Royal duties

Written for an extremely late Bracken appreciation day, I tried.

Bracken stood subtlety tapping his foot against the white marble floor. When was this ever going to end? It had been a grand celebration in the fairy realm, one that Bracken deemed unimportant. He still had to go because he was the prince, and neglecting duties was frowned upon. Unicorns weren't social creatures but as Bracken got to know the humans more he preferred their company. The inhabitants of the fairy realm were snobbish, bumbling idiots. He began to pick at the tassels on his shoulders. His outfit was horrendous with a white suit that had a red sash gleaming across it. He would have rather worn Seth's clothes than this.

Bracken shook the hand of the person in front of him. "Ah Bracken my boy! Why I remember you when you were yay tall." The man said, leveling his hand at his waist.

"Good day Sir Linsea." Bracken responded. Linsea curled his lip into a smile and nodded.

As he walked off, Bracken saw a head of curly hair bouncing his way. The girl reached him and in a bubbly voice greeted him. "Why hello prince Bracken! I've been ever exited to meet you!

""Hello...I didn't quite catch your name."

She giggled. "Oh that's right! Hehe my name's Lontee Loohey." The Loohey's were an...odd bunch. Lontee grabbed Bracken's arm and pulled him over to a photographer. A man with slicked back hair snapped a photo, and before Bracken could blink Lontee was running off. She had disappeared just as quickly as she had come. Bracken shook his head.

He began to wander throughout the multitude of people before bumping into his sister. "Bracken! Didn't anyone inform you that it's incredibly rude to run into people like that? Honestly! The nerve." She cut herself short when she turned to face him. She clicked her tongue. "How can you present yourself like this!" She wiped her hand several times over his right sleeve and smoothed out the wrinkles of the left. Eloise licked her thumb and rubbed something off his face.

"Cut it out. Stop smothering me like a mother hen." He said, looking to make sure no one was watching.

She put her hands on her hips. "Bracken! Your Epaulettes!" She exclaimed, referring to the tassels on his shoulders. "And we wonder why mother lets you out of the house." Bracken rolled his eyes.

"You've got a little something there," he said pointing to her shoe. She gasped and whirled around. She threw her hands in the air and let out a puff before angrily following the person who had spilled their drink on her.

Bracken quickly escaped to the far side of the grand room where a small area had been carved into the wall for reading. The shelves of the place where lined with books and it was a good spot to hide out for awhile.

When he arrived, he settled into one of the velvet chairs and took out a book that had caught his eye. His hand stopped when he noticed a little old lady lurking in the shadows. Almost no one in the fairy realm looked old, but the ones that did were special, for they had lived so long of lives, they seemed almost unbelievable.

The little old lady had her gray stringy hair tied back in a bandana and huge glassy eyes that blinked every other second. She continued to watch his every move without so much as a flicker from her. Bracken cleared his throat. "Excuse me miss—"

"Say that again I dare you." She said, letting her tongue make a sucking sound against her teeth. Bracken rose from his seat and headed towards the doorway, the lady watching him every step of the way.

"Ya see if that teaches you a lesson!" She said. The old lady raised a cane and leveled it at him, but Bracken didn't notice. He shook his head, she was strange.

The air in the ballroom was noticeably hotter and he went to get himself some punch. The table that held the large bowl was fancy and had golden animals carved into it. Already ladling stuff in her cup, was Eloise, her shoe still messy. He saw Lontee go up and greet her. Eloise wasn't so friendly. She slapped the other girl and said, "you blubbering bafoon! You spilled on me!"

Lontee took a step back. "Poppy!" She yelled. Bracken felt a hand tap on his shoulder. When Bracken turned around, his vision revealed Voltin the single most annoying unicorn Bracken had met, and that was saying something. Voltin was standing among his loser friends. "How's the horn?" Voltin teased, putting a finger to his forehead.

"They're fine thank you." Voltin continued to taunt him before Sir Linsea marched over.

"Uncle!" Lontee said. Of course he was her uncle, why wouldn't he be? "Oh I suppose you'll do. They're being mean!"

"Is that so?" He said. Sir Linsea walked over to Bracken and slapped his cheek then the other one. Bracken stood stunned as everyone rushed away, it wasn't a crime to slap anyone, but that didn't mean they wanted the whole world to know. The little old lady approached him and patted his cheek telling him what a dear he was.

It was a strange day.

*oof that sucked. They're being mean? Wow go me! Well let the record know that I was feeling like a piece of dirt when I wrote this, so I hope it's acceptable. Thanks to Katie, Jaylalovesreading, and shortstack :)*