Starlight danced all around her, she didn't know where she was, the only thing she did know was that all around her stardust moved like if it had a purpose.

She watched as titans far greater than herself played a game of cards, each card they played was carefully chosen, none of them dared to carelessly draw take a card from their decks and added to their respective hand.

Each chosen card was selective carefully, each had a purpose, a reason for existing, none existed just to exit.

Over and over again she watched the titans play their game, sometimes those covered in darkness would win, sometimes those that seemed to be made of light would win, each time reality was recreated at the end and when it was all said and done, the titans would play their game again.

That is until something happened, High Priestess watched confused as a dice rolled onto the field where the cars were being placed and begin to change the playing field.

The titans watched angered by someone daring to interrupt their game, but their anger was quickly calmed, not because they didn't see this as a threat and a complete insult to them, but because this was something new.

Never had they changed a game half threw one that was currently being played, the possibilities were endless.

High Priestess watched as the cards already on the field turned into figurings, while the ones kept in their deck remained as simple cards, regardless where their opponents could field dozens upon dozens of easily discarded prices, the titans had no such luxury.

And so High Priestess watched as the field changed and she realized that she was no longer alone, hundreds of people and beings stood around hee, watching the world change.

She found herself watching as giant rats flooded un underground tunnel, their hideous forms choking the passageway that they encountered by their sheer numbers.

The tunnel changed to another one and Knights moved carefully through it, they carried crystal that illuminated their surroundings, she watched as the men reached a dead end before turning back and collapsing the tunnel they had just been exploring.

The world shifted again and she found herself in an old temple or at least what remained of one, knights fought desperately against the evergrowing number of goblins and twisted abominations that swarmed the temple.

The cave of or was it tunnel burned with blue fire as both armies fought for dominance, she was taken inside the temple and she found it-empty, no ancient carvings, no treasures and nothing of value remaining.

Once again she was reminded that she was in fact in the center of the Globlin kingdom, for the Goblins are cowardly creatures that flee when the enemy is too powerful and yet they fought on.

Nither the knights or the goblins truly wanted the temple itself, no instead she reasoned that neither side wanted the other to have it, if I can't have it either can you, was what she believed the goblins thoughts were, considering they were attempting to destroy the temple.

She reasoned that the knights, simply wanted to take the temple and make it their own, like an insult to the goblins.

She watched the fighting continue and whenever a giant rat or a lizard man died, it was like if something precious was lost and couldn't easily be replaced.

However it was the complete opposite with the goblins and the twisted creatures with them, they looked like pawns that could easily be replaced, for every one lost a hundred more would take its place.

The fighting was growing more and more intense, but she was taken from the war and she found herself inside a room, it's stone floors were white as snow, the walls were like diamonds and the ceiling seemed to be made of gold.

From the ceiling hung hundreds of chains belonging to adventurers, on the walls were slowly being coved with the plats that identified the adventurers, these things were used to identify the dead adventurers when their mission went wrong and their remains were found.

She realized that the room was pure, despite being surrounded by all fighting and taint all around it.

She watched as women and children prayed before a priest dipped the plate and chains into holy water, she watched as men placed white stones on the ground and how another plate was added to the wall.

She watched as the ever-growing cemetery shined brightly with the blessings of the gods, granting the souls of dead peace, however, her eyes caught a glimpse of something that seemed impossible, goblins, trolls, ogres and creatures that dwelled within the tunnels attempted to enter the room but were denied entrance.

They cried desperately for peace, but it was denied to them, even the dead that served the dark gods wanted to rest, but the gods of light and shadow denied it to them, this was their punishment for all of the evil they had done in life.

She opened her eyes and she watched as creatures flew in and out of the castle in the sky, the home of the gods of light and shadow, those that played the game of cards.

She reached out her hand as if trying to somehow touch the castle that was so close to the ground that she could e every corner of the outside and yet so far away that no matter how hard she tried she could never reach it.

She remembered the cemetery and how pure it was, without knowing it her hand began to glow before a stream of starlight began to fall from the sky, all around her the people began to have their injuries heald.

The people that had their minds broken found themselves in a warm embrace and were slowly brought back to aa manageable position, their healing would take longer than those that had only physical wounds.