Driving expeditions

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"Now remember what I taught you." Kendra said. Bracken gave a slight nod as he put his hand on the steering wheel. He placed his foot on to the pedal and eased the rusty car forward.

Inch by inch it worked its way forward and threatened to leave the driveway. Kendra gave him supporting words but he pressed the gas no farther.

As the car slowly went down he began to turn it with a gentle touch. Bracken glanced at Kendra for a moment and saw that she held her lips together in a straight smile. The smile was fake and it suggested that she was uncomfortable.

He scrunched his eyebrows together wondering what was causing her to make that face. He was going slow so there was no need to panic at getting in an accident. Bracken had defeated demons and bested monsters, but when it came to Kendra he was usually clueless.

Finally they made it to the end of the long driveway taking several minutes to do so. "You know," Kendra piped up, "you can go faster than that." Bracken was again confused at her comment. He knew this so why was she saying it?

Regardless he decided to pick up the speed again. In a sudden burst of speed Bracken was thrust forward and he quickly reclaimed his foot. His eyes widened as he peered down at the little black rectangle that could ensure his doom, Kendra's too.

Bracken once again placed his foot on the pedal and gradually put weight on it. Soon enough they were going at a gentle speed and he saw Kendra visibly relax. A smile broke out across his face as he drove the car, taking great pleasure in it. He could drive!

Momentarily distracted Bracken failed to notice the squirrel that darted across the road in front of the car's path. The car went over it with a thump and horrified, he stopped it.

He threw the seat belt off and rushed outside slamming the door behind him. The cool air that brushed against his face was calm and relaxing, contrasting to Bracken's racing heart. Immediately taking back his joyous feelings, he got on his hands and knees to peer out at the doomed creature. The poor thing's leg twitched and it was an awful sight with it's crushed limbs.

Horrid realization rose in him as he picked up the small defenseless animal. What a terrible way to die.

Kendra got out of the car herself and walked up to him placing a hand on his shoulder. "It's ok." She reassured. Bracken knew it wasn't.

He walked the creature over toward the edge of the road and began digging a small hole in the grass. After it was large enough he silently lowered the squirrel into the grave. As the last bit of dirt piled on top, Bracken murmured some words and used his magic to protect the grave sight. He searched around for a rock and after he had found the perfect one with its smooth surface and perfect size, placed it upon the upturned dirt.

He trudged back to the car. Never again would he make this mistake. As he slumped back into his seat he said, "I just murdered that animal."

"Bracken you ran over a squirrel, I think you'll live." Kendra said trying to be as nice as possible but the frustration was still evident in her voice. Bracken shifted the gear and again his hands and feet found their places.

This time he made no effort to ease into the drive, he slammed the breaks down and the car hurried forward. He would still be careful but Now was the time to let loose. Trees blurred by and his driving, was pulling a Vanessa.

"Bracken!" Kendra hollered as she tried to shut the loud window "slow down!" The car lost a little of its speed but that didn't prevent it from drifting at the turn, throwing dust up in its wake. More and more turns followed but Bracken didn't pay attention to where he was going. All that mattered was getting away.

This part of Connecticut was mostly forest and the occasional rural town and after diving into a massive forest, a pop sounded and the tire wheezed, going flat.

Bracken was again confused, Kendra hadn't covered flat tires. He went and inspected it. The back left tire lay slumped against the road.

Kendra put her hands on her hips as she stared out at it. It didn't seem like she knew what to do either. She fished the phone out of her pocket and attempted to call someone, only to be denied by no service. She leaned against the old car, deep in thought.

Bracken began to worry. No one was sure to find them out here and they had no way of getting help besides aimlessly walking through the forest. The only option that seemed agreeable was trying to change out the tire.

Bracken grabbed the spare tire of off the back of the truck and dug around in the trunk to see if he could find something of use. He found something that he vaguely remembered was called a jack. He had seen Warren use it once. He proudly showed it to Kendra. "I found it!"

