Sonic lie draped sideways on the sofa, absentmindedly flicking channels with his outstretched hand. He ignored Shadow as he walked into the living room, only to be surprised when said hedgehog took hold of his wrist, yanking him up and off the couch.

"Huh-what?" Sonic said, as he was dragged towards the stairs, dropping the remote in the process. Stumbling up the stairs behind his counterpart, the blue hedgehog finally found his voice, "What's wrong, Shad?"

"Just follow," Shadow said, not removing his grasp on the peach wrist. He led him into his bedroom, releasing his hold to close the door behind them. Sonic stared at him questioningly as Shadow knelt next to the bed and began reaching under it, apparently looking for something. Noticing Sonic just standing there, Shadow told him to sit. Sonic made a questioning face, but came forward and sat on the bed anyway.

As Shadow continued his search, Sonic calmly tapped his fingers on his knees waiting for the other to explain why he had brought him in there. Shadow's head then reappeared from under the bed, a simple brown box in hand. "Put this on the pillows," he instructed, simultaneously tossing the container at Sonic.

Sonic caught the box on reflex before he could even let out a fumbling, "Whoa-kay." Shadow returned to his search under the bed while Sonic crawled on his knees to the headboard. As he leaned down to place the box down, his vision suddenly went black as something shoved his face down into the pillows. He didn't hear the faint metallic clicks that followed. When the hand that had been holding him removed itself from the back of his head, the blue speedster shot up, gasping for air. He knew that Shadow was responsible. He shot the now standing black hedgehog a look and spat, "What the hell was that for!"

Ignoring him, Shadow grabbed the box, dropped it on the floor, and slid it back under the bed with his foot. He looked at Sonic who was still making an angry face. The slightest tease of a smile showed on the elder's face. "It's amazing how much you let your guard down sometimes."

The blue hedgehog scrunched up his nose at the possible insult. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Only that you're an idiot," Shadow said matter-of-factly, as he walked back along the bed, heading for the dresser.

"Jerk," Sonic mumbled loud enough for the other to hear. He tried to get off the bed but found his hands held fast. He looked down to see two pairs of hand cuffs chaining him to the headboard. "What the…?" He tugged at the bindings, finding that they didn't give in the least. Why the hell does Shad have these? Sonic thought. "Shad?" he asked slowly. "What's going on?"

He could see Shadow fishing in one of the higher dresser drawers. "Nothing you need to worry about." At that moment, Sonic saw him pull out what looked to be a squeeze tube.

Sonic started getting a bad feeling as he straightened himself into a sitting position the best he could with the cuffs. "Um, Shad?" he asked nervously. "What is that?"

The black hedgehog turned around and calmly looked at Sonic. "I'll give you one guess."

Realization began to dawn on the blue one's face as he subconsciously started to move away from the other. But he caught himself, letting out a poor excuse of a self-assured laugh, "Okay, you're crazy if you think I'm just gonna sit here!"

Shadow simply blinked. "It's not like you have much of a choice," he said as he approached the bed.

Sonic shrunk back further, pulling up his knees. When Shadow got close enough, he kicked him right in the stomach, launching him backwards. Shadow collided into the dresser with a grunt. Sonic pinned his ears and shot him a warning look that said 'Try that again'.

Shadow exhaled through his nose, clenching his unseen teeth together in annoyance. He picked up the plastic tube that he had dropped and momentarily stuck it in his head quills before striding back to the bed like nothing happened. Seeing no outward change on the dark one's face and not knowing what else to do, Sonic froze in place as Shadow climbed over the foot of the bed and steadily towards him. His face now way too close, Sonic's wide eyes saw the black hedgehog smile slightly. One hand came up and held his chin still. Red eyes locked with his green ones before saying, "We're going to have a bit of fun."

'Dread' wasn't the word. 'Apprehensive' wasn't strong enough. And he'd be damned to admit that he was 'scared'. Whatever he felt didn't really matter when Shadow suddenly grabbed Sonic's waist, turned him around, and pulled him away from the headboard. Sonic tried to stand on his knees to take a swing but found that he couldn't. The cuffs had been pulled taut enough so there was only enough chain to support himself with his hands but not enough to pull back. And he couldn't move forward with Shadow's super-strength grip around his waist. He was stuck…on all fours.

Starting to panic, he tried turning his head to see Shadow, but couldn't with his large head quills hanging over his shoulders. Man, so this is how carriage horses feel, he thought. Sonic could feel that Shadow was now holding him still with just one arm as he reached back into his head quills for the previously dropped article. Though his ears were pinned, they twitched toward the sound of a cap being opened. His breathing increased a bit. "Shad? Shadow? Let's talk about this, yeah?" he said nervously, his voice higher pitched than normal.

"Too late for that," Shadow mumbled in a bored tone, as he removed the glove of his unrestricting hand with his teeth. Then he switched arms to remove the other. He could feel Sonic tensing under his grip, no doubt going into survival mode as to how to escape the situation. Not that it'll change anything, he thought to himself. "Do us both a favor and calm yourself. Otherwise, this is going to be a hell of a lot less enjoyable," he exhaled.

A nervous chuckle escaped Sonic. "You expect me to be calm!" The following giggles had a touch of hysteria to them. The blue hedgehog could feel the other leaning over him. Shadow firmly wrapped his arms around his waist, essentially hugging him. Knowing there was nothing he could do, Sonic trembled in silence.

