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Inside the Marsh Farmstead

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3rd POV

The view opened up inside the living room. The family that lived here was spewed out all on the ground in gruesome fashion. Someone had taken an axe to them, and gave each and every single one forty or so whacks. Yet that wasn't the end of it, there corpses were burn with an unknown flame. It looked like any burnt victim however their flesh wasn't a crispy black, rather a sodding curling as if the parts that were burn had bubbled up like a terrible blistering wart. All with that disturbing color glowing within. The mere sight was overwhelming for her. She recalls the corpses of the farmer and his wife in the Brunswick Farms, and the mutilated body of headmaster Lionheart, but this… this unnatural, sight and putrid smell was beyond words. Her legs gave out as she held her mouth in shock and disgust with a scream leaving her. Her two companions came running in to see the horrific sight and right away their reactions were the variously similar to hers.

"Madre de Dios." Fausta remarks as she held her hand over her mouth.

"W-What in his holy name did such a thing?" Gram remarks with equal disgust at the sight.

Weiss couldn't say a word. The mere sight of them was just to much to bare. Seeing a family of three splattered out on the ground. The Childs head, with his mouth open on a gape. Weiss couldn't stand it but neither could she look away. It took a full minute of shock and disgust before Fausta could help Weiss up to her feet. She had seen the horrors of war, so did Gram but this. She could barely stomach it. Taking Weiss away Gram was about to close the door to the living room when Weiss stopped her.

"Wait… don't… not yet." Weiss said getting out from Fausta's grasp. "There… could be something, to explain what happened in there."

"Um… you sure. I could barely stomach that and I doubt you fare any better." Gram said hesitantly.

"Unfortunately… we need to check this house. Whether we like it not we must look inside… so… let's just get it over with." Weiss confirmed.

Gram looked up at Fausta. She was hesitant about entering much more knowing Weiss would enter. Yet she knew only real way to figure out what is going on is in that room. So cautiously the sheriff opens the door wide, exposing the mangled corpses. With deep gulps the three enter the room before searching it. Despite the bodies, there was no sign of burn marks. However traces of decay can be found in almost a trail pattern on the ground. From the fireplace to a door leading out into the halls. At the base of that fireplace was a smashed ebony vase with strange golden holographs of a Babylonian nature. However it's details were no longer recognizable. With that there was nothing of note inside the room. With relief and hesitation, the three followed the trail of decay into the hall. It's trail had not only left decaying wood in it's tracks, but a trail of broken glass and loose hanging wires. They followed the trail into the last room on the left, that led into a study. Door was completely broken down, not with brute force but as if decay was a form of drill. Inside the study was a singular body, and the trail leading out of a shattered window.

He didn't went the way of his family, rather by the look of it he took his own life with the aid of a scattergun. Multiple shell was lying about and there were multiple holes in the wall. Clearly, he fought something before turning to drastic measures. His body was burnt just like the family however it was only skin deep, so he died before what ever did this left their mark. Looking around the three found no signs of what ever had attacked him was injured. They discovered a safe that was still locked remained untouched for some time under a desk. Clearly this wasn't done as a form of robbery or if it was, money was not the target. Fausta could hardly see what she was doing but could spot multiple electric wires going out to a small cabin. Weiss figured it must be a generator of some kind. Deciding to get some proper lights Fausta and Weiss headed on over to see if they can get the lights on. Gram was about to follow when he trampled something. Looking down he found a strange book of sorts lying on the ground. Sleek black with the cover and it's first dozen pages reduced to decaying shreds upon touch, had the words vaguely readable saying 'Journal'. Curious Gram open the book to the first readable page. He managed to find one two months prior.

'Entry 275, June 13th 1922: I've found what I'm looking for after all this time. Now I can put an end to this ever-living nightmare maybe I'm not sure what I have done can ever be forgiven for what I have wrought... but perhaps this could slow the tide of what she has plan. When I finish what I started all those years ago. Just have to figure out this ritual, shouldn't be that hard compare to the stuff I have dug out of the Attic of our old home. But then again this occult, nonsense is always a bloody pain. Killing those Abominations, that I have spawned with my half sister is my responsibility, my living nightmare ... my punishment.'