She looked at it with doubt. "Do you know how to use it?" They both knew he didn't actually know how to use it himself. After messing around with the jack Bracken began to figure out how it worked. It required twisting the thing to extend it.

"I think I've got it." Bracken placed the jack near the tire. He paused. "Do you think we should do something so the car doesn't roll away?" Kendra nodded and went back into the car to switch on the parking break. Once ready, Bracken began to twist the jack and raised the car.

He took off the hubcap, unscrewed the lug nuts, took off the tire, switched it with the spare, and finally screwed everything back in.

Bracken beamed at what he had accomplished. His thoughts turned sour as he thought of the squirrel. The poor innocent squirrel…

"You ready to go?" Kendra asked, they both got back into the car.

Still lost and having no idea where to go, Bracken was discouraged as he looked down at the wheel.

"Maybe you should drive." He suggested.

"Oh!" Kendra exclaimed. She reached forward and opened the glove box. She produced a large crumpled paper "I just remembered, we have a map!" The map itself was massive and covered most of the dashboard as they unfolded it and searched to find where they were. Scanning it, Bracken found their location and traced it with his finger to where they needed to go.

He started the car and drove at a normal speed, for he had to check the map. Bracken flipped the blinker on and made a right turn. "I think you were supposed to take a left there." Kendra said.

"I'm pretty sure it's not," Bracken said pointing with a finger while the other hand was firmly on the wheel "that's a right turn."

"This way takes us back to Fablehaven."

They argued some more and they each reached over pointing out paths that were superior to the other's.

Their heads came close and Bracken turned to look at her better. Thinking quickly he planted a kiss on her cheek before saying, "your way then." Kendra's face lit up with a furious blush as she sank back into her seat, looking resigned. He had won in his own way.

After a while of driving in silence, Bracken decided to throw caution to the wind. In his own way at least. His hand snaked out and he turned the radio on. Some sort of noise shot through it. It was different then what he had ever heard before. He didn't like it. He was about to change it when he saw Kendra lip singing and swaying her head. She liked this stuff?

Bracken waited until the song was over and the the guy on the radio started speaking. He flipped through the stations fast trying to find one that was at least decent.

After a time he had found the perfect one. So together they sat listening to orchestra music. The majestic instruments sounded and wove their melody in a fashion that gave Bracken fond memories.

Kendra made the straight lined smile again. What was wrong now? He decided to ask. "Is everything all right?"

She blinked before quickly saying, "oh yes! I'm good. And you?"

They continued to make small talk but as before all went silent except for the symphony that had taken a turn playing.

As the trees rolled by, the sun continued its ascension and the day got hotter. Bracken had rolled down his window in order to feel the breeze that cooled him off. Kendra, however, had politely asked him to roll it up because she was getting cold. Bracken had thought that turning on the ac was acceptable since it wasn't wind rushing at them, he was wrong.

The two squabbled on what temperature to have the car set at. Bracken wanted it cooler and Kendra liked it fairly warm. They came to an agreement as Bracken rolled down his window and Kendra had warm air blowing on her. These two were problem solvers.

After bumpy rides, awkward silences, and petty arguments, the car finally pulled into the safety of the driveway and as soon as he shut the car off he said, "I am never. Driving. Again."

*Alright so this one wasn't my favorite but I think it turned out pretty good. I'm trying to figure out the whole comma stuff so bare with me. Thanks to Katie, books-and-starss, dragon of winter, by myself alone, and Jaylalovesreading! It mean so much and I do a little happy dance every time someone reviews my things so thank you to the moon and back! Huge thanks to Candlemouse for helping me improve my writing! Oh also I know the updating has been a little slow recently, but I'm working on a couple super epic projects that I'm really exited about. Also I do not know how to drive but I based it off of watching the legal drivers around me, so you know if I got some things wrong it wasn't entirely my fault.*