh's farmstead.

30 PAINFUL minutes later

"Ugh, that woman. No regards for people and she had the nerve to call me a commie? Any good capitalist would recognize the self-harm in discrimination or how serving terrible fruit for a dime. I swear give me a check for ten hundred and I'll have her business gone and buried. First, I'd secure a better deal for quality apples, then start a smear campaign, as I bring in more wealth I'd start employing more and more people to run my own farm, put this stinking town on the map. With the increase money and reputation those smear campaigns will not only push her out of town but destroy her chances of ever opening one of those infernal dinners ever again." Weiss rambled on before continuing on the possible risk and avenues on destroying Mrs. Miller's business, the view pulls to the front of the Automobile. Fausta is smoking her fifth cigarette trying hard to ignore Weiss. After a few moments Gram finally spoke up.

"She's… well she's a real chatter box that one." Gram said as he taps the steering wheel in annoyance.

"You've got no idea cobre." Fausta said as she takes a drag from her cigarette. After exhaling she continued. "Once she's going it's near impossible to stop her. I swear either she just learned to speak or she really loves hearing her voice."

"Yeah, I know this one criminal. A gin runner. Every time we bring him to the station we just hear him going on and on with some of the most creative insults. Like this one, he called officer Collins a Motherfucker. That's a first. I've been called Jay and pig all the time but a mother fornicator? Heh, that's a new one." Gram said with a small smile.

"Hmm, I've heard it from this loud mouth back in my outlaw days. Caused a crowed of onlookers to faint at the mere mention. Heard it from some of those jazz players near the Louisiana boarder. Think it's catching on out east." Fausta hummed.

"Huh, Really? Well here's hoping that doesn't catch on. I'd hate to imagine my kid listening to music that speaks 'mother fucker', every other word." Gram said as he reaches for his pocket and pulled out his brand of smokes. As he got to work lighting one, he failed to notice a tree had collapsed in front until it was nearly to late.

"Oh shit!" Gram screamed as the cigarette falls from his mouth and he quickly scrambles to turn the wheel. The car swirled around the fallen tree and accidently hit's the back of the car's side. This caused the car to shut off and the two to bash against the right side. Fausta and Gram were alright nothing but a few bruises. Weiss on the other hand, she had the misfortune of having whiplash. As everyone let out groans in agony, Weiss came up front.

"Hey, you brain dead Dolts! Didn't you hear me when I was shouting that there was a tree in the way!?" Weiss demanded to know as she held the back of her neck.

"Ugh madre de Dios did you? Must have successfully blocked that voice of yours out." Fausta remarks sarcastically as she rubbed her head before retrieving her cigarette from the dashboard.

"… very funny. Vieja bruja." Weiss cursed with the squint of her eyes.

"Ugh, least we were lucky that it didn't crush the car." Gramm remarks as he looked ahead at the fallen tree. Upon closer inspection it seemed that it was burned from the stump which was peculiar. Specially seeing that he didn't recall any lightning strikes before. He shrugged this off and twist the keys, only to hear a putter from the engine.

"You had to say something?" Fausta retorts as she takes a drag.

"(Sigh) Hold on a second. This old girl always has engine problems." Gram replies as he tries again. The car continued to sputter with no response. He continued to Rev the engine for a few minutes till the lights turned on. Or at least that's what's he thought. There was a strange light illuminating in front catching everyone's attention.

Looking up the group spot's it… it wasn't a light like they ever seen before. A wisp, illuminating the most eccentric colors never before seen. Colors that have no words to describe them. It was… hypnotic. The two up front couldn't keep their eyes off it. Weiss however found herself to be resistant to this strange phenomenon. She watches in horror as that… ball of color moves towards them. She wasn't sure what to do when a squirrel hopped onto the hood of the car, hypnotized by the color itself. The color then branched out in a tendril of color, upon touching the squirrel the thing let's a painful scream before the colors surge through it. After a few painful moments the squirrel turns grey before becoming dust.

"Monty Almighty, Sheriff. Get us out of here!" Weiss barked in fright. Gram didn't head her. Rather he continued to stare on at the color before mumbling.

"It's… it's just a color… So why does it… burn?" Gram said in a near hypnotic state.

"By the gods, Fausta do something!" Weiss shouted turning to her compatriot. However it seems she too was lost in a trance.

"El color, ¿qué es? Es tan hermoso." (The color, what is it? It is so beautiful.) Fausta continued as she stared on at the color. Eventually the two reached out to it, with magnificent gaze as the color reaches out to them As it passes over the hood of the car, a quick rust began to set in where ever that tendril of light was close to. The only thing preventing it from touching the two was the glass windshield, course that won't last for long.

For added effect's play "Return to Arkham: HP Lovecraft Music" By Graham Plowman.

"Oh for the love of. Why must I do everything!" Weiss groaned as she leans forward and starts revving the engine. She didn't gave up despite her fifth attempt. As she rev's the engine a sixth time the glass began to crack with a brown stain of decay creeping along the edges. Just as the glass was about to break, she got the car started.

"Sorry Gram!" Wiess shouted as she used the tip of her blade Myrtenaster. Stabbing into his boot to push down on the gas.

He let out a painful shout as Weiss put the car into reverse. The car pulled away just as the glass shattered. Weiss spin the car around before shifting the stick into drive. The car sped off into the night as the color followed behind. Looking away from the lights seems to cause it to loose it's effect on Fausta and Gram. While that was good for Weiss, it wasn't so for Gram or his foot.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT THE HELL!" Gram screams in aguish as Weiss quickly removed her blade from his foot.