'Entry 276, June 27th 1922: It has arrived. I have been but only a few short weeks but it felt like a lifetime. When I joined the family I had thought it would be the beginning of a new life. Not one rotted by turmoil and back breaking work on the peers of Kingsport. How should I have known the woman who enchanted many was to be my half sister. I'd only learn of this when we had our first child, my boy… was not even human. I try to flee but it was too late. Ensuring I can never escape this fate, the family crippled me and had me bound for years in their "Sanatorium". Tsk, the only reason I remain sane over the years was the thought of ridding the world of what I have spawned. Problem is, we Marshes are hard to kill by conventional means and even with the most severe of injuries we can heal faster then most. Perks of this tainted blood, seeing I can walk for miles without the aid of a cane despite my age and injury. I did extensive research into various methods and discovered something of elegant use. A local legend in the Miskatonic Valley, about an entire farmstead was destroyed one night in 1882. While most would presume legends to be nothing more then stories, they are either truths that don't fit into history, or too terrible to be told honestly. In this case, it's the latter. A survivor while driven mad managed to detail the story of how a fertile patch of land became a blasted heath that no one, not even the family would dare approach it's lands in fear that what had done this would follow them back. It took a lot of money and aid of low moral men from Arkham but I finally did it. I have a piece of what has been left behind. It's too weak to do anything, so I will use this summoning ceremony out in the gardens. Nothing more then a few million will do.'

'Entry 291, July 4th 1922: Well, that's not what I intended. Seems something landed in our front yard garden, what else could it be but my failure to execute the ritual? Now I've probably made things much worse than before. I fix this before it grows beyond control, the locals in town had come to collect the rock or what's left of it. If not acted quickly then likely I will doom those in town to a fate worst, then mine. Some of these folk's I could care less about but there are a few and even then, that won't be worth what I have done. Innocent blood will be on my hands, but if that polish scientist research is correct then high amounts of electricity could be the key to stopping it. However I have difficulty finding an English copy of her studies, much less understanding Mrs. Curies notes. I have to act quickly before this gets out of hand, all while hiding this from my family.'

Entry 298, August 5th 1922: My god… what have I done. At first the plant and vegetables grown with that terrible after taste but now, we are all slowly loosing track of time. I started this entry just after breakfast (Which was horrible) and now it's nigh past 1 in the morning. Worst yet, overhearing a few of buyers from our orchard it seems a local legend known as the Dead Lights have appeared. Is releasing the entity from the jar caused me to lose my memories? I'm positive I don't have dementia despite what the family claims. The tainted blood should prevent such an ailment of a decaying mind, so it must be the piece. I forgot how many times I released it but it was necessary. The creatons while small or relentlessly starving. I pray that those whom were devoured went painlessly… but that would be a lie.'

Entry… fuck it I don't have time. Hours have become days, days have become weeks. Now I'm trapped inside with no way to escape it. My disgusting son and his cousin wife discovered what I was doing. We got into a fight and before I could stop him, he smashed the vase, unleashing the creature within. The thing can't exist during the day or in areas of bright light. Yet it still managed to strike out at the family. Don't know if it was a mercy that lighting struck, scaring the creature but by then they were beyond saving. I took an axe and finished my work. Yet I know it will come back. Sure enough once my work was done it came back down the chimney. I'd made it inside the study and have made a makeshift protection using the lights powered by our industrial generator. It bought me some time but it's relentless. I had cast the ritual in such a way that it will hunt my tainted bloodline down, a perfect killer, with nothing on this earth that can stop it. Though The Great Mother may be able her spawn would be massacred to a critical point before then. Though I should be the last one of this horrific family to die it seems my eldest granddaughter was out on the town. Trying to get hitch, tsk lucky for me that most of the local boys have lost their sense of timing like me. I can see it, out in the shed. It's trying to overpower the generator. I know because of the flicker from the bulbs. My day has finally come. God help me… if there really is one that is kind. Fare thee well… Adam Obed Marsh, born 1838-1922.

Disgusted by what he had read Gram tosses the book down onto the nearby table just as the lights came on. Seems Weiss and Fausta had successfully got the generator working. But it didn't matter. The thing ain't here no longer.

"So, did you find anything of interest Alguacil?" Fauasta asked noticing the disgust look on Gram's face.

"Just the old coot's journal. Mad raving about unleashing something to kill off his inbred family." Gram remarks as he rubbed his eyes disturbed eyes.