Shadow silently watched his counterpart. He knew the other was scared. He loosened his embrace, though not fully releasing his hold around the other's waist. Using his hand, he gently took hold of a blue tail. Sonic subconsciously froze, holding his breath. Shadow gave a minute smile at his reaction before he began to knead the short projection between his thumb and forefinger, slowly working his way from the base to the tip and back again. He repeated this action several times.

Sonic tried moving away from the touch. It felt weird and the blue hedgehog didn't know how to deal with it, but his wiggling only made the feeling intensify. He couldn't describe it. It wasn't a bad feeling but…He didn't know what it was. He started to pant as a light blush came to his face. "Shadow, what are you doing?" he asked, barely containing the whining moan that was crawling its way up his throat.

Shadow ignored his question and continued his ministration. He could hear the chains of the cuffs clink softly as the other squirmed from the feeling, saw as his fingers clenched the sheets, saw blue ears submissively collapse, and he smiled to himself when he noticed the slight pink tint to those ears.

Sonic gave one last coherent attempt to pull away before one of his arms gave out. His mind was hazy, only vaguely aware of the strangely ticklish, wave-like sensation radiating from the tip of his tail up to the tips of his ears. He didn't respond when a hand firmly, and deliberately, ran up his back.

Shadow stopped his hand just between Sonic's shoulder blades and, leaning forward, gently pressed down on him until the blue one lowered his head and chest to the bed. Shadow was surprised at how far gone the other was to let himself be manipulated with such little effort. He slowly removed his grip around Sonic's waist to use both hands to knead the other's shoulders. If Sonic was lax now, he was going to turn into a puddle in a minute.

Back relaxed and eyes glazed over, Sonic's breathing had become more regular and he growled contentedly as he drifted further and further into fuzzy bliss. Unable to support his now limp body, his legs gave out, dropping him into a position which only gave Shadow more access to his back. His head lolled to the side as he breathed heavily, neither aware he was salivating.

Figuring that the blue one was fully out of it, Shadow stopped his massage and righted himself. He grabbed the lube and applied a generous amount to his now erect phallus. Sonic was still in his own world so he had to lift his hips up for alignment. He took a deep breath and slowly pushed in. He was only an inch in when he felt Sonic stirring. He froze his movement, bracing blue the hips as Sonic groaned. Sonic was half dazed and didn't know why he'd come out of his stupor. Shadow took this moment to push further.

Light came to the blue one's eyes as his brain started processing what he was feeling. Sonic's face contorted into discomfort as he tried to move away from the pressure he felt below his tail. As Shadow continued to go further, Sonic snapped awake and cried out, "Shad, stop!"

"Sonic, I'm almost done. Just calm yourself," the other reassured. He placed a hand on the other's back.

Sonic panted heavily, fighting to stay still as the other continued to advance, Shadow's caresses doing little to soothe him. Dropping his head, he gave a heavy sigh as Shadow's hips made full contact with his own. They stayed that way for a moment, Shadow using both his hands to steady Sonic while the other concentrated on trying to relax.

A deep, stiff sigh came from the blue shoulders. "You…You can move now," he said.

And so Shadow began to move. Sonic didn't try to hold in his groans. The pace started excruciatingly slow but built up over minutes to a steady rhythm. During these minutes, Sonic had shifted again, his forehead now pinned down his crossed arms.

Shadow grunted with each thrust, watching Sonic crumble beneath him. He heard the sounds of his partner's breathing; was hypnotized by the sway of his now sweat-streaked back; was urged closer to the edge as the other pushed back against him. He couldn't take it anymore! Again he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around the other.

Sonic could feel the pressure mounting and started to moan loudly in time with Shadow. One felt ready to explode while the other felt like he'd be ripped apart. With a few more harsh thrusts, "GAHHH!" both came together. Breathing hard, Shadow's hold loosened slightly but the two stayed in their respective positions.

With a heavy exhale, Shadow removed himself from Sonic and got off the bed. Sonic made an indistinct sound as he righted himself to a kneeled, sitting position. Shadow walked around to the headboard while removing a key from his head quills and undid the cuffs. Sonic's breathing was slowing down but he still had a faint blush on his face and glow in his eyes as he watched Shadow turn away and lazily toss the key into a nightstand drawer. Before the other could turn to fully face him again, Sonic flung himself on the black one in a sloppy hug around his neck. All his strength was gone so he simply hung there with knees on the bed and face on white chest fur, his interlocked fingers the only thing keeping him in place. Getting over his surprise of the sudden show of affection, Shadow gladly returned the gesture. They both inhaled the other's scent.

"I can hear you, Shad," Sonic mumbled tiredly, pointing out the other's purrs, which was rewarded with a deep chuckle.

"As I, you," the black one replied, using his body to push the other back until he lay on the bed.

Sonic tiredly snickered as Shadow climbed over him. "I don't think I can do a round two." His eyes were already half closed.

"I wasn't planning on it." Shadow smiled, leaning in to take the other's lips in a gentle kiss. Though he was clearly spent, Sonic returned the kiss. Shadow moved down to nestle more kisses on his blue neck. But halfway down a peach chest, a black ear heard the sound of a soft snore. He raised his head up and smiled lovingly at his other half. He shifted the unconscious blue hedgehog on the bed before retrieving a spare blanket to drape over him which was then followed by a black hedgehog climbing under to join him in sleep.