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Seth paced back and forth. The news he had received was awful! It was terrible! It would ruin everything! This wasn't fair! It was an outrage! He needed to do something about it! Stow away? No one would help him this time. They were all against him. Every single last one. No that wouldn't work. His last hope was to convince the big man. The head chanco. The chief boss.

"Ahhh come on! How come I can't go?" Seth asked clearly displeased. It was all Covid 19's fault for canceling his mission! Nothing had changed because Fablehaven was pretty much always in quarantine but canceling missions? Did the world decide to break? "Warren's going! And we all know something bad's gonna happen to him. He's probably gone get it and then infect a thousand people before dying off himself!" He lowered his voice, leaning in to his very annoyed grandpa. "And me and you both know that man already has one foot in the grave."

Grandpa Sorenson let out a sigh, his head tilted back. "Seth you are not going."

"Ya but see that mission was real important and the help of a shadow charmer could save Warren from being an idiot and killing half the population."

"That's not how that works." As if Grandpa knew about shadow charmer powers. It's not like Seth could actually help or anything but he was grasping at straws. Whenever refused something, he only tried harder to get it.

Seth moved around the table picking up the knife he had been whittling with earlier. It had cut a lovely beaver. He moved the knife over and began cutting up the tomato resting there. "Me, of all people should know." He popped a slice into his mouth.

"You're not being careful." Grandpa said spreading his hands out in exasperation. Seth's attention shifted a bit and the knife came close to cutting his finger.

"Man that was a close one!" It came out a little muffled because his mouth was full. His face put on a big grin as he showed the finger off.

"You want one?" Seth offered as he held out a piece of tomato to him. Grandpa had apparently had enough because he stormed out of the room muttering something that Seth couldn't hear. Poor guy looked like he was going to pull his hair out. But there was no way Seth was going to give up.

If they wouldn't let him go they'd wish they had. "You'll regret this!" Seth called out leaning to side to see Grandpa through the doorway.

"Kendra! Kendra Kendra Kendra! Kkkeeeeennnnndddrrraaa!" Each Kendra was said quicker then the last as Seth bounced up and down on his feet. Pursuing her lips, Kendra put her book on her lap.

"What do you want now?" Seth put on his smug face and leaned against the couch.

"You want to know a secret?" Kendra let out a sigh. "They call it the boomer remover for a reason." They both knew what he was referring to.


"Oh calm down don't get your pants in a twist. That one's not even that offensive. I know plenty of worse jokes than that." Kendra got up from the couch, walked up the stairs, and slammed her bedroom door shut. Seriously what was her deal? You try to make one joke. Seth shook his head.

Seth stood mopping around making annoying noises. It was amazing how one could make themselves sound like a variety of animals. Seth's former zoo trips had taught him everything he needed to know. It just took a little finessing on his part and he was able to get any noise down.

"Seth if you don't shut your mouth right now, I will corner you, cut out your tongue, murder you, and then hide you in the basement where no one will find your body. And you know how efficient I am."

Seth put his hands up and slowly backed away from the murderous glint in Vanessa's eyes.

Tanu's bottles clanked as Seth bumped them reaching for certain ingredients. One vial containing a strange green liquid tipped over and shattered, mixing with the blue goo he had spilled earlier. It started to bubble and fizz. Seth figured it was ok since nothing exploded or no weird creature emerged from it. Well not yet anyway.

It was amazing how many different animal parts where in Tanu'a little lab thing! And not all of them where solid! He leaned over reaching for the little bottle labeled baking soda. Many bottles had intriguing names and he was going to play with them later after this project was done. A good spin off the old classic. Seth snatched the bottle and put it to the side along with his ever growing heap of stuff.

Now it was go time. Seth tipped the vial into the cone waiting eagerly for something to happen.

"Ok look," Seth started. "If someone had just explained that magic volcanoes were a no-no this whole situation could have been averted."

"Seth we did tell you."

He opened his mouth but closed it again. His face took on a thoughtful expression. "Huh I guess you did. Oh well live and learn right?" He glanced over at the disaster he had made. It was time to go make a trip to his furry friends. He left.

"Alright," Stan said. "I say we ditch him in the woods and see how long he lasts." Everyone present agreed and made generous bets.

*Ok it's weird I know but I found it funny so it had to be written. Also yes the timeline is mixed up, cause Fablehaven set way back in the day, but screw that this is for entertainment and so that doesn't matter.

Also the name Another day of Sun grew on me more then the other did, so I went with this one.*