"Really? Where did you left it?" Weiss asked slightly intrigued by this.

"It's um…" For a few moments, Gram remain silent. He couldn't recall where he'd left it. "I uh… oh um Sorry but I think it slipped my mind."

"(Sigh) How inconvenient." Weiss remarks before moving past him and into the study.

"Don't take it personally. She seems very eager to learn what was on our tail." Fausta remarks as she pulls out a cigarette.

"I'd rather not. Couldn't take my eyes off it, no matter how much I wanted to." Gram remarks as Fausta offered him one to which he refused. "Still, wonder why she be interested in something as dangerous as that."

"Me tienes, least she has an immunity to whatever it is. Maybe something to do with what happened in the desert of Australia." Fausta remarks before striking a match.

"Huh… you know, you two keep on mentioning that. What exactly happened out there?" Gram asked having his suspicions arose again.

"Eh… to be honest. Not quite sure what it was. Went out to help prove my late uncles' sanity, end up unearthing a lost city beneath the sands. Something lived down there and well, only me, her, and my cousin got out." Fausta remarks before taking a drag from her cigar.

"Huh… wait, I think I over heard something about that from one of the local deacons. Didn't the kid went mad?" Gram remarks recalling the news article.

"Went and still is. Don't rightly know what drove him to such a state. Still locked up in that asylum for now. But I have to pity la chica molesta." Fausta confirming what Gram said.

"Huh, really what happened to her?" Gram asked just as Weiss walked out of the room with the journal in hand.

"Almost all my nerves, multiple pieces of my organ and tissues, and the entirety of my left arm." Weiss said as she points to her left arm prosthetic. "Now, are you done talking about my medical history or are you going to help me look for what this dead light really is?"

"After my smoke break kid." Fausta remarked before taking a drag. She exhaled before quipping. "Almost forgot your útero, pequeño copo de nieve."

Weiss's face turn read and she tossed the book at Fausta. She easily evaded and watched Weiss storming off, puffing in rage while speaking a mixture of Spanish and English. Fausta got some amusement from her reaction, but not willing to push it beyond that. As she takes a drag Gram looked at her with a confused look on his face.

"I'm sorry, I don't know much Spanish but, útero… as in…" Gram was hesitant to ask but Fausta could understand what he was trying to imply.

"Yeah, she can't have no niñas of her own anymore." Fausta answered as she points to the waist to get the point out.

"Dear lord…" Was all that Gram could say before noticing Weiss exiting out of a room with another book in hand.

"If you two are done with your smoke break, I think I found some information that might help us find where Ms. Marsh ran off too." Weiss said annoyed as she walked past the two into the kitchen area. The two approached her and she begin to present what she found.

On the table she set a pair of books. One being the Journal of old man Marsh, the other the diary of Young Marsh. Weiss pointed made the connection that Old Man Marsh must have found himself in an inessential retaliation. By the sound of it, he wasn't aware of it. Though why he'd mention the bloodline confused her. He could have alerted the authorities or took a scatter gun to do the trick, not dive deep into urban legends for a lucrative method of familicide. Regardless, it seems he was hell bent on unleashing this thing. He'd mention a local legend from the Miskatonic area, though she had no idea where that is or what legend. However if she had to guess it has something to do with Astronomy from the number of celestial cartography and records of comment and planetarian alignments within the desk of his room. She couldn't find the method he used to ensnare it but if she had to guess, it was like the smash jar, lost with him. The diary she retrieved from Ms. Marshes bedroom didn't reveal anything of interest. Excluding the last passage, detailing how she was worried for her boyfriend and planning on checking on him in town. This was marked yesterday so it was likely she never made it due to the storm. While this entry did nothing Weiss notices a strange symbol on the back of the Diary. It was an eye shape circle within an oval, those sides however bended up and down, like overlapping eye lash. It was a bizarre symbol that she had never seen before, but yet it looked familiar. She then thought about it before realizing something.

She pulled out the medallion from her coat pocket, inspecting it she noticed that the symbol was exactly like the one on her diary. An eye with strange lashes. She was about to ask Fausta when the lights begin to flicker.

"Mierda, I thought that little fix you did to generator was suppose to last till morning." Fausta questioned Weiss in annoyance from the strobing bulbs.

"It is. Something must be wrong with lines." Weiss remarks before looking out of the kitchen window towards the shed.