"Sorry, but it was kind of an emergency!" Weiss shouted as she pulled herself back.

"Emergency? Wait… what just happened?" Fausta asked as she try's to recall what happened. As she held her head in pain, her eyes turn up to the back mirror. There in the reflection she notices the light racing towards her. "Oh madre de dios, what the hell is that?"

"I don't know, but don't look directly at it!" Weiss snapped as she grabs Fausta's Winchester. She wasn't accustom to rifles like her partner but she wasn't going to use her precious dust just yet. Specially in front of Gram.

Weiss fired a few shot's none of them hitting the wisp. After the fifth shot, Fausta took back her rifle and fired off her own shot's. She didn't look directly at it, not wanting to be entangled by it's alienist like colors. She fired off the remaining rounds. All of them hit the wisp of colors yet nothing happened. It was like a gas, nothing could touch it, but it could touch them. Gram could see the color's in his rear view mirror, seeing the lights move on towards them despite being shot terrified Gram. He fought through the pain surging in his poor foot and stepped on the gas. He struggled but managed to kept the car on the muddy road. However no matter how fast he drove his car the light, it refused to relent in it's pursuit. Gram had to slow down to make a sharp turn in the road, allowing for the creature to catch up. Wrapping it's tendrils around the back of the car. Rust quickly settled into the spot's that it touched. Slowly allowing for the color to start shifting it's way in when luck favored the three. A lightning bolt struck the top of the car causing a massive otherworldly like scream. The creature let's go and flees back into the woods.

Gram dared not stop the car, but he could see the creature fleeing into the woods through the back mirror. After a few moments he asked. "Is that… thing, gone!?"

"For now… Rezo a Dios that is the last we see of that… color." Fausta replies as she loads her Winchester. "Just… what was that thing?"

"I don't know. For once. But something tells me that we will find out more at the Marsh homestead." Weiss states in shock as she notices the rust on the car. The view pulls away as the car speedily drives on through the winding road, making its way to the Marsh farmstead.

Five minutes after

The car came to a stop just outside the homestead of the Marsh farm. Surrounding the single story building was miles of orchid apples, either gone to waste or were blooming at an unimaginable size. Glowing with the same colors as that… thing. The farm was covered in strange weeds that had grown all along the crater hole located by a dead tree in the front yard. The front yard's grass was glowing a strange color of light pink. And the house looked run down and crooked. It was an eerie sight to behold, one that causes those who behold it to turn back. But these three, like it or not couldn't leave this homestead. Weiss was first to leave the car, armed with her Myrtenaster she slowly approaches the house leaving her two compatriots behind at the car. Sheriff Gram left the car first and went around back to see what the damage was done to the car.

"Ugh, look at this. My chief will have field day with this." Gram muttered to himself at the sight of the entrenchment of rust on the back.

"Just be glad it was the car and just that." Fausta said cutting into the conversation. "Could have been a lot worst for us if it had caught us."

"(Sigh) I know, but still. Had I known what colors could do I'd would have kept on moving." Gram remarks as he open the trunk and retrieved a double barrel from the back.

"Hmm, Yeah… still, what's your take on that… color? Don't even know what color it is to be honest." Fausta asked as she shudders at that color.

"I'll be honest. Can't exactly recall what color it is either. Nothing that I have ever seen and certainly not the friendliest either." Gram replies as he then grabs a first aid kit from out of the trunk before closing it.

"Weiss is convinced it came on the meteorite like a creature from another world." Fausta said as she leans against the car.

"That what you think it is as well?" Gram asked as he loads two shells inside his shotgun.

"I'm not quite sure. Far as I know, it could be a number of things. But I do know one thing, if that thing could take a 45-70 gov round without being phased what could a face full of buck shot do?" Fausta pointed out.

"Hmm, same could be said to your companion's sword." Gramm said as he leans against the car and removed his shoe and sock. Weiss Myrtenaster had pierced in-between his dorsalis and lateral Tarsal Artery's. So he wasn't bleeding to death but he certainly felt an intense pain in his foot. He began wrapping a bandage over it as Fausta retorts back.

"That blade of hers is surprisingly versatile, seen her take down two drunks in a pub with it." Fausta claimed.

"Really? And a color monster as well?" Gram asked with a raised brow.

"Well… not a color monster. But I've seen what that blade can do. On things that normal bullets won't work on." Fausta said as she pulled out a cigarette.

"Huh, is that so?" Gram asked having a hard time believing what she was talking about. "Remind me, where did you find her again?"

"Australia, and it's a long story." Fausta said as she strikes up a match. As she does, a loud scream can be heard from within the house along side a bolt of lightning.

The two heard it and immediately ran for the house. That scream sounded like Weiss and she was trouble. They barged in through the front door, before spotting Weiss against the wall. Her eyes were widen in horror and staring on in disgust and fear for what was in the other room. Looking inside it was easy to see what she was horrified by. Lighting flashed to reveal that inside, was a group of corpses. They were mangled, brutally carved up by an axe. But that wasn't the worst of it, parts of there bodies that exposed showed signs of horrific burns. A ungodly smell filled the three's nostrils and the bodies glowed the same unusual hue as the lights that chased them.

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