The other two quickly took a look, however noticed right away something was off. Despite the lights flickering on and off, there was an unusual and hypnotic light coming from within. The light emitting a queer yet hypnotic color that filled the three with dread.

"I think we should leave." Gram said as he takes a few steps away as the bulb's finally popped. With the generator dead, the wisp slowly moved out of the shed glowing brighter and brighter as it hovers toward the house.

The sight unlike last time spawned the three to quickly race out of the pitch-black kitchen towards the outside. Daring not to look behind them. They raced out to the car, however what they found was the vehicle had rotten away. Probably pre-done by the Dead Lights. As they made it to the car, the wisp of ungodly lights. With the car not functional, they ran into the decrypted orchard.

Play "The Dunwich Horror: Orchestra and Choir Horror Music" posted by Graham Plowman -Composer for additional suspense.

The storm had ripped the leaves from trees, adding more unnerving horror to the three, as the only light beside the occasional spark from a distant lighting bolt, was chasing them from far away. Mud and rotting apples slowed the three down, while the hard rain blinded them as they sprinted for there lives. Despite these set backs they managed to race across the orchard before finding themselves deep within the woods. The terrain while not as slippery as the open orchard fields, posed a different challenge. The terrain was uneven, and the mud slicker. This new terrain caused the Dead Lights to catch up with the three, or coming close to. It lashes out at them with long slithering near tendril lights. Each lash coming dangerously closer to touching them. While in the midst of running Weiss made the mistake of looking back. She noticed a tendril coming dangerously close to touching Gram, only missing when he side stepped a tree. Weiss reaches down and was about to pull out Myrtenaster, in a vain attempt to use some of her dust. She recalled how Old Man's Marshes journal, described the entity wasn't overly fond of bright lights. She was just about to use one of her fire dusts rounds when she tripped over something. Could have been a stump or a rock. Maybe even the mud but what ever it was. She had slipped and fell down a steep hill. She crashed and bashed into multiple sets of rocks and trees. If not for her Aura she would have broken multiple bones. After bashing against multiple harden objects her long ride down the steep hill came to an abrupted end with her hitting her head against a rock. The world goes dark for a few moments as consciousness had failed her. After an unknown amount of time had passed, did Weiss awoke with a groan of agony.

"Ugh, Monty Almighty." Weiss Groaned as she slowly got to her feet. As she does, she was jolted by something. Her prosthetic was stuck on something. During the mudslide, a few branches and heavy mud had crushed her prosthetic, much to her annoyance.

"(Sigh) Brothers be damned." Weiss whispers in annoyance.

She looked around for a few moments. As she does the memory of the Dead Lights came back to her. Realizing the danger she quickly looked for her Myrtenaster when she spotted it nearby. Struggling a bit she quickly retrieved the weapon and was about to use gravity dust when she hesitated. She may have a supply of various top of the line Dust Product, but there was no way resupplying them. She looked around, noticing that not only she didn't see the Dead Lights, nor her compatriots. With a sigh she quickly went to work undoing the straps that attached the prosthetic from her arm. It took her a few heart pounding moments, but she managed to remove the prosthetic before slipping it out of on the other side.

"(Sigh) Doubt Yang has to deal with this." Weiss remarks to herself. Admittedly she wished to see her friend, not just because she has been trapped on this world for the better part of a year, but she could really use her prosthetic for a replacement to this decrepit piece of wood and cheap steel.

She wiped off as much of the mud she could before reattaching it. As she does, a twig snaps off in the distance causing her to freeze. She had no lights, stars, or moon to see where she is. Every second out in the cold rain not only shivered her to the bone but made it difficult to see what was around her. She eventually found the courage to take blind stumble forward. Weapon held tightly in hand, she move slowly forward through the dark woods. Her minds begin to play multiple tricks on her. Every shadow was a Geist, every rock a Boarbatusk, every tree an Apathy. It was like those horror games her teammates would force her to play, the one about the Chill. However unlike the game, you were meant to hide from the light. As she moved about holding back her inner fears she contemplated calling out to her compatriots. Fear of luring the creature with her calls prevented her, yet she had to do something much less walk blindly. It wasn't till she heard another twig snap did she freeze. Her nerves were completely unrested as she tried her hardest not to loose her compulsion. She huffed a few breaths of fear before taking a battle stance.

"W-Who's there! Show yourself." Weiss demanded. Yet nobody responded. That's when a shadow crept out of the woods, revealing itself as, a lost doe. Much to Weiss relief. "Oh thank Monty almighty… (Sigh) Get a Grip Weiss. You've faced more terrifying things then this."

As she tries to calm herself down, the doe approached her without fear. Which was peculiar. Most deer's never this bold. It walks right up to her, before moving past her before stopping just a few inches from her. It then stopped in it's tracks before looking up at the sky. Wondering why, seeing the Moon is covered by the rain clouds a sudden realization hits her. Despite the dark clouds, there was still a light. Slowly looking up her heart sinks in horror, as before her was the Dead Lights. The wisp of colors dropped down upon her and she dives out of the way. The deer however was lost in the trance, and thus was absorbed by the light. The poor thing could only let out a horrid yelp of agony as its flesh was rendered from it's boy. The Color under the does flesh glowed an peculiar set of colors, as it got brighter, the agony of the poor thing was visible. The flesh burned away, then the mussels, then the marrow within bones. All that was left was the few clumps of blacken flesh that cling to the glowing bones of the dear. Weiss looked on through the painful and agonizing prosses, in scientific marvel, and petrifying horror. Soon after the light had stripped the flesh from its prey, it moved towards it's original target. Weiss broke free from the horror and the chase picked up where it was last left off.

Weiss barreled through the woods, the Dead Lights on her trail with eagerness. As Weiss raced on down a steep trench, she unfortunely tripped. Falling to the muddy ground. She then picks herself up, but felt an intense needle like pain in her leg. It was as if she was being impaled by millions if not trillions of small needles. The sensation felt as if it was moving beneath her thin layer of clothing and flesh, just going down to the point where the skin touches the mussel. Her eye looked down and she notices that one of the Dead lights many tendrils, had wrapped itself around her leg. She lets out a horrific scream as she is being pulled towards the entity. She thrashes, kicks, and stabs at the creature with everything. Trying to get it to let go of her. Yet nothing she did work. She could feel it, slowly entering her body. Her skin begins to glow with the veins showing just beneath the flesh. Weiss was completely powerless now. The Dead Lights slowly descended upon her. Just then, a bolt of lighting stuck the nearby tree, causing the Dead Lights to let go of Weiss. Realizing this was her only chance she used her Aura and some lightning Dust to summon a time Glyph. With it she launches herself far up into the sky, where she crash-landed a few miles away from the light.

The impact was definitely rougher than her fall from earlier and not as elegant as her performance during her Beacon years, but the fact that she was alive and far away from the entity was all that mattered. However, she still didn't feel that she was far enough away. Through agonizing pain of the multiple lashings and bruises, she pulled herself to her feet and stumbled forward till finding herself falling face first onto something smooth yet hard. It took her a few moments to realize that she had found herself on the main road. Looking down both ways she spotted the Dinner nearby. She didn't realize how far she ran in such a short time, but at least she could find some shelter among the Millers. She picked herself up and quickly raced on over to the door.

"Ms. Miller! I require assist… ance?" Before Weiss could finish her sentence, she found much to her confusion the place not only completely empty, but rotted away. The floor tiles were shingles, the windows browned with filthy, and the wall producing a putrid smell of rot. From outside appearances it was like the house was completely fine.

"What in the two brothers…" Weiss murmured to herself as she walked inside. "Mr. Mrs. Millers? Hello? Is anyone inside?"

Nobody answered so Weiss slowly moved deeper in. As she does, she spotted on the ground a strange stain moving from the ground over. It took Weiss only a few short moments to realize that it was blood. Hesitant, she followed the trail into the kitchen. There she found the remains of the waitress who she hadn't had the chance to talk too. Her body was left on the floor in the same manner as the Marshes. Cut up into tiny pieces with parts of her disfigured by the unexplainable color burns. Surrounding her mutilated corpse were a huge stockpile of decaying yet radiantly glowing apples, leaking out of a crate marked with the same symbol as Ms. Marshes necklace and journal. Seeing this horrific sight made Weiss take a few steps before noticing something in the corner of her eye. The door was wide open, standing in the doorway was a small figure. Armed with an Axe that was still dripping with blood. Lighting flashes, revealing the figure. The young woman Weiss and Fausta had hit with their car. Mr. Marsh.